Refillable Vape Pen: 5 Best Examples For a Hassle-Free Vape Experience

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So you’re looking for a vaporizer for yourself but you don’t know whether to go with a refillable vape pen or a disposable one.

Seems like a tough decision. But it’s actually really easy.

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Truth be told, e-liquid vaporizers with refillable tanks are better than those with disposable cartridges. You have your choice of any flavor. And you don’t have to make frequent trips to the shop for more tanks. Not to mention, they’re less stressful than your average vape kit.

But a refillable vape pen is a pain, right?

Not really. Most refillable tanks have a filler hole. Just insert your dropper and fill up.

Ok, but a refillable vape pen is more expensive, isn’t it?

Not necessarily. There are plenty of refillable vaporizers out there that are priced similarly to disposable vape units. You can find a great vape kit to get you started.

Let’s look at the…

Best Refillable Vape Pen Rundown

Honey Stick Elf Kit

Honey twist elf 510 kit refillable vape pen: 5 best examples for a hassle-free vape experience

Thin and light as a flash drive, sleek and powerful as a stealth jet, the Elf Vaporizer behaves like an e-liquid vape from the future. You can rely on any standard 510-threaded oil cartridge, whether pre-filled or refillable, and they can be magnetically attached to the unit with the included adapter. Additionally, it accepts wider cartridges, up to 11mm in diameter.

The Elf cartidge snap right in and out of a port in the Elf Vaporizer, so loading is much faster and easier. To refill, just take out the tank out of the port and proceed to fill.

Unlike most e-juice vapes, the Honey Stick Elf comes with a premium glass tank alongside a high performance ceramic core to deliver unparalleled performance right out of the box.

What sets Elf by Honey Stick apart, besides its premium cartridge, is its design. While most take the form of a vape pen, the Elf features an ultra slim shape with a high-end aluminum body. On top of that, it features a buttonless design, giving you a hassle-free experience.

It’s easy to conceal. And the zen-like design translates into ease-of-use, as we see in the snap-on magnetic pods and simple single button control. With a 350mAh battery with high performance ceramic core, Elf Vaporizer delivers big clouds of smooth, flavorful vapor, and it lasts a long time.

Sleek, compact, and boasting unprecedented ease-of-use, the Honey Stick Elf Vaporizer is a great refillable vape pen.

O2Vape Flip Ultra Key Fob Vape

Flip ultra 510 pen kit refillable vape pen: 5 best examples for a hassle-free vape experience

As far as stealthy vapes go, it doesn’t get much more discreet than the Flip Ultra Key Fob by O2Vape. This is disguised as a car key FOB, so you can carry it anywhere and keep your vaping incognito.

O2 Vape Flip Ultra is perfect for those who vape outdoors and don’t want to draw attention to their session. It’s also compatible with any e-liquid, and unlike other vapes of its size, it can be refilled.

With a USB charger and a refillable oil tank, O2Vape Flip Ultra is the ideal companion for on-the-go vaping. The question is, can such a small device serve up decent vapor?

The answer is, yes. Batteries are getting smaller and stronger, and the Flip Ultra Key Fob Vape holds an ample 650mAh battery with a 4.8v output despite its small size. The Flip Ultra produces small, tasty hits akin to a vape pen. Fill it up with traditional vape juice or cannabis oil, either way, no one will know it’s a vaporizer.

KandyPens Slim


KandyPens took what makes affordable vape oil pens great and left out what’s not so great. The finished product is the KandyPens Slim, a very compact, high quality, easy-to-use vape pen with a higher build quality than disposable vape units and a refillable tank to boot.

Above all, it’s refillable. KandyPens Slim is designed for oil concentrates and juices alike and offers a discreet, enjoyable on-the-go vaping experience.

The KandyPens Slim boils usability down to a buttonless autodraw battery that’s easy-to-use. Just take a hit and the KandyPens Slim will heat up and deliver a tasty cloud.

Because this e-juice vaporizer is so quick on the draw, it’s perfect for vaping on-the-go. You can take a hit within a short window of opportunity then go about your business.

KandyPens also offers a pre-filled CBD vape pen, which is great for its discrete nature. Or, you can fill up the Slim with your own cannabis oil for a personalized experience.

If you’re looking for an affordable pen, but want one with excellent vapor production and a refillable oil tank, go with the KandyPens Slim.

Vaporite Amber L


Now for a feature-rich e-liquid vape for the cloud chasers. With great vapor production and an affordable price tag, the Vaporite Amber L is an excellent choice for e-liquid enthusiasts who want quality on a budget.

The Vaporite Amber L features a formidable 1600mAh battery that boasts longer sessions. This e-juice vaporizer also features a rebuildable oil tank so you can customize your coils to your liking. In terms of vapor production, the Vaporite Amber L delivers big, lung-expanding clouds with a robust flavor.

Vaporite Amber L already has everything you need to enjoy e-liquids on-the-fly. But it also has something you rarely see in vaporizers, let alone vape juice vapes. Bluetooth technology. You can monitor temperature, usage, and battery power from your smartphone.

Another perk of the Vaporite Amber L is how easy it is to refill, and how much e-liquid the tank holds. You can enjoy clean-tasting e-juice vapor without the hassle of refilling frequently or making a trip to the shop for more cartridges.

G Slim Hookah


If you’re looking for the best liquid vaporizer under $20, the G Slim Hookah is a noteworthy option. This is an incredibly compact and durable considering the low price.

And the vapor is top notch for an affordable vaporizer. The best part? The 0.6ml tank is refillable, a rarity among those in this price range. You can also add CBD e-juice, effectively turning this into a CBD vape pen. Just remember to prime the wick of the atomizer with a single drop of e-liquid when you first take the unit out of the box.

G Slim Hookah is one of the most compact vaporizers out there. But don’t let the small stature fool you. Expect decently sized clouds of delicious vapor, which is really easy to make happen with a single button control.

Just click the G Slim Hookah power button five times to turn it on, then hold the button down and take a hit.

G Slim Hookah is something you can depend on for rapid hits on your feet, without breaking the bank.

Refillable CBD Vape Pens

Now, if you’re looking for a specific CBD vape pen, there are a number of cost effective starter kits available. As we mentioned above, KandyPens offers its own CBD vape pen, but there are myriad other options available.

CBD vape pens come in various sizes and styles but generally speaking, they are designed to be discrete. There is also the option of disposable CBD vape pens, which is a quick and easy way to get started vaping CBD.

There’s a lot of variety within this sector, but a quick rundown of CBD vape pens that might interest you should include:

  • Avida CBD Vape Pen
  • Funky Farms Reserve
  • Farmacy Bliss Vape Pen

At the very least, this should get you started if you’re specifically looking for a CBD vape pen rather than a traditional vaping device.

Best Refillable Vape Pen Thoughts

If you’re using disposable e-liquid tanks because you want to save money, consider picking one of the best refillable vape pens from the list above. They’re slightly pricier, but you’ll save money you’d otherwise spend on cartridges, and you’ll waste no time making weekly trips to the stores.

Not to mention, disposable vape pens aren’t great for the environment. These refillable pens can also help you make sure your conscience is clean. Take a look at all of the options and see what works best for you.

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