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iVogo Kayfun Mini Review

The iVogo Kayfun Mini V2.1 is a clone of the authentic Kayfun mini, originally made by Svoe Mesto, which has actually been discontinued for production, and sale.The iVogo Kayfun mini retails between $23.00-29.99 USD. The Kayfun Mini featured in this review came from Fasttech, sku 1759000, and is priced at $23.08 USD.

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The iVogo Kayfun Mini comes in some of the nicest packaging that I have seen on a cloned device. It is well presented in an open flap box, that reveals the Kayfun mini body set inside of a blister pack type of plastic window. There is also an individually packed accessories box inside of the package, and simplified user instructions printed on the back of the box.

Kayfun mini box

Kayfun Mini V2.1 Specification:

Type – Rebuildable atomizer (bottom coil)
Material – Stainless Steel + Acrylic (Tank)
Connection – 510
Diameter: 14MM
Height: 87.6MM
Weight: 115g

Other features:
Adjustable air flow
Variable e liquid capacity ( 2ml or 4ml in long mode)
Standard 510 drip tip connection
Full stainless tank section

Package contents:
Kayfun mini in full stainless body
Drip tip
Polycarbonate tank section
Extra long chimney (for long mode)
One beauty ring ( for Ego threaded devices)
Refillable syringe-tipped e-juice bottle (10ml)
Four large o-rings and two small o-rings
Two replacement screws for positive/negative posts
Metal flat head and Phillips screwdriver keychain


The iVogo Kayfun mini has a brushed finished body, which has a very satiny feel and appearance. Right out of the box, the device was very clean, both in smell and appearance. The device looks and feels well made, all of the individual pieces of the device are well machined. The building deck while small, is essentially identical to its big brother in design. All of the basic pieces and parts are the same as you would find on a full size Kayfun.

The one immediate criticism that I have regarding the build quality is the small size of the catch screws on the building deck. The screws are miniscule in size, and so I did change them out for a pair of larger screws, so that using wires gauges larger than 32 Kanthal would not be a problem. I also notice that the finish on the drip tip does not quite match the finish on the body of the device. The drip tip has coarse machining marks that are not present on the main body of the device.

The top cap of the Kayfun mini has a standard 510 drip tip connection if you do not wish to use the included Kayfun drip tip. There is also an extra long chimney included in the package, which can be used in combination with the extra clear tank section to extend the device and create a larger 4ml e liquid capacity. I also appreciate that iVogo thought to include an Ego beauty ring with the Mini so that the user can create a seamless appearance when using Ego threaded PVs.

Ivogo kayfun collage

The base of the Kayfun mini has an air flow adjustment screw so that you can change the air flow through the air hole located at the center of the base, and deck. You will need a flat-head screwdriver (included in parts package) to adjust the air flow screw. There is also an e-liquid fill port on the base however, it is a bit tricky to use. I will elaborate more on that in a few.

Kayfun mini airflow control and fill port

Rebuilding on the Kayfun mini is no different than rebuilding on a full size Kayfun, everything is the same (see my Kayfun Lite Plus V2 review here). As I mentioned previously, I changed out the catch screws that came with the device for a larger pair. Because I purchased the extra screws so long ago, I cannot remember the exact size/measurement of them.

With the new catch screws in place, I built a micro coil using 30 gauge Kanthal wire, and a 9/10 wrap directly on a piece of 2mm ekowool, which gave me a 1.6 ohm result.

*User tips* If you are going to use a wick type such as braided ekowool, or ceramic wick (xc116), I strongly recommend that after trimming the wick to size, that you also intentionally fray the ends of the wick before placing them into the atomizer chamber. This will create more efficient wicking of your e liquid. It has been my experience that tightly braided wicks are problematic when used in Kayfun style devices, even when using a very small piece. However, this does not apply to braided silica wick.

For me, the benefit of using ekowool, or ceramic wick over cotton is that I get a cleaner flavor straight away, and I do not need to rewick my device every two to three days. When it is time to clean my coils, I simply do a quick rinse in warm water, dry burn the coil, and wick, then refill.

Wicking the kayfun mini

There are a few set up options with the iVogo Kayfun mini. You have the standard full stainless steel option which is perfect for use with citric, tank cracking e liquids. For those vapers who prefer to see their juice levels there is the polycarbonate tank section. And for those who want the maximum juice capacity of 3.5-4mls, you can use the extra long chimney included in the accessories pack, and all tank sections combined. For the 4ml configuration, you do have the option to place the clear tank section at the center of the setup (pictured below), or placed at the bottom of the Mini.

Kayfun mini tank section set-ups


I played around a bit with the air flow adjustment in order to find the best balance between air flow, and wicking. For my style of vaping, I found that adjusting the air flow screw to a tighter setting worked the best for me. With the air flow more open, I found it necessary to use a lot of primer puffs to keep the wicking to where I like it. While I didn’t experience dry or burnt hits, I did experience what I would call semi-dry hits, with the air flow very open. The air flow adjustment does work really well however, there is a bit of a whistle on the draw, especially when the air flow is really open.

Filling the Mini with e liquid is simple if you use the top fill method. While the fill port on the Kayfun mini that I received does work, it is a bit of a hassle to angle the needle tip bottle just right for proper filling, not to mention it takes a long time to fill the device via the fill port. If you opt to use the top fill method, keep in mind that the chimney base has a tendency to unscrew with the top cap. As such, it is best to refill your Mini when the tank is completely empty. Do not forget to tighten up the chimney base, and stem prior to refilling the Mini, as failure to do so will result in leaking.

Top Fill Method – The Kayfun Mini can be tricky to fill, first remove the top cap and plug the air hole while you fill it up. Then screw the top on just enough for the threads to catch, flip it upside down and make sure all the e-liquid drains to the bottom (sometimes it won’t drain so I will unscrew the base just a touch so I can wiggle it). Finally screw the cap on all the way and flip it right side up. This creates a vacuum effect to prevent leaking.

In terms of flavor production, I find that the Mini produces a slightly more intense flavor than all three of my other Kayfun. However, the vapor production of the Mini was a bit less than any other Kayfun that I own, even with the air flow adjustment fully open. In spite of the lower vapor production, I was still satisfied with the overall vape of the Mini.

Ivogo kayfun close up


iVogo as a brand has quickly made a name for themselves within the vaping community, and at present they have a reputation for producing good quality products. Based on my experience with the Kayfun mini, I agree that iVogo appears to be a solid manufacturer of electronic cigarette products. This is the first iVogo product that I have used, and reviewed, and I am very pleased with its quality, and overall performance. Even though the authentic Kayfun Mini has been discontinued, when I compared the iVogo mini to pictures of the authentic previously made by Svoe Mesto, it appears to be an exact 1:1 replica.

The iVogo Kayfun Mini is a little flavor machine, and I found that it performed nicely with my Ego Twist, and DNA 30 box mod, provided that I tightened up the air flow to create more efficient wicking. While I will not be fogging up any rooms with the Mini, I find this RBA to be perfect for flavor vaping

Kayfun mini v2. 1

Where to Buy a Kayfun Mini

iVogo Kayfun Mini V2.1 for $23.08 – Exact version in this review, ships from China

Kayfun Mini V2.1 Clone for $14.06 – Cheaper clone version, ships from China

Find a Kayfun Mini on eBay

4 thoughts on “Kayfun Mini V2.1 Review”

  1. Nice review. I really like my mini. The book with it says it will hold 6ml in Ultra Mega XXL mode, but I haven’t measured it.

  2. Laura Kirklin

    I’m so glad I found your reviews! Thank you! I was ready to throw this thing in the garbage, I was so frustrated with it! Filling has been such a pain. Thanks for spelling it out in detail how to make this mini work-I was so excited to get it! It’s my first rba and I wanted to love it! Now I can, so thank you again

    1. Oh Laura, I am glad that you found them too. When you are ready for a 22mm rebuildable, I highly recommend the Infinite Kayfun Lite plus V2, its a great RBA, has very easy bottom filling port, and the versatility of a full size and nano size tank included.

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