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Zen ZNA30 Clone Review

The Wotofo ZNA 30 clone is made by A-mod Technology Co., LTD, which is a Chinese manufacturing company with 8 branch locations throughout China. Wotofo is the trade brand name of the manufacturer A-mod Technology. Contrary to the common belief, the Wotofo ZNA 30 is not a clone of the original Zen ZNA 30 by House of Hybrids. The Wotofo ZNA 30 is a ZNA Lite clone, which is the lighter aluminum body and stainless steel tubed brother of the original Zen ZNA 30 which is made completely from 316L surgical stainless steel, both the main body and tube.

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Based on my own conversations with representatives of Wotofo, it would seem that they also misunderstand which Zen device they have cloned. According to Wotofo they have improved upon the original Zen ZNA 30 by manufacturing their clone with an adjustable 510 connection however, this design upgrade was also made available with the release of the Zen ZNA Lite late this year.

Aside from the use of different metals, one other aesthetic difference between the original Zen ZNA and the ZNA Lite is the lack of rounding or radius at the bottom of the ZNA Lite’s main body. If you look closely at the photo demonstration below you will notice that the ZNA Lite is flat, cut straight across the bottom of the main body, whereas the original Zen ZNA is rounded at the bottom. *To view photos in full size click the photo*

Zna 30 lite vs. Wotofo clone

Since I am on the topic, it is worth mentioning that there does exist a clone of the original Zen ZNA 30, which is made by 316L surgical grade stainless steel. This particular ZNA 30 clone is made by Chinese manufacturer Robbot Techonology, see my Robbot ZNA 30 Review.

Robbot tech zna 30 clone

The Wotofo ZNA 30 comes standard with one 18500 tube, while the 18650 tube can be purchased separately in silver or black (stainless steel). The 18500 ZNA 30 device, and the extra 18650 tube should you choose to purchase it, comes packaged in a A-mod gift box as shown below.

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ZNA30 Clone Deals:


Zna 30 18650/18500 tubes


  • Brand: Wotofo/Amod Technology Co, LTD
  • Type: 30 W variable wattage mod (falsely named Yihi sxa300 chip)
  • Material: Aluminum (main body) and 304 grade stainless steel (battery tube)
  • Connection threading: 510 (adjustable)
  • Height: 92mm (18500) 118mm (18650)
  • Diameter: 22mm (top cap)
  • Width: 34mm
  • Weight: 162 grams


  • Adjustable 510 copper connection
  • Button top and flat top battery compatibility
  • 7-30W variable wattage
  • Fires .3-3.00 ohm
  • Power lock feature
  • Wattage lock feature
  • Stealth Mode
  • Right/Left mode screen display


The Wotofo ZNA 30 clone looks and feels like a quality replication of the authentic ZNA 30 Lite. Do not let the thought of aluminum fool you, at 162 grams without a battery installed, there is some heft to this device, but it does not feel cumbersome. I was definitely impressed with how well the main body is crafted and its accurate likeness to the body of the authentic ZNA. All of the parts were fitted nicely to the body and all caps close completely.

The aluminum main body has been coated via some sort of anodizing process, some of which did scrap off a small area on the interior of the main body, where the bottom caps sits. You can see in the photos below that one side of the bottom cap fits closer to the body than the other side. This does create some added resistance when screwing the bottom cap on and off the body.

Zna 30 clone collage

The Wotofo ZNA 30 Clone breaks down into four basic parts; the main body/control head, the battery tube, and the top and bottom caps. Contrary to some community chatter about a ZNA clone with Z2 threading, the Wotofo ZNA is not Z2 threaded. The thread pitch of the connecting threads on the main body, top cap and switch are all 20x1mm. All of the threads on the device that I received were clean, thoroughly machined, and free of machining debris.

On the interior of the main body you will find the made by A-mod sticker which should actually be placed lower on the body for warranty purposes. There were a few light scuffs on the interior of the main body, in addition to those that were made while installing/removing the bottom cap however, the exterior of the main body was blemish free upon receipt. The fire switch and the up/down button are stainless steel. The positive contacts including the metal plate within the top of the of the main body where the top cap connects are copper.

Wotofo zna clone machining review

The bottom cap has a very stiff gold-plated spring installed in the center and a large battery vent hole drilled through the bottom. I made the mistake of pushing my spring all the way into the bottom cap while trying to test the springs firmness ‘ don’t do that. Because a) a flat top battery will not connect, and the device will not turn on as result, and b) you will have a hell of a time getting that spring properly seated again. Take my word for it, it’s really stiff, and difficult to dislodge from that center hole.

The copper pin in the top cap adjusts for flush mounting of atomizers from the center of the females 510 threads, which requires a flat head screw driver. Keep in mind that since these are bare copper contacts they will require periodic cleaning in order to maintain good conductivity. The top cut air channels on the top cap are useless for atomizers larger than 17/18mm in diameter, and that receive their air from the 510 connection. The air channels were not machined out to the edge of the top cap, nor are there any air holes drilled around the circumference of the top cap that lead into the air channels.

Top and bottom cap of zna30

The battery tube is made of 304 food grade stainless steel. As previously mentioned, the threading is 20x1mm, which I was terribly excited about for approximately 30 seconds. Then I realized that the only 20×1 threaded battery tube that I own is a 18350 GP Paps. While other 20x1mm threaded battery tubes will thread onto the main body, that does not mean you will be able to use those tubes successfully with this device, as tube length is also a factor here. The Wotofo 18650 battery tube is approximately 90mm in height, and 75mm for the 18500.

Battery tube threading

At first glance the clone looks identical to the authentic however, deeper inspection and comparison of the two do reveal some differences. The most obvious difference is in the finish, with the authentic being a graphite coated aluminum, and the Wotofo clone in a basic anodized finish. On the Wotofo clone the switch can only activate firing when depressed at the bottom. It will not fire when hit off the top or middle of the switch like the authentic ZNA 30.

The DNA display screen’s mount position also appears to be slightly lower on the body than the authentic. The fire switch on the authentic ZNA Lite also lays flatter to the body than the Wotofo fire switch. If you look closely you can see some wavy milling marks within the deep cut grooves at the very top of the main body, whereas the machining, and finishing of the authentic is cleaner, and a bit more crisp.

All of that considered, I believe that A-mod Wotofo did a good job with replicating the very unique art deco body styling of the authentic ZNA 30. It makes me all the more curious to see how well Robbot Technology will fair in their efforts to clone the ZNA 30 mod from 316L stainless steel, which is very difficult to machine.

Authentic zen zna30 v3 clone version


One disappointing aspect surrounding the release of the Wotofo ZNA 30 clone was the lack of any clearly defined, published specification sheets for the Yihi sxa300 chip used in this VW mod. The Wotofotech.com website is a mess of unorganized tid bits of information that did not offer any concrete specs for their ZNA 30 clone, nor any outline and instructions regarding the feature menu of the sxa300 chip. Yihiecgar.com also does not list specs for the sxa300 chip, in fact it does not appear in the catalog at all.

*EDIT TO ADD* As per my direct communications with Yihi regarding the sxa300 chip, Yihi has neither manufactured or sold this chip to Amod/Wotofo. Yihi maintains that this is a case of another manufacturer who is trying to profit from the Yihi brand. The chip used in the Wotofo ZNA clone is actually a 4R7 chip, not a Yihi chip.

When I contacted Wotofo directly and requested a specification sheet and user instructions the following is what I received :


  • Chip :falsely named YIHI SXA300
  • aluminum body
  • S.S. Tube / Fire button / 510 connector
  • All connection pin in full copper and adjustable
  • Golden plated bottom spring.
  • 7 – 30 watts power
  • Available in lowest 0.3Ii?? Atomizer Resistance
  • Standard 18500mah battery , high drain is more better ; extra 18650mah tube is available

*authors note* Ignore the above statement “high drain is more better”. You must use a high drain IMR chemistry battery with a minimum of 10 Amp rating in order to operate this device safely up to 30 watts, and with resistances as low as .3 ohm. NO ICR CHEMISTRY BATTERIES! And in the case of 18500 IMR batteries that are usually rated at around 7A, be find mindful of the resistance you are firing, ohms law is your friend. Use Efest Purples at your own risk.

I also received a photo demonstration which merely points out the fire button, and up/down buttons of the ZNA 30, in addition to a photo of the falsely named Yihi sxa300 chip with an A-mod sticker stuck on it to cover up the 4R7 markings (pictured below). The good news, as I, and most others who own the Wotofo ZNA 30 have realized, most of the basic features and function of the Wotofo ZNA 30 are identical to the Cloupor DNA 30 clone. There are some differences between how these two chip-sets function and perform however the following functions are exactly the same.

  • – Hit fire button 5x to lock/unlock
  • – To enter stealth mode hold down fire button and wattage down button (from locked mode)
  • – To change from right to left mode hold down fire button and wattage up button (from locked mode)
  • – To lock wattage hold down wattage up and down buttons at the same time. Repeat to unlock

” You will notice that “mode” is misspelled as MDOE on the falsely named Yihi sxa300 chip

The falsely named Yihi sxa300 chip also has flash memory, so even as the battery is changed, the last wattage setting will remain when a new battery is installed.

Zna 30 clone instructions

As I mentioned, when compared to the Cloupor DNA 30 the basic functions are the same, but there are differences between how these two chips behave. The display screen of the Wotofo ZNA will constantly display the voltage output setting for the corresponding resistance of the atomizer attached and wattage setting selected. The Cloupor DNA only displays the voltage output when fired. The resistance meter also differs by .1-.2 depending on the atomizer attached. For example, while the ZNA 30 will read 2.2 ohm for a particular atomizer, the Cloupor will read 2.0 ohm for the same atomizer.

In terms of sleep mode activity, the Wotofo ZNA 30’s display screen dims after approximately 40 seconds without firing, and then goes to sleep after one minute. The Cloupor DNA does not dim, and it goes to sleep after two minutes without firing ( deep sleep after 5 minutes). Unlike the Cloupor which takes 2 seconds to wake and fire from a light sleep, the Wotofo ZNA takes about 3 seconds to wake and fire, and it does not have a light and deep sleep mode. When you hit the fire button from sleep mode you will see “30W” in small letters for 3 seconds, then the full screen display will appear, and you are ready to fire.

Screen of dna30 chips


The one aspect of the Wotofo ZNA that I really like is that I have yet to accidentally change the wattage setting during normal handling. For this reason I have found it totally unnecessary to lock the wattage setting while in use. This is rather surprising considering that the wattage up/down buttons do protrude from the body by about 1.5mm. The Cloupor DNA’s smaller, rounded buttons are extremely easy to accidentally hit and change the wattage setting during handling, annoyingly so.

Unlike the Cloupor DNA 30 there is no “too low wattage setting” warning on the Wotofo ZNA 30 because it has both a buck and boost converter and can step down or step up the regulated output voltage of the battery being used. This is definitely a positive for the falsely named Yihi sxa300 chip even as it is not a perfect chip. When using an inline 510 voltage meter to test actual voltage output for any given wattage setting, I found that the Wotofo ZNA was between .02-.10v below the output setting. If set to 14 watts/4.0v firing 1.2 ohms, the actual voltage output was 3.98v. If set to 12.5 watts/5.2v firing 2.2 ohms, the actual voltage output was 5.10v.

I do feel that the Cloupor DNA 30 does a better job at maintaining regulated output specifically on a low battery (better boost converter). When the Wotofo ZNA 30 gets to about A? full on the battery indicator, I can feel a slight the lag in performance. However, due to the Yihi sxa300’s buck and boost converter, I feel that the overall battery life is a little better with the Wotofo ZNA 30 due to the ability to step down regulated voltage output. With a Samsung INR18650-20R vaping at 2.2 ohms and 12.5 watts/5.2v, I get about 5.5-6 hours of regulated vape time with the Wotofo ZNA 30. Using the same battery and atomizer with the Cloupor DNA I get about 4 hours of vape time.

I was pleasantly surprised by the battery life with a IMR 18500 1200mah battery. In 18500 mode vaping 1.2 ohms at 14 watts/4.0v I got approximately 4 hours of vape time with the Wotofo ZNA 30. Keep in mind that I was not chain vaping though.

That being said, for the sake of battery health, high drain batteries should not be consistently discharged below 3.5v as it will significantly decrease the cycle life of the battery. The “too low battery” cut off happens at 3.1v remaining, which is too low if preserving and extending the life of your battery is a concern.

Inline voltage text


In a market of very little direct competition at the moment, A-mod/ Wotofo has managed to set their version of the ZNA 30 clone up as “the one to get”. The inclusion of the falsely named Yihi sxa300 chip in Wotofo’s ZNA 30 clone seemed to be what most consumers were after, second to that would be the unique body styling of the ZNA 30. But does this clone live up to its own hype?

Well, I don’t know about the hype, but I do consider the A-mod/Wotofo ZNA 30 clone to be a good one. The aspects of this device that sets it apart from the Cloupor DNA 30/Hana Modz clone is the buck and boost converter of the falsely named Yihi sxa300 chip and the ability to easily change and recharge your batteries with the added versatility of varying form factors with 18500 and 18650 battery configurations.

With regards to the falsely named Yihi sxa300 chip, it has its pro’s and con’s just like the Cloupor DNA 30 chip does. I like the buck/boost converter, the consistent display of voltage output, and the fact that there isn’t a “deep sleep” mode. However, the only thing that I really do not like about the falsely named Yihi sxa300 chip is how fast it does go to sleep, and that performance does lag a little when the battery gets low. And it wouldn’t hurt if “mode” was spelled correctly as well, but that last one is nit picking though. The falsely named Yihi sxa300 chip is good, but it’s far from the Holy Grail.

I have two criticisms for A-mod/Wotofo, the first being the change in machining quality between early batches of the Wotofo ZNA 30, and more recent batch releases of this clone. Three days prior to publishing this review I received a second Wotofo ZNA 30 clone, and the aesthetic differences in the machining of the body, and quality of finishing has changed, and not for the better unfortunately.

Wotofo batch compare

The second criticism is regarding how poorly A-mod/Wotofo handled disseminating detailed specifications regarding their ZNA 30 clone to the consumer market, which is unacceptable in my opinion. There should be a product spec sheet on every Wotofo web page and inside of every single box of this device. Instead Wotofo chose to focus their marketing points around an adjustable 510 top cap, and the ability to use both flat and nipple top batteries in this device.

All that being said, if this style variable wattage mod appeals to you and you cannot afford the authentic Zen ZNA 30, but would like a reliable variable wattage device that has the ability change batteries and form factors with ease, then the A-mod/Wotofo ZNA 30 clone may be a win for you.

Final zna 30 review picture

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Where to Buy a ZNA 30 Clone

Wotofo/A-Mod ZNA 30 for $73.74 – Same device we reviewed, ships from USA warehouse

Buy 18650 Extension Tube – Ships from USA warehouse

Buy ZNA 30 Tubes – Ships from Chinese warehouse

Buy Hotcig ZNA 30 Clone for $69.43 – Ships from China

Buy Hotcig extension tube for $4.99 – Ships from China


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  1. Thanks for posting your review. I’ve been waiting to read it and am glad to see the photos provided with the comparisons to the legit ZNA Lite. Personally, I have 2 legits and want to pick up a clone, but I think I’ll wait to see what else comes out.

    1. Hi, because Efest is guilty of falsifying battery Amp limits and the relabeling of batteries. Therefore it is not a battery brand that I would recommend, most especially when accurate amp ratings really matter for the sake of safety.

      1. Thanks for this great review.

        Does AW 18490 button top battry works with this device?
        What batterry would you recommend for a 18490/18500 mode?

        1. To the best of my knowledge an AW 18490 button top will work with the Wotofo ZNA. I use 18500 IMR Kinoko batteries, which are button tops.

  2. Great review Nicole, I’ve been trying for the past two weeks to get the spec’s on the YiHi sxa300 board without luck. I think Wotofo did a good job on the mod.

    1. Thank you Tam my darling. So annoying and head scratching about the Yihi specs, which should be posted every where! As usual thank you so much for viewing and commenting, and don’t forget to check my Wotofo giveaway on VU too. ;-)

  3. One of the more thorough reviews I’ve seen on this device. Based on what I’ve read, and how I vape, I would certainly get one of these to add to my collection. After trying both, I would rate the wihi chip above the DNA clones out there!

    1. Thank you for viewing and commenting .. The ZNA clone’s are giving those who can’t afford the original the opportunity to own a cool looking device.

    1. I think that was very cool and mature of Zen to not make a fuss about the clones, and even to go as far as embracing them. He scored a lot of points with that attitude, and other mod makers should take note.

  4. 9/17/2014 at 9:50am – Roger G

    Great review and loved the pics. There is a new one that caught my eye. Made by Tobeco, called “Zgripper” 36 Watt ZNA Clone, sold by vaportekusa.com. They extended the “Housing” at the bottom and now sits flush with an 18650. Comes in 5 different colors, due to be released by the end of this month. I would love to see a review before I commit myself. Thank you and keep those reviews coming.

    1. Hey there, thank you for your comments. I would also like to review the Tobeco Zgripper 36W, I read about it three weeks ago and I am intrigued. I think its great that it comes 18650 standard, and in a variety of colors. Keep a look out because you never know. ;-)

      1. What’s the latest? I read end of Sept, but they continue to push it back, which could be for good reasons. I’m more interested in a 50w version (I can’t believe I’m saying that). 30W is great, but the +6W difference isn’t huge to me.

        1. Cloupor has a 50W version of the ZNA, and I believe they are actually sourcing the body from Wotofo. Cloupor’s ZNA is identical to Wotofo’s batch 1 of the ZNA, right down to the milling marks.

          1. Quite interesting. Thanks for sharing that. Tell Cloupor to hurry up, and take my money already.

  5. Wonderful review Nicole. I am waiting to buy a few of the ZNA clones because I love the design. I will be waiting to hear your views on the Robbot Tech version. I had no idea that Cloupor was also putting out a version. To me selling this without the 18650 tube included is making pulling the trigger on this version a no go for me. I honestly don’t own one 18500 batt and not about to start stocking up on them. I don’t know anything about the YiHi sxa300 board does this have reverse protection?

    Keep up the great reviews. Thanks

    1. I hear ya! Early on Wotofo was actually releasing the ZNA with both tubes, and then they changed. Unfortunately it is the same with Robbot Tech, they sell the 18650 tube separately. Initially I was dead set again running a 30W in 500 mode, but it turned out to not be bad at all. But I also had 500 batts because I am a fan of smaller mechs. If you change your mind I can refer to a source of high quality IMR 18500 batteries at a steal. :) Thank you for your comments, I really do appreciate them.

      Oh, and the Yihi chip does not have reverse battery protection, but the Robbot ZNA does.

    2. @ ahardrain, Since you like 18650 I am having a contest on Vapingunderground for a 18650 Wotofo ZNA . You have already commented, so just share the link to this review, and post where you shared it on VU and you are entered to win. :)

        1. By the way did you see Zen is servicing and upgrading the clones with the Evolve board? I think his view on clones is far ahead of many peoples views…………….. he gets it :).

          1. Yes I did, I even posted links to his ZNA clone service list on ECF in a couple of places. I will also prolly call them and tell them to update their clone list to add the Robbot ZNA, which is Z2 threaded. And I agree, Zen gets it and I have gained so much respect for him as result of his stance and business decisions regarding this issue.

  6. Thanks Nikkita for your usual thorough review and of course the great pics. You answered the questions I had without me ever having to ask for the info, which is appreciated. I really want one of these bad boys in all black.

    1. Hey Kream, thanks for your comments. :) I did see that Wotofo’s sales manager has an all black version pictured on her skype page, not sure if its available yet, but it does look slick.

    1. Hey BigNasy. )The .02-.10 was consistent across 6 tests, and is a reasonable voltage drop. Keep in mind that in the world of mechanical mods a .02 voltage is unheard of, and that .10 is considered excellent. So at a max voltage drop of .10, I think that is pretty good, especially when compared to the actual voltage output of most regulated devices. It seems that at lower voltage output the drop is lower, and at 5v+ the drop is .10.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate it. ;-)

  7. I’ve got one two days ago and it took almost 4 weeks for delivery. Although I like it’s ergonomic design and use the finish is not a high quality. First of all like many others , I’m loking for a product that is useful but not prohibitive for my wallet and if some bells and whistles are thrown in, even better. But the fact that arived to me DOA didn’t make me a happy customer. After displaying all sorts of error messages like “check battery”and “check atomizer” with the adjustment power buttons stuck and “power locked” it was a nightmare and a frustrating waste of money and time. I bit the bullet and decided ( what the heck) to open it and check it’s entrails. Big disappointment. The black washer that held the contact plate under the top cap was broken and stuck in an angle most likely creating a short. Then the chip board was loose in the housing glued probably just to hold until the assembly process is finished. The oled display was just held by a little piece of pink foam. Finally I found Two wires that lost their soldering points and were the culprit of my trouble. I understand that mass production and a competitive price would create inherent mishaps but so many? I’m not impressed with this product at all.

    1. Wow .. sounds like your ZNA is a disaster! No one wants to wait that long to receive a product and have it turn up as total crap. :(

    2. By the way, customer support give the run around in 7 separate emails and refused refund or rma ticket. One so called troubleshooting advice redirected me to your review on this page in order to cover their lack of instructions from their end. So it looks like they are using your work and effort to make a good business. Do you get something out of this at least? ;). Anyway their lack of admission of a faulty product and the reluctance to replace it made me to believe that is so cheaply put together, that made me feel like i lost my money anyway, so opening up the body it won’t matter anymore. Luckily I was able to patch it together and enjoy it. For how long? Remains to be seen.

      1. I am not sure which vendor you are speaking of, but I am not an affiliate of any vendor, so no, I don’t get anything from any vendor aside from a product for review. Not sure why you were referred to my review, or what that has to do with the host of issues that you are reporting. I am disappointed to hear that any vendor would not stand behind their product. In the future I wouldn’t mess with the innards, I would just file a Paypal claim.

      1. I got my A-mod zna today and I do like it. But it doesn’t have step down. 3.7v was the lowest I could get with it. The screen does say 2.6v @ 7w with a 1.1ohm build, but the real output doesn’t go lower than 3.7v. Other than that I’m satisfied with the mod :)

        1. So you are saying that your screen reads a stepped down voltage, but you tested the actual voltage output and it was higher?

  8. What a deep and informative review.
    Great job.
    Lead me to subscribe to the newsletter without an hesitation.
    I ll come back and read more on Vapingcheap.com soon.

  9. I just received my A-Mod today. To be honest I was a little concern about quality after reading reviews and everything but decision was “Let’s see”.
    Anyhow, got it today, and it is flawless. Buttons, adjustable + pin, finish of device itself is great. Also performance is amazing, both with my Kayfun @ 1.6 ohms and with my drippers @ 0.6 ohms. I cannot complain, money well spend

    1. It is always nice to hear that a vaper received a new device without issues .. Like most other Chinese products there will be those devices with defects, and those that work perfectly out of the box. I have read about qc issues with the Wotofo, but I have also read feedback from satisfied consumers like yourself .. same with the Robbot ZNA 30, there are winners and losers. I wish you much continued enjoyment with your Amod/Wotofo ZNA.

  10. Hello from Mexico.
    Amazing review, very detailed description.
    I ordered the ZNA30 from wotofo, I hope to receive it this weekend
    Less than a week wait for shipping.
    I´ll let you know how it works.
    Thx again!!!!!!

    1. Hello to Mexico! :) I hope everything goes well with your order, and I would be happy to hear to your thoughts on its performance when you get it. Take care :)

  11. So, which battery would you recommend? I am using the purple effest at the moment and it’s kind of okay but I would like something better…

    1. I highly recommend Samsung 25-R or LG HE-2, both batteries are safer chemistry and tested as excellent performers.

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