Get the Best Vape Battery Charger | A Review of the Top 5 Models

Top Vape Battery Charger

Selecting the best 18650 battery charger can be a complicated task. If you have been vaping for any amount of time, then you already know just how vast market is. No matter what you are looking for, there are multitudes of options available to you.

You want batteries? What kind are you looking for? 18650, 26650, 18350?

There are thousands of combinations (some can be bad though) you can make with all of the available products on the market, and that number is growing every day. Here are some of the best 18650 batteries which we recommend!

I am here to help you make the decisions that will provide you with the greatest vaping experience you can have. One such decision that you need to make is "What kind of battery charger should I get?" Here are my top five picks for the best vape battery chargers available right now.

The Top 5 Vape Battery Chargers

In this section, we will go over some of the best chargers currently available in the market. We evaluate pricing, features and the overall quality of each battery charger that is listed here. There are many chargers that are on the market, but we feel that these listed below are the best value for your money!

I would like to also mention that it is always safe to charge your batteries externally with one of these chargers listed below, or with a charger you may have at home. Here's an interesting reddit discussion regarding it..

Typically, it is not recommended to charge batteries within a device as some devices may not feature balance charging.

This is extremely important, as you do not want your batteries to be charged improperly. This can surely cause problems with your batteries, and may even cause issues with your device.

However, there are some devices that do feature balance charging such as Evolv DNA200 devices. Even then, I highly suggest you to always charge your batteries externally, and only charge your batteries within a device only when you have to.

Efest Luc Blu6 Charger

Finally, we come to my pick for the absolute best battery charger on the market right now in 2016. Coming in at number one, is the Efest LUC Blu6, yet another Efest charger. The Blu6 is yet another iteration of the Efest LUC charger series. It is a smart charger that sports six battery ports and Bluetooth capabilities. It sports charging rates from 0.5A all the way up to 2A.

For the most part, the Efest LUC Blu6 is the same as the new LUC V6 charger. However, the most important aspect that really draws people to this charger is the Bluetooth capability of the device. You can link it up to an app on your phone and track all aspects of the charger. You can even set you charging rates right from your phone, which is something that I personally find very impressive. The Efest LUC Blu6 is not just innovative, though. It is also cheap!

LUC V6 Vape Battery Charger

The runner-up for my list of the best battery chargers on the market in 2016 is the Efest LUC V6. Now we are getting into the mac daddy chargers! Efest has been providing the vaping world with awesome chargers for a while now, including the LUC V4. If you were to have asked me a few months ago which charger I like best, the LUC V4 would have been my answer hands down.

The V6 is Efest's latest iteration of the LUC battery series. It sports a whopping six bays of battery charging greatness, with a charging rate that ranges from .68A all the way up to 2A. It sports independent charging rates for all six battery bays and the fantastic OLED display that Efest has been known for. In addition to these great features and the built in protection suite, the Efest LUC V6 also supports virtually every battery on the market. You can even charge 10440 batteries if you needed it to.

What really takes the cake for me with the Efest LUC V6 is the simplicity of it. You don't have to fiddle around with a bunch of different features. All you need to do is pop your batteries on the charger, make sure you are in the right charging mode, and walk away. Not only is it simple, though, but it is also a great price.

Nitecore D4 Charger

The Nitecore D4 has an easy to see screen which displays tons of great information such as the charging rate, the battery voltage, how long the battery has been charging and more! You can switch between each slot to see the status of each battery.

In addition, this is a great feature as it allows you to monitor your batteries, which is important especially if they are a married set. This charger is compatible with many different battery sizes, including the batteries we use the most which are 18650 and 26650.

This battery charger automatically sets the charging rate, so you don't have to worry about adjusting anything. This can be seen as a con as some people may want to set the charging rate, but personally, I like this feature as you can just pop your batteries in and not really have to worry.

The Nitecore D4 features an optimized charging design for IMR batteries, which is great since some batteries we use in vaping are of IMR chemistry.

Another great feature is that it automatically stops charging once the charging of the specific battery is completed, which is a very important feature as you do not want to overcharge your batteries.

Lastly, this battery charger surely deserves a spot on this list, as it has proven itself to be one of the best 18650 battery charger on the market today in regards to affordability, features and design.

Nitecore also has some other awesome chargers like the Nitecore Q2, Q4, UM 10 & 20

TOMO V8-4 Vape Charger

Number four of the top five battery chargers in the vape industry right now is the portable charger, TOMO V8-4. The TOMO V8-4 is a portable charger that is actually worthwhile, something that is very hard to come by, even now with all the advancements in technology that we have.

The TOMO V8-4 sports two optional USB output ports, allowing you to use it to juice up other devices in addition to your 18650 batteries. The only negative aspect of the TOMO V8-4 is that it only supports 18650 batteries. However, those are the most commonly used batteries on the market, so it really isn't much of a con.

The reason for placing the TOMO V8-4 portable charger on this list does not stop at being a best 18650 battery charger. The main reason that I placed the TOMO V8-4 on this list is the beautiful LCD display. With the majority of small, portable chargers, there is not much effort put into creating a display that provides all of the necessary information and looks great. The TOMO V8-4 does just that without being expensive in the slightest. You can pick up your very own TOMO V8-4 right here.

XTAR VC4 Charger

Number five on my list for the best battery chargers in the vape industry is the XTAR VC4. The XTAR VC4 is a digital smart charger that is capable of charging four batteries at once. It sports a nice, digital display that is probably the most alluring of all the chargers that made this list. However, the unique display is not the reason for it being here. XTAR Direct describes the XTAR VC4 as being a combination of the charger's predecessors, the VC2 and the XP4C.

What really makes the XTAR VC4 four bay charger stand out amongst the crowd is its price point. For an intelligent charger that has the capacity to read and charge four batteries at one time, XTAR Direct is not asking for much. You can pick up the XTAR VC4 right here. Even through XTAR Direct, the price point stays the same.


There you have it. Those are my top five vape battery chargers that are available on the market right now. Now, these are only my top five chargers, so do not feel discouraged if you like to use something not on the list. There are countless battery chargers on the market right now that are still amazing options. Just make sure to use a quality battery charger from a reputable brand, that's an important part of battery safety.

However, if you are having trouble figuring out which charger is right for you, hopefully this list will give you some direction. It will probably change drastically over the next year, but in the meantime, vape on.

If you would like to know more about how to "fast charge" 18650 batteries, then you should definitely check this video out:

Get the Best Vape Battery Charger | A Review of the Top 5 Models
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  • Jason 02/11/2016

    Hey Matt the XTAR is available at for $23.99.

  • BeeJay 02/12/2016

    #1 should be skyrc mc3000, has dummy mode for those who don’t want to fiddle around with features and for those who do, basically every aspect is adjustable. Firmware upgradeable, also has bluetooth and can handle virtually any cylindrical battery and size/chemistry without spacers (excepting the ultra-small <34mm long batteries). Not cheap, but you won't have to buy another charger in the near future.

  • BukTOpcc215 02/12/2016

    I am surprised. Why LiitoKala lii-500 is not included in the top?

  • CloudWatching 02/13/2016

    I personally cant believe the opus bt-c3400 didnt make this list, sporting features such as a manual battery refresh and a display for current true charge capacity in “mah stored” per charger channel is a valuable feature to have in a world full of rewraps.

    • Frank 02/15/2016

      I’m with you CW recently just picked one up from gearbest and reconditioned all my older batteries. I like this charger

  • Chris Vhfan 02/13/2016

    The mainstream vape community , the overwhelming majority at least use either Efest or Nitecore battery chargers which are most familiar to them .

    Thats why you don’t see more advanced options is my guess . The ones mentioned are relatively cheap and do an admirable job imo.

  • IBVJ 02/15/2016

    +1 for the comments fro both BukTOpcc215 and BeeJay.

    A good charger should at least be able to rejuvenate as well as test individual cells and also give the user a read-out of the internal resistance of any given cell enabling the user to be able to spot cells which are soon to be decommissioned.

  • CloudWatching 02/15/2016

    Nit to be a troll or anything…but just because more people are buying hyundai cars doesn’t mean the sonata is one of the best cars in the world…perhaps there should have been 5 sepeaate awards? Like…”most bang for the buck”, “fastest charging”, “most versatile”…etc etc etc…but to place 2 chargers from the worlds biggest battery rewrapper in the top 5 list seems a bit ostentatious…to say the very least, the nitecore are great affordable chargers with fancy lights to make you feel like you really got something…but they don’t do anything that the 500 other cheap chinese made chargers don’t do from a technical stand point…the luc blu6 doesn’t really either…it just gives you a second way to see the same thing that can be indicated with 3 led lights (red, yellow, green)…for those that cant be bothered to walk the 7 feet over to look at their charger…this list should be populated by groundbreaking chargers that offer features that allow accurate analysis of battery performance and verification of battery authenticity…

  • CloudWatching 02/15/2016

    On a side note concerning price point…the charger I listed above gives the user the option to select charge rate and then displays accurately how long it took to charge the battery and how many mah each battery took…if you use the refresh option on a new set of sony vtc5’s you got from ebay and they finish charging with a total mah capacity of 750mAh…you know you got rewraps and can return them…THAT is a valuable feature…especially considering its available in a 4 channel charger for 35-50 bucks on amazon any given day of the week.

  • Richard 02/25/2016

    LUC Blu6 would have to be one of the worst chargers, after only 2 weeks 3 ports stopped working and i returned it and the same thing happened to my second one, i would not recommend this charger

  • RandyRotten 03/09/2016

    My wife and I owned a nitecore um20 ( think that’s the name) We had it a couple of years and it finally died.
    Well the charging port broke which could have been avoided. I would have just fixed it but part of the board broke as well. I think I paid $15 for it . I have no complaints $15 for 2 years isn’t bad . I think we are leaning towards the TOMO V8-4.

    • derick 03/23/2016

      That would be pretty much the worst choice you could make, nitecore and cheap unknown China chargers only charge at .5 amps which is extremely slow efest luc v4 4bay is a great simple accurate choice or, efest soda 2bay charger both have the choice of either .5 or 1 amp charger

  • Mustang6 01/26/2018

    How to differentiate + & – from my global power gp2 charger and battery…is it so difficult to state that on.the product…china products are always like this..low standard