Every Type Of Vape Explained

When starting your journey into vaping, it may be quite overwhelming at first due to the sheer amount of products available. There’s literally thousands of different vape products on the market from all over the world, but each are classified as a specific type of vape, and newer vapers may not understand the key differences between them. With that being said, we often get the question of how many types of vapes are there, and what are the different types of vapes available.

We’ve put together this article to provide you with a detailed explanation of each and every type of vape that’s currently available. Since this industry is known to move an incredibly fast pace, new products are released quite often, and evolve. However, we’ll always keep you up to date with all of the latest, and let you know what each type of vape is, and what they’re designed for. No matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced vaper, we’ll cover things you may not have known before. So, here is a list of every type of vape.

Types Of Vapes Available Today

Vape Mods (Box Mods)

First up, and probably some of the most popular are vape mods, which are often referred to as box mods. So, a question that’s often asked is what is a vape mod? What makes a vape mod different from other types of vapes is that they’re usually larger, and offer much more power than a regular e-cig.

Also, vape mods are typically in a shape of a box; hence the name box mod, but can have different shapes aside from a traditional box. However, majority of vape mods released are in a box type shape.

Not only this, but they can come in many different form factors with different battery requirements. For example, a vape mod can require either 1, 2, 3 or even 4 batteries to power it. However, there are some that are available that offers an internal battery, and can be charged using a standard micro USB charging cable.

Vape Mod

Aside from it’s looks, and power output, vape mods often provide the user with multiple functions such as temperature control or a bypass mode which allows a similar vape experience to a mech mod (more on this vape type later). This is made possible since they’re built with a chipset inside, which does let you adjust the wattage manually as well as all of these other features. Devices such as these are referred to as a regulated vape mod or regulated box mod.

So, you can see why these types of vapes are quite popular, and there's many different vape mods. However, they’re more catered to an intermediate or advanced vaper as with all of its features, it may become overwhelming for some newer vapers. If interested in these types of device, definitely check out our list of best vape mods. Now, if you enjoy blowing large plumes of vapor, you’ll want to check out our list of best vape mod for clouds.

Squonk Mod

Even though squonk mods can be seen as a new trend, it’s actually quite old in vaping years. With its rise of popularity though, many vapers wonder why squonk mods are so popular and why even use them in comparison to other different vapes.

every type of vape

Essentially, a squonk mod is a vape mod or box mod, but with one major difference, which is the ability to squonk. With a squonker mod, there’s a bottle built into the actual device that you can fill with your preferred e-liquid. Once that’s done, you can attach an atomizer that it has a BF or Squonk Pin installed and be able to squeeze the bottle to fill the atomizer with e-juice. When you do this action, that is called squonking, and you can see where the name “squonk mod” fits in. It's important that not all atomizers are compatible with this kind of vape.

So you’ll get all of the features, and power of a regular vape mod, but with the ability to squonk. If you’re interested in learning more about this type of vape experience, and its compatible atomizers, be sure to check out our list of Best Squonk Mods.

Vape Pen

Vape pens have been around a very long time in vaping, and there’s still new vape pens being released even today. What defines the actual name of this type of vaping device is the actual form factor. All vape pens sport a similar overall shape that resembles a pen. They’re typically longer, but slim, so vape pens are very pocket friendly.

Vape Pen

Another primary feature and selling factor of these style vapes is that they’re user friendly, meaning they are very easy to use. Some feature a one button operation, while newer vaping pens may feature a draw activated system, with no buttons to press. Although this is the case, there are some vape pens catered more towards cloud chasers and intermediate vapers with lower resistance coils and more power output.

On top of all of this, vape pens are affordable, and you can see that with our picks for best cheap vape pen. However, if you’re looking for a bit more quality, and performance, you’ll want to check out the absolute best vape pens on the market today that are compatible with more than just vape juice.

Vape Pod

Now, here’s a completely different type of vape that grew in popularity exponentially over the past couple of years. If you’ve been vaping for some time, or just started in the recent years, then you’ve definitely come across vape pods before. These are often referred to as pod vapes, pod systems, and pod kits. Either way, it’s the same type of vape no matter how you look at it.

What makes this specific type of vape different, and popular is the super compact size. Most vape pods are super small in size, and can be easily carried in your pocket, purse or bag. Another great feature of this vape devices is that they’re typically designed to be used with nicotine salt e-juices or higher nicotine e-liquids. Since pod systems provide a low power output, it’s efficient for this type of e-liquid, giving you nicotine satisfaction with small amounts of vapor.

Pod systems are similar to an all in one device, but differ a bit since they often utilize a cartridge with a built in coil. These pod cartridges can be filled with e-liquid, and be vaporized once the cotton or wicking material is fully saturated. With only two pieces of hardware needed, they’re also very simple to use, and why a lot of newcomers are using them as a vape to quit smoking.

With how many pod vapes being released every month, it can be quite difficult to choose the right one. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the best pod vapes available, getting you the best bang for your buck.

AIO (All In One Vapes)

All In One types of vapes are exactly what they sound like. AIOs feature everything built into one package, giving you all the hardware needed to start vaping. So, they can be seen as a starter kit for vapers. Mostly, AIO kits feature a built in battery and tank section, but sometimes require an external battery, This will vary on the brand, and model, but thankfully there are plenty of options out there. Literally, all you’d need with this style of vape is some e-juice and you’re rocking and rolling.

Unlike pod systems, AIOs would require you to replace coils rather than an entire cartridge. However, with newer all in one devices, they can feature something similar to a cartridge where you can replace the entire tank section, and even have some as a backup with pre-filled e-liquid.

Either way, these types of vape are popular among both beginners and advanced users due to their simplicity, and convenience. If you’re not sure which kind of vaping device to check out, take a look at our best starter kit reviews, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

Mechanical Mod

If you go back years into vaping, you’ll see a ton of mechanical mods, and while they might not be as popular as they used to be, it’s still a preferred type of vape for many. Mechanical mods, often referred to as mech mods can be considered one of the more simpler ways of vaping since there’s no chipsets or boards, or anything that built in. With that being said, it’s important to understand ohm's law and battery safety when using these devices since they don’t offer any type of protection features a chip would.

Vape Types

Now, you might wonder why mech mods are so popular as they don’t provide the customization or any type of features a regular vape mod or box mod would. The answer to that question is simply preference, and the vape experience. Vaping on a mechanical mod is much different than any other vaping device available.

There’s also different types of mechanical mods as well, which are tube mods and box mods. Mechanical tube mods feature a tubular design, which can honestly resemble a flashlight at times while a box mod is in the shape of a box.

Mechanical box mods can also utilize multiple batteries side by side, and offer a parallel or series configuration. A mechanical tube mod can only provide a series connection with a stacked section. Take a look at our top affordable mech mods which cover not only cheaper options, but the absolute best when it comes to performance, functionality and quality.

Unregulated Mod

Unregulated vaping devices are very similar to mechanical mods as you’re not able to manually adjust wattage or voltage output like you would with a vape mod. However, they differ from fully mechanical mods, because they are built with a chip inside. 

They’re not like the chipsets from standard box mods, but offer some type of safety such as reverse polarity protection. These types of chips are usually Mosfets, and provide a similar vape experience to a mech mod since the output power is determined by the resistance of the attached coil. 

In addition, just like mech mods, you can find these devices in tubular or box shapes, and can be powered by multiple batteries, and not just one. Depending on the actual device, manufacturer and design will determine what kind of safety features, any limitations, and battery configuration.

Vaporizers (For CBD & More)

There are certain vaporizers that are designed for specific types of e-liquids or oils. When looking at these types of vaporizers, they often look like a vape pen, but are designed differently when it comes to functionality, and the internals. For example, a dry herb vape pen is designed to be used with dry herb only, and not compatible with oils or liquids.

A standard vape pen can actually be used to vape CBD vape juice, but not oils. However, you may want something that’s designed more for vaping that type of e-liquid as it may function just a bit differently, and offer a vape experienced catered to this type of e-juice. Also, there’s wax pens that are specifically designed for wax, and generally not compatible with anything else such as regular e-liquid.

It’s important to note when looking for these types of vaping hardware, that they’re actually designed for the type of vape you’re actually looking for. The last thing you want is to get something that isn’t compatible with the type of e-liquid or dry herb you want to vape. Since they may all look alike in one way or another, we definitely recommend doing some research beforehand.

Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are another type of vape that’s been gaining quite a bit of popularity as of late as well. There’s also various kinds of disposable vapes as well ranging from disposable pre-filled pods for specific pod vapes, fully disposable pod systems, and even disposable sub ohm tanks to be used with vape mods. 

So, there’s not just one type or shape with this one as it will vary due to the different types of vaping hardware available when it comes to disposables. While many vapers simply dislike this different kind of vape, some actually prefer it as it’s much easier in comparison to replacing coils or filling a new pod. Regardless, it’s still an option when it comes to vaping, and can be for you depending on your needs. You can check out our full list of disposable e-cigarettes to see the different kinds that’s available.

Luxury/High End Vapes

Luxury and high end vapes are the kind of vapes that have been around for quite some time, and not just in vaping devices, but atomizers too. Just like with any other industry, there are higher end vaping devices. They’re usually crafted of unique materials, and made in very small batches from small modders rather than being manufactured in the thousands. For example, a high end device can be crafted of stabilized wood, giving it a unique and one of a kind look. The quality is also much better, and some high end vapes offer customization unlike any other kinds of vape. 

On top of that, luxury vaping devices offer standout performance as they generally offer higher quality materials such as solid silver contacts or powered by more expensive chipsets from brands such as Evolv or Dicodes. There’s more than one type of high end vape mod as well including mechanical tube mods, squonk mods, and much more. If you’re into high end vape gear, then you’ll definitely want to see our favorite luxury vape mods.

E-Cig (E-Cigarette)

An E-Cig or E-Cigarette are the different kinds of vapes you’ll find mostly at gas stations and retail stores. Often times, these are vapes that smokers tend to see first when looking into vaping as they’re easy to find, and almost anywhere really. How you can identify a traditional ecig is the actual form factor as they heavily resemble a cigarette.

Since this is the case, these types of e cigs are incredibly small, and provides a similar feel to a smoker, which does indeed help transition them completely over to vaping. These were some of the first vapes to really hit the market before the trend of high powered box mods, pod systems and other similar vapes. Although these types of vaporizers aren’t nearly as popular as some other vape devices, they’re still kicking around, and a first step for many vapers. If you're not sure which one is a good fit as your first vape, take a look at our best e-cig for making the switch.

Types of Vaping FAQs

Parts of a Vape - How Many?

Depending on the actual vape that you have or looking to purchase will determine how many parts they are of that specific vape. For instance, if you own a pod system or vape pen, there’s typically two parts of that vape, the battery and refillable cartridge or tank. Since batteries are built into the actual device, it’s all enclosed together; therefore reducing the total amount of parts.

However, if we move to something like a vape mod that requires an external battery source such as 18650 batteries, there can be many more parts of a vaporizer. You’d have the battery in whichever size required, a chipset, and an atomizer to attach such as a sub ohm tank. As you get into more advanced vaping gear, there are typically more parts to a vape; hence is why they’re more recommended to someone who has been vaping for some time.

What Are The Best Types Of Vape?

When looking for the best types of vape, it’s typically determined by the brand, design, price, functionality and features. Although this is the case, it all boils down to what you’re looking to get out of your vape. If you’re looking for more clouds, then you’d want to check out some high wattage vaping mods. However, if you’re looking for something stealthy then you might want to check out a pod vape or AIO kit.

It’s really down to preference, and what type of vape experience you want. There’s no right or wrong with any device; although there are some that simply perform better than others. For beginners, vape pens and pod kits are probably the best option as they’re simple to use, and provide a stellar vape experience. When it comes to the experienced vaper, it can be a tough question to answer as what one vaper may want another may not, especially for a veteran vaper.

What Types of Vapes Are Small?

The types of vapes that are small consist of pod systems, vape pens, AIO kits and mini mods. Pods systems can be seen as the smallest out of the bunch as they contain smaller batteries and tank reservoirs. Vape pens are quite small as well, but are generally taller than these other vape types. However, they’re also very thin, so they remain pocket friendly.

AIO kits are slightly larger than the other two simply due to the fact they contain larger batteries, and house larger e-liquid capacity. This may seem like a drawback, but with a small increase of size, you can easily get double the battery life, and capacity. Mini mods are quite different than all of these vapes, since they resemble a vape mod, but in a super small size.

They’re comparable in size to a pod system when it comes to overall size, but can be a bit wider due to the battery. However, once you attach an atomizer, the overall size is generally larger in comparison. Either way, mini vape mods are some of the smallest types of vapes on the market today.

All Vapes - Are There Really That Many?

Like mentioned earlier, vaping can be quite overwhelming at first due to the options available, and some may even be surprised by how many vapes there. With that being said, yes there are they many vapes when considering all vapes available today. Vaping is still quite new as well, but we’ve seen plenty of evolution and upgrades year after year.

While it may be overwhelming, once you get used to the basics, you’ll be just fine and completely understand each and every vape that’s at your disposal. It’s awesome that we do have this many different options when it comes to vaping, as it gives people a wide selection of choices when it comes to quitting smoking.

What's The Most Popular Vaping Device?

When it comes to the most popular vaping device, this tends to change every year. One year might be mech mods being the most popular while other would be vape mods or squonk mods. However, in recent times pod mods are definitely the most popular, especially with the popularity spike of nicotine salt e-juices. These little vapes are stealthy, easy to use and provide a great vape.

Regardless of what’s popular, it comes down to the user on what their preferences are. Although pod systems are incredibly popular, there’s still tons of different devices coming out every month since there’s a demand for them too. So even though one type of vaping is popular, something else might just be the perfect vape for you.

What Vape Should I Buy?

In conclusion, there are many types of vapes out there, and more are being released as we go. With that being said, the question comes up of what vape should I buy? Although it’s not a straightforward answer as we’d like, we can say that the type of vape you should buy should depend on what you’re looking for. If you want a vape for CBD or Dry Herb, then you’ll want a vaporizer catered for that specifically.

If you’re looking for something that's user friendly, and perfect for beginner vapers, then you might want to check out all in one devices or pod kits. It’s all subjective, and will differ from each person as everyone’s needs may be different. Finding the right vape for you can be time consuming, but at least you’re left with all vapes that are currently available on the market, so we hope that decision will come easier for you. If you want to learn more about vaping, then be sure to check out our Vaping 101 Guide, which covers everything you need to know.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and have a better understanding of the different types of vapes. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave one down below! Thanks for reading!

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