Dovpo Clutch 21700 Mech Mod $61.20 (USA)

Dovpo Clutch 21700 Mod

The Dovpo Clutch 21700 Mech Mod in collaboration with Mike Vapes and Signatures Tips is now on sale. It's finally restocked at a US shipper for only $61.20 with coupon "HARDWARE10". Free shipping is included when spending over $80. There are currently two color options to choose from, including Blue and Green.


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The Dovpo, Signature Tips and Mike Vapes Clutch 21700 Mech Mod offers an ergonomic form factor similarly to the Dovpo SQ Topside, and even the newer Mono SQ. This is definitely a good thing as it's incredibly comfortable to hold. As expected by its name, it's powered by a single 21700 battery, and is fully mechanical.

With that being said, we do recommend understanding ohms law and battery safety before use.

Additionally, the Dovpo Clutch 21700 Mech Mod features a hybrid 510 connection, so you'll want to use atomizers with protruding 510 pins only. There are solid silver contacts, ensuring maximum conductivity. This means you'll be getting a hard hit every time you take a vape since you'll experience less voltage drop. 

Another great feature of the Clutch is the unique locking system for safety. Once the device is locked, it will not fire. Some other notable features include its actual construction (solid billet aluminum), and its commercial grade 3D printed internal sled.

If you're a fan of mechanical mods, then you'll definitely want to grab the Dovpo, Mike Vapes and Signature Tips Clutch 21700 Mech M0d. Don't sleep on this one, it'll sell out fast.

Dovpo Clutch 21700 Mechanical Mod Features:

  • Collaboration Between Dovpo, Signature Tips & Mike Vapes
  • Requires Single 21700 Battery (Not Included)
  • Solid Billet Aluminum Construction
  • Fine Shot Blasted & Anodized
  • Commercial Grade 3D Printed Sled
  • Hybrid 510 Connection
  • Solid Silver Contacts
    • Low Voltage Drop
    • Maximum Conductivity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Unique Locking System
  • 4 Color Options

What's Included

  • Signature Tips x Mike Vapes x Dovpo Clutch 21700 Mechanical Mod
  • Bag of Spare Parts
  • QC Certificate
  • User Manual

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