Best E-Juice: An Ultimate Guide to Buying Vape Liquid Online

Finding the best e-juice is difficult; besides finding best vape flavors you like and brands you can trust, you also need to worry about how well the liquid wicks, whether you can buy it online, and whether it's reasonably priced. We'll get back to this in a bit...

So we put together this list of the Best Vape E Juice Brands —our list is full of some of the best e juice brands online selling e-liquid for a wide range of prices. No matter what your vaping budget is, you can find some quality e-juice on this list. We even provide you with coupon codes to make sure you getting the best deals possible.

In a Hurry? Check Out These Best E-Liquid Brands

Brand Name




Vista Vapors


Mt. Baker Vapor


Halo Cigs




Central Vapors


My Freedom Smokes




Virgin Vapor


Note: E-juice preference is a matter of opinion, in the case of this e-juice reviews list, it is my opinion. This list should help you find new high quality ejuice so you can decide for yourself which is the best vape juice brand.

Best E Juice Brands and E Liquid Reviews

Vista Vapors E Juices

When looking to try some new vape juice, a stop at Vista Vapors is a must! They offer customers a ton of different options and choices when it comes to eJuice.

Vista Vapors offers two different lines of e-juice (a regular line and a premium line), as well as a “mix your own e-juice” creator that can be used to make over 4 million different flavor combinations.

Need new e-juice on a budget?

Vista Vapors has some of the most affordable e-liquid online — prices for their regular line come in at $4.99 for a 17  ml bottle and $7.49 for a 32 ml bottle.

And, you can save 21% off these prices with the coupon below.


Orders can be customized using Vista Vapors’ variety of available options, including bottle size (17, 32, 52, or 102 ml), nicotine level (0, 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24 mg), extra flavor boost level (none, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50%), and three choices of pg/vg ratio.

Vista Vapors also offers free shipping on orders over $50, and every order earns rewards in their Most Valuable Vaper rewards program.

Vista Vapors 21% Off Coupon Code: VistaVapors21

Price After Coupon: 10 ml $3.94 - 30 ml $5.92

Mt. Baker Vapor E Liquid

Mt baker vapor e juice

Mt. Baker Vapor is best known for offering hight quality ejuice at the lowest prices around. In addition to a huge selection of flavored ejuice's they also sell hardware, DIY e-juice supplies, and accessories.

Mt. Baker Vapor’s main focus is to provide their customers with affordable products, fast shipping, and top-notch customer service. In all my dealings with Mt. Baker Vapor, they have never failed to live up to these promises.

For their 2015 new year’s resolution hey decided to make vaping more affordable for everyone by slashing their already low e liquid prices.

You can now get a 15 ml bottle of their e-juice for as little as $3.99, or a 30 ml bottle for only $6.49. You can even save an additional 10% with our coupon code below. Their specialty e-juice line is priced at $4.99 for a 15 ml bottle and $7.49 for a 30 ml bottle. The only way to get it cheaper is to make DIY e-juice.

Looking for something more unique?

You might like their GWAR line of e-juice. It’s a premium line made in collaboration with the thrash metal band GWAR, which is only available for sale at Mt. Baker Vapor. For more information on this line of e-juice, you can read our GWAR e-liquid review.

Mt. Baker Vapor also includes a free 5 ml bottle of vape juice with every order, and offers free shipping on orders over 50 bucks. Make sure to use the special Vaping Cheap coupon code below to save an additional 10% on any order.

Mt. Baker Vapor 10% Off Coupon Code: MBVVapingCheap

Price After Coupon: 10 ml $3.59 - 30 ml $5.84

Halo Cigs Vape Juice

Halo Cigs is most well known for having the #1 rated e-cigarette by PC Magazine, but they also sell a premium line of e-juice called “Purity”. This premium line of vape juice is easy to spot at your local vape shop, as it’s sold in a colorful blue glass bottle with a white dropper.

Halo Cigs' Purity line consists of 32 flavors, with most being some type of tobacco or menthol flavor.

Purity e-juice is made in America, using only USP-grade ingredients. It’s sold in either a sample size 7ml bottle for $5.99, or a full size 30 ml bottle for $19.99. All of their e-juice is offered in 5 strengths: 0, 6, 12, 18, or 24mg. Personally, I really love Halo Cigs' amazing descriptions of all their e-liquid flavors -- they really let you know exactly what you're buying.

Halo cigs vape juice

Halo Cigs offers customers free shipping on orders over $75, and sometimes offers coupon codes for their e-liquids. Use the coupon code below to save 10% on any purchase.

Halo Cigs 10% Off Coupon Code: HaloCigs10

Price After Coupon: 7 ml $5.49 - 30 ml $17.99

Nicquid E-Juice

Nicquid is one of the largest and most well known suppliers of e-juices made in the USA. They offer a nice selection of 37 different flavors that are divided up into four main categories: Blast Fruits, Burst Menthols, Bliss Desserts, and Blend Tobaccos.

Each new flavor added to Nicquit's menu is developed over time through an extensive flavor creation process —teams of experts spend months testing new flavors and choosing the best ingredients. They also allow for extensive steep time before experimental flavors are passed on for final review. Only the best e-liquids pass the final review stage and get added to their lineup of premium e-liquids.

Nicquid best vape juice

Nicquid takes manufacturing vape juice very seriously, as evidenced by their use of one of the only ISO Class 6 / FED STD 209 E Class 1000 Clean Rooms in the industry.

They are also one of the founding members of the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA), a trade organization dedicated to creating responsible and sustainable standards for the safe manufacturing of vape juice.

Prices for Nicquid's premium e-juices range from $4.89 for 5 ml to $19.99 for 30 ml, but you can save an extra 10% when you use the special Vaping Cheap Coupon code found below. You can also purchase their e-juice through a variety of other online and brick and mortar vape shops.

10% Off Nicquid Coupon Code: Nicquid10

Price After Coupon: 5 ml $4.40 - 30 ml $17.99

Central Vapors

Central vapors ejuice

Central Vapors was established in 2013 in Dallas, Texas. They sell two different lines of e-liquid, a regular line and an artisan line called “Privileged.” This premium e-juice line is available in three complex flavors and each bottle is pre-steeped for a set amount of time to allow for optimal conditioning.

Privileged premium vape juice is made using only domestic and local ingredients. They blend each flavor with a mix of 50% PG and 50% VG, available in 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg nicotine strengths. Individual 15 ml bottles of each Privileged blend are available for $11.99, or in a three-flavor bundle for $29.99.

Central Vapors regular line of e-juice consists of over 100 different flavors and each flavor is customizable. When purchasing, you get to choose between 5 nicotine strengths, 4 PG/VG blends, and either normal or extreme flavoring.

They sell 10 ml bottles of e-juice for $5.99, 30 ml bottles for $15.99, and 50 ml bottles for $25.99. Make sure to use the coupon code below to save an additional 25% on any e-juice purchase.

All Central Vapors orders come with a free bottle of the sampler e-liquid of the day.

25% Off E-Liquid Coupon: CentralVapors

Price After Coupon: 10 ml $4.49 - 30 ml $11.99

My Freedom Smokes

My Freedom Smokes not only offers customers a huge selection of flavored e-juice, but they also have a huge selection of DIY supplies to make your own vape juice, including flavorings, nicotine, PG, and VG.

They are one of my favorite vendors for DIY e-juice supplies due to their huge selection and low prices. One of their best DIY deals is a 1000ml bottle of 100mg strength nicotine liquid for only 50 bucks.

My Freedom Smokes' e-juice is divided into a number of categories, including tobacco, mint and menthol, fruit, candy, desserts, drinks, and other flavors. Most of their e-juice is made with 80% PG and 20% VG, but they also offer a line of VG based e-liquid.


Prices range from $4.99 for 10ml, $7.49 for 15ml, and $13.99 for 30ml. You can also buy larger bottles of e-juice, all the way up to 1 liter or 1000mls. Available nicotine strengths range from 0mgs, all the way up to 48mgs -- My Freedom Smokes is one of the few suppliers that sell pre-made e-juice in strengths of 36 and 48mgs, but be prepared to pay a little extra for these strengths.

You can also get a sample-size 6ml bottle of e-liquid for only $1.99, but you're limited to one of these per order. They also offer free shipping on orders over $75 dollars.


Madvapes started off selling DIY e-cigarette products in July of 2009. Since then, their operation has expanded to include over 20 retail locations, most located in North Carolina. Madvapes' catalogue also now features a large selection of vaping supplies, including their own custom mods and two lines of e-liquid.

TopVapor is their first and more affordable line of liquid, with over 200 different flavors ranging from robust tobaccos to sweet candies. Unlike some vendors, which charge a flat fee based on quantity, Madvapes' TopVapor prices also vary depending on the strength of nicotine you desire, with 0mg being the cheapest and 36mg the most expensive.

Madvapes e-juice

A 10ml bottle of e-juice ranges from $2.99 for 0mg to $4.49 for 36mg, and a 30ml bottle ranges from $5.99 to $8.29.

In the spring of 2013, Madvapes also launched a premium line of e-juice dubbed Lion Head. These e-liquids are created with Madvapes' own custom flavor extracts and only the highest quality PG, VG, and nicotine. Lion Head is made in small 2-liter batches, and are only available in a 50/50 mix of PG and VG. They currently offer 22 different flavors sold in 0, 3, 6, 11, 18, and 24mg nicotine strength. You can buy a 15ml bottle for $8.99, or a 30ml bottle for $15.99.

Madvapes offers free shipping on orders over $100.

Virgin Vapor

Virgin vapor juice

Virgin Vapor is well known in the vaping community for providing the best organic e-juice around. They take pride in creating some of the best e-liquid with only the highest quality organic ingredients.

They sell two different lines of e-juice, the Virgin Vapor line and the Absolute Virgin line. The difference is that the standard Virgin Vapor line uses flavors in a base of organic ethyl alcohol, whereas the Absolute Virgin Vapor lines uses flavors do not contain any alcohol.

Both lines use high quality, certified organic flavoring. Virgin Vapor is also one of the few vendors that sell true 100% VG e-liquid, since their flavors aren't PG-based, which is typical for most e-liquids. PG/VG blends are, however, available for those who want them.

Best Vape Juice Subscription Services


If your an e-juice connoisseur and like to try new flavors all the time you may want to join a subscription e-juice service like Zamplebox.

Zamplebox is the most well know and all around best e-liquid subscription service on the market. Joining their service is the easiest way to sample new e-juice from a huge variety of different company's. Members get a new box each month full of different e-juices for them to try.

For as little as $24.99 you can subscribe to Zamplebox and get your first package full of 6 different bottles of e-juice. For more information click the link below.

Best E-Juice Flavors: Take Your Taste Buds for a Joyride

Are you looking for a tasty new flavor to vape? You might be asking yourself what the best e juice is available at the moment – and that’s quite a hard question to answer! There are so many delicious choices available now, from firm favorites like fruit to exotic and unusual tastes like bacon, popcorn and cocktail blends.

Some ​groups, like the fruity liquids, remain the most popular. They seem to be easier to get right, with more authentic tastes that mirror their inspiration. They are also really easy to vape all day. Other types, like those based on alcoholic drinks, desserts and coffees are also starting to be enjoyed more frequently now, as mixologists make advances in the quality and authenticity of their tastes.

For each category we’ll be listing some of the best e juice flavors. When listing some of the best e liquid on the market, there are tons of options available and taste is subjective, so what we may like you may dislike and vice versa.

In every best e liquid reviews, it’s important to note that everyone’s palette is different and finding what you favor may take some time with so many options. This article will certainly help pinpoint and nail down some options, making it a little easier to find your all day vape!

With that in mind, here are some of our current top 25 choices for the best e juice. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we have found these liquids to be high quality, authentic, extremely popular amongst other vape aficionados and totally yummy.

Best E-Liquid Reviews

Top Tobacco E-Juice Flavors

Here's a list of some of the best tobacco e-juice flavors in our opinion. While there are a vast amount on the market, these are what stood out to us the most.

Prelude By Blacknote

If you crave a premium tobacco experience that can replace some of the finest cigars, don't miss out on this fine e-juice. Its flavor is naturally cold extracted from tobacco grown in the sandy plains of the Italian Alps, and has a subtle taste unique to the fine Verona soil.

Flue cured leaves with natural sugars and resins make this a bright, full-bodied, smooth vaping experience. Best of all, there are no artificial flavors, colors, dyes or chemical additives used in the manufacture of this premium e-juice.

  • Extracted in Italy, Bottled in California
  • 50VG/50PG
  • Nicotine Strengths up to 18mg
  • check
    No artificial ingredients

Mt Baker Vapor USA Blend Tobacco

Moving away from the premium tobacco experience is Mt Baker Vapor’s USA Blend Tobacco. Even though more affordable it still offers an excellent and traditional USA Tobacco vape experience. Perfect for the beginner who just switched from smoking and looking for an affordable tobacco vape juice and best of all it’s available in a giant 240ml bottle for those wanting some e-juice to last for quite some time. This is the classic American tobacco.

  • Nicotine Strengths up to 24mg
  • 30ml/240ml Bottle Size Options
  • Variety of Blends Available
  • check
    Can fully customize your e-juice to your desire

Top Fruit E-Juice Flavors

Fruit flavors are incredibly popular due to their fresh taste and all day vape potential. Here are some of the best!

Awesometown Garden Watermelon

Garden Watermelon is an excellent and affordable fruit flavored e-liquid. The primary notes are Watermelon, Kiwi and Strawberry.

However, the twist to this e-juice is the slightly candied watermelon that’s sweet yet vibrant mixed with kiwi and ends with a strawberry. 

This is an incredibly refreshing vape juice that’s offered in 60ml bottles, and a high VG blends providing you with plenty of vapor and flavor! You can check out our full review here.

  • 60ml Bottle
  • High VG Blend
  • Nicotine Strengths up to 6mg

Loaded E-Liquid Cran Apple

Loaded E-Liquid is brought to you by Ruthless and is a 70VG/30PG blend which is perfect for almost all applications in vaping. This blend is great for both sub ohm tanks and drippers, and this blend provides you with the best of both worlds when it comes to flavor and vapor.

Loaded E-Liquid Cran Apple is a wonderful blend of fresh apples and cranberry and leaves you with a very faint cooling effect at the end of the exhale. What’s great is that this e-juice is available in a 120ml bottle size, so it’ll last you a great amount of time before needing to restock!

  • 120ml Bottle Size
  • 70VG/30PG
  • Nicotine Strengths up to 6mg

Om Vapors Mantra

Mantra by Om Vapors is a tropical fruit blend mixed with green tea. Don’t let the green tea scare you off as this addition gives this e-juice a unique and tasty exhale! The fruit flavors you’ll find in Mantra are garden-fresh strawberries, peaches and mangos.

Each of them blends incredibly well together bringing you to a tropical paradise every time you take a vape. Best of all, Mantra is affordable, is offered in various bottle sizes and nicotine strengths to suit almost any vaper’s needs!

  • Bottle Sizes Offered: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml
  • Nicotine strengths up to 9mg
  • High VG Blend

Top Dessert E-Juice Flavors

Desserts are probably one of the ​best e-juice flavors today and there’s plenty of good reasons why. Since being one of the more popular profile, we’ll provide you with a few more e-juices that we find are some of the best in this category.

Loaded E-Liquid Glazed Donuts

It’s not a surprise that another flavor from the Loaded e-liquid line is listed in this article as this is a premium e-juice line with a not so premium price and they’re simply tasty! Who doesn’t enjoy a good glazed donut?

This is a spot on glazed donut flavored e-juice and is just as sweet as you imagine it would be. This is certainly one of the best dessert/savory flavored e-juice on the market, and thankfully it’s available in a large 120ml bottle size!

  • 70VG/30PG
  • 120ml Bottle Size
  • Nicotine Strengths up to 6mg

Fuggin E-Juice CheeBerry

Strawberry cheesecake vapes are a very popular flavor profile, and for good reason. CheeBerry is a thick and creamy New York Cheese Cake drizzled in strawberry syrup and topped of with fresh, ripe strawberries!

It’s as delicious as it sounds, and is on the sweeter side, so this e-liquid will certainly satisfy that sweet tooth of yours! CheeBerry by Fuggin E-Juice has a high VG blend of 80VG/20PG, so you’ll be getting excellent flavor and vapor production!

  • 120ml Bottle Size
  • 80VG/20PG
  • Nicotine Strengths up to 18mg

The Sauce LA Open Road

Open Road by The Sauce LA is a perfect blend of sweet, gooey and rich caramel infused rice krispy treats vape juic​​​​e with subtle notes of marshmallow. This e-juice does come pre-steeped so it’s ready to vape at soon as it arrives to your doorstep.

This is one of the most popular flavors from The Sauce LA, and we could easily see why. This is definitely one of the better rice krispy treat vapes we’ve had and it’s absolutely delicious. If you’re looking for this type of profile, look no further!

  • High VG Blend
  • Nicotine strengths up to 6mg
  • Primary Flavors: Caramel, Marshmallow, Rice Krispy Cereal

​Cloudberry Vapors Vanilla Creme Cookie

Cloudberry vapors vanilla creme

Vanilla Creme Cookie by Cloudberry Vapors is hands down one of the best cookie and cream vapes we’ve had, and we enjoyed it so much it made it to our best cheap e-juice article! This e-juice is described as a sweet blonde vape featuring vanilla cookies sandwiched around a thick layer of creme filling and this exactly what it tastes like. If you’re looking for a good cookie vape with hints of cream, give this one a shot, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • ​Bottle Sizes Available: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml
  • ​Nicotine strengths up to 24mg
  • ​Variety of Blends available

Awesometown Vanilla Custard

Awesometown vanilla custard

The best tasting vape juice for this category wouldn’t be complete without a vanilla custard, but Awesometown Vanilla Custard is not just your average same old vanilla custard you’re used to. This one is much different as it adds a twist!

That twist is the addition of Jamaica Rum, and Nilla Milk Wafer! The Jamaican Rum gives it a unique taste, and the Nilla Milk Wafer simply rounds it out. If you’re looking for a sweet and creamy vanilla custard vape, this one is it!

  • ​60ml Bottle
  • ​High VG Blend
  • ​Nicotine strength up to 6mg

The Zen Vaper Samsara

Zen vaper samsara

As mentioned in our full review for The Zen Vaper, they make some fantastic e-juice that are complex and incredibly well blended. The same can be said from their newest flavor Samsara, and just like a vanilla custard, a strawberries and cream vape had to be mentioned.

Strawberries and Cream is probably the most popular flavor profile on the market today, and Samsara is one of the best we’ve had. The description of this e-liquid is a big bowl of hand-made vanilla bean ice cream and just the right amount of sliced ripe strawberries then topped with a dollop of hand-made whipped cream.

You taste each and every flavor when vaping this e-juice, which makes it that much better.

  • ​60ml & 120ml Bottle Size Options
  • ​70VG/30PG
  • ​Nicotine strengths up to 6mg

Top Breakfast/Cereal Flavors

Breakfast and Cereal flavored e-liquids have become more and more popular over the years and many e-juices have been released with this type of profile. Even though there are many, these are what stands out to us the most in regards to intensity, blend, quality and price.

Double Comma Vapes Double Clutch Crunch

Double comma vapes

We recently reviewed the entire line of Double Comma Vapes and this specific flavor is what stood out to us the most and became one of our favorite breakfast flavors instantly.

This e-juice did win the Iron Award at Vape Nights Las Vegas, and we can easily see why. This is a much different cereal vape than what we’ve been accustomed to by the addition of peanut butter and banana.

These 2 notes mixed with crunch cereal simply brings forth a unique and tasty vape experience!

  • ​Bottle Sizes Available: 30ml & 60ml
  • ​Nicotine Strengths up to 6mg
  • ​80VG/20PG Blend

The Sauce LA Capone

The sauce la capone

Capone is another popular ​variant from The Sauce LA, and have become an all day vape for many, especially those looking for an affordable yet tasty fruit loops vape.

With Capone you’ll experience tart, crispy cereal on the inhale and rich, creamy milk on the exhale. The creaminess is what really attracts us to this e-juice and is only one of the reasons as to why it’s one of our top breakfast/cereal top e-juices. With its high VG blend, you’ll get plenty of vapor and flavor!

  • ​Primary Flavors: Fruity Cereal & Sweet Milk
  • ​High VG Blend
  • ​Nicotine strengths up to 6mg

The Zen Vaper French Toast

The zen vaper french toast

If you’ve read our review for The Zen Vaper, then you know how much we love this ​e-liquid from them. This is an excellent french toast vape that really captures this flavor profile perfectly.

As with the other flavors from The Zen Vaper, this one is blended masterfully and you can taste every single note without having to look for it. With its 70VG/30PG blend, it’ll vape great in both tanks and drippers alike.

  • ​Bottle Size up to 200ml available
  • ​Nicotine Strength available: 3mg
  • ​70VG/30PG Blend

Vape Breakfast Classics French Dude

Vape breakfast classics french dude

This is another french toast breakfast vape juice, but is much different when compared to the last one mentioned. For one, French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics is much sweeter, so if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll certainly be satisfied with this one.

The flavor description is french toast topped with blueberry, whipped cream and drizzled with maple syrup, which leaves with a creamy yet sweet vape experience. Even though a breakfast flavor, this is an e-juice we can vape all day everyday.

  • ​Nicotine strengths up to 6mg
  • ​Primary Flavors: Whipped Cream, Syrup, French Toast, Blueberry
  • ​80VG/20PG Blend

Top Yogurt Flavors

Yogurt flavors can be either creamy or tangy depending on the mix of the e-juice. While some vapers prefer the creamy base, a lot of other vapers love the tangy experience they get from a greek yogurt. While not the most popular e-liquid profile, it definitely has a place for a lot of vapers.

Fuggin Vapor BlueGurt

Fuggin vapor bluegurt

BlueGurt by Fuggin Vapor quickly became one of our favorite yogurt based e-liquids and you can surely tell since it made it into our best cheap e-juice article.

This is more of a creamy yogurt rather than a greek yogurt and is blended incredibly well to bring you a sweet and flavorful vape experience. The description of this one is freshly picked blueberries smothered in a creamy bowl of yogurt, and that’s exactly what it tastes like.

The creaminess is what that sets this yogurt flavor apart in our opinion and is what truly won us over.

  • ​120ml Bottle Size
  • ​Nicotine strengths up to 18mg
  • ​High VG Blend (80VG/20PG)

Top Candy Flavors

Candy flavored e-liquid is another popular e-liquid profile as many vapers enjoy the sweetness they experience. Even though not all vapers have a sweet tooth and enjoy much less sweet vapes, here at Vaping Cheap it has become one of our top e-liquid profiles! Here we’ll list some of our favorites.

Bazooka Sour Straws (Entire Line)

Bazooka sour straws

When we reviewed Bazooka Sour Straws, we were completely blown away by how spot on this e-juices were; hence is why we recommend the entire line.

Each flavor has that sourness to it, but since all of them have a different primary fruit flavor, they each provide a different vape experience. 

There were select flavors from this line that were not as sour, and some were had more sourness to it, so this line can easily fit the palette of any vaper.

  • ​60ml Bottle Size
  • ​High VG Blend
  • Nicotine strengths up tot 6mg
  • check
    ​New ICE flavors available (Same flavors with added menthol)

Om Vapors The Balance

Om vapors the balance

The Balance by Om Vapors is described as a Blue Raspberry Sour Candy which is a bit similar to one of the Bazooka Sour Straws e-juice, but this one adds a twist!

You experience tart raspberry and lemonade flavors, and left with a sugary and fruity sweetness for an excellent finish. This e-juice does have a 75VG/25PG blend, so you’ll be experiencing solid cloud production!

This is the perfect blend for both tanks and drippers alike.

  • ​Bottle Sizes up to 120ml available
  • ​Nicotine strengths up to 9mg
  • ​High VG Blend

Awesometown Pure Pomegranate & Raspberry Rupture

Awesometown pure pomegranate & raspberry rupture

Pure Pomegranate and Raspberry Rupture are two of the newest flavors in the Awesometown e-juice line, and is a wonderful addition to the already great line of e-liquid.

Both of them feature gummy candy, and has similar fruit flavors, but differ slightly making them quite different. Raspberry Rupture has raspberry, strawberry and kiwi while Pure Pomegranate has Pomegranate, strawberry and kiwi.

Honestly, we couldn’t choose between either so we included both, as they’re delicious!

  • ​60ml Bottle Size
  • ​High VG Blend
  • ​Nicotine strength up to 6mg

Top Beverage Flavors

Beverage flavors are quite popular and a lot of them tend to be on the “fruity side” or “creamy side”. Whether it’d be a coffee or lemonade, these type of profiles are great for anytime of the year. Even though some are great for specific seasons, some vapers make these type their all day vape! Here are some of our favorites.

The Sauce LA Caramel Waffle Cappuccino

Sauce la caramel waffle cappuccino

Another award winning e-juice, The Sauce LA Caramel Waffle Cappuccino. This is probably the best coffee flavored e-juice we’ve come across and we can easily see why it won the Iron Award for best coffee/tea flavor, because it’s just that good.

The primary flavors in this e-liquid are coffee, caramel, waffle and buttercream. You can taste each and every flavor note as you vape, and all of these​ are blended well providing you with one of the best coffee vape experiences the market has to offer.

  • ​Award Winning
  • ​High VG Blend
  • ​Nicotine strength up to 6mg

Fuggin Vapor Raspy Lemonade

Fuggin vapor raspy lemonade

Who doesn’t love a good lemonade vape, especially in the summer time? Well, this is a lemonade vape you can vape anytime! This e-juice is described as a classic sweet lemonade soaked in mashed up raspberries, and it’s pretty spot on to that description.

On both the inhale and exhale, you’re met with a slightly tart yet sweet raspberry lemonade, and as you vape you keep coming back for more! Easily one of our favorite lemonade vapes on the market!

  • ​80VG/20PG
  • ​120ml Bottle Size
  • ​Nicotine strength up to 18mg

Om Vapors Chimera

Om vapors chimera

Om Vapors Chimera is a strawberry banana milkshake and is a mix between two of their popular flavors, Mindful Monkey and the Cobra.

This is an excellent blend, and has a creamy banana ice cream on the inhale and a tart strawberry on the exhale. Milkshake flavors are very popular, and this one is a must try if you’re a fan of this type of vape.

With its high VG ratio, you’ll be experiencing plenty of clouds and tons of flavor!

  • ​Various bottle sizes available
  • ​Nicotine strengths up to 9mg
  • ​High VG blend

Honorable Mentions

Blueberry Hills E Liquid by Beetle Juice Vapors

Yum! Blueberry is a flavor that many brands have opted for, with varying degrees of success. Some are excellent, while others taste more artificial, but Blueberry Hills is spot on.

Bursting with the flavor of tart and juice blueberries, along with hints of a golden, flaky pastry, it’s like vaping a freshly baked pie. This makes for an awesome morning vape, and is high VG so you can enjoy lots of clouds.

Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood

Strawberries and creme is a common flavor palate that often results in some of the best e juices available right now, but this liquid is anything but common.

Unicorn Milk is pretty high up the list of the greats. A blend of authentic tasting strawberry extract and four fresh creams, it’s gorgeous, luscious and makes the ideal smooth, creamy all day vape. You won’t be disappointed.

Cocoa E Liquid by Chocolatier

Light and smooth, if you’re a discerning chocolate lover you’ll appreciate this blend. Chocolate vape juice has sometimes been a challenge to get right, but Chocolatier has nailed it.

Just the right amount of dark, rich cocoa beans is mixed with a cream sensation for a complex taste. This e juice has many surprising nuances and an intoxicating smell. Made in the USA, this luxurious liquid is not to be missed.

Frappberry by The Drip Co’s Coffee Shop Edition

Those who aren’t a big fan of coffee often enjoy the milkshake-like concoctions many coffee shops proffer these days. If you’d rather have one of them then a latte, you’ll definitely like this liquid.

Frappberry tastes like one of those famous blended drinks, with lots of classic strawberry and cream taste. Like the other Coffee Shop Edition liquids this also makes a great all day vape and will satisfy even the most intense sweet tooth.

Lava Flow Liquid by Naked 100

Naked 100 has made three liquids in this series; Green Blast, Amazing Mango and Lava Flow. All are great, but the Lava stands out for its ability to tempt your taste buds.

Sweet, ripe strawberries are blended with fresh coconut and tangy pineapple for the ultimate, sugary summer treat. Bright, fresh, sweet and satisfying, it’s more than your usual strawberry liquid and an easy go-to vape every day.

Churrios by The Milkman

If you’re a fan of the Mexican dessert, you’ll love this vape. The flavor of freshly made warm, fluffy churros, cinnamon sugar and fresh, creamy milk comes together for a taste that’s surprisingly rich and complex. If you can’t decide whether you’re after a dessert or a breakfast vape, Churrios is the best of both worlds.

E-Liquid Costs and Values

E-liquid bottles - whats e-liquid worth?

If you want the cheapest e-liquid your best bet is to buy all the ingredients separate and make it yourself. It can be very cheap, I pay about $0.06 cents per milliliter to make my own DIY e-liquid.

If you don't want to make it yourself and you still want cheap e-liquid, your best bet is a discount e-liquid supplier like Mt. Baker Vapor. It's possible to get pre-made e-liquid for as little as $0.13 cents per milliliter when you buy a large 236ml bottle and use a 10% off coupon code.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the super expensive 'premium' e-juice lines. The well-known brand '5 Pawns' sells a single 30ml bottle of e-juice for $27.50. That works out to about $0.91 cents per milliliter. I personally have never vaped 5 pawns because I'd rather spend $27 bucks on a nice mechanical mod instead of a measly 30ml bottle of e-juice. However, I'm open to trying a free sample...wink wink.

Bottle of 5 pawns e-liquid

The price on e-liquid can range anywhere from a few cents up to a dollar. That's a huge difference considering all e-liquids contain the same basic ingredients.
Propylene Glycol and vegetable glycerin are the base ingredients in e-liquid and usually make up for about 75% of the volume. They also happen to be the cheapest ingredients, even in small purchases the price drops below a penny per milliliter.

The other two ingredients, nicotine and flavoring, are more expensive but still relatively cheap. Nicotine liquid works out to about $0.15 cents per milliliter (100mg strength) at My Freedom Smokes and flavoring costs about $0.17 cents per milliliter. If you were to buy these items direct from the manufacturer and in larger quantities the price would drop substantially.

When I discovered how cheap e-liquid is to make I started wondering what makes premium e-liquid worth so much. Here are the different things I came up with:

Quality of Ingredients:

Like everything else higher quality usually means higher prices. I think e-juice companies should be more open about their base ingredients. If they have better nicotine, PG, or, VG than other suppliers they should fill us in on how they know. Do they do any special testing? Most of the time I just hear words like 'organic' and 'premium' thrown around with no meaning.

Quality Control/Lab

Is the liquid made in someone's basement or is it made in an ISO 7 compliant clean room. How do they do quality control and ensure the product is made to the correct specifications. Sometimes I worry about all the new e-liquid suppliers popping up, just because you can make e-liquid doesn't mean you're ready to sell it.

Company/Brand name

We all know that brand name goods cost more than the generics. I would call '5 Pawns' a brand name whereas the vape shop store brand would be the generic. Are you willing to pay more for a name brand? Vaping 5 Pawns may be a status symbol to some.

Mixologist/Flavor Creation

I think this could be one of the most important measures on how much e-liquid costs. Is the flavor unique, complex, and tasty? Can I make it myself? Was it hard to create or did someone throw a few different flavors in the bottle and slap some cool name on it like 'Wizards Tit'.


I always see people advertising fresh e-juice but in my experience most e-juice tastes better when it steeps for a while. If a seller takes the time to steep e-liquid it could be a reason for a higher price.

Cloud Production

Some people might have a preference for the best ejuice for clouds. If you're into vaping competitions, or you just like making your own massive clouds, check out our article to get started.


This would be about the bottle, the label, or anything else 'looks' related. It's nice to get e-liquid in a classy looking glass bottle but I think sometimes seller go a bit overboard. I'm not interested in paying more just because a stupid plastic trinket is rubber banded to the bottle.

There's a reason I don't post many e-liquid deals, it's just too hard to tell if the price of e-liquid is a good deal. There's just too much range in price and variables to its value.

For the most part I don't buy expensive e-liquid, I prefer to make it myself. With so many different e-liquid vendors it's hard to tell who has the best e-liquid for the best price. For the most part, I won't pay much for e-liquid. I know how cheap it can be made for and I don't like getting ripped off.

Here's one of the examples how to make your own e-liquid, which you're going to love if you're a fan of coffee:

What do you guys think? Do you have a limit on how much your willing to pay for e-liquid? Submit your comment below.

25 thoughts on “Best E-Juice: An Ultimate Guide to Buying Vape Liquid Online”

  1. thank you Nathan,you just helped me find exactly what I was looking for which was the best liquid suppliers, you can believe I’ll be back.

    1. try mothers milk by sucide bunny nothing out there is even close…this stuff is unreal dam I wish I had that recipe a lot of clones out there but its not the same…wow that stuff is good a lot of local stores don’t even have the mothers milk its sold out…make sure its mothers milk by suicide bunny trust me you will love it
      my freedom smokes has it along with others….

      1. [email protected] hahahah i no where you can get it AND THEY HAVE A LOT OF it AND EVERY OTHER line and flavor that she has put out … and its the real deal not some bulshit ass clone,,

      2. Derek Laughlin

        Firstly, everyone’s pallet is different. So for you to think or. Say it awesome couldn’t be more subjective. I bought based upon your review, and I hated it. I still have it from months ago. Sitting in my closet. So to everyone else there’s a lot of great stuff put there just have to find what suits you and what you like.

  2. I am still somewhat new to vaping but it has become more then a way for me to quit smoking it’s a hobby now. Your site has helped me immensely with costs and being able to try new stuff just ordered my stuff to start building my own coils

  3. I’ve tried the stuff from Mt. Baker, it’s pretty good. My favorite juice of all time is Sweet Home Alabama from Hippie Holler. I haven’t found anything yet that tops it. Their Awesome Sauce is a close second.

    1. no way man I have tried a lot of cotton its not the same at all get koh gen do it is the best get it on amazon
      takes while to ship but is worth it and its not that much but man is it tasty

  4. The best place I’ve gotten juice from is E Vaper Tech at The pricing is amazing but the only thing better is the quality of everything there!!!!

    1. best e juice out there in my opinion is Blue Lab Vapors!! haven’t found a better e juice company yet and I’ve been vaping for 2 years. they use all natural and organic flavors that taste very real and good! try them!!

  5. jason freely

    Top 5 juice companies out there you forgot to include good as gold premium Nathan you are missing out

  6. A local brand in Charlotte, NC, just went public. Their store is at but I think they are still under construction without all of their flavors up. Best juice for the best price I have found

  7. I had tried e-juice from a few that is listed above, but found that I like Vape Wild e-juice a lot more. I can taste the flavor more, I always order the sample’s; you get 6/10ml bottle’s for $16.99 and I always get 2 bottles for free (1 of the mg I order and 1 3mg to vape it forward or keep for yourself) or order a 10ml bottle for $2.99, a 20ml is $4.99 & a 30ml is $6.99 and so on, you also earn points for free stuff. Mt Bakers you do get a free bottle but it’s 0mg and sorry but I’m not on 0mg. 2 of the other’s you earn points for free bottles or pay a low price if you order $$ amount.

  8. I’m not even about churros. Except for now I am..
    I don’t know how Kennedy got himself associated with this flavor.. or for that what I’d have picked for him.. Marilyn Monroe’s perfume and swagger?? Anyway, this juice is insane. It hits you with the full mouth flavor of churro then sweeps it clean with a rich vanilla ice cream. The cinnamon blends into the two and just makes it seamless. Some juices just don’t stick. They half flavor or taste burnt right away. This one is heavy enough to feel and sweet enough to vape all day. It gets my vote.
    You got a favorite dead presidents? Let’s have a Presidential debate..

  9. Marshea Hensley

    I know with so many ejuice companies out there it’s impossibe to list every great one known or not known. I’ve tried a few of these companies; Vista Vapors i tried a blue raspberry which tasted just like a blow-pop of the same flavor. But way too sweet for an ADV plus the flavor was just so strong. Mt. Baker Vapor I had to try one of their juices from the Gwar Line, Jizmoglobin. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but let it steep for a month & it was delicious. But the Gwar line is a little pricier than their regular line. I’ve only tried NicQuid once but I hear their name or see an ad of theirs all the time & while I didn’t hate the juice, I just wasn’t impressed either. For me, my favorite juice manufacturer is Dr. Crimmy’s which you can order at It’s made to order so it needs to steep when it arrives but they have several DIY catergories with tons of customization options. And you can choose the vg/pg ratio that you prefer too. It is by far the best flavored juice I have ever tried ( their root beer float with extra ice cream, I couldn’t put down. Actually almost everything I have tried I couldn’t put down) And the prices are extremely reasonable. $20 for 60 ml, $30 for 125 ml, & they have a 500 ml option but i haven’t tried that one yet cuz I’m always thinking up new combinations to try in the smaller bottles. I’ve heard good things about Vape Wild ejuice too so I’m going to try them out soon. But I doubt they’ll replace my love for Dr. Crimmy’s. Anywho, great list Nathan, I just wanted to add my favorite cuz it may be a lesser known gem in the vaping community. :-)

  10. I’m a chocolate fan, and have tried many variations on that flavor from many vendors. The one that stands out as a ‘true’ chocolate is Halo Belgian Cocoa – it’s pricey, but if you like high-cacao dark chocolate, you must try it. It’s great on it’s own, or for mixing with other flavors. It’s especially helpful for me when I try out a chocolate from some vendor that I wind up not liking – mixing in some Belgian Cocoa will usually make the bum juice palatable enough so I can use it up. Also, a vendor I’d add to this list is EC Blends – I think they have the largest variety of flavors (100+) on the web, and TONS of customization options.

  11. Vista discontinued their Rewards program to my great annoyance. I had a f**kton accumulated and POOF they’re gone.

    1. Steve Bacchus

      Oh wow, that’s terrible. I would definitely email them and see if there is anything they can do about it.

  12. There are so many great affordable juices out there, it’s simply impossible to list all of them. Moreover, you probably don’t know they exist ;)

    I found Safari Juice recently and was pleasantly surprised. They have a great choice of delicious juices starting $5.75 per 30ml. Worth trying.

  13. Great vape stores on that list. I personally get my gear from Mt Baker Vapor.. What do you think about vapewild or naked100?

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