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Nicole Lea is a committed vape gear enthusiast of 3 years, who is dedicated to informing, educating, and guiding the vape community in this amazing world of electronic cigarettes.

Roze v2 atomizer clone review

Rose V2 Clone Review

Rose V2 RBA Review The Rose V2 rebuildable atomizer is unique and beyond comparison to any other rebuildable style atomizer presently available on the market. The authentic Rose V2 atomizer is made by Eden Mods, who is a modder out of the United Kingdom. The Rose V2 atomizer sports unique design elements such as a […]

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Kayfun mini review

Kayfun Mini V2.1 Review

iVogo Kayfun Mini Review The iVogo Kayfun Mini V2.1 is a clone of the authentic Kayfun mini, originally made by Svoe Mesto, which has actually been discontinued for production, and sale.The iVogo Kayfun mini retails between $23.00-29.99 USD. The Kayfun Mini featured in this review came from Fasttech, sku 1759000, and is priced at $23.08

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