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We have a special 2015 Mt Baker Vapor Coupon for 10% off any purchase, find it below. This coupon was made specifically for Vaping Cheap readers and will never expire. Mt Baker Vapor offers quality e-liquid at some of the lowest prices online. They also offer customers free bottle of e-juice with every single online purchase.

Discount Coupon Codes

Here is the list of the newest Mt Baker Vapor coupon codes, common discounts include free shipping and 10% off. This list will be updated whenever we get a new coupon or discount code for With Mount Bakers new lower prices you can get a 15ml bottle of e-juice for only $3.59 or a 30ml bottle of ejuice for only $5.84 after the 10% off coupon found below.

Coupons for Mt Baker Vapor:

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About Mt Baker Vapor

Mount Baker Vapor sells electronic cigarette hardware but their main appeal to consumers is there very cheap e-liquid. You can get e-liquid from them for as little as $0.13 cents per milliliter when you purchase a large 236ml bottle and use a 10% off discount code.

Mt Baker Vapor Vape Shop

Mt Baker Vapor Website

There most recent addition is the new premium “GWAR Fluids” line of e-juice based around GWAR the Band. They sell a 30ml glass bottle for $10.99. GWAR fluids are offered in a range of rainbow colors and are said to be the most delicious e-juice in the entire universe. The flavors are: Bloodbath, Jizmoglobin, Spew, Germen Chocolate Beefcake, and GwaRy4. You can also order these flavors without the food coloring. Also read our GWAR E-Juice Review.

All of Mount Baker vapors e-liquid is 100% made in the USA. Their goal is to provide customers with high quality e-juice at the lowest prices possible. Usually every order is freshly made within 24hours and will ship out next day. A 15ml bottle of their discount line of e-liquid costs $4.99 and a 30ml bottle costs $7.49. For 2015 they have lowered their e-juice prices to $3.99 for a 15ml bottle and $5.84 for a 30ml bottle.

When you go to make a purchase you will get to select your desired nicotine strength from 0 to 36mg in 3mg levels. You Mt. Baker Vapor ejuice bottlewill then get to select your desired PG and VG ratio, they have six different choices from 100% PG to 100% VG. They offer a huge range in flavors but they are known for their most popular flavor “Hawk Sauce”. I highly recommend you pick up a bottle of this to try. They also sell some DIY e-liquid supplies like no flavor nicotine but they don’t have a huge selection.

Mt. Baker Vapor has a very easy to use and clean website and have very low prices on ejuice and hardware. This is why there on our Best eJuice Suppliers list. I find it pretty easy to navigate their online vape shop and find the product I’m looking for. Most orders are shipped out next day and if you spend over $15 (after any discounts) they send out some free e-liquid with your order. Mt. Baker vapor is also very active in the vaping community and they are present at almost every vape meet.

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