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The authentic Kayfun Lite Plus V2 is made by SvoeMesto, and retails for $99.00 USD. The 1:1 Kayfun Lite Plus V2 clone featured in this review is from Focalecig.com, SKU 19274, and retails for $31.02.

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Kayfun Lite Plus V2 Clone Review:

The Infinite KFL V2 (Kayfun Lite Plus V2) comes beautifully presented in a gift box with felt inserts. Unlike the EHpro version of the KFL V2 clone, the Infinite version also comes with a full stainless steel/PC nano kit body, with a very attractive low profile top cap. At this price point, the Infinite iteration of the KFL V2 definitely offers more value for the money.

Kayfun lite plus un-boxing


Material Stainless Steel
Product Type bottom coil rebuildable atomizer kit
Capacity 4.5ml/full body, 2ml/nano body
Connection Threading 510
Diameter 22 mm
Height 74 mm
Weight 78 g
Total weight 172 g
Package contents:
1x Kayfun Lite Plus V2 Style Atomizer (full stainless steel)
1x Replacement Nano body (Stainless steel w/ PC Tank)
1x V2 drip tip
1x Short Chimney
1x Screwdriver
1x Pre-wired Wicks

Build Quality:

Straight away the Infinite KFL + V2 sets itself apart with the inclusion of an extra full nano body drop kit, in addition to the main full body KFL plus. The nano drop kit consists of two stainless steel tank sleeves, a PC tank section, and a stainless steel, low profile top cap, which can be interchanged with the standard KFL top cap. The nano kit has an approximate e liquid capacity of 2mls.

With standard nano drop kits ranging in price from $6 on Fasttech, to $20 stateside for two stainless tank sleeves, and short chimney only, the Infinite KFL V2 kit is a super deal, and is definitely one of the best buys in 2014.

Seperate parts of kayfun lite plus v2

The main body of the Infinite Kayfun Lite plus V2 is a 1:1 clone of the original made by SvoeMesto. Out of the 3 Kayfun clones, that I own, the KFL V2 has the best machining, most especially the building deck. The positive post, and the insulator is perfectly straight, the threads on the base, and chimney is clean, and smooth.

If I had to criticize any aspect of the build quality, it would be the finish on the middle tank section. While the middle tank threads smoothly on, and off, aesthetically speaking, I would like to see the seams between the middle tank, and tank sleeves to appear less apparent, but I feel the same way about the authentic SvoeMesto V2. With clone companies like Yesmo producing near seamless Kayfun bodies, I would have thought that SvoeMesto might have also gone this route with their V2 version.

The KFL plus V2 also brings with it a redesigned standard 510 drip tip. I have heard some complaints of wobbly drip tips on the Infinite KFL V2, and while my drip tip does not have the snuggest fit, I wouldn’t describe it as wobbly, as it doesn’t move around while I am vaping it, and it has never come out while in use. However, when I grip the drip tip with my fingers, and move it about, I can feel the play. Snugging up the fit of the drip tip is easy, simply change out the o rings with a thicker pair .. Poof Walla.

Close up kayfun lite plus parts

The authentic SvoeMesto KFL V2 comes with a few changes, and being a 1:1 clone, the Infinite KFL V2 is no different. The fill port has been recessed further into the base to allow a more efficient connection with the valve, and an o ring has also been added to the fill port screw to prevent leaking and it works! The air flow adjustment has also been moved to the base of the device, which requires a small flathead screwdriver to adjust. The air hole on the side of the base also appears to be larger than the prior KFL plus, at approximately 2mm.

I have been using the air flow adjustment at its most open setting, being flush with the base. However, it is important to note that there have been reports from owners of the authentic SvoeMesto KFL V2 getting their device stuck on mods such as the Stingray, due to the air flow screw working itself loose, and getting stuck in the cut out on the Stingray s top cap. As a result, user warnings have been posted on sites like Vaperev.com to alert customers to the potential for this issue.

I have used my KFL V2 almost exclusively with my Stingray mod, and I have not had any such issues, nor does my adjustment screw seem as though it is going to suddenly work itself loose. I have not had to readjust my air flow screw since initially setting it to my preferred air flow setting. I have also read reports regarding this same issue occurring with the EHpro KFL V2, and even as this has not happened with the Infinite V2, users need to be aware of the potential.

Base of kayfun lite plus v2

I built the KFL V2 using twisted 30 gauge Kanthal, and a 6/7 wrap on a mini screwdriver, with a 1.0-ohm result. Even as the screws are small, I didn’t have a problem securing the twisted 30 gauge wire. For the most part, if you have built one Kayfun, you have built them all, so there is nothing new on that front.

Kayfun lite wick close up review


While the juice channels on the KFL V2 are fully, and properly drilled out, I did notice that they are a little narrower than the other Kayfun Lite clone that I own. However, the juice flow on the KFL V2 is excellent, and when used with a 100% VG e-liquid like Boba s Bounty, I didn’t experience any dry hits whatsoever.

Kayfun lite plus comparison ehpro

The flavor and vapor production are as good, if not better than any other Kayfun that I have tried. The draw is very smooth, and I personally find the air flow to be perfect with it the air flow adjustment at max open.

When setting up in the nano configuration, I found the vape to be considerably warmer, which to some extent is to be expected with the shorter travel of the vapor from the coil, to the drip tip. However, I have an even smaller Kayfun nano kit, and it does not produce the same level of warmth, so for me, the difference was quite marked.

E-cigarette mod with kayfun atomizer

Overall, I cannot find any real fault with the Infinite Kayfun Lite V2, most especially where performance is concerned. It functions exactly as should it, the vape quality is brilliant, and so I find myself joining in the opinions expressed by many before me, that this Kayfun Lite Plus V2 by Infinite is the best Kayfun that I own.

For all that is included in this kit, in addition to its quality, and performance, it would be impossible for me to feel like I have missed out by opting for the clone, instead of the original.

Kayfun lite box with e-cig mod


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29 thoughts on “Kayfun Lite Plus V2 Review – Infinite Clone”

  1. Peter Bistricky

    Hi, just want to say that ive recived mine from focal yesterday, and its great! Thanks for convincing me into buying one, great review!

    1. Hi Peter, that is awesome! I am glad that you are enjoying your Kayfun mini, and Focalecig is a really good company too. Thank you for viewing, and commenting, I love the feedback. :)

  2. Thanks for the great review! Mine is on the way now, looking forward to upgrading from an Aerotank.

    You mention you have a smaller Nano kit, which did not make the vape hotter.
    Interested in making my KFL+ as small as possible. Could ypu let me know, please, if your other Nano kit is shorter then this one? If it shaves any hight off, I’d like one.

    Thanks :) R

    1. Hi Wipeout .. The smaller nano kit that I have comes from Fasttech.com, and it about $5, and it is smaller than the nano that comes with this Infinite kit, and also has a smaller juice capacity. If you click on FT’s link at the bottom of this review, when you hit the product page, scroll down to the bottom and look to the right and you will see all of FT’s accessories for the Kayfun, including several nano kit options.

  3. Great review, very informative and complete. I keep hearing about the Kayfuns, but am pretty new to vaping so it will be a bit before I take that next step. Reviews like this one are very helpful.

    1. Thank you for viewing and commenting. The Kayfun is a staple RBA, and will be a rite of passage for most new vapers.

  4. kathy czarnecki

    Hi, I recently ordered this Infinite KFL from Focalcig. Do you know if there is an option out there for a glass middle section? I know FT sells them but don’t know if it will fit with the infinite? Thanks, great review.

    1. Hi .. Yes, the glass nano and full size after market tanks on Fasttech will fit this KFL. Thank you for your comments. :)

    1. Just make sure that you get confirmed Infinite brand, or even EHpro. I don’t think that Focalecig carries the Infinite KFL V2 anymore, its now from a different manufacturer so I wouldn’t recommend sourcing it there.

  5. kathy czarnecki

    I received my Infinite Kayfun Lite Plus V2 from Focalcig. It took numerous deep cleanings to get the oil taste out. All said and done the draw is extremely tight. I enjoy a tight draw but this is about as big as the smallest hole on a Nautilus (with airflow screw removed). Build deck screws are ridiculous tiny. Need to do a complete wire wrap around for them to stay put. It works but this one just isn’t for me.

    1. Are you sure its the same brand? I could have sworn that Focalecig removed “Infinite” from their product page recently due to a supplier change. It could also possibly be defective? While the KFL V2 doesn’t have a super open draw, it also should not be as tight as you are describing either.

      1. kathy czarnecki

        Hi Nicole. I followed the link in this article and even used the coupon code so I assumed it was Infinite. Same packaging. Thanks for responding!

        1. Yeah I am going to have to put an update which states that they no longer carry the Infinite Version of this atomizer, I don’t know who makes this one that they currently have. If it is not satisfactory you should email Doris about an exchange or credit, and tell her that Nikki referred you.

  6. kathy czarnecki

    I had no idea I could contact someone there for an exchange or refund. I cleaned it and boxed it back up thinking it would collect dust. I will give it a try. Thanks again

    1. Yes you should contact them. I have already sent an email expressing my upset about them changing manufacturers and keeping the sku and url link to the product the same. That is not acceptable to me, and I do not do these product reviews for customers to end up buying something that IS NOT what I reviewed. If they change supply sources, they should also change the sku so that if someone comes to my reviews months later and clicks the link it will show item not found.

  7. kathy czarnecki

    Nicole, I sent an e-mail to Doris per your suggestion. Already got a reply to send a photo and that I can get a refund. Thank you so much for going the extra mile for me on this issue. It is really appreciated! Kathy

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