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Geekvape is a well known brand, but ever since the release of the original Aegis device, it has really taken them to the next level. Even up to a point where the Aegis lineup is taking on a life of its own, similar to what we’ve see with other subsidiary companies.

The Geek vape Aegis series is popular for many reasons, whether it’s the incredible durability, affordable price point or performance. With how many raving reviews and new Aegis devices being released, are they all really that good and do they live up to the hype? Or have they just built a fan base that simply follows every step they take no matter what Aegis is released on the market?

Geekvape History

Before Geekvape was the massive vape brand it is today and filling up plenty of shelves in both brick and motor and online vape shops, they were quite smaller. Originating back in 2015, Geekvape entered the vaping market with a set of products that, at that point in time, that really made an impact.

It all started with their Tsunami and Griffin rebuildable atomizers. Aiming at delivering an easy yet flavorful vape experience, it delivered exactly what vapers needed.

Geekvape history

Fast-forward a few years and Geekvape has successfully implemented their mission of becoming one of the most reputable vape companies in the world. Releasing product after product to satisfy the needs of the vast majority of vapers throughout the years, they generated 30 million customers worldwide.

This vape brand was also able to contribute to society by providing ex-smokers with a way to live a healthier lifestyle. Geekvape is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, but caters to vapers all over the world. 

Popular Aegis Products

Moving onto what can be seen as one of Geekvape’s subsidiary companies, the Aegis products. Whether using built-in rechargeable batteries or utilizing vape batteries that require an external vape charger, the Aegis lineup has something for everyone. So, let’s look at some of the most the respected Aegis devices from both the past and present.

Aegis X

One of the most popular products from this massive lineup is the Aegis X. This version took their existing dual battery layout and improved upon the design. For one, it sported a larger screen that’s easier to see and it's simply gorgeous to look at. Clearly seeing all of your vaping information is crucial!

Aegis x,

Two key features of the Aegis X (and probably the most important) are the 510 connection placement and the ergonomics. This combination meant not only a comfortable vaping experience, but your larger atomizers (up to 30mm) sit flush with zero overhang. There’s not many dual battery layout mods that accomplishes this. Mix all of this together with the wonderful chipset of the Aegis X, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Geekvape Aegis Solo

While Geekvape was primarily focused at first with just delivering durable devices, the Aegis Solo, took them into an entirely different direction. However, the Aegis Solo Kit still remained quite durable, but just offered in a much smaller form factor.

Additionally, it was powered by a single battery rather than having a dual battery layout. This was a big change and shift from their massive 200w Starter Kit variants. Even with its drastic change from the other popular Aegis Mods, you still had the temperature control functionality which provided use of nickel alongside Ti and SS.

Aegis solo

What can be said for sure, the Geekvape Aegis Solo did satisfy the needs of many vapers who preferred lower wattage and MTL vaping alongside a stealthy size. It had its place and many fans of the Aegis brand were happy. 

After the success of the Aegis Solo Mod, Geekvape started delivering more compact devices and as the trend shifted in the coming years, they adapted.

Geek Vape Aegis Pod System

Unlike the vast majority of Aegis mods, this features a built-in rechargeable battery. It makes sense given that the Aegis Pod was incredibly small and catered to higher nicotine e-liquids such as nicotine salts. However, it still offered that durability the Aegis series is known for.

Since many vape pods on the market are relatively fragile, the Aegis Pod System offered vapers something they could rely on on a daily basis without costing much. While it’s not the most powerful that we’ve seen from Aegis, it’s simplicity and durability attracted many fans.

Aegis Legend Mod 200w

You couldn’t do an Aegis review or a list of popular products from this lineup without mentioning the Geekvape Aegis Legend 200w. This device is the top choice for many vapers.

Like the Aegis X, it does require two high drain batteries, so you’d need an external battery charger. However, it came first and delivered just as good of a vape while being slightly cheaper. 

Aegis legend mod 200w

There was a standard variant alongside the Aegis Legend Limited Edition, but those were harder to get of course. On top of that, you had a plethora of color options to choose from, something Geekvape as a brand is well known for.

While some preferred the Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod, other vapers enjoyed the full starter kit. Either way, the Aegis Legend kit and mod are still some of the most popular options today.

Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus

With the Aegis series becoming more of its own brand and playing a major part of Geekvape’s growth, they launched the original Aegis Boost Pod Mod. This variant offered a rechargeable battery and was highly sought after by many vapers across the globe.

Although that’s true, there were still some that wanted the flexibility of being able to replace the battery. Enter the Aegis Boost Plus, which provided a similar aesthetic design, but offered users the power of a single high drain 18650 battery.

The actual pod cartridge design was improved also, allowing for a more convenient option than other pod vapes. Still using the Aegis Boost coils, it provided excellent flavor and versatility. On top of that, a rebuildable option became available, saving experienced vapers more cash down the road since they were able to use their own set of coils. This was another product from the Aegis series that took the market by storm.

Aegis Products Reviewed

Now that we’ve covered some of the most popular Geek Vape Aegis products, let’s dive deeper with an Aegis review.

Geekvape Aegis Review (Original 26650)

The original Aegis Mod, which housed a massive 26650 battery is what kicked off the popularity of the brand. Built like a tank with a size to match, this was the mod to get at the time of release.

Even with its bulky size, you’d be able to fit it in your pocket comfortably and reap the benefits of a device that could literally be thrown across the room or dunked in water, and still work just fine. We were thoroughly impressed with our review.

Aegis 26650

Delivering a maximum wattage output of 100w and equipped with a chipset that had use of nickel and other TC wire materials meant that it basically had everything you’d want. While this wasn’t a 200w Starter Kit like we’ve seen recently, it was their initial step into something greater.

There weren't many, if any, box mods on the market that could say the same when the Geek Vape Aegis 26650 released. It was an incredible feat for this brand and seriously made the competition rethink their designs for the future.

Geekvape Aegis Kit Review (26650)

When we reviewed the Aegis Kit, we were lucky enough to be able to do so with the Halloween special edition. Sporting a color theme to match the season, the Aegis Kit delivered everything you’d expect: durability, power, performance and usability. 

Included in this Geek Vape Aegis kit was the Shield Tank. Paired with this sub ohm tank, the Aegis became (at that time), one of our favorite starter kits to use. There weren’t any worries of knocking it over, the tank never leaked and the coil performance was incredible.

Thanks to its larger size, the Aegis 26650 Mod was able to house larger atomizers with ease. This was yet again, pretty much unheard of with single battery devices. While it’s not as ideal as using these atomizers with a 200w Starter Kit, it was still an amazing feature. Overall, we were just as impressed with the full kit as we were with the mod only. It was a perfect pairing.

VC's Aegis Deals

While there’s a lot to love with the Geek Vape Aegis series, saving cash on any of them is best for your wallet. Here are Vaping Cheap’s Aegis deals.

Aegis X Deal

First up is the Aegis X, which we were able to source some pretty substantial discounts on. Whether you’re looking for the mod only or the entire 200w starter kit, we’ve got you covered. Check out our deal post or use coupon VAPOR25 below to get your Aegis X 25% off.

Aegis Boost Deal

With the Aegis Boost becoming a favorite among many vapers and some even wanting more than one for their collection, we set out to find the best prices on this device. Thankfully, we were able to source amazing discounts with exclusive promo codes in our Aegis Boost deal post. Or check below using code VAPOR25 for 25% off.

Geekvape Aegis Legend 200w Deal

Just as popular as the Aegis X, the Legend is highly sought after by many vapers looking for a reliable yet affordable dual battery layout mod. It’s gotten even cheaper over time too, allowing us vapers to get even more savings on both the Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod, and the full 200w Starter Kit. Take an additional 15% off the sale price with code BEST15.

Geekvape Aegis Max

One of Geekvape’s newer devices, the Aegis Max finally offered something that many vapers asked for - a durable mod that was dedicated to using the larger 21700 battery size. With these newer rechargeable batteries becoming more popular than ever before, it was only a matter of time before Geekvape introduced this to the market.

Although newer, we were still able to find vape coupons in our Aegis Max deal post which saved vapers tons of cash. Visit there or buy one below with code VC10.

Geekvape Aegis Solo Deal

With how popular the Aegis Solo Mod and Kit has become, we made sure to lock down the best prices for our readers. With that being said, check out our post or see below with coupon VAPOR25 to get one for yourself without breaking the bank.

Geekvape Aegis Hero

The absolute newest device in this lineup is the Aegis Hero. Sporting a completely different form factor than their Aegis Boost, it’s more of an AIO kit than anything. We recently posted a deal with nearly 50% off. Save and buy one below with coupon code HERO.


Every Aegis review that comes out, there has been nothing but good things to be said. The fact that you can have a vaping device that’s dustproof, shockproof and waterproof speaks to how far the vaping industry has come. While Geekvape started off small years ago, they’ve grown, to the point that the Aegis brand now resembles a full-blown brand at this point.

Geek Vape really changed the game with the Aegis series and continue to do so every time they release a new one. Whether it’s a pod mod, 200w starter kit, box mod or even an accessory, vapers across the globe can’t wait to get it in their hands.

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