Best Dry Herb Atomizer: My Top 4 Favorite Vape Tanks!

Wow…a thousand greetings to all my fellow vaping enthusiasts, dry-herbers and medicinal Cannabis users; whether pros or newbies to the game: I hope I can offer you the information and advice you need in order to feel confident in your next purchase.

I say this often but product reviews are particularly important to vapers, given the technical nature and safety concerns of the products with which we’re dealing. I consider it my privilege to be able to provide you with reviews that will keep you from wasting your hard earned cash and valuable time.

Today I’ll be bringing you my 4 best dry herb atomizer list!

Now, when it comes to finding the best atomizer for dry herb: we don’t exactly have a lot of options. Many of our favorite vaping brands don’t specialize in dry herb gear and so the names that come up when we search the topic may be relatively unknown to us.

There are a number of brands out there specializing in full dry herb vaporizer rigs but prices on these convection / conduction devices can be extremely hefty and, for most of us, finding a good atomizer for dry herbs that we can simply hook up to our favorite mod would surely be a far simpler option.

Of course, at this point, it might be wise to answer the question: What Is A Dry Herb Atomizer?

It is, quite simply, a chamber (for your herb), attached to a heating element, that get’s hot enough to atomize your good stuff, without actually combusting it. This entire thing preferably 510 threaded so that you can hook it up to your mod. The result is a particulate free vapor that still possesses all the active ingredients but doesn’t add emphysema or throat cancer to your existing list of ailments.

In short, it’s the safest way to enjoy your medicinal Cannabis, or whatever dry herb concoction you might be requiring. The trouble really comes with finding a Dry Herbal Atomizer that does what it’s supposed to, this was a challenge… but I did it anyway.


Product Name




Sub herb vape tank

Glass Dry Herb Tank

Hunter ceramic donut atomizer

Steel or Black Stainless Steel Atomizer

Seego vhit king

Steel and Glass Atomizer

Dozer dry herb

Steel and Glass Atomizer

Sub herb vapor tank
    • Glass Dry Herb Tank
    • Ceramic Plate For Herb and Concentrate
    • Low Resistance Coil Inside The Ceramic Plate
    • Attaches To Your Sub-Ohm Mod, 19-27W
    • Uses Convection Technology

The Difference: The Sub-herb Dry Herb Tank from Mig offers unparalleled durability, kinda spiffy looks and definite economy as far as your weed consumption is concerned. The reason I say this is that the coil sits inside that ceramic plate, so as not to expose your herb to direct heat. What this means is good consistent (and surprizingly fast) heating, that won’t burn your weed, wasting it and ruining the flavor.

The Vape: Never expect as full a cloud off a dry herber as you’d get from your e-juices. Nevertheless, vapor is fuller than usual on this device, potent and flavorsome. With the added 3 second ramp time this is a go-to Dry Herb Vaporizer Atomizer for me and though it doesn’t deliver on really high wattages like regular sub-Ohm tanks, it is incredibly consistent.

Hunter ceramic donut atomizer
    • Steel or Black Stainless Steel Atomizer
    • Ceramic Donut Heating Element
    • Ceramic Coil
    • 510 Threaded
    • Resistance 0.7-0.8 Ohm (11-15W Vape)

The Difference: I love the sleek looks & durable construction of this tank, it’s also easy to clean and super affordable. Also featuring a ceramic coil, this is another consistent tank which is unlikely to produce a burnt flavor or destroy your ‘erb.

The Vape: It’s consistent, flavorsome and clean, plus it's honestly rather potent. To vape dry herb efficiently, this requires adequate heat so use it with your sub-Ohm mod at a setting of around 15W.

Seego vhit king
    • Steel and Glass Atomizer
    • 2 Separate coils for vaping wax or dry herb
    • Resistance 1.0 Ohm
    • Adjustable Airflow
    • Swivel mouthpiece
    • Water Filtration System

The Difference: Completely rebuildable, really nice looking, with a ton of features you won’t usually find on a dry herb tank, like adjustable airflow…a freakin’ water filtration system for an even more healthy vape and an increased contact area for maximum cloud action.

The Vape: Considerably cleaner flavor on account of the filtration, with really decent vapor production and potency considering the higher Ohmage. Fairly consistent, with good ramp time.

Dozer dry herb
    • Steel and Glass Atomizer
    • Ceramic Plate
    • Dual Coil:
    • Baking Coil (0.6 Ohm)
    • Dry Herb Incinerating Coil (1.5 Ohm)

The Difference: Once again, the coils are not exposed so your herb is unlikely to burn and your vape will be far more consistent. That is of course unless you use the Incinerator coil, weirdly…they added this so that you could in fact smoke your dough, should you want to. Not a fan of the Incinerator, not a fan of smoking anything.

The Vape: This made my list because it’s undoubtedly one of the most flavorful and effective vaping dry herb tanks I’ve tried. The vape was full and the ramp time extremely swift, under 3 seconds.


Well, I’d wanted to list five products in my best dry herb atomizer List but, as it happens, really decent, operational dry-herb tanks that can be attached to your usual mod are actually few and far between. It’s a complicated science to ensure the herb reaches temp without burning, while still ensuring a flavorful vape that will deliver your effective medicinal dose of herb with minimal fuss and fury.

It’s obvious that of the two types of vape, dry herb / wax / concentrate and regular e-juice vape, the latter has received the most attention. Hopefully with legislation opening up as it is in the states and globally, with fortune favoring us... as it were, we’ll see an improvement in dry vape technology and more of a focus on this type of vape gear in future. For more info on a Cannabis vaping, check this video:

I cannot stress the importance of ensuring a healthy alternative to conventional modes of Cannabis consumption because it’s completely counter-intuitive to cure one ailment whilst risking developing another. So, from me it’s over and out and merry dry-herbing to all of you delicious, well-informed vapers. May the vaping force be with you.

Check out our guide if you want clarification about RBA vs RDA vs RDTA vs RTA.

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  1. Awesome review thank you so much. Been looking everywhere for info like this. Im going to try the Dozer for my Joyetech mini!

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