Vaporesso XROS Review

Small and ultra slim pod systems have always remained something many vapers wanted. Whether it's the portability, stealthy form factor or vape experience, this style of device has been in demand. Although that’s the case, not all devices are equal and many are often lackluster, especially when it comes to power and flavor delivery. With that being said, finding one that’ll check all the boxes can be a difficult task.

Popular vape brand Vaporesso is back, yet again, with another device, the XROS. Ever since we released our preview, we were looking forward to getting our hands on it to see if it delivers everything we’d want from a slim pod system. So how does it fare in the crowded space of pods? We’ll let you know in our full Vaporesso XROS review.

Vaporesso XROS Primary Features

To kick off this review, just like any other we’ve done, we’ll look at the key features you’ll find with the XROS Pod System by Vaporesso. There’s quite a few that are unique, so let’s get started!

  • 800mAh Capacity Built-In Battery
  • USB Type-C Charging Port
  • 1A Charging Speed
  • Adjustable Airflow System
  • Small and Lightweight Design
  • Dual Firing Mechanism (Draw Activated & Button)
  • Powered By Axon Chipset
  • New Well-Developed Mesh Coil Pod
  • Clamshell Top Fill System
  • Visible Pod Cartridge (While Installed)
  • Ergonomic Mouthpiece
  • User Friendly (Easy to Use)

Vaporesso XROS First Impressions

The XROS Pod Kit by Vaporesso comes in a sleek yet simple packaging, similar to what we saw in our latest Gen S Review. As mentioned there, this is not a bad thing whatsoever as they’re packaging is excellent. Aside from it keeping everything safe and secure inside, it shows you everything you need to know right on the outside. On the front of the box, you’ll see key features we mentioned above and on the back you’ll see specifications and what’s inside.

Speaking of, once you slide open the box, you’re met with the XROS pod system. It looks exactly as it does in pictures. It’s super sleek looking and honestly looks way more expensive than it really is. Even when holding it in my hands, I get the same feeling.

The build quality on the Vaporesso XROS is superb and second to none. Although this is true, it still remains pretty lightweight, so there aren’t any issues whatsoever when it comes to portability. The actual size isn’t that large either. I thought it’d be bigger, especially considering that it holds a larger 800mAh battery. There’s also minimal branding and the branding that does exist is done right. This contributes to the luxury feel and look of the pod mod. On the front, you’ll see "Vaporesso" and that’s it. 

Vaporesso xros pod review

On this same side is where the firing button is locatedl Something I’ll mention right away is that you can completely turn this device off when not in use. A simple 5 clicks will turn it on or off. While this is often overlooked, I think this is a huge bonus. I love the fact that I can turn it off when I’m not using it. Below the firing button is the LED light indicator, which we’ll cover a bit more later.

Now, one of the primary features of the Vaporesso XROS and what I’m looking forward to most, is the adjustable airflow system. It’s on the opposite side of the firing button and the design is very simple. Slide the lever to the left to close it off and to the right to open it back up. When looking at other pod vapes on the market, it’s not a feature you’ll see often, so I’m happy Vaporesso listened, once again, to us vapers and added something we’ve always wanted.

Something else they implemented in the XROS and again what we vapers want on any vape device is USB type-C charging. Thank you Vaporesso! Not only is this much more convenient over micro USB, but safer and quicker.

Inside the box, you’ll also get two replacement pod cartridges. One is a 0.8 ohm mesh while the other is a 1.2 ohm mesh. While this isn’t new technology, Vaporesso does state that it’s well-developed. With that being said, I was eager to try them out and see if it really is as good as they state it to be. You also get the other usual things that come with the packaging, including the charging cable, warranty card, reminder card and user manual.

Vaporesso XROS Performance

The Vaporesso XROS promises a lot when it comes to the performance. So, let’s dig right into it and find out if it really is the next best pod device!

Airflow Adjustments

Before getting into flavor and vapor, we’ll dig into the airflow adjustments on the XROS vape pod. Like mentioned previously, this is something that's often missed on a LOT of other pod devices, which is a shame. Adjustable airflow is something we’ve come to expect with any atomizer or vape, especially in 2020. While it may not be needed for everyone, it’s just nice to have to tighten or loosen the draw to your preference.

With the airflow wide open on the Vaporesso XROS pod system, it’s still a mouth to lung vape experience. However, it’s slightly on the loose side, but still not direct lung. You can try, but honestly if you’re into direct lung vaping, then you might be better off with the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE as there are coils available that will better suit your needs. While this may be a con for some vapers, it’s a pro in my book.

Sticking to one type of vape experience rather than being the jack of all trades can often times lead to a better product. As you tighten the airflow, it becomes even more restrictive and delivers a true mouth to lung vape. You can literally completely close it, but honestly that’s just way too tight. My preferred way to vape the Vaporesso XROS was with two airflow holes open, which is just about one third closed as it does have a total of three airflow ports.

Vaporesso xros vape pod kit vaporesso xros review

Ease of Use & Convenience

Something else we have to mention before diving into the pod performance is how easy and convenient the Vaporesso XROS is. For one, there’s a dual firing mechanism. What this means is what there’s two different ways you can vape on the XROS. The first and expected way is draw activated firing. Simply go to take a vape and as you draw, it will automatically fire. The second way is by pressing the button on the front, which is the more traditional way. Firing happens immediately either way. I’m so used to draw activated firing system on pod systems that I mostly stuck to this option. However, it’s great that there’s both available to you!

The next awesome feature is the filling system, which is what Vaporesso calls clamshell top fill. Having this type of fill method, like sub ohm tanks, is incredibly convenient. While you won’t be filling these pods as much as other atomizers, it’s still a nice feature to have.

Now, Vaporesso claims that you can fill this pod with one hand and it is doable. Personally, I just found it easier and quicker to use both hands. To fill, you push the mouthpiece off to reveal two filling ports. Proceed to fill with your preferred e-liquid, either freebase or nicotine salt and then put the mouthpiece back. It does click into place and is secure, so there aren’t any worries about it coming off by accident. Each pod does hold 2ml of vape juice, which is the average and TPD compliant.

Type-C charging deserves some praise here too. As mentioned earlier, it’s just much better than other charging methods. However, the charging port is located on the bottom. I would have loved to see it on the side or front. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but certainly worth mentioning as I know there’s some vapers who absolutely despise this.

Thankfully, charging is done quite quickly, as expected. In about an hour, you can expect a fully charged 800mAh battery. Speaking of, this can certainly last you all day on a single charge. I even went three days with on and off usage before needing to charge it. When charging it, the LED light indicator will light up green once it’s finished. Also, while you’re vaping the XROS, it will light up as well. If it’s green, you’ve still got a rather full battery. When it’s down to the blue color, this means you’re around the half battery life. The red color indicates that the battery is near depleted and you should charge it.

Last, but certainly not least, another convenient feature on the Vaporesso XROS is the visible pod cartridge. This means that one quick glance at your pod, you can tell whether it’s full or empty and in need of a refill. Not many pod devices offer this either, so it’s definitely a nice addition. 

0.8 ohm Mesh Pod Cartridge

The first Vaporesso XROS pod I wanted to test was definitely the 0.8 ohm, just like I did when I reviewed the Xtra pod system. The slightly lower resistance typically leads to a warmer vape experience and that’s exactly what I got from this specific cartridge.

Since the XROS is powered by the popular AXON chipset, which we also saw with their Gen Nano, it allows this device to deliver 16w with this specific pod cartridge installed. This is more than enough to deliver a satisfying MTL vape. The draw is perfect as well and silky smooth no matter where the airflow control is positioned. What’s even better is how quiet it is!

Moving onto the flavor. WOW! The flavor on the Vaporesso XROS is phenomenal! Seriously, I was blown away by how great the flavor is. I know many vapers will now ask: Vaporesso XROS vs Uwell Caliburn - which one is better? Without a doubt the XROS wins out in regard to flavor. I’m sorry Caliburn fans, but I think we’ve got a clear winner here with the XROS. Easily, this is some of the best flavor I’ve had from any refillable pod cartridge, so when Vaporesso says "well-developed mesh coils", I believe them.

I’ve also refilled the XROS 0.8 ohm mesh pod quite a few times now and I do not see any signs of this coil burning out. That’s impressive to say the least, especially since I’m using a rather sweet e-liquid. As always when it comes to the lifespan of pod cartridges, it will vary based on the e-liquid you’re using, so keep that in mind!

Vaporesso xros pod kit vaporesso xros review

1.2 ohm XROS Pod Cartridge

Next up is the Vaporesso XROS 1.2 ohm pod cartridge, which is the spare you’ll get in the packaging. You easily tell which pod is which by simply looking near the bottom. The 0.8 ohm says the resistance and is red towards the bottom. This variant is all black and states 1.2 ohm on the bottom.

Moving on, I expected to get somewhat of a cooler vape experience with this one due to the higher resistance, but I was certainly proven wrong. With this pod, the XROS will deliver 11w and you do get a rather warm vape. It’s not as warm as the 0.8 ohm pod, but it is still satisfying.

Flavor on the 1.2 ohm pod cartridge is also excellent and surprised me once again. Vapor production is as you’d expect with a mouth to lung device. It’s plenty enough for this style of vape. While I did prefer the 0.8 ohm XROS pod cartridge due to the slightly warmer vape, that doesn’t take away how great this one performs. Either way you’ll be satisfied.

Something I do want to mention that happened quite a few times, especially when first using the XROS is that I’d accidentally cover the airflow when vaping. Depending on how you’re vaping the XROS and where your finger lies on the device, you can cover it. This is more prone to happening when using the firing button, but as I used this device I naturally just held it differently, so I know I wouldn’t cover the airflow by accident. If you decide to vape with the airflow closed completely, this isn’t an issue.

Vaporesso XROS Pros & Cons


  • Luxurious Build Quality
  • Excellent & Consistent Performance
  • USB Type-C Charging Port
  • Easy Top Fill System
  • Dual Firing Mechanism (Draw Activated & Button)
  • Fully Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Axon Chipset with Multiple Protections


  • Charge Port On Bottom
  • Can Sometimes Cover Airflow When Vaping

XROS Pod System Review Conclusion

To summarize, I’m a huge fan of the Vaporesso XROS and it has become my new go-to pod device. It delivers incredible flavor, super easy to use, can be filled quickly thanks to its clamshell top fill system and offers an authentic mouth to lung vape experience. When it comes to a pod system, the XROS delivers everything you would want including adjustable airflow control (AFC)!

As always, nothing is absolutely perfect, but this one is pretty close! The charging port on the bottom is a minor inconvenience and like mentioned previously, charging it doesn’t take long at all. Additionally, it’s type-C! When it comes to covering the airflow ports, that happens much less as you continue use the XROS. It’s also a minor inconvenience and should not deter you from giving this a shot, trust me!

There’s just so much to love with this pod device! Vaporesso really delivered with the XROS and it does indeed live up to the hype. With that being said, I absolutely recommend the Vaporesso XROS pod mod, especially if you enjoy mouth to lung vaping and pod systems. I highly doubt you would be disappointed with it, it really is that good. If you enjoy a more traditional starter kit, check out the GTX One by Vaporesso.

I hope you enjoyed our Vaporesso XROS review! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below! We look forward to hearing from you vapers! Thanks for reading!

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