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Review of the Aerotank Giant

The Aerotank Giant is an original, and authentic plug n play style 26650 atomizer made by Kangertech . The Aerotank Giant featured in this review came from VaporBeast.com, and retails for $34.99 USD.

The Aerotank Giant comes in a black clear windowed box which contains the main body atomizer, extra tank and coil head, user manual, and a card of authenticity. There is also an authentication scratch off on the side of the box which reveals a code that can used to verify the authenticity of the device on Kangers website. Aerotank giant in box

Aerotank Giant Specifications:

Brand: Kangertech

Type: Replacement coil atomizer

Materials: Food grade stainless steel and pyrex glass

Connection type: 510 threaded

Diameter: 30.5mm

Height: 36mm (without drip tip) 61.5mm (with drip tip)

Weight: 107g

Other Features:
Upgraded air flow control ring
Upgraded dual coil replacement head
4ml e-liquid capacity

Package contents:
1 -Stainless steel and pyrex atomizer
1 -Stainless steel tank section
1 -510 drip tip
2 – 1.8ohm dual coil heads ( 1 pc installed)


I was immediately taken aback by the apparent level of quality construction of the Aerotank Giant. Being that it is a 26650 atomizer, I did expect it to be large, but I did not expect it to look, and feel this well crafted. When I think of a clearomizer which is the common reference for this type of device, cheap materials come to mind, and that is not what the Aerotank Giant is. Most of the atomizer body is made from food grade stainless steel, which is very thickly machined. At 107 grams it is a little heavier than a Taifun GT, and at 36mm in height, it is a little more than half the size of the Taifun without the drip tip.

Aerotank atomizer top and bottom views

One of the highlight features of the Aerotank Giant is the redesigned air flow control system which now has five horizontally aligned air holes instead of the single large sized air hole that you find on the Aerotank Mega. Each of the five air holes appear to be approximately 1-1.2mm in diameter. The air flow control ring has been upgraded to have a firmer feel and is it not easy to accidentally move the AFC ring off the selected setting. The AFC ring can be adjusted from the left or the right to either close off, or fully expose any, or all of the five air holes in the position you desire.

One of the more common complaints that I have heard about the Aerotank Mega is the loose AFC ring, so Kangertech has clearly paid attention to consumer feedback with the upgraded AFC on the Aerotank Giant. The threaded base with the AFC is well machined, and heavy. The center of the base is female threaded for the installation of the dual coil head, which then makes contact with the fire pin at the center of threaded connection.

Airflow control ring settings

With the Aerotank Giant comes the upgraded dual coil head. The Aerotank Giant that I received came with 1.8 ohm dual coil heads. From my understanding, the upgrade entails a change in the wicking system. The prior version of the dual coil head used a traditional style wick through the center of the coil, whereas the upgraded dual coils are now encased or wrapped within the wicking material. While I opted to not take my coils head apart, thereby destroying it for this review, I was able to view photo comparisons of the two dual coil heads (version 2 vs new version 3) on the internet.

The other difference between the prior version, and the upgraded dual coil heads are the wicks holes on either side of the coil head. The older version has two vertically aligned holes on either side of the coil head, which allow the eliquid to feed into the coil head. The upgraded coil heads have one oblong vertical wick hole on either side of the head. The resistance is clearly etched onto the coil head, which is easier to see in person, than it is the photo. The upgraded dual coils are available in resistances as low as .8 ohms, and as high as 2.5 ohms. I have heard that the sub ohm coils (lower than 1.2) are not the greatest, being that they have a difficulty keeping up with wicking in chain vaping scenarios.

New kanger aerotank coil heads

The tank portion of the Aerotank Giant is comprised of 3 basic components, 4 if you count the 510 drip tip. There is the base which has 4 very large holes, which are used to fill the tank, and also allows the eliquid to feed down to the coil head. The tank section in which you have the choice of pyrex glass or stainless steel, both of which are thickly cut. And finally you have the top cap which has a female threaded center post that screws down onto the base securing the tank section between them. Both the tank base and top cap have thick silicone gaskets which creates an air tight seal between the tank base, tank section, and top cap.

The top cap can receive most standard 510 drip tips, in addition to the Kayfun-ish style drip tip that this atomizer comes standard with.

Giant in separate parts

Just as it is with all Kangertech clearo/glassomizer style atomizers, filling and refilling the Aerotank Giant is very easy. Simply unscrew the tank portion of the device, turn it upside down and fill with eliquid via one of the 4 large holes in the bottom of the tank section. Be careful to not pour eliquid into the center post of the device as this will lead to leaking, and gurgling when you reassemble the Giant. Consumers have complained about the amount of wasted space in the Aerotank mega, as the filling system does not allow you to use up all of the tank capacity once you have max filled the device, and unfortunately the Aerotank Giant is more of the same.

In effort to maximize the amount of eliquid that I am able to get into the tank, I fill the tank until the eliquid passes the level of the fill holes, and reaches the very top of the center post in the tank base. It is best to do this while the tank is on a flat surface (not held in hand) so that the tank remains level, and the eliquid does not spill into the center post. Then with your coil head install into the bottom base, install the bottom base into the tank, tighten completely and then turn the assembled atomizer right side up.

Keep in mind that all coil and wick atomizers, rebuildable and plug n play styles alike, have a “wick and liquid” break in period which is usually 15 minutes to 24 hours depending on the device.

Airotank giant with e-liquid


One thing that I realized early on is that the Aerotank Giant cannot be used with some non-26650 devices due to its size, and the inability of the Giants 510 connection to make contact with the fire pin on many non-26650 devices. Initially when I attached the Giant to my DNA30 Cana mod, I was excited because the Giant actually looked good with it. However, the Giant could not make a connection with the DNA30’s fire pin due the 30mm diameter of the Giant, as it sits on the outside of the 23mm atomizer well on the DNA30. Even as you may have a 22/23mm device that can fire the Giant, due to its size and heft I still would not recommend it, as the Giant topples over very easily while attached to smaller PVs.

Giant on 26650 e-cig mod

In preparing to have my first vape with the Giant, I set the AFC to two air holes open, and with my first draw on the Aerotank Giant I had a Wow moment. The thick, heavy vapor generated was totally unexpected, especially with only two of the five air holes open. I should note that I was using a 50/50 blend eliquid, a mechanical mod with silver plated brass contacts, a brass 510 connection, and a freshly charged MNKE 26650 20A high drain battery, which are all variables that directly affect the overall vape quality. If I were using an e-liquid with a lower VG content, and/or a mod that has a high voltage drop due to inferior electrical conductivity, I am certain that my experience would have been different.

Over the course of approximately three tanks vaped with the Aerotank Giant, I felt that the flavor was great and easily rivaled anyone of my three Kayfun style atomizers. However, I would soon be reminded that my perception of flavor production is relative. After I vaped with the iVOGO Mepishto RDA for two days (review to come), then went back to the Aerotank Giant, I did not feel that the flavor was as great as I initially believed .. but again this is relative to the flavor production of a dripper.

Most dripping style atomizers are regarded as the best flavor producing ecig devices, so to say that the Aerotank Giants flavor production is not as good as a dripper is not a slight against the Giant, it is simply reasonable and customary.


I feel that the build quality and construction of the Aerotank Giant is second to none at the mid market price point. In fact, I would say that the build quality is superior to most cloned atomizer devices, even as Kangertech manufactures original electronic cigarette devices. The upgraded AFC works flawlessly and you can definitely feel the difference between having 1, 3, or 5 air holes open. While I have not used version 1 (Protank 3), or version 2 (Mega) of the dual coil replacement heads, I was pleased with the performance of the upgraded 1.8 ohm dual coils that came standard with the Aerotank Giant.

The only criticism that I have for the Aerotank Giant is the same as every other user, and/or reviewer of this device. The fact that the user cannot take full advantage of the tanks actual capacity, and so there is wasted space within the tank. I hope Kangertech can come up with a solution for this issue.

As a former Protank 1 glassomizer user, I am impressed with the advances that Kangertech has made with plug n play style atomizers. I love that Kangertech uses food grade stainless steel with the Aerotank line, instead of the chromed brass of the Protank series. In keeping with the latest market trends, and consumer demands, Kangertech’s Aerotank line is available in 14mm (Mini), 22mm (Mega), and now 30mm (Giant) atomizers for diverse PV compatibility.

Smoky aerotank giant

10 thoughts on “Kanger Aerotank Giant Review”

  1. Awesome Review Nicole, covered everything I wanted to know about the Kanger Aerotank Giant. I am a huge fan of Kangertech Products, and will no longer use any tank that is not Pyrex Glass. I never have a problem with Kanger tanks leaking, I am curently using T3D, Protank 3, Aerotank Mega, and looking foerward to moving up to a Aerotank Giant.

    1. Thank you so much Bill. :) I agree that Kangertech makes great quality products, and I have also been a fan of theirs since 2011 when they came out with the first bottom coil cartomizer for their KR808D-1 cig a like, which I also think is the best battery of its type ever made. I am glad that my review was able to answer all of your questions, and thank you so much viewing.

  2. Robert Pickens

    I would like to know if it would be possible to use the giant with my new itaste 134 , it came with iclear 30 which I promptly swapped out for the kanger tech aero tank . I was considering the mega but if this will work this will be the one. Someone please let me know before I buy.

    1. Hmm .. I don’t have the iTaste 134 so I cannot say for sure. The Giant does not work with a alot of non-26650 devices to the the size of the atty. It may work because the iTaste 134 has 510/Ego threading and the connection is raised. The Giant has issues connecting recessed 510 connections like on the Cloupor DNA30.

  3. I don’t have a 26650 mech mod or anything else. I was thinking once I got a 26650 I would get the Giant as an additional choice for the set-up. I don’t like the idea tho, that a recessed pin could be the downfall of the Giant. I know with the Mega I have I haven’t seen that issue as yet.
    Great detailed review! Thanks!

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