Best Squonk Mod: Reviews You Won’t Wanna Miss!


In this article, we will be reviewing the best squonk mods for vaping on the market. We consider the opinions of the vape community before listing each product alongside personal experience we have had with each product.

We hope that this article will help you to make an informed decision about your next (or first!) squonk mod. If you think we've left a squonk mod off this list and you would like people to hear your views, please leave a comment below discussing why your preferred squonk mod should be on the list!

Best Regulated Squonk Mod

Lost Vape Drone DNA250C


  • Powered By Evolv DNA250C Board
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 200w
  • Replay Mode
  • 8ml Silicone Squonk Bottle
  • 4 Unique Color Options Available
Lost Vape Drone DNA250C

Lost Vape is a brand that has released many devices over the past few years, and the original Drone was certainly ahead of its time. They’re back now with the newly updated Drone, which not only features the Evolv DNA250C board, but more unique features as well.

Firstly, this squonk mod is much lighter than its predecessor, but keeps a similar form factor, allowing for a comfortable grip and squonking action. In addition, it includes a large 8ml silicone squonk bottle, more than enough to get you through the day. The centered 510 connection means that all of your atomizers will look great, including your 30mm attys. The Drone DNA250C is now offered in 4 new color options as well, including a gorgeous Black and Amber.

The Drone DNA250C is not only one of the best squonk mods on the market, but also one of the best DNA box mods available as well. With the DNA250C chipset, you’ll get tons of features, and best of all, the quality you’d expect from any Lost Vape product.

Dovpo Topside Squonk Mod


  • Innovative Top Fill Design
  • Compatible with 21700 & 20700 Batteries
  • Large 9ml Capacity
  • Maximum Wattage: 90w
  • Minimum Firing Resistance: 0.08 ohm
Dovpo Topside Squonk Box Mod


The Topside 90w Squonk Mod is a collaboration between Dovpo and TVC. This is hands down one of the most innovative squonk mods to date. The main reason as to why is its fill design. Most squonk bottles you either have to take out and fill or use a refill bottle to fill through the 510 connection, but this squonker mod, you simply fill from the top!

Not to mention, the capacity of the included bottle is a whopping 9ml, so you won’t be filling often and even when you do, you’ll have the convenience of filling right from the top with no mess involved. What’s even better is that it can house a 21700 battery and provides a maximum wattage output of 90w.

It’s also firmware upgradeable so you’ll always be up to date with this squonk device! With its innovative design and features, it’s a no brainer as to why it’s one of the best squonker mods.

Vandy Vape Pulse X 90w Mod


  • Compatible with 20700 & 21700 Batteries
  • 8ml Capacity
  • Temperature Control (Ni200, Ti, SS)
  • Lightweight Design
  • Maximum Wattage: 90w


Here’s another collaboration project, this time between Vandy Vape and Tony B. The Pulse X is the newest version of the popular Pulse 80w Squonker, but this time it can house the larger 21700 battery and offers a bump in maximum wattage output (90w).

Like the original Pulse 80w, it’s incredibly lightweight thanks to its construction and houses the same 8ml soft silicone squonk bottle. The Pulse X also features temperature control for various wire materials (Ni200, Ti and SS) while also offering a Bypass mode, allowing you to utilize this device similarly to that of a mech mod.

What’s great about the Pulse X is that you can totally customize it to your likings with tons of panels available. Not many cheap squonk mods offer this feature, so it’s definitely one to consider if you’re like us and enjoy accessorizing your mods and atomizers! With that being said, the Pulse X is certainly one of the best regulated squonk mod on the market today.

Wismec Luxotic DF Squonk Box Mod


  • Requires 2 High Drain 18650 Batteries
  • Large 1.3 inch OLED Display Screen
  • Maximum Wattage: 200w
  • 7ml Capacity
  • Many Safety Features


The Luxotic series is one of the most popular product lines by Wismec and it’s easy to see why. The Luxotic DF is their latest release and this one houses 2 high drain 18650 batteries, which is something not many squonk mods offer.

With 2 batteries, you can only imagine how much wattage this device offers, a massive 200w, easily powering any BF atomizer and coil build. Not only does it offer huge power, but it does have temperature control as well. All of your settings can be easily seen thanks to its extra large 1.3 inch OLED display screen.

The Luxotic DF 200w Box Mod does include a 7ml silicone bottle and has tons of safety features built in, which is always a good thing. If you’re looking for tons of power and features, this is the squonker for you. 

Desire Rage Squonk 155w TC Box Mod


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Requires 2 High Drain 18650 Batteries
  • Maximum Wattage: 155w
  • Zinc Alloy Construction
  • 7ml Capacity


The Rage Squonk 155w TC Box Mod by Desire and Ohm Boy OC is another great dual battery squonker available on the market today. This is definitely one of the most comfortable dual battery squonk mods we’ve ever vaped with. Everything from the buttons to the 7ml squonk bottle is perfectly placed.

Another great feature is the zinc alloy construction, making it incredibly durable. It does also offer a unique squonk bottle configuration and although it’s proprietary, it works flawlessly. Simply turn and pull the bottom latch, and the bottle comes right out. The knurled top makes it easy to open and fill.

For the vaper looking for a new squonk mod that will provide excellent battery life, hefty weight, tons of power while being insanely ergonomic should definitely consider the Rage. It’s simply one of the best dual battery regulated squonkers available.

Best Squonk Mods (Unregulated/Mechanical)

Fumytech Pure BF Squonk Mod


  • Fully Mechanical Device
  • Ergonomic Form Factor
  • Includes 2 Silicone Squonk Bottles
  • Powered By Single High Drain 18650 Battery
  • 8ml Bottle Capacity

Fumytech entered the Luxury Vape Mod market with the Pure BF Squonk Mod, giving you the premium look and feel of one, but without the super high price tag. This mechanical squonker mod requires a single high drain 18650 battery for operation. In addition, it's 510 connection is spring loaded, and is best paired with a 22mm atty.

Now what makes this mod one of the best available today is definitely its overall form factor. Easily, it's one of the most comfortable squonkers we've ever held in our hands. Squonking with it comes natural due to the bottle placement, and the front fire button is simply easy to press. You do receive two 8ml silicone bottles as well, which is always a good thing!

Overall, if you're looking for a compact and incredibly comfortable single 18650 mechanical squonk mod, then this is it. You'll be surprised by not only by its comfort, but how well it actually vapes.

DripTech DS


  • Fully Mechanical
  • Parallel Battery Configuration
  • 10ml Capacity
  • 24K Gold Plated Contacts
  • Self-Adjusting 510 Connection


When it comes to hard hitting mechanical squonk mods, the DripTech DS is one of the best available today. For one, there’s not many dual battery fully mechanical squonkers on the market, so it’s definitely one of a kind. It does take two high drain 18650 batteries, and with its parallel configuration you’ll get double the battery life!

Another excellent feature is its 10ml e-liquid capacity bottle, which has a plug and play bottle installation system, making it incredibly easy to take out and fill or sliding it back into place. It does accommodate atomizers up to 24mm in diameter and sports a self adjusting 510 connection, which is always a nice addition to any vape device. Simply screw on your atomizer and you’re good to go!

All in all, the DripTech DS is the perfect vape of choice for the user looking for a fully mechanical squonker that offers tons of battery life, and just hits hard. With this device, you’ll be blowing tons of clouds with ease! If that’s something you’re after, then this is it right here.

Wotofo Recurve Mod


  • Zinc Alloy & Rubber Coating Construction
  • Compatible with Various Battery Sizes
  • 8ml Capacity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Safety Chip Installed
Wotofo Recurve Squonk Box Mod


The Recurve Squonk Mod by Wotofo and Mike Vapes quickly became one of our favorite unregulated squonk box mods this year. It’s ergonomic design mixed with its raw performance makes it a great choice for many vapers. Not to mention, it’s 8ml squonk bottle is one of the best we’ve experienced and there’s a small LED light that illuminates to show how much e-liquid you’ve got left, which is a nice touch.

A huge pro to the Recurve Squonk is the ability to use various battery sizes including 21700, 20700, 18650 and even 20650! Both the adapters needed for an 18650 and 20650 battery are included! The minimum firing resistance is 0.08 ohm and the maximum wattage is well over the advertised 80w.

The Wofoto Recurve is a simple yet powerful squonk mod. The simple fact that you can use 4 different battery sizes with the included adapters is amazing, and this is something that cannot be said for its competition. 

Ultroner X Asmodus Luna Squonker Box Mod


  • 6063 Aluminum & Stabilized Wood Construction
  • Requires Single High Drain 18650 Battery
  • Maximum Wattage: 80w
  • Many Safety Features
  • Minimum Firing Resistance: 0.1 ohm
Asmodus X Ultroner Luna BF Box Mod


While not the newest squonk device to hit the market, it’s still one of the best unregulated squonk box mods available, especially when you consider its build quality, materials and stellar performance. Stabilized wood mods in general cost hundreds of dollars, but not this one, also making it one of the most affordable stab wood mods on the market.

The Asmodus Luna has a maximum wattage output of 80w and a minimum atomizer resistance of 0.1 ohm, so it’s a perfect match for a single coil RDA. What’s great is that it does include an extra squonk bottle, giving you a total of 2 in the package! The capacity of the included bottles is 6ml each.

Although the Luna is unregulated it does pack a variety of safety features including short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, low resistance protection and more. It also has a small LED light indicator which will let you know when a safety feature has kicked in or when the battery needs charging. Overall, the Ultroner X Asmodus Luna provides an excellent vape experience, and is still one we use on a daily basis. 

Lost Vape Furyan Mechanical Squonk Mod


  • Fully Mechanical
  • 9ml Squonk Bottle
  • Lockable Firing Button
  • Compatible with 21700, 20700 & 18650 Batteries
  • Stainless Steel 510 Connection
Lost Vape Furyan Mechanical Squonk Mod


Lost Vape is known for their premium quality devices, and the same can be said for the Furyan. It has that build quality you expect from Lost Vape and is offered in three different colors, one being transparent, allowing you to see all of the internals with just one glance.

Since this device is fully mechanical, it’s highly recommended that you understand ohm’s law and battery safety before use. However, a great feature to add a bit of safety is the lockable fire button which some mechanical squonkers simply do not offer. One push of the locking switch and the device can no longer be fired.

Another awesome feature of the Furyan is the squonk bottle system, which allows you to easily take out or secure the bottle into place. Not to mention, it holds up to 9ml of e-juice which is at least 2ml more than the average. If you’re after a fully mechanical squonker mod with a huge e-liquid capacity, then the Furyan is up your alley. 

Best Squonk RDA

Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA


  • 22mm RDA
  • Raised Postless Style Build Deck
  • Includes 2 Top Caps & 1 Beauty Ring
  • Stepped Airflow Design (Adjustable)
  • 810 Drip Tip Compatible
Digiflavor Drop Solo Best Squonk RDA

The Drop Solo RDA by The Vapor Chronicles and Digiflavor is easily one of the best single coil Squonk RDAs on the market today, especially when considering its price point. It takes many features from the original Drop RDA, but shrinks its size down to 22mm and makes adjustments that provide an excellent squonk experience.

What’s great about this atomizer is that it includes 2 top caps, one in the chosen color constructed of stainless steel and a PMMA cap. In addition, a beauty ring is included which does match the PMMA cap, but can be used with either or any other RDA you might want to use. Similar to the Drop, it does feature a stepped airflow system and sports a raised postless deck, making it easy to install your coil. Not to mention, with its deck design, you can fit a variety of sizes and even a dual coil build!

All in all, the Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA provides the biggest bang for your buck. It comes with a ton of accessories, it’s easy to build on and provides various airflow settings allowing you to really fine tune the draw. If that’s something you’re after, then look no further than the Drop Solo.

Hellvape Rebirth RDA


  • 24mm Diameter
  • Raised Postless Style Build Deck
  • Bottom Honeycomb Airflow (Adjustable)
  • Internal Barrel Lock
  • Deep Juice Well
Hellvape Rebirth RDA Best Squonk RDA

The Rebirth RDA is one of the newest atomizers to be released this year by Hellvape and Mike Vapes. Bottom airflow is loved by many vapers, but if you’re not careful, you can easily leak. However, with the design of the Rebirth, there’s much less chance of this occurring. Mix this with a deep juice well, and you’ve got an excellent bottom airflow squonking RDA.

It does have a similar deck to the Drop Solo, but it is centered and aimed at allowing you to easily fit both dual and single coil builds. The honeycomb style airflow provides a smooth draw, and the internal barrel lock ensures the top cap stays in the proper position while making it easy to take off your device.

The Rebirth RDA is one of our favorite bottom airflow RDAs and the fact that you can squonk without having to worry too much about leaking makes it that much better. If you’re a fan of bottom airflow drippers and into squonking, then this is one to consider adding to your collection.

Blitz Hermetic RDA


  • 22mm Diameter
  • Beauty Ring Included
  • Single Post Build Deck with Ceramic Clamp
  • Adjustable Bottom/Side Airflow
  • 9mm Deep Juice Well

The Hermetic RDA is another single coil RDA this time from Blitz and Suck My Mod. What makes this one so unique is the “drain” system which makes squonking with this atomizer a dream. It does have a massive 9ml deep juice well, so you can literally squonk almost your entire bottle into the atomizer and thanks to its drain system, the excess gets pulled right back into the bottle.

Building on this RDA is also pretty easy due to its single post ceramic clamp build deck. You can fit a variety of coils as well such as Fused Claptons, Aliens, and more with no issues. The airflow does come in from one side, but travels underneath the coil to mimic bottom airflow, so you know you’ll get some stellar flavor. Included you do receive a beauty ring to bring the base up to 24mm if desired.

If you’re looking for a unique squonking RDA that’s easy to build on, then the Blitz Hermetic is worth taking a look at. It offers solid flavor and a well thought out squonking design, making it one of our personal favorites. 

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 RDA


  • 24mm Diameter
  • Top Squonking & Bottom Return
  • PEI Airflow Rings (3 Included)
  • Anti-Leaking Design
  • Floating Postless Style Build Deck
Vandy Vape Pulse V2 RDA Best Squonk RDA

The original Pulse RDA and Pulse 24 RDA were some of the most popular RDAs on the market when they were released and were a favorite by many who enjoyed squonking. Tony B and Vandy Vape are back with the new Pulse V2 RDA which has some similarities, but has some features that make a big difference.

Similar to the originals, the Pulse V2 does feature a postless build deck, but this time around it’s raised a bit from the deck section, making it even easier to install coils and trim the leads. The key difference and improvement with this one is the PEI airflow rings. There are 3 that’s included, and 2 of the support dual coil builds while the other supports a single coil build. With its signature top angled airflow design, you’ll get amazing flavor and zero leaking.

Overall, the Pulse V2 RDA adds some needed improvements over the originals while adding some new features making it incredibly versatile and nearly leak proof. If you were a fan of either original or simply looking for a versatile and solid performing squonk atomizer, then the Pulse V2 is one you might want to pick up. 

Wotofo Recurve RDA


  • 24mm Diameter
  • Postless Styled Build Deck
  • Unique Airflow (Adjustable)
  • 810 & 510 Drip Tip Compatible
  • Conversion Cap Available
Wotofo Recurve RDA

The Recurve RDA by Wotofo and Mike Vapes is certainly one of the most popular this year and for good reason! It features a unique airflow system that not only provides a smooth and satisfying draw, but delivers excellent flavor. In addition, it’s compatible with both 810 and 510 drip tips with the included adapter, and two 810 drip tips are included inside of the packaging!

Building on the Recurve RDA is easy as well thanks to its postless deck design. However, what makes it that much easier is the four post terminals, which allow you to fit any coil no matter how it’s wrapped. The base diameter is 24mm, but there is a conversion cap available which brings down the diameter to 22mm. The conversion cap also includes a beauty ring, giving it a unique look.

All in all, the Recurve RDA by Mike Vapes and Wotofo is an amazing all around performer. You can use almost any of your favorite custom drip tips and the available conversion cap allows you to further customize the look of the atomizer. If you’re looking for a new single coil RDA to squonk with and enjoy customizing your atomizers, then the Wotofo Recurve RDA is highly recommended. 

What is a Squonking?

If you're a new vaper or even relatively experienced, squonking might be something you're not totally familiar with. However, with its recent growth in popularity, you've probably heard of this term before. Simply put, squonking is a type of vape similar to that of "dripping", but takes the actual dripping part out of the equation. 

If you enjoy vaping on RDAs or even RDTAs, squonking may be something worth looking into. A squonk mod houses an internal bottle which can store e-liquid. By using a squonk compatible atomizer which are commonly referred to as BF or bottom feed atomizers, you can simply squeeze or press on the squonk bottle and e-liquid is fed right into the atomizer. That is the definition of squonking.

So if you're a vaper enjoys dripping, but is tried of actually having to drip e-liquid into your atomizer constantly, then squonking might just be for you!

What is a Squonk Mod?

We often get the question, what is a squonk mod? Well, a squonk box mod is relatively similar to other vape mods you see on the market, but inside of a squonk mod there is a bottle which feeds e-liquid up into the attached RDA atomizer. This is the one key difference you’ll see between a squonk mod and a traditional box mod.

Using a squonk mod is incredibly easy and everything is confined within the device itself which adds to the simplicity. No more are the days of carrying a bottle of e-juice with you when you have one right inside of your squonk vape mod. Squonk mods are also called bottomfeeder mods.

Since squonk mods do have to have space inside of them to house an e-juice bottle, many vaping companies tend to manufacture unregulated or mechanical squonk mods in order to keep the size smaller. Remember, for a regulated box mod there is a chip or board which also takes up room, so regulated squonk mods are typically larger than most traditional box mods. As with any mechanical or unregulated device, be sure to understand ohms law and battery safety!

How to Use a Squonk Mod

Now that you have a bit more understanding of what exactly is a squonker, using one is quite simple. As mentioned previously, a squonk device does house a bottle of vape juice within. In addition to this there is a small space usually on the back or side of the mod which allows you to push or squeeze the bottle.

Once you do this e-juice will travel into your atomizer from the 510 connection and saturate your wick and coils. Whatever e-liquid is not needed is sucked back into the bottle once you finish squeezing or pressing the squonk bottle.

Squonk bottles typically contain between 5ml and 7ml of e-juice, which is plenty and should last you quite some time before needing to refill. Also, the squonk bottle is usually located right next to the battery.

What Atomizers can be Used for Squonking?

Not every type of atomizer on the vaping market can be used for this type of vaping style. The type of atomizer you’re looking for to squonk with will have a squonk or BF 510 pin. The reason why you need this specific 510 connection is, because a squonking pin has a hole in the middle which will allow e-liquid to pass through when you go to squonk.

Normal 510 pins do not have this feature, so it’s important when choosing an atomizer for squonking that you know for sure this is included.

Some RDAs are designed for squonking and come with it pre-installed while some others have them as an additional accessory that’s included or a separate purchase. Many of these are often called bottomfeed atomizers. To learn more, check out our Best Squonk RDA article here.

Why Squonk?

There are many reasons as to why a vaper would want to get into squonking. As mentioned previously, convenience is a major reason for a vaper to consider squonking. You won’t be refilling your tank or constantly dripping anymore when you start squonking, which is perfect for the vaper who wants to vape on an RDA, but hates the constant refilling.

Just to give a comparison, most RTAs or sub ohm tanks have a capacity of 3ml to 5ml and most squonk bottles hold between 6ml and 7ml of e-juice, sometimes even up to 10ml.

Also, to come back to the vaper who dislikes having to drip so often while vaping on an RDA, squonking while you’re on the road is much easier in comparison to dripping yourself. Another factor to consider is that with squonking, majority of the time your vaping on an RDA, which means you’ll be getting RDA level flavor, while when vaping on a vape tank or RTA, you won’t be getting as great of flavor.

Lastly, with squonking you won’t be experiencing much leaking since when you squonk, the excess vape juice gets sucked right back into the bottle.

Cons to Squonking

Even though there are tons of reasons why you would want to start squonking, there are some cons to it, just like anything else in the vaping world, nothing is perfect. The first con to be mentioned is that there isn’t much options currently on the market, and a lot of the options are unregulated squonk mods, which some vapers may not prefer.

With squonking becoming more mainstream, we’ll start to see more squonk mods hit the market, but as to right now, there’s not that many options.

This leads to the second con, which is battery life. As mentioned earlier, most squonk mods utilize a single 18650 battery, which means you won’t be getting the best battery life. This of course will be determined by the wattage your vaping at, but generally speaking the battery life of a single battery mod isn’t the greatest.

Just be sure to carry an extra 18650 battery with you if you’re going to be vaping a lot or at higher wattages. The last con is that you can still face some leaking issues if you do over-squonk. Even though with squonking it does minimize this issue, you can still experience it. However, we’ll be recommending some atomizers that are great for squonking so you’ll have little to no issues.


In conclusion, we do hope this article helps you in starting your journey into squonking. While squonking may not be for everyone, we do think it’ll fit a lot of vapers’ needs. You won’t really know if it’s for you until you give it a try!

Squonking itself is quite simple, but there are certain aspects that are much more in depth which determines which is a good squonk mod or atomizer and which is not. The squonk mods recommended all perform great, are affordable, and best of all widely available. As mentioned previously, there aren’t a ton of options on the market for squonking, especially mass produced mods, but with it becoming more mainstream, we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more devices be released.

Regardless, we do hope this article helps you when it comes to squonking and gives you a better understanding of what it is and what’s available. Feel free to let us know if you squonk or not, if it’s something you’re interested in or if you prefer something else! Remember, with vaping there’s no right or wrong way, do what suits you the best and fulfills your needs! Thanks for reading!

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