VaporFlask V3 DNA40 Clone – $58.94

Vapor Flask V3

Kangxin DNA40 Clone w/ Temperature Control

Check out the new Kangxin VaporFlask V3 mod, it’s a DNA40 clone complete with a working temperature control. They just lowered the price so now you can get one from Focalecig for only $58.94 each.

The VaporFlask V3 is constructed from aluminum and available in either black or silver. It has a variable wattage output that can be adjusted from 1.0 to 40.o watts in o.1 watt increments. The device is powered by dual 18650 batteries which allow you to use atomizers as low as 0.1 ohms and as high a 3.0 ohms.

The main feature, the temperature control, can be set anywhere from 200 to 600 degrees. I imagine that you have to use nickel wire just like the real DNA40 chip to use this feature. On the top of the Vapor Flask V3 you will find a 510 connection and LED screen. Two caps on the base of the device can be unscrewed to access the batteries.

For more information read the full VaporFlask V3 review.

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Vapor Flask V3 Clone Features:

  • Constructed from Aluminum
  • Variable Wattage Device
  • Copper 510 Connector
  • Brass Contact
  • Custom Milled Aluminum Buttons
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Diameter: 22mm (18650 tube)
  • Battery: Dual 18650 (Sold separately, dual sony vtc 5 batteries)
  • Top Mounted LCD Display
  • Onboard Buttons
  • Temperature Limit 200°F ~ 600°F
  • Synchronous Rectification for Maximum Battery Life and Minimal Heat Generation
  • Temperature sensing wire
  • Output Power: 1 – 40 Watts
  • Output Voltage: 1 – 9.9 Volts
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.1 – 1.0 Ohm
  • size:90*60*23mm

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  • Robert 01/29/2015

    i just saw this box mod on focalecig few hours ago too. do you happen to know who the manufacturer is? i really like the style of the vaporflask but really do hope to get a good quality and 1:1 w/o having to pay for an authentic.

    • Nicole Lea 01/29/2015

      Kangxin is the manufacturer of the Vapor Flask V3 on Focalecig.

        • VH fan 01/29/2015

          Alright Nathan , get a hold of yourself man, snap out of it , lets not “suck up” to Nicole too much now.

          We all know she “Rocks” and i would like for her to continue to “rock” long into the future without getting a giant head lol.

          She would never get like that thankfully but lets make sure and minimize the ” ass ” kissing for now just as a preventative measure.

          Now about the mod , this would be sweet if it really proves to be reliable , we will have to see how well this chip works and holds up .

          Many plan to replace these chips with an authentic so if the overall build is good i think it would be well worth the price.

          • Nicole Lea 01/30/2015

            Naw, no big head here dear, Nathan is very liberal with his compliments, lol.

    • Ted Osorio 07/29/2015

      Kangxin, is the maker but has the extra color Blue for 48.06

    • Ted Osorio 07/29/2015

      It says Right on top Kangxin
      But $48.05 USD go here

  • Danny L. Cox 01/29/2015

    If an item says preorder how long does it take to get the item ??

  • John 01/29/2015

    The question now is. Is the manufacturer a reputable one? Do they have a good track record.What other products do they sell?.

    • Nicole Lea 01/30/2015

      There is a group of UK vapers that have this flask, and many of them have authentic Evolv DNA 40 devices to compare them to, and they have all reported that the Temp Protection is legit and works. The forum is AAEC and if you google Vapor Flask DNA 40 clone you may find the thread and can read for yourself.

      • Robert 02/05/2015

        Hi Nicole!

        Been following your posts in regards to the vapor flask on this site and on the forums. Saw your review with the stingray x before hence getting it.

        I just made the order from focalecig in regards to the Kangxin vapor flask. But now debating if i should cancel my order.

        been reading some of your reviews on the forum on this flask. Everything seems to be great from what I read so far about this flask aside from no USB port.

        I was debating between SXK or Infinite version of the flask. I want to find the best clone aside from Waidea.

        I know this flask is not 1:1 because of the little details. But does the 510 connection not being spring loaded and being self-adjusting make a big difference?? Or does it work better being self adjustable?

        • Nicole Lea 02/05/2015

          Hi Robert! 🙂

          My review for the SXK Flask should be posted by the time you see this comment, unless you are a night owl like me :p

          Which one to get depends on which aspect of this device is the most important to you. If you want one that looks more like the authentic, then that would be the SXK. If you want the one with the better chip, that would the Kangxin.

          If you have any intentions of doing an authentic chip transplant? Then hands down the SXK is the one to get. As far as Temperature protection is concerned, I think the manually adjusted pin is better for connectivity, especially with TP.

          I hope this helps a little .. you could get them both, lol 😀

          • Robert 02/07/2015

            Thanks for the response Nicole! Yea I am a night owl haha that’s how I do my best shopping and research.

            Yea I did look at your review of the SXK model. They do make decent clones, but it doesn’t have TP. 🙁
            i like the fact the internals on the SXK is so much better organzied and clean too.

            I think i’ll end up getting the Kangxin even though internals look a bit gluey haha. I prefer to get a better chip w/ TP. As for the adjusted pin, it’s good to know it’ll connect better.

            I don’t think I’ll be able to do a chip transplant if the Kangxin one already works so well and as much as I want to get both clones, one would end up being neglected. All i really need is that cradle the SXK has to put into the Kangxin.


          • Robert 02/07/2015

            Also. what battery did you use for your kangxin? I have no idea where to find authentic VTC5 and was wondering if there were other brands of batteries that will also be suitable or recommended. Thanks a lot again Nicole!

        • Nicole Lea 02/07/2015

          If SXK and Kangxin could get together and make a baby we would have a Flask that is better then the authentic at the moment. The Kangxin chip is working great for me, I really do like it. Another friend of mine just posted on ECF that he loves the chip in the Kangxin.

          As far as batteries, you don’t need Sony’s. Samsung 25-R which is as good as Sony, or LG HE2’s will both do you well. I use Samsung’s and LG’s in my SXmini, SX Zero, Yosen SX and now the Flasks. You can get the Samsung’s at Lightning Vapes and use code LV15 for 15% off. 🙂

          • Robert 02/13/2015

            thanks a lot nicole! it’s great to know that there are other batteries besides the vtc’s to use. i’ve been using the purple efest 2500 and it works great. can’t wait to get my samsung batteries for the flask. focalecig was lagging on my delivery. they told me 2 days which would’ve been when they closed. however somehow 6 hours later they gave me tracking number.

            i can’t wait to get it

            thanks so much for the recommendation for the batteries. it becomes an expensive habit.

  • Nicholas Williams 02/13/2015

    Are there any US Based sellers with these in stock for ~85 or less?

    • Nicole Lea 02/13/2015

      The only US seller I know of with the Kangxin Flask clone is on Ebay and it cost $164.95 …

  • jim Logan 02/13/2015

    Just got an email from focal, they won’t have these in stock until after new years and their Chinese warehouse is shut down till the 27th

    • Robert 02/20/2015

      focal told me 2 days until kangxin sent out more. and that same day they sent me an email saying that my package has been processed which didn’t make sense to me. they ended up giving me the kangxin with the USB port when my original order was w/o USB port. o well. can’t win em all. getting the flask is better than no flask. plus they also gave me a free mutation x v2 🙂

  • crzydmnd79 04/20/2015

    FYI – I’m now returning a Vapor Flask clone for the third time. The first was the v2, and this one and the last one was this v3 model…. All die withing weeks, one of them days…



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