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iVOGO Baby Pocket Kit Review

The iVOGO BABY pocket kit is a RBA and Mod combo that is kind of an original ecigarette kit, yet not quite. The RBA is a 17mm version of the Kayfun Mini V2.1, and since there was never an authentic 17mm Kayfun produced by SvoeMesto (creator of the original Kayfun Mini), that means this RBA is not really a clone. However, the iVOGO branded mechanical mod included in this kit is without question modeled after the authentic Nemesis Mini, and therefore it is a clone. So whether you consider it a clone, or an original kit, the ivogo baby is definitely an answer to some consumer demands for a rebuildable atomizer to match the Nemesis Mini.

The iVOGO baby pocket kit featured in this review comes from Angelcigs.com and is packaged in a brown paper gift box, with the RBA and mechanical separated into individual own boxes.

Get an iVOGO Baby Packet Kit for $30.00

Ivogo baby box collage 1


  • Brand: iVOGO
  • Type: combination kit (RBA and mechanical mod)
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Connection threading: 510
  • Atomizer style: bottom coil
  • Battery compatibility : 14500/14650 with extension tube
  • Diameter 17 mm
  • Height 173 mm (complete set up)
  • Liquid Volume: 3.5ml
  • Weight: 123 g

Atomizer features:

  • Removable 510 drip tip
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Height without drip tip: 65mm

Mod features:

  • Nemesis style mechanical mod
  • Chromed brass contacts
  • adjustable positive contacts
  • Sliding AFC ring on the top cap (4 air holes)
  • Spring loaded firing button
  • Locking ring ( not reverse threaded)
  • 4 battery vent holes beneath the locking ring
  • Laser engraved logo

Package contents:

  1. RBA
  2. Mechanical Mod
  3. PC Tank
  4. Dropper Bottle
  5. Screwdriver (Phillips + Slotted + Hex)
  6. 2*Pre-wired Wicks
  7. 3*Screws
  8. 6*O-rings
  9. 1*Pouch

Un-boxing of ivogo baby kit


As previously mentioned the Kayfun Mini included in this kit has a 17mm diameter although it is composed of the same basic parts as the Kayfun Mini clone. While the threads on all of the individual parts are clean and “appear” to be well machined, there are some issues with the threading on the upper tank that I will elaborate on later. The stainless steel finish of the device is rather inconsistent throughout, and in the photo demonstration below you can see the difference in finish between the upper and lower tank. The upper tank has the same unusual brushed finish as the Kayfun Mini V2.1, while the lower tank appears to be polished. Also the drip tip is a bit wobbly, and you can see the difference in how it seats into the 17mm drip tip connector as compared to the Kayfun Mini V2.1.

The only other aesthetic difference between the 17mm Kayfun, and the Kayfun Mini is that the juice chamber of the 17mm Kayfun is laser etched with the iVOGO brand logo, while the Mini V2.1 has the SM logo.

Kayfun mini compared to ivogo baby

Out of the box, the first thing that struck me as odd was the fact that the mod has gold-plated accents, as opposed to the all stainless finish shown on the box. The mechanical mod is composed of a 14500 main body tube, adjustable top cap, bottom firing switch, and extension tube for 14650 battery configurations. While the tube is thin, it does not feel flimsy, and all threads are well machined. The top cap and switch appear to be very well-built, surprisingly so. The laser etched logo on the body is also a bit nicer than I expected as it is etched slightly beneath the surface of the metal, which does give it a bit a depth in its appearance.

14500 mechanical mod parts

The locking ring is threaded on the outside of the tube just like the Nemesis, and Stingray style mods. There are four battery vent holes drilled around the tube where the locking ring is placed. The 14650 battery extension tube has a different finish, and appears to be polished relative to the rest to the main body 14500 tube. This is not a big deal for me because I have only 14500 batteries however, this may be a slight let down for those who want to use 14650 batteries.

Ivogo engraved logo on mod

The top cap is constructed with a thick stainless steel air flow control ring for atomizers that receive their air through its 510 connection. The AFC ring moves independent of the threaded top cap connection. To open or close off the air flow that leads into the 510 connection, you must turn the outer stainless steel AFC ring. When the AFC is aligned with the two indicator holes on the gold-plated section of the top cap, the air flow is max open. Likewise, you must adjust the AFC ring away from the indicator holes in order to close off air flow.

The top cap is dual adjusting for flush mounting atomizers, as well as battery contact. To flush mount your atomizer you will need a flat head screwdriver to adjust the contact within the connecting 510 threads. To adjust the top cap for battery contact, simply unscrew the chrome plated brass contact on the bottom side of the top cap.

Ivogo baby top and bottom cap

The spring loaded bottom firing switch is adjustable just like the Nemesis mechanical mod, which can screw in or out to adjust your mod for battery fitment. With a nipple top IMR 14500 battery, it was unnecessary to adjust the switch out for battery fitment which also left the threads for the locking ring a little exposed when in the locked position. However, when the mod is unlocked there are no threads exposed.

Switch and battery for baby kit


After building the 17m Kayfun and top filling it with e-liquid, there were was one issue that became immediately apparent, and that was the fact that approximately 2.5ml of e-liquid was trapped in the upper portion of the tank and would not feed down into the lower portion of the tank. I withdrew the e-liquid from the tank with a syringe and tried filling through the fill port, and encountered the same issue. The e-liquid would not pass between the threads of the upper tank and chimney, which resulted in e-liquid being forced through the air hole instead. The problem is that the threads of the upper tank are much too thick, and there is not enough space between threads and the chimney to allow e-liquid to pass.

I immediately turned to the Fasttech discussion forums to see if anyone else was reporting this issue, and yes, I read identical reports of the same exact problem being experienced by no less than 5 other customers who had purchased this kit. One customer even went as far as to dremel the inside of the upper tank in order to thin it out enough for e-liquid to pass through into the lower part of the tank. After discussing this issue on ECF, a member who also has the same kit made a suggestion that is much easier solution than taking a dremel to the tank, which is to flip the tank over so that the larger upper tank would be on the bottom.

I tried to capture a photo of spatial difference between the tank threads and the juice chamber however, it was impossible to keep the juice chamber stable while snapping a photo. Below is a picture of the upper tank to illustrate the thickness of the threads.

Ivogo tube threading

Once I resolved the e-liquid flow issue by attaching the upper tank on bottom, and clear PC tank section on top, I was able to get a very nice vape from this RBA. Juice flow issues aside, I actually enjoy the vape from the 17mm Kayfun more than the Kayfun Mini V2.1. Flavor production is the same, but I feel the vapor production is dense and full which makes it more enjoyable to me.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how nice the switch action is on the iVOGO BABY. I thought that the switch might be crunchy like 22mm Nemesis being that it is the same design however, that is not the case. The throw on the switch is short, and the connectivity is instant. The switch housing is very stable and there isn’t any wobble to the mod when standing unlocked. The mod also does not fire under its own weight with the 17mm Kayfun attached. The overall size of the pocket kit is easier and more enjoyable to handle than the Kayfun Mini v2.1 and Ego Twist set up.

I have heard some concerns voiced about battery life with a 14500 set up. If you are a vaper who uses 18350 mods or Ego style 650mah batteries, then you will be ok the vape time with a 14500 set up. With the 700mah IMR 14500 batteries that I used with this set up I got 3.5-4 solid hours of steady vape time (2.0 ohm build) before I needed to switch batteries, which for me is very acceptable. Please keep in mind that the average 14500 IMR battery has a 3A limit, and are not appropriate for low and sub ohm builds. For the best performance and battery life I recommend AW IMR or Kinoko IMR 14500, both of which are tested, and reliable IMR high drain batteries.

Full ivogo baby pocket kit with tank


After resolving the issue with the Kayfun tank, I genuinely enjoyed vaping with this set up. However, I feel the iVOGO really needs to improve their ability to properly finish their devices. I am not the first person to notice, or comment on the unusual brushed finish on the iVOGO Kayfun devices. There is also the issue of the near failure of the 17mm Kayfun’s tank construction, with the thick threading that was preventing proper e-liquid flow throughout the device. These, and some of the other manufacturing inconsistencies that I have experienced with other iVOGO made devices has really brought down their stock in my book. Out of the 5 ivogo made products that I have tried, only two were better than average in my opinion.

Not everyone will be able to get past the issue with the tank threading preventing proper e-liquid feed through the device. However, if you can get past that one issue, and are ok with using the tank assembly upside down, then I believe that you can and will enjoy using the iVOGO BABY pocket set up. I love the size and overall form factor of it, and with a few minor improvements to the finish I think that it is an attractive looking set up that offers a very nice vape with the added convenience of easy portability.

Ivogo baby final shot

Buy an iVOGO Baby Kit

Get on for $30.00 – Plus shipping charge, Ships from the USA, same company we received the review model from.

Get one for $33.70 – Free shipping, ships from China.

11 thoughts on “iVOGO BABY Review”

    1. Bad clons SM do not to keep the size and proportions original Kayfun 2.1. from Russia, it makes troubal juice way in vape chamber. I am from Russia & happy my Original Kayfun from Russia who have not problems like problem show higher. On Fasttech i see china-clone Kayfun mini 2.1. ES on 99,5% like original SM: http://www.fasttech.com/products/3028/10006473/1781000 P.S. Sorry my english in borders school progamm 18 years ago :-)

      1. Well you are right, Ivogo certainly did not keep the proper proportions in size with this Tank ..

    1. The size of this set up it definitely appealing, hope to see more versions of it in the future.

  1. Tiny. Exactly what I am looking for.
    Thanks for the in-depth review and insight on what to expect from it.

    1. Yup .. in spite the the juice feed issues with the tank, its still a pretty sweet set up. I think you will enjoy it. :)

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