GWAR Fluids E-liquid Review

Gwar fluids by mt baker vapor

Mt. Baker Vapor GWAR E-Liquid

GWAR Fluids is a specialty line of premium e-liquids made in the USA by Mount Baker Vapor, a vendor who is well known within the vape community for good quality e-liquid, amazing prices, and excellent customer service. I have heard that GWAR Fluids sold out within 24 hours of its initial release on April 30th, 2014, and actually crashed the servers at the Mt. Baker, which is pretty impressive. So what is about GWAR Fluids that had vapers nationwide crashing servers to get some?

One thing that immediately sets the GWAR Fluids line apart from Mt.Baker’s standard premium e-liquid line is packaging and presentation. GWAR Fluids come standard in 30ml childproof glass dropper bottles with brand specific labeling that reflects the sort of underworld theme of this juice line. With only 5 flavors total and 3 uncolored versions of the same flavors available, the selection of the GWAR Fluid line is rather small in comparison to MBV’s standard juice line. Each of the GWAR Fluid flavors have a 50/50 PG/VG blend, are available in nicotine strengths from 0-24mg, and are batch mixed to cut down the steep time needed for full flavor development.

GWAR Fluids are very reasonably priced at $10.99 per 30ml glass bottle, and will usually ship within 24 hours of placing your order. Get a discount with a Mt Baker Vapor Coupon. Featured in this review we have three of the five GWAR Fluids flavors; Bloodbath, GWARy4, and German Chocolate Beefcake, each mixed at a nicotine strength of 12mg. Upon arrival each of the bottles were individually bubble wrapped with safety seals on each bottle.


Bloodbath e-liquid review

Bloodbath E-Liquid

Atomizer used: Rose V2 clone/ 1.2 ohms

This flavor is actually listed as the best seller amongst the GWAR Fluids line and is described as a powerful tropical fruit blend. With a name like Bloodbath, and the vibrant red color of this e-liquid I was definitely interested in giving this flavor a go. Before I even opened the bottle I could smell a fragrant fruitiness that was appealing. Bloodbath is one of the 3 GWAR flavors that are also available in a uncolored version.

From the first taste this flavor is extremely reminiscent of the drink Hawaiian Punch. Initially the flavor is a bit sharp, with a hint of the cough syrup like taste that is common with some cherry flavors. I could tell that this flavor had the potential to get better after a little steep time. Within 24 hours of opening the bottle the flavors started to meld, smooth out and tasted more balanced. I also didn’t get that hint of cough syrup anymore. After two days of steeping the combination of different fruit flavors blended together without one over powering the other, and had the right amount of citrus bite to it just like a Hawaiian punch drink, or fruit punch candy. I do like that the Bloodbath flavor manages to be bold and full on flavor without being clawing or having a strong after taste that lingers. Also note that this flavor is a “tank cracker” and should not be used with PMMA/polycarbonate tanks.

The throat hit I would rate as good, not the best that I have had at 12mg, but definitely acceptable. Vapor production is on par with what I would expect from a 50/50 blend e-liquid. Overall I do like this flavor and I could definitely see myself ordering it again even as I probably wouldn’t choose it as an all day vape, it is worthy of a spot in the collection. If you are a fan of fruit punch type flavors, then this is one that I would recommend.

Flavor accuracy: 10/10
Vapor production: 9/10
Throat hit: 7.5/10

Buy Bloodbath E-Liquid

Gwary4 e-liquid review

GwaRy4 E-Liquid

Atomizer used: Rose V2/ 1.2ohm

Being a lover of Ry4 type flavors, I was definitely looking forward to trying this one. This flavor is described as a take on a classic vanilla caramel tobacco flavor. It was interesting to note that the color of the e-liquid appeared considerably darker in person than it appears on the website however, that could be the result of lighting. When I opened the bottle to smell the liquid it was very vanillia-y. I let this flavor steep for about a week before giving it a go.

Upon my first vape vanilla was still the predominate flavor for me, which I was a little disappointed about because I had hoped to get a lot more caramel in combination with the vanilla. Even as Ry4’s with more of a caramel flavor is what I prefer, the GWARy4 has pleasant tone and texture to it and offers a nice clean tasting vape. The tobacco aspect of the flavor has a woody quality to it that the flavor a little more interesting, but I still felt myself wishing for more caramel flavor. There are so many differing versions of Ry4’s out there, so there is no right way to make this flavor. Ry4’s with lots of caramel and hints of nut flavor in it is usually what I go for.

What I do like about this flavor is the throat hit,which I felt was smack on in terms of what I want from my e-liquid. Not too peppery or harsh, yet undeniably present and very satisfying. Overall I feel that this is a decent tasting flavor, and if you like vanilla vapes, then you would probably enjoy this.

Flavor accuracy: 7/10
Vapor production: 9/10
Throat hit: 10/10

Buy GwaRy4 E-Liquid

German chocolate beefcake e-liquid review

German Chocolate Beefcake

Atomizer used: Rose V2/ 1.2 ohm

And here for the grand finale we have German Chocolate Beefcake. This flavor in particular, based on description alone, I had absolutely no interest in being that I do not care for chocolate vapes. However, this also happens to be the one GWAR Fluids flavor that I have heard personal friends, acquaintances, and fellow vapers frequently speak of with love and some with downright obsession. For this reason alone I was surprised to see Bloodbath named as the best seller of the GWAR Fluid’s line.

German Chocolate Beefcake is described as a sweet cake flavor with the perfect combination of chocolate, coconut, and caramel. At first vape straight out of the bottle I tasted a lot of chocolate and some coconut, but it was as though these two flavors were standing on different sides of the room. I put the flavor away and decided to let it steep, but initially it wasn’t looking good for the Beefcake. Fast forward one week later as I reluctantly refilled my beloved Rose V2 atomizer again, I took a vape and ‘.. it was all BOW CHIKA WOW WOW at Nikki’s house because this German Chocolate Beefcake is damn good I tell ya!

German Chocolate Beefcake is so good, and I was so confused that I genuinely considered for a moment that I might be hallucinating because I really did not like this flavor the first time that I tried it. From that point on I would continue to vape this e-liquid with both a profound sense of crack head-ish enjoyment, and skepticism because I did not trust my new found love for this flavor (true story). Well, 7 days later and an empty e-liquid bottle I finally accepted my new love, the Beefcake. I also ordered and received a brand new bottle of it this past Monday. :D

MBV’s flavor description of sweet cake with the perfect combination of chocolate, coconut, and caramel is dead on accurate, but I would even take it a small step further and liken the flavor to a Samoas Girl Scout cookie. This would explain my new found love and obsession with this flavor because the Samoas cookie (cookie dipped in caramel, coated in toasted coconut and drizzled with chocolate) is my most favorite cookie ever. And as good as the flavor is, to me, so is the throat hit which I find to be stellar at 12mg. In terms of the perfect throat hit, this one is right up there with 12mg Boba’s bounty by Alien Vision.

If you like Girl Scouts Samoas cookies, or think that you might, buy this juice!

Girl scout samoa cookie

Flavor accuracy: 10/10
Vapor production: 9/10
Throat hit: 10/10

Buy German Chocolate Beefcake E-Liquid


What I can say about all three of the flavors that I tried is that they tasted clean to me, and did not have the chemically overtones that some combination flavor e-liquids can have. For my personal tastes the German Chocolate Beefcake is the clear star of this bunch, the flavor and throat hit is exactly what I want out my of e-liquids. I like Bloodbath enough that I would probably buy it again, while I think that I would pass on the Gwary4 due to the lack of caramel flavor, and predominate vanilla taste of it. Even as I did not review Jizmoglobin, based on the flavor description (creamy blueberry blend with notes of nut and custard) I would definitely be interested in sampling this flavor since I am a fan of blueberry vapes.

The GWAR Fluids line is very reasonably priced for what is offered as most premium USA made e-liquids available online tend to be priced upwards of $15.00 or more for a 30ml bottle. I would love to see Mt. Baker thoughtfully expand this line of specialty juices as I do feel that it successfully elevates the entire collection of MBV e-liquids, but it could also use more of a selection. I can also attest to the lighting fast shipping and service of Mount Baker Vapor because the Bloodbath flavor was purchased for this review, and was ordered and received in less than 72 hours ‘ that is incredibly fast.

You may also want to read our review on Mt. Baker’s normal E-Liquids.

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Gwar e-liquid review final

23 thoughts on “GWAR Fluids E-liquid Review”

  1. Paul (Nailz)

    Beefcake yummy, and Nikki your description is spot on for it ;)

    Not into tobacco vapes, but might have to try the RY4 next time, as do like a good vanilla flavor.

    1. And I can blame this Beefcake obsession on you too, as you were one of the first people to rave about Beefcake, and that is why I chose it when MBV offered some GWAR flavors for review! Been vaping it all day too :D But yeah, if you like Vanilla then you will like the Gwary4 for sure. :) Thanks for the comments hun!

  2. I have been tempted to try the GWAR line but because my past vape experiences with MBV I never put them in my cart. Not that there is anything wrong with MBV they do an excellent job for what they are. But I am a complex flavor junkie and have no problem of paying more if the juice is making me happy.

    Seeing how I love your reviews and the fact that it seems we have the same flavor profiles the Beefcake will be heading to my home. Samoas are my FAV cookie and don’t last long when they are within my arm reach. I am so hesitant though because I have never tasted a chocolate vape I even remotely cared for. So I have high hopes for this bottle.

    BTW a little off topic………..I am interested in what RY4 is your favorite as they are an obsession of mine.

    1. Hi ahardrain! We clearly have similar tastes because a) I don’t usually like chocolate vapes at all, and b) I used to buy 4 boxes of Samoas cookies at time, no joke! I love love MBV’s German Chocolate Beefcake, am vaping it in my new GP Heron and am on my 2nd bottle. The first bottle that I got needed to steep for a week, but the second bottle which I received Monday is just yummy right now! Already scheming on the third bottle, lol. I really hope you like it. :)

      My favorite Ry4 is my own DIY recipe, which is TFA’s Double Ry4, caramel original, Acetyl Pyrazine (for nuttiness), a dash of bavarian creme, and sweetner. :D

    1. Ok, I like real melons. :) So I guess I should just try the two remaining flavors Jizmogoblin and Spew.

      1. Honestly I’ve tried them all and i like Spew , Gizmoglobin and German beefcake the most and in that order :) 6mg nic in each.

  3. I’ve been vaping the Spew juice from the Gwar line. It has a honey-dew melon/melona taste to it. each day its been, getting better and better. I need to try that German Chocolate Beefcake though.

    1. Well you are the second person to comment that they like Spew, so I guess I have to really get some. :)

  4. Hmmmm I just happen to have all the DIY to make that recipe up and pretty sure I know the % of each. I actually make a similar RY4 but add in some of the Asian as well (gives it that touch of complexity). I came here because I just finished placing my GWAR order. I added in the GWaRY4 and Spew also……hey you can’t go bad with these prices.

    Patiently waiting for the Robbot review ;-)

    1. Oh cool beans! I have about half a bottle left of the Gwary4 and have been contemplating mixing it with some of my Ry4? I guess it can’t come out too bad right? :p How is the Asian Ry4, I never tried that one? And now I know who I can hit up if I ever run out of DIY supplies too, lol.

      I am jelly that you got spew *cue tears* .. you have to let me know how you like it. The Robbot review is looking like 10/13, and I know that sounds far off, but I’ve had this dang Kato Square box for what seems like a month now, so I gotta get that posted.

  5. The Asian is definitely a great add to the RY4. I read about it in on a DIY forum and adds another layer on the exhale……… use it sparingly thou.

    I just got the iStick and the Orchid V3 yesterday and I am totally amazed by both items. I have no idea how the battery is holding up for so long for such a tiny device. This thing puts out the power. I just placed an order for two more of them. Whoever wins the giveaway will be very happy.

    If you get the chance to review the Orchid V3 I highly recommend it. I am a big time KFL guy and the Orchid right now is giving me more flavor and the draw is supremely better then the KFL.

    I am still on the fence on getting the Rose even after your glowing review. I think the length of it is what’s stopping me. I am on a small is better kick and have even retired all my mechs for awhile. I think my next addition will be the Big Dripper once it gets one or two more revisions.

    Now wipe away those tears Ms Nikki we don’t our favorite reviewer watering down the GWAR ;-). Wondering how your liking the Kato but isn’t that a bit old to be reviewing it? I can imagine though how many devices you must have in queue to check out. What a great time it is to be a vaper.

    1. Duly noted my friend .. I will put Asian RY4 on my list. And you must be psychic ahardrain because I just received the Orchid V3 on Thursday for review, so that one is coming. I will have have the Squape R clone by Monday so that one is coming too. As far the Kato Square Box .. no I don’t think this one is old even as the clone was released at the end of August. Fasttech customers have only started to receive their Kato clone literally this week, and there is much confusion about who makes what, and their are many who are holding out waiting to hear reviews about the Kato, so I aim to clear all that up.

      Believe me I wish that I could get the reviews out sooner, but written reviews take a lot longer to produce than a video review which is also a lot of work. I am very experienced in video editing, and photo shooting and editing is more time consuming than video … not to mention writing takes more time than speaking too. The Kato is gorgeous, and works well but is more of a “fisting type” of vape, so for that reason alone it would never be my favorite. That grip is not very feminine, lol.

  6. The Kato reminds me of the VTR in it’s shape and would agree it would be boxie for a feminine hand :-)

    When you do your review I think what you will see on the V3 is the small capacity for your juice. When you build it in a dual coil mode it guzzles the juice and can see some people going through a ton of it in a day. The V4 will have the same tank as a full size Kayfun and that to me would eliminate the V3’s major downfall. It reminds me of a Kayfun and a Fogger out on a date and nine months later viola the Orchid.

    I just inquired over at Tobeco on the Orchid V4. I am thinking of putting in an order for 50 of them and blowing them out on eBay. I have high hopes this might be part of my daily rotation. But because of the juice consumption I still don’t see me putting away my kayfuns anytime soon. I am mainly an RBA vaper but also enjoy to drip in the evenings.

    I am really grateful for all the reviewers out there that take the time necessary to put together such insightful reviews.And I would agree either way; written or video reviews are time consuming. But when you have a love for the product it isn’t a major hardship. Not to mention you get to add to a growing arsenal of vape gear.

    Sorry for the lack of comma’s the laptop I have in front of me is missing and I am too lazy to head upstairs.

    1. I have seen pictures of the Orchid V4, it looks just a like a full size Kayfun with a custom cap IMO, but I could say the same about the Orchid V3 in nano. I am already prepared for the Orchid V3’s juice consumption, I have several nano’s, and this being a dual coil, I am sure the juice will go fast. If you do get 50 Orchid V4’s I will hold you to it. ;-)

      LOL @ the laptop with no comma’s, my other laptop is missing a G :D

  7. OMG, this is so good! You’ve steered me toward another winner :-) Just got my German Chocolate Beefcake, and it is perfect right out of the mail. It has a date, 7/14 on the bottom of the bottle so it’s definitely well steeped….ooohh, so good! It’s like vaping ecstasy!

    1. Score!!! Happy dance :) .. My second bottle is half empty so I have stopped vaping it in an effort to preserve it *cue tears* The Beefcake is the business, and I am so glad that you really like it too. As a reviewer its hard not to feel a little responsible for my viewers experiences. Bow chicka wow wow Wynne :)

  8. I buy Jizmoglobin very month and sad to say that I buy 5 at a time. If I had the money I’d buy more. But with me buying 5 a month says a lot. Im very very picky n don’t like trying new things but once I tried this omg. If i read it n what flavor it was I would probably never tried it. Thanks to my nephew having it. Between the blueberry n nut n hint of custard is an awesome blend. Id vape on just that if i could. Thanks for comments on the other flavors. Was not gonna try it but I think i will now.

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