Best Coils for Flavor: For a Flavorful Vaping Experience

Best Vape Coil Builds for Flavor

I have been trying different RDA coil builds and wire configurations for a while now in an attempt to get the best performance out of my RDA coils. I have had a difficult time deciding which is my all time favorite, so I have listed my four current favorites. That being said, here they are and why:

​The Tidal Wire

Tidal Wire 2

The Tidal wire when being installed should have the natural grooves of the wire line up to get a more even coil.

The tidal wire I found on Twisted Messes You Tube channel, and once I wrapped it for myself it has been a staple in my RDAs. It consists of four strands of 32 gauge Kanthal A1, and one strand of .8mm ribbon wire.

The 32 gauge Kanthal is twisted together, and then the ribbon wire is reverse twisted over the Kanthal. This opens up the twists of Kanthal creating a “wave” like appearance. The gaps in the regular Kanthal provide heat quickly to ribbon wire providing a dense and very flavorful vapor from your RDA coils.

When installing this coil, I opt to not torch it first, leaving the spring in the coil. Once it’s installed I can adjust to line up more precisely, and in return I get a faster ramp up, and immediate vapor. When reverse twisting the ribbon wire around the Kanthal, it is important to watch it and not go by feel.

Once the wire has twisted all of the way through you will notice that there isn’t any more movement within the wire. Twisting past this point will result in kinks​

Check this video out for more information on the coil build:

The Clapton Coil

Clapton Coil

The "Clapton Coil" installed on the Plume Veil V2.

I found the The Clapton Coil on Rip Trippers You Tube channel, and have loved it ever since I installed it. The Clapton coil is 30 gauge Kanthal wrapped around a single strand of 28 gauge Kanthal.

This vape coil is probably the best coil for flavor as it provides a very flavorful vapor, and decent density within vapor production. The advantage of this set up is that the wire when saturated with juice has channels for the juice to seep into providing incredible flavor.

When wrapping the 30 gauge around the 28 gauge, starting the drill off slowly will provide a good rhythm for the wraps. You will feel the 30 gauge start to fall into place as you speed up the drill. Don’t worry too much about the first half inch, or inch of wire,

I usually write this off as getting the wire lined up properly. It is difficult to learn, however once you can wrap the Clapton you can experiment with your own variations of it.​

Check this video out for more information on the coil build:

The Flat Bastard Coil

Flat Bastard 2

The Flat Bastard coil will line up pretty easily for installation, the flat ribbon wire wrapped around the Kanthal provides amazing flavor and surface area.

This is another best coil for flavor that can be found on Rip Trippers’ You Tube. This is two strands of 32 gauge Kanthal twisted together, with .5mm ribbon wire wrapped around the 32 gauge Kanthal.

The advantage of this particular coil build, like with the Tidal Wire, is the flat ribbon wire. It produces incredible flavor, but doesn’t heat up very quickly on its own. The Flat Bastard coil has the advantage of the twisted 32 gauge on the inside providing intense heat very quickly.

When wrapping the ribbon wire around the twisted 32 gauge the process is very similar to wrapping a Clapton coil. Easing in to the speed of the drill is important, and once you have your rhythm down it is really smooth going.

Check this video out for more information on the coil build:

The Tiger Coil

Tiger Wire 2

The Tiger Coil when installed is difficult to get the wraps touching, this is not a problem as far as performance is concerned.

This is yet another RDA coil tutorial that can be found on Rip Trippers You Tube channel. This in comparison is much easier to twist, and build than the other coils so far. One strand of 30 gauge Kanthal and one strand of .8mm ribbon wire are required for this build.

Both strands are inserted into the drill bit, with the 30 gauge bisecting the ribbon wire. When twisted together the ribbon wire folds over the Kanthal and uses the heat from the Kanthal to cut down on ramp up. The flavor from this coil is very good,

I found the vapor production was good, but I wanted more, so I added to it with the coil listed below.

Check this video out for more information on the coil build:

A Variation of the Tiger coil

I took two strands of 30 gauge Kanthal and two strands of .5mm ribbon wire. I set these into my drill bit with one strand of 30 gauge sandwiched with ribbon wire, and the last strand of 30 gauge on the outside. The extra ribbon wire provided more juice channels, and the extra Kanthal provided more heat. The vapor from this coil explodes off of the coil, and is very dense and flavorful. When twisting all of these wires together tension with your no drill hand is key, ensuring that all strands are twisting together in unison. You will see the flat ribbon wire form the juice channels while the regular Kanthal twists together.​

All of the above listed coil builds can be substituted to fit your particular needs, however the concepts behind the coils remain the same. The more juice that can be trapped inside of the coil, and converted to vapor quickly makes for a dense flavorful vape.

With the above wires, all of these coils stay above .5 ohms. However this is not a substitute for not double-checking your coil resistance before firing it in your RDA. I run most of these coils in single coil to get the most out of my vape.

I have also found that vapor production is on par with most standard dual coils. With how expensive juices are, I think we can all agree that getting the best of both worlds is important when selecting a coil build.

The best part of building your own vape coils is the ability to customize them to your own preference. Coil builds have become a hobby of mine, and these RDA builds stay in my RDAs more often than standard coil builds.

Whether you want to wrap super low ohm coils, single, dual, quad coil, the choice is yours. My experiences with these coils, is that the coil touches on every aspect of vapor production from flavor to density, to heat.

I also enjoy these coils because they are very good with keeping your wick from burning. The fact that most of these coils carry juice within the wire prevents the loathsome dry hit.


After getting out of the Army Michael wanted to quit smoking and started vaping, and has loved it ever since. Building coils, and making e-juice quickly became a hobby that he tries to pass on to anyone that is interested in having a better vaping experience.

  • tajpapa 04/01/2015

    Thank you for the article. But I think you need a better photography Macro skill. I couldn’t differentiate between each, also since English is not my first language and the description doesn’t help.

      • tjobbins 04/01/2015

        Agreed that the photos leave a little to be desired. But a bigger concern of mine is why didn’t you link to the videos where you learnt how to make these? You do mention them, but then leave it up to the user to find them him/herself. I think it’s only fair to link to the source, and it would also answer the concern of people who can’t read/follow the instructions.

        All that said, this is a good summary article and well worth posting, so thanks for that.

        • Big daddy vapes 01/13/2016

          Are you really that lazy you can’t look up Rip Trippers on you tube? Any serious vaper is well aware of their resources. Jesus..learn how to use goolge.

          • Herb Green 01/28/2016

            Any serious vaper avoids Rip Tripper like the clap. He may have been relevant a couple of years ago, before he began to shill anything that comes with the right sized fee.
            It is impossible to trust anything this man says now, not to mention the cringe-worthy persona he has adopted as part of his schtick, Trippers has become a ridiculous caricature that is truly vomit and epileptic seizure inducing. Serious vapers, like good reviewers, are embarrassed by the man and look elsewhere for honest appraisals and excellent advice. By all means use Google but don’t forget to add ‘- Rip Tripper’ to ensure you to ensure the results omit this unfunny clown.

          • bytemaster67 12/31/2016


  • Chris Vhfan 04/01/2015

    Nice writeup and no doubt some will try them but i have found regardless of the coil build the difference (if even noticeable) is extremely minimal at best .

    Definitely not noticeable enough to take more time making them i should say . Imo people get to caught up with (what coil provides the best flavor) jargon and get convinced there are major differences between them .

    I just don’t buy into it and think a standard well wrapped basic coil performs every bit as good.

    As i said just my opinion and good job nonetheless.

      • Jay Chappell 04/01/2015

        I agree I agree !! Great job !!

        • Michael Myers 04/02/2015

          Thank you kindly Jay I really like building!

      • fernando alvarez 04/21/2015

        i agree with you i think people buy in to the hype i think
        for grat flavor on a mech spaced low ohm coil works best for vw/vw tight high ohm coils

    • Chris Grapes 04/03/2015

      IMO you couldn’t be more wrong, my experience has been the complete opposite, I do build more intricately then most, and to achieve immaculate flavor your coils must have juice channels for it to sit in, and the more channels and layers for juice to hide the better the flavor, and the builds listed above are the foundation for flavor, then there’s a wholenother level that can be tapped into like with the most recent builds I’ve done, check out my IG
      I’m 100% serious when I say you haven’t really tasted your juice if your only doing single wire builds, meaning if your were to try it with some of the more intricate builds you would truly be surprised

      • Michael Myers 04/06/2015

        Thanks Chris, I checked out your builds and they are works of art. I’ve done a couple different stapled, and fused coils that I enjoy. You’re right as far as a base for coil building. These are fairly easy to build and produce for me.

        • Chris Grapes 04/07/2015

          Some of those are where all the fun started, and this vaping deal turned into a hobby, lol

    • Mona paschal 07/19/2015

      I totally agree with you!

    • troy ray 07/04/2017

      big difference in flavor and vapor just u saying that shows ur
      ignorance toward vaping

  • Doc Ramos 04/01/2015

    Ata boy Mike

  • Chris Vhfan 04/01/2015

    I didn’t expect you to agree with me Mike lol, this is just from my experience and from talking to many many others about the very thing (juice holding capability) you mention.

    Side by side tests just don’t show a difference or if their is a difference it’s barely noticeable from long discussions on these different coils with many other very experienced vapors.

    VU and ECF have very in depth discussions bearing this out.

    If you or others feel differently thats perfectly fine as well .

    • Michael Myers 04/02/2015

      I appreciate the comments, and point taken. I personally enjoy building coils and enjoy the challenges that come with them. If your experience is enjoyable why change it?

  • Robert Bates 04/02/2015

    I agree with Chris in the issue of these “trendy coils” being SO much better than regular parallel micro/macro coils. in my experience, the difference is minimal and the “trendy coils”, while looking pretty extravagant, are a pain in the ass to build and as they might deliver slightly better flavor, simply aren’t worth the time that goes into them. Just my two cents, to each his own! Interesting read though, thank u.

  • Trisha 04/05/2015

    Well done Mike. The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time. Can’t wait for your next article.

  • Nate Smith 04/06/2015

    I haven’t been a big fan of clapton but had yet to see the tidal coils on r/coilporn or twisted’s channel. Threw together a tidal with two 32 ga and .5×1.0 mm ribbon. Dang son; tis a vape to remember.

    • Michael Myers 04/06/2015

      Thank you Nate, I’m glad you enjoy it. As Chris said these are base coils for getting into more intricate coil building. The Tidal wire is usually in one of RDAs at all times, it holds a lot of juice. Congrats on the Tidal wire success, I wrap those for my buddies and the shop guys all the time. Enjoy!

  • Keith Young 04/11/2015

    Hey Michael thanx so much for the insight to coil building I can hardly wait to get home and build one

    • Michael Myers 04/17/2015

      Keith, enjoy! You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Stay tuned for more!

  • Ben Lee 04/17/2015

    Yeah! Why no links?

  • Jerry 12/31/2015

    I certainly agree that Clapton builds are superior in flavor. I have experimented with tightly wrapped, single and multiple Clapton builds, and find multiple core Clapton builds work the best. I have used 26g cores with 30g wrap. I’d like to try multiple 28g with either 32g or 34g wrap, but higher than 30g Nichrome is scarce around my vaping community. I need to order off the internet, but not ready to pay shipping charges. One of my biggest issues with coil builds are the quick resin buildup from burnt sugar. I’m currently using (2) 26g Nichrome core with 30g Nichrome wrapped for a (4) wrap micro coil. It runs at .17omhs for a very sweat taste at 24 watts, but somewhat hot vape. I’ve read that macros have better flavor and cleaner outcomes.

    • Mike 01/02/2016

      I wrote this when I first got in to building man. Since this article I don’t use anything lower than 36 gauge N80 for Clapton wire. As far as favorite builds currently for flavor and vapor, are Aliens, framed staples, or framed multi strands. There are a few reasons why I don’t use lower than 36, the main one is eliminating ramp up time to the coil. Also the resistance of the higher gauge wires (36-50 gauge) is negligible, meaning faster ramp up. The alien coils have amazing wicking properties as well as surprising lifetime. These builds were what got me in to building and hooked on finding the next coil concept to build.

      • Nikko 02/09/2016

        When you say ‘anything lower than 36 gauge’. It means you won’t go to a thicker wire, am I reading that correctly?

        • Nathan 02/09/2016

          A lower gauge wire would be a thicker wire. So nothing thinner than 36.

  • Mike 02/09/2016

    Nikko, what I mean is that I do not use anything thicker than 36 gauge wire for my wrap wires. I find that I can have more “inside” the build with higher gauges 42-50 gauge for the Clapton wire. Also I think aesthetically the thinner/ higher gauge wires look clean. The traditional Clapton wires of 30 or 32 gauge take a while to heat up, so I stopped using them for claptons. They do make learning the Clapton technique at first, once you have it down I would bump up in gauge.

    • Nikko 03/09/2016

      I see what you mean now. Made some 26/36 fused claptons from kanthal last week and they are very nice, such a smooth vape and they ramp up very quickly. How thin do you normally make your claptons?

  • Paul 03/13/2016

    Twisted 26g kanthal 5 wrap parallel on a mech great flavor way better than regular parallel builds. Fact proven by me vape on. #CLOUDS

  • Tim 08/28/2016

    if so to cool i used your videos to get certified in 2012…

  • Tim 08/28/2016

    i also used Vaping to stop smoking in October 2013….. even done with the nicotine… nothing but 0mg nic max VG …. im a dripping flavor junkie…. Love the Vaping world

  • aeplglobe 07/07/2018

    Thanks for sharing it



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