Best Vape Mod for Clouds – Helping You Reach the Next Big Level

"I just want to blow big clouds of smoke!" This is the impetus that drives many vapers to pursue advanced hardware and continually scan the web for more powerful gear. It's an admirable goal that I fully endorse, and today I'm going to set you straight with surefire setups that will assist with your cause and let you know what is the best vape mod for clouds!

It's pretty much common knowledge that the best e-liquid for massive clouds has a high VG content. It's thick, enabling the hearty vapor production necessary for powerful draws. The closer to 100% VG you can get, the better.

The thing is, not every vape can handle such high-quality juice. It stands to reason, then, that the best vape mods for clouds are power mods with sub-ohm abilities that fire high and true.

If you don't feel like fiddling around with complicated setups or you're new to vaping, you're going to need a more plug-and-play solution. My recommendation is a powerful box mod or mod kit that come ready made for superior cloud creation. Let's begin.

Best Vapes For Clouds - Our Top 5 Picks


Product Name





big cloud vape setup

Vaporreso Luxe 220w

Two 18650 cells

Temp & Wattage

good vapes for clouds

Smok R-Kiss Kit

Two 18650 cells


best vapes for big clouds

Wismec Reuleaux Tinker

Three 18650 cells

Temp & Wattage

vape mods for clouds

Uwell Crown 4 Kit

Two 18650 cells

Temp & Wattage

best vape mod for big clouds

Smok Mag Grip Kit

One 21700/20700/18650 cell

Temp & Wattage

These are my top five picks for superior cloud production. These options, I feel, balance price, power, and ease-of-use in a way that is accessible to vapers of all stripes and make the best vape mods for cloud chasing.

Whether you're rising up the ranks looking for your first taste of true power, or an OG vaper looking for another piece to add to your collection, you'll want to take a good look at all of them.

Vaporesso Luxe 220w Kit

big cloud vape setup

The Luxe 220w Kit is another gorgeous vape mod kit released by popular vape brand Vaporesso.

Vaporesso's Luxe Mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries and offers the user tons of features such as temperature control mode, smart variable wattage with three preheat functions (soft, normal, hard) and even custom curves for both regular wattage and TC mode. 

Everything can be easily controlled with its beautiful 2 inch full color display touchscreen, which is a nice added bonus. All of your vaping information is clear and can be easily read on this screen.

The SKRR tank was a hit when it was first released, and it has a standard 8ml vape juice capacity. It also has fully adjustable bottom airflow, and a comfortable wide bore drip tip. You do receive two replacement mesh coil heads with the kit, so you’ll be chucking plumes of huge clouds for some time before needing to stock up. Lastly, its overall diameter is 30mm, fitting the Luxe Mod perfectly.

The Vaporesso Luxe 220w Kit is an amazing choice for any vaper looking for something unique while getting the most clouds possible. Its intuitive touch screen system makes it a breeze to configure all of your settings, and since it’s being powered by the OMNI 4.0 board, you’ll be getting an accurate vape experience in both TC and standard mode.

Main Features:

  • Requires 2 High Drain 18650 Batteries
  • Powered By OMNI 4.0 Board
  • Responsive Touchscreen Control & Color Display Screen
  • User Control Suite
  • Includes SKRR Tank & 2 Coils

Smok R-Kiss Kit 200w

good vapes for clouds

Looking for a new setup for cloud chasing? Then the Smok R-Kiss Kit is one you should check out. The included mod is one of the smallest dual 18650 devices available today, and this full kit does come with the new Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Sub Ohm Tank. You can get a maximum wattage output of 200w with this device and the tank can handle up to 130w depending on which coil you’re vaping with.

The R-Kiss Mod also features a large side firing bar, so it’s incredibly comfortable to vape with. You can easily change the wattage output with the two buttons on the face of the mod and there is a large OLED display screen.

Now let's cover the included tank. The TFV8 Baby V2 Tank holds a maximum e-juice capacity of 5ml and has an overall diameter of 30mm. Airflow does come in from the bottom, and is fully adjustable. 

Easily, this one of the best vape for clouds currently available today and one of the cheapest options available too! With a high 200w output and the tank can handle up to 130w, you’ll be blowing tons of huge clouds. You can choose between 5 different colors and each choice comes with a matching tank and wide bore drip tip, making it a great option for any cloud chaser.

Main Features:

  • 200w Maximum Wattage Output
  • Ultra Compact Form Factor
  • Includes Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Tank
  • 5ml E-Juice Capacity
  • Powered By Dual 18650 Batteries

Wismec Reuleax Tinker 300w Kit

best vapes for big clouds

The new Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit is a must buy when looking to blow plumes of vapor, and there's many reasons why. Firstly, the Tinker Box Mod requires 3 high drain 18650 batteries, and has a massive power output of 300w! Although it takes 3 batteries, it still is rather compact and incredibly comfortable to hold thanks to its signature Reuleaux shape design. Like many other mods, it allows you to control the temperature along with tons of built-in safety features.

The tank that’s included is the new Wismec Column Sub Ohm Tank. This atomizer sports an overall diameter of 28mm and has a maximum e-juice capacity of 6.5ml. You can easily fill it since it has a simple threaded top fill design, and included in this kit you do receive two 0.15 ohm mesh coil heads. The wide bore 810 drip tip is comfortable, and perfect for chasing clouds thanks to its massive size. Last feature on this tank is the bottom airflow which can be adjusted to your liking, but we prefer to keep it wide open when turning up the wattage.

Those of you in need of a mod capable of tons of power and a solid performing tank, then the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker 300w Kit is definitely worth considering. With 3 batteries you’ll get through the entire day of vaping, and the flavor from the included tank and coils are top notch.

Main Features:

  • Powered By 3 High Drain 18650 Batteries
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 300w
  • Temperature Control Suite
  • Includes Column Sub Ohm Tank
  • 6.5ml E-Juice Capacity

Uwell Crown 4 Starter Kit

vape mods for clouds

Another excellent starter kit for getting a ton of cloud production is the newest kit made by Uwell, the Crown 4 Starter Kit. The Crown 4 Mod is a dual battery box mod that has a power output of 200w. This device has temperature control for many wires and features a large OLED display screen. Not to mention, it looks more like a luxury vape mod although it doesn’t cost nearly as much.

The Crown 4 Sub Ohm Tank comes with this Kit and has many standout features. For one, it has a large 28mm diameter. Therefore; due to its size and bubble glass tank section, it holds a maximum e-juice capacity of 6ml and can be filled with the top fill ports. In addition, this atomizer includes two replacement mesh coil heads, which are the 0.2 ohm dual coil and 0.4 ohm dual coil. Both are rated at 60w to 80w. Even though it’s not super high wattage, you’ll still get plenty of clouds as they are pretty efficient. 

The Uwell Crown 4 Starter Kit not only looks good, it performs great too. It doesn’t have the absolute highest amount of wattage available on the market today, but the included coils will provide tons of vapor, and flavor, pretty much giving you the best of both worlds!

Main Features:

  • Luxury Design
  • Powered By 2 High Drain 18650 Batteries
  • Includes Uwell Crown 4 Tank
  • 6ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Top Fill System

Smok Mag Grip Starter Kit

best vape mod for big clouds

The Smok Mag Grip Starter Kit is the newest version of the popular Smok Mag Line. This kit includes a completely redesigned mod, that makes it even more ergonomic and comfortable in your hand.

As a full setup, it includes both the Mag Grip Mod and Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Sub Ohm Tank. However, you can get the mod alone if you'd prefer. 

The Grip mod is powered by a single 21700, 20700 or 18650 battery and has a unique battery tray design, allowing you to quickly change out the battery. You can reach a maximum of 100w which is quite impressive since it’s a single battery mod.

Smok's TFV8 Baby V2 is also the newest tank from this company. This time around, they gave this tank a 30mm diameter and a 5ml e-juice capacity, which is plenty. You can fill this tank with the hinged top fill design as seen with many other Smok mods. You do receive two replacement coil heads, which are the Baby V2 A1 Coil Head and the other is the Baby V2 A2 Coil Head.

Smok's Mag Grip Kit is an excellent cloud chasing kit. You can use the newer 21700 batteries with this one which means longer battery life, and more wattage! The included vape tank is one of the best from Smok to date, and it’ll provide you with stellar flavor and clouds!

Main Features:

  • Powered By Single 21700/20700/18650 Battery
  • 100w Maximum Ouput Wattage
  • Unique Battery Tray Design
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Kit Includes Tank & 2 Coil Heads

Best Mod For Clouds

Steam Crave Titan Mod

big cloud vape mods

Here’s a great mod for your cloud chasers, the Steam Crave Titan PWM Mod. This beast of a device requires 4 high drain 18650 batteries for operation, and can be turned up to a whopping 300w! The wattage can be easily adjusted with its rotating dial on the side and unlike other PWM devices on the market, this one does feature a screen which informs you of your current voltage setting, resistance and power output.

It does have a maximum voltage output of 8.4v, and best of all, it can house atomizers up to 40mm in diameter! So you can literally throw any of the Best RDAs on this monster and you’ll chuck massive clouds in no time. Not to mention, it has a full suite of safety features including short circuit protection, low voltage protection, overcurrent protection, over temperature protection and more!

If you’re in need of one of the best vape for clouds, then you might want to check out the Titan PWM 300w Mod by Steam Crave. It’s built to last long and provides you with tons of power while being super easy to use. 

Main Features:

  • Requires 4 High Drain 18650 Batteries
  • Maximum Output Wattage: 300w
  • Maximum Ouput Voltage: 8.4
  • Many Safety Features
  • Houses Atomizers up To 40mm In Diameter

Asmodus Lustro

If you’re looking to blow massive vape clouds, then this might be the perfect choice, because the Asmodus Lustro Box Mod has all the features you need.

This device requires 2 high drain 18650 batteries, and has a maximum wattage output of 200w. Asmodus’ Lustro is powered by the GT Hut 200 Touch Screen Chip Set. If enjoy temperature control, it supports Ti, Ni and SS wires.

The Lustro Box Mod has a touch screen display allowing you to easily toggle through the settings by swiping, and pressing the screen. Right above the display screen lies a large fire button with the signature Asmodus design. Speaking of the fire button, when you press it a LED light glows as you vape. Not to mention, it does feature an IR sensor, allowing you to adjust settings by waving your hand! You can always toggle this off if preferred. 

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a new vape mod that is great for cloud chasing, then the Asmodus Lustro is a great choice. It has an easy interface to learn, multiple safety features and provides a ton of power while keeping a small form factor.

Main Features:

  • Powered By 2 High Drain 18650 Batteries
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 200w
  • Touch Screen Display
  • LED Light
  • Optional IR (Infrared) Sensor For Hands Free Adjustments 

Best Vape Kit For Clouds

Freemax Twister Kit

biggest cloud vape pen

If you are looking for a vape pen style vape starter kit, then the new Freemax Twister Kit is one you should check out. This kit includes the new Freemax Twister Mod and Freemax Fireluke 2 Sub Ohm Tank. The mod uses an internal 2000mAh battery and has a large fire button on the front. It does have a maximum wattage output of 80w and can be adjusted by the knob at the bottom of the device, which is not something that’s often seen with this style of device.

The Fireluke 2 sports an overall diameter of 24mm and includes two mesh coils. The original FireLuke was considered by many one of the best sub ohm tanks available, and with this new version, they’ve topped it. Each of the included coils are rated from 40w to 90w. You can easily fill this 4.5ml tank using the sliding top fill design. Lastly, this tank is made from stainless steel material and includes a wide bore anti-spitback drip tip.

All in all, if you are looking for a solid performing vape starter kit that’s easy to travel with and will give you a lot of vapor production then this is definitely worth considering adding to your collection. The pen-like design makes it easy to pack in a bag or pocket and you can charge it virtually via a its micro USB port.

Main Features:

  • Simple Single Button Operation
  • Adjustable Wattage
  • Includes Fireluke 2 Tank
  • Up To 4.5ml E-Juice Capacity
  • 2 Mesh Coils Included

Innokin Plexar Kit

vape pens with big clouds

Innokin is known for some of the best performing beginner kits, but this is by far their most powerful pen style kit ever released. There's many reasons as to why this is to be considered one of the best vape for clouds which we'll cover below.

Firstly, it comes with the new Plexar device and Plex sub ohm tank, which are two of their newest releases. 

The device features a smart mechanical style system which provided you with power depending on the state of the battery. Speaking about batteries, it can be powered with either a single 20700 or 18650 battery (with included adapter). It does feature pass-through charging, but we highly recommend charging your batteries with a vape battery charger.

What makes the Plex one of the best sub ohm tanks is the included Scion Plex3D coils which feature their new Plex3D mesh technology. These coils perform incredibly well when it comes to both flavor and vapor, and best of all they last pretty long! It also features a fully adjustable bottom airflow design alongside a push to fill top fill system. Lastly, it holds a maximum e-liquid capacity of 4ml.

All in all, the Innokin Plexar Kit is an amazing piece of vape hardware. It performs well in regards to flavor and vapor, and it’s very affordable, so you’ll be blow plumes of clouds without breaking the bank! 

Main Features:

  • Powered By Single 20700/18650 Battery (Adapter Included)
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 100w
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 4ml
  • Pass-Through Charging Capabilitis (1.5A)
  • Plex3D Mesh Technology

Smok Stick V9 Max

big cloud vape setup

Here’s another Smok kit that’s considered one of the best vape for clouds, the Smok Stick V9 Max.

It’s a simple and easy to use kit which is perfect for those vapers looking to start their journey into cloud chasing. This kit includes the Smok Stick V9 Max device and the Stick V9 Max Sub Ohm Tank. 

The included device has a simple single firing button and it can be turned on or off with a simple 5 clicks of the fire button. It boasts a large 4,000mAh internal battery, so it’ll easily last throughout the work day.

The included V9 Max Tank has a massive 8.5ml e-liquid capacity, which can be filled in mere seconds with the top fill system. It does have huge bottom airflow ports, and it can be adjusted by simply turning the airflow control ring. The wide bore drip tip is perfect for chasing clouds and since it’s constructed of delrin, it won’t get hot on you even while chain vaping.

If you’re after a new kit that’s super simple to use and will provide with massive amounts of clouds with very little effort, then the Smok Stick V9 Max is the perfect kit for you. With its 8.5ml capacity, you won’t be filling often and the 4,000mAh battery will have you vaping for hours upon end before needing a recharge. 

Main Features:

  • 4,000mAh Battery
  • Massive 8.5ml Capacity
  • Single Button Operation
  • Triple Adjustable Airflow Slots
  • Two Replacement Coils Included


If you want massive clouds, you need big power, and the box mods on today's list all fit the bill.

All are a great value for a cloud chaser, just remember that you'll have to drop some cash for those batteries as well. 

If you're comfortable with the two-cell setup, go with the Kanger or Smok models. If you want assurance that you needs will be met, get a three cell. My favorite is the Reuleaux, but any of these mods will make a fine addition to any vape arsenal!

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