Freeton F-Resin Pro 2 Max 2 Review

Ever since Freeton Vape has entered the vaping industry, they’ve made it clear to take a different approach to the standard disposable vape bar that we normally see. It’s often that we see vape bars that look or function the same, and just offer different flavor options, and even in some cases, similar flavors.

That hasn’t been the case with Freeton, when we last reviewed their F-Resin Max Disposable Vape. Freeton is now back with a version two of that disposable, and we’re here to review not only the F-Resin Max 2, but their F-Resin Pro 2 Vape Bar. Featuring a similar look and gorgeous resin body, does it offer the performance to match its looks? We’ll cover that and more in our Freeton F-Resin Pro 2 and Max 2 Review.

Freeton F-Resin Pro 2 & Max 2 Features:

As always, before jumping into any vape review we do, let’s cover the features of the product. In this case, we’re looking at both the F-Resin Pro 2 and Max 2. While they look quite similar, there are some minor differences.

Freeton F-Resin Max 2

  • Unique resin body
  • Transparent mouthpiece
  • 3-level adjustable airflow design
  • Auto-draw firing system
  • 18ml e-juice capacity
  • Mesh coil
  • 8,000 puffs
  • Salt nicotine strength options: 20mg or 50mg
  • 600mAh rechargeable battery
  • USB type-c charging port

Freeton F-Resin Pro 2

  • Resin body design
  • Clear mouthpiece
  • 3-level adjustable airflow system
  • 12ml e-liquid capacity
  • 600mAh battery capacity
  • USB type-c charging
  • 5,000 puffs
  • Nicotine strength options: 20mg or 50mg salt
  • Draw activated firing
  • Mesh coil

First Impressions

As with our first impressions of their previous products, such as their DV1 and DV2, Freeton vape’s packaging is perfect. It has all the information on the box, so all you need to know is clearly there right before you open it. This includes the flavor option, the resin design, nicotine strength, the usual nicotine warning and more. Nothing to really complain about here!

Once you open up the box and slide out either the Freeton F-Resin Pro 2 or Max 2, you’re greeted with the vape bar. By far, the most standout feature is the resin body. This isn’t normally something you’ll see with other disposable vapes and aesthetically speaking, Freeton’s devices certainly stands out from the rest. The resin is simply gorgeous, and best of all, each flavor will have a different resin body, so they’re all unique. You’ll often see this with box mods, but never with vape bars, that’s for sure.

Img 8003 freeton f-resin pro 2 max 2 review

Now, while there are many similarities between the F-Resin Pro 2 and F-Resin Max 2, there are some key differences. One of them is the actual size. As you’d expect, the max version is the larger of the two, which means more e-liquid packed inside, and more puffs. However, the smaller brother, the F-Resin Pro 2 certainly packs plenty with 12ml. We’ll say though, both are quite a bit larger than other vape bars, and depending on your needs this can be a negative, since they won’t be as stealthy as some others.

Both the adjustable airflow system and type-c charging port are located at the bottom. Moving the airflow lever is easy, and you’ll notice a difference between them, especially with the tightest airflow setting. Definitely a pro, as that’s not a traditional feature on vape bars. While we do wish the charging port was at the bottom, it’s not the biggest issue.

All in all, first impressions were excellent! The resin body on both the Freeton F-Resin Max 2 and Pro 2 are stunning. The size may be a drawback, but you can’t deny how awesome these designs are.

Freeton F-Resin Max 2 & Pro 2 Flavor Review

While these disposables look absolutely amazing, the most important question is do they offer the performance to match? Before jumping into the flavor review for the Freeton F-Resin Max 2 and Pro 2 vape bars, it’s important to note here that flavor is subjective. What one vaper may enjoy, another may not. Let’s jump in!

Mango Ice

When it comes to popular e-juices, especially fruit flavors, mango is certainly one of them. It’s a delicious flavor that’s simply easy to vape all day. While we’ve seen many mango flavors with different twists, Mango Ice available in the Freeton F-Resin Max 2 and Pro 2 lineup is true to the name. This is a very straightforward flavor, but done very well.

On both the inhale and exhale, you’ll get a great mango flavor. On the exhale is where you’ll notice the ice in the name, but it’s not overwhelming. It certainly helps smooth out the vape and compliments the natural mango fruit note. Fans of mango flavors will like this one, as it tastes exactly as you’d imagine it, a true mango flavor.

Raspberry Watermelon

Freeton’s Raspberry Watermelon is another great flavor and catered to vapers who enjoy fresh fruits. On the inhale of this one, you’ll most taste the watermelon. As you exhale is where you’ll start to notice the raspberry flavor almost immediately, and then you’re left with watermelon again at the end.

This is an excellent blend of two fruit notes, and each taste natural. They also complement each other very well, and a lot better than expected. At the end of the vape, where you get that last taste of watermelon, it leaves you wanting for more. There is a cooling effect here as well, but it’s a bit more subtle in comparison to their Mango Ice.

Img 8006 freeton f-resin pro 2 max 2 review

All in all, this is an all day vape for us. It’s a wonderful fruit blend, that’s perfect in hotter weather. It’s refreshing, natural tasting and smooth. You can’t go wrong with getting one of these in your rotation.

Blue Razz

The tried and true Blue Razz flavor is one we have seen more often than not, and there’s good reason for it! While this is true, some brands, such as Freeton like to add a little twist, just to change it up and separate this flavor from the sea of blue raspberry flavors you’ll find.

Firstly, this is not as sweet as you might think, which can be a good thing. For some vapers, blue razz can be way too sweet, and Freeton did a good job here toning down the sweet flavor notes. While you still get some sweetness, you’ll also get that tartness you’ll find with some berries. Both the inhale and exhale is the same blue razz flavor, but the tartness comes in right at the end. It’s unique and different from the others we’ve tried.

While we do enjoy Blue Razz in the Freeton F-Resin Pro 2 and Max 2, we do wish it was a little bit sweeter. That’s not to say we wouldn’t vape this all day, though, as we certainly would. If you enjoy a more subtle sweetness in blue razz flavors, give this one a shot.

Pink Lemonade

Another flavor that thrives in Summer is Pink Lemonade, especially if it’s tasty, and that’s exactly what you’ll get here. This is also straightforward, but that’s certainly not a bad thing, as Freeton has delivered with this flavor profile in their F-Resin Pro 2 and Max 2 lineup.

When you inhale and exhale, you’ll get a sweet pink lemonade flavor with a cooling effect. It’s incredibly refreshing, especially when out and about on a hot day. It’s sweetened just enough to satisfy any vaper’s sweet tooth, although we’ll say this leans more on the sweeter side. Furthermore, it’s very smooth too, with no burning or stinging, even at 50mg salt nicotine.

Every time you take a vape of this flavor, you’re immediately wanting more, it’s that good. Well done, Freeton on this disposable vape! Highly recommended and definitely an all day vape for us.

Peach Ice

Peach is yet another fruit flavor that’s great in the Spring or Summer months, but one that can be vaped all year round. Now, with many disposables, this can lean one of two ways, either candy like or natural tasting. With that said, this flavor from Freeton’s F-Resin Max 2 and Pro 2 leans towards natural.

As you’d expect, this tastes exactly like the name, and on both the inhale and exhale, you’ll get a natural tasting peach. It’s sweet as well, so every time you take it vape, it’s just like biting into a ripe juicy peach. The cooling effect on this one is a bit stronger, but like the others, not overwhelming whatsoever.

Img 8002 freeton f-resin pro 2 max 2 review

Easily one of our personal favorites in their lineup is Peach Ice. It’s simple yet satisfying, and perfectly sweet. You can’t go wrong with a good peach fruit flavor, that’s for sure!

Rainbow Candy

Every time you see a flavor like this, you’re not sure what to expect, especially with the name rainbow. This one is quite interesting as it does provide a taste that’s different from the standard mixed candy flavor.

We’ll say, for one, the cooling effect in this e-liquid is very subtle and almost nonexistent. As you inhale, you’ll taste a few different candy notes, almost tastes like multiple berries. Where it gets interesting is on the exhale. There is a chocolate note that comes out that’s in the forefront, with candy berry notes in the background. We’ve never really tried a flavor like this before, and surprised given the name.

All in all, we’d recommend this to vapers who want something different, but who enjoy candy and chocolate type flavors. That definitely caught us off-guard, but in a good way! This is a nice after dinner vape.

Sour Apple

Before jumping right into reviewing this flavor, we must say, any e-liquid that has sour is either a hit or miss, and is certainly not for everyone. Apple is a fruit note that typically blends well with sour, more so than most other fruits. With that said, Sour Apple is a pretty good all around vape, that matches the name exactly.

Vaping this is enjoyable, as the sour note is not overpowering and blends very well with the green apple flavor. On both the inhale and exhale, you’ll get a sour green apple flavor, that tastes more candy like than natural. Although, the green apple has a slight natural taste to it. The cooling effect on this e-liquid is also more subtle than some of the others in the Freeton F-Resin 2 lineup.

They did a good job with this flavor, as this could’ve easily been a miss. The green apple blends perfectly with the sour note, and makes for an excellent vape. If you enjoy flavors like this, or interested in them, definitely consider trying Sour Apple.

Review Conclusion

To conclude, Freeton has done an excellent job with their version 2 of the F-Resin Pro and Max. Both are offered in numerous flavor options and deliver a smooth and flavorful vape experience. With the adjustable airflow, you’re really able to dial in the mouth to lung vape you prefer, from loose to tight.

While the resin body of these vape bars are awesome, the performance is just as, if not more important. We’re happy to say that they deliver in that regard! Each model does have a rechargeable battery too, giving you a long-lasting vaporizer.

Img 8004 freeton f-resin pro 2 max 2 review

All in all, we do recommend checking these out, especially if you like the resin design these have to offer. Thanks for reading our Freeton F-Resin Pro 2 and Max 2 Review. Let us know what you think about resin disposables in the comments below.

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