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Cana Mod Review

The DNA30 box mod by Cloupor, which has been aptly renamed The Cana Mod by the vaping community, is a clone of the ever popular Hana Modz DNA30 clone. Like the Hana Modz, this Cloupor DNA30 box mod is a billet aluminum, DNA30 clone controlled, and regulated variable wattage battery pack, with a 510 connector, and built in battery charger, which is micro USB powered.

The authentic Hana Modz (V2 & 3) retails for $250.00 USD at authorized dealers, while the Cana Mod by Cloupor retails between $69-$99 USD. The Cloupor DNA30 comes in a plain black box, and includes a retractable usb charging cable, and a user instruction manual.

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Hana Modz Clone Deals:


Cana modz mod in box

Hana Mod Clone Specifications:

    1. Compact size ~ 3.1″ x 2.1″ x 1″ Aluminum body
    2. Custom milled display screen with a flush fit to the outside of the box
    3. Uses a SINGLE 18650 Battery
    4. Flush 510 connector
    5. Flush dome style Fire Button
  1. 7 – 30 watts
  2. 4 – 8.3 volts
  3. 0.3 – 3.3Ii Atomizer Resistance
  4. On-board USB charging @500mA
  5. Micro USB charger & dust cover included
  7. Overcharge protection: stop charging when it was fully charged.


The Cloupor DNA30 looks, and feels like a solidly built device. The DNA30 clone featured in this review has a smooth, black semi-gloss finish, and while the finish is nice, and even, it is a bit of a finger print magnet. The device is powered by a single 18650 battery (sold separately), and it is recommended that you use a IMR safer chemistry battery, with a current/amp rating of at least 10A (preferably 15A) in order to safely support up to 30watts, at the minimum firing resistance of .3 ohms.

*Please note that while ICR chemistry batteries are usually ok for use within regulated, and protected devices, an ICR is still a high capacity battery (mAh), it is not a high current (Amp) battery, and therefore it is not suitable for use with low ohm/sub ohm vaping, which requires a high current/power battery, regardless of the device being used. *

In order to install your battery, you will need to remove the back cover on the device, which is secured in place by two phillips head screws. Inside the device you will find the circuitry on the right, which is covered by a sort of polycarbonate window, and on the left is the 18650 battery slot. Inside there is a manufacturer note to remind the user to properly install the battery, so that you do not accidentally fry the circuitry by reversing the polarity of the battery.

Cloupor dna30 box mod


Like the Hana Modz, the Cloupor DNA30 clone is a 510 threaded/connecting device, that features a bright LED screen display with a battery life indicator, resistance, and voltage meter, and of course the wattage/power setting. The DNA30 clone can fire from 7-30W, with resistances from 0.3-3.00 ohms.

There is a usb port for recharging the battery on the front of the device, to be used with the usb charging cable included in the package. The charge indicator light is red during charging, and turns green when the charge is complete. The charge indicator light is rather difficult to see with the usb cord connected, so I do need to tilt the device on an angle in order to see the charge indicator light. *Please note that the LED screen battery indicator may appear to be full, before the device is actually done charging.*

The function/menu buttons are metal, rounded, and produce a satisfying click when pushed. However, in spite of being round, the buttons also have a pointedness, which can wear on the fingers a bit when chain vaping, at least initially.

Cana mod review side pic

Notable features of the DNA30 Cana Mod are:

– the 5 click to lock, and unlock, to activate the firing mode
– lock wattage setting by simultaneously holding the wattage up/down buttons
– stealth mode setting which deactivates the LED screen display when you hold the fire button, and wattage down button (in locked mode)
– Adjust screen position from righty to lefty by holding the fire button, and wattage up button
(in locked mode)
– low battery warning (on screen display)
– over heating warning (on screen display)
– battery venting located on the bottom of the device.

Cloupor dna30 30 watt mod


The Cloupor DNA30 box mod can accommodate 510 threaded atomizers up to 23mm in diameter. While the device can fire resistances from 0.3-3.00 ohm, there is a ?too low wattage setting ? warning built into this device, which displays on the screen in the form of a blinking ohm readout. For example, with a 0.9 ohm build, set to 15W, the resistance meter will blink until the device is set to at least 19W. The device will still fire even when it detects a low wattage setting however, the device will not be able to step down (buck) the voltage output, and will fire at a higher voltage output than is indicated on the display screen.

The DNA30 goes into sleep mode after 2 minutes without firing has elapsed. There are some frustrating inconsistencies in the devices ability to fire up out of sleep mode. I have been able to fire the device straight away from sleep mode, and then sometimes I have to click the fire button once, sometimes twice, to wake it up from sleep mode, and then click it again to actually fire the device. This leads me to believe that there may actually be two levels, or phases of the sleep mode, with a predetermined time frame allocated to each phase of sleep sort of like a light sleep, and then deep a sleep mode. Either way, Cloupor still has some work to do on this one aspect of the device.

There have been some consumer reports of the Cloupor DNA30 spontaneously turning itself on from sleep mode, and I have experienced this as well, on two separate occasions, however, the device was not firing.

Hana mod clone with atomizer


In spite of the minor issues with the sleep mode function, the Cloupor DNA30 box mod does a very good job at delivering exactly what it is supposed to, which is a consistent vape. However, this box mod can really burn through a battery, especially if you are vaping in the lower resistance range of 1.2 ohms, and below, but that is to be expected.

While typically, I am not a box mod sort of vaper (resident mechie here), I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this box mod feels in the hand, and so, to all the box mod junkies out there, I get it. Overall, the Cloupor DNA30 looks like, feels like, and performs like a high quality device, and it offers a very enjoyable, and consistent vape. Now all I need is a sexy J wrap to pimp my mod

Cana mod final photo

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Where to Buy a Cheap Hana Modz Clone

Cloupor DNA30 for $67.49 (plus free shipping from USA) with coupon code: VAPINGCHEAP for 10% off

$37.03 Hana Modz Clone – (Not Cloupor version like reviewed model, ships from China)

50 Watt Hana Clone for $45.87 – (Not Cloupor version like reviewed model, ships from China)

Atomizer Setup Pictured Above: Taifun GT – $19.65 Steel Tank for Taifun GT – $3.92[/box]

17 thoughts on “Hana Modz Clone Review Cloupor DNA30”

  1. I love this DNA 30 box mod by cloupor. I have not had the issue of having to click on the fire button before vaping to wake it up, but one of the two i bought does light up the display on it’s own after sitting for a while. Other than that anyone wanting a DNA 30 Box Mod can not go wrong especially at this price $69.00 @ 101vape.com great bunch over there, with great customer service ! 100% happy with this product.

    1. There can be some problems with the Facebook likes, I have contacted Gleam but since the information comes from Facebook there is nothing they can do.

  2. I have owned a cana mod for sometime now and everytime i use it I get a consistant hit. This mod, for me, is just incredible. The weight is just perfect, the size it fits in my hand super snug and it never mis-fires. Going off of how reliable this mod has been for me I’m sure to stick with cloupor and get the 150 box mod soon to be released

    1. I am also a fan of the Cloupor DNA 30, like you said it is very comfortable to hold and vape with. Thank you for commenting. :)

  3. Paul Willis

    I own two Hana’s. I had to buy oneof these to see if how they performed. Perfor,d just like the Hana’s. The build quality is a little better on a Hana and I have had problems with the chip just going completely blank, Has done it 5 times now. But, when I plug it into the charger, it lights back up. I’m thinking of contacting Cloupor over the issue. Thanks for all you do for the vape community!

    1. First thank you for viewing and commenting, I appreciate it. I think that you should definitely should contact Cloupor about a replacement, I think that may replace it for you. :)

      1. You read my review, what a chica! Thanks! I did contact Cloupour and and they sent me a prepaid shipping label. Mind you, I emailed them and received the label in less than an hour! Very impressed with the customer service! Helluva lot better than Hana Modz! In fact, since I own 4 “genuine ” DNA 30 devices, two made by yours truly. Both my lightly used Hanas are going up on eBay and Vape Trader. Just might send you one!

        1. Paul, do I see a comparison review in my future?! No pressure though, and I’ll love ya anyway,lol. :D

  4. im having a problem with my clone. it fires but the LED indicator does not light up.any feedback on this?

    1. If you screen does not light up, but the device is still firing, there is obviously something wrong with the display function of the chip. Try removing your battery and replacing with another. If the issue persists then I would contact the vendor that you purchased from for a replacement if you are still within the warranty period.

    2. Hi Peter, if your device’s display isn’t lighting up, perhaps it is set on stealth mode? Try locking it first by clicking the fire button 5 times within 7 seconds. Once it’s locked, try holding down the fire button and the lower power button at the same time. The device should say “stealth mode.” Keep holding until it reads “normal mode.” Now the screen should light up while firing. If that’s not the problem, I am at a loss, and you should contact the manufacturer, as our dear reviewer (great review btw!) suggests. Good luck!

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  6. Great review. Giving this one a strong consideration. May go with the rDNA tho to try the temp control with the Nickel-200 wire. Excellent review & info regardless. Thank you.
    Vape On,

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