Vape Tricks | 28 Vape Trick Tutorials From Easy to Expert

How To Do Vape Tricks

Both beginner and advanced vapers can impress friends, develop a new skill set, and simply entertain themselves by learning new vape tricks. For beginners who are new to the world of vaping, these tricks can often seem a bit daunting. Vine stars, famous YouTubers, and competitive cloud chasers alike manage to make even the most complicated vaping stunts look easy.

Do not fear! We’ve compiled a cool vape tricks list featuring the 28 most impressive vapor stunts around, and tips on how to execute them like a real pro. For best results, use a temperature vape mod and a room with limited air flow.

So, are you ready to learn some jaw-dropping tricks?

Beginner Vape Tricks

1. Ghost Inhale

  • Experts in the vaping community reached prominence by first focusing on super simple vape tricks. Compilation videos featuring professional vapers performing record-breaking stunts are all over the web, and watching these clips may make you believe that first learning the most intricate technique is the best route to take. In truth, you’re better off starting with a classic trick like the ghost inhale.
  • Take a long pull of vapor. Allow the vapor to rest in your mouth for a few seconds, and then gently release it so that it exits your lips in the shape of a ball. After the vapor has been expelled, quickly re-inhale it back into your mouth.

2.Single O’s

  • Open your mouth and form your lips into an O-shape. The tighter your mouth’s O is, the smaller your single O’s will be. Next, release your vapor with a cough-like burst of air. If you use too much force when expelling vapor, the O’s will break apart before they even escape your lips, and if you use too little force, the O’s won’t form in the first place, so make sure to find the perfect balance.

3. Cheerios

  • Cheerios are just like traditional single O’s, except they’re much, much tinier!
  • Take a long pull of vapor. Set your mouth into a tight O shape, then release the vapor from your mouth while repeatedly tapping gently on the side of your cheek.

4. Waterfall

  • This is by far one of the most elegant vape tricks, and it’s also very simple! This one requires a little advanced preparation. You’ll need to fill the bottom of a bottle with water and freeze it so that the water turns to solid ice.
  • Take a long pull of vapor and blow it into the bottle, then pour it onto a solid, even surface and watch the icy vapor flow like a beautiful waterfall.

5. Tornado

  • What’s one of the most thrilling tricks? The tornado! All you need to perform this trick is a flat surface, like a table.
  • Take a long pull of vapor, being sure to keep it only in your mouth, and expel it onto a flat surface. The denser the vapor is as it covers your surface, the better. Take your hand and quickly swipe it vertically across the table, as if you are forming an invisible check mark with your hand.

6. Vapor Bubbles

  • The creation of bubbles out of vapor is one of the most inventive tricks on YouTube. To try it, you’ll need a circular object to blow bubbles out of (like the top half of a water bottle), a bowl, and dish soap.
  • Place the dish soap (and a little bit of water, if you’d like) into your bowl. Take a long pull of vapor and dip the larger half of your water bottle into the soap. Lift the smaller end of the water bottle to your lips, and blow the vapor into the top of the bottle so that a vapor-filled bubble is formed.

7. Dragon

  • The dragon may be one of the easiest vape stunts to master, but this trick is also one that has the wow-factor.
  • Take a long pull of vapor. Exhale through your nostrils and the sides of your mouth simultaneously; this will send pools of vapor billowing around your face. There’s nothing to it!

8. French Inhale

  • Take a long pull of vapor, allowing it to rest in your mouth comfortably instead of inhaling it. Open your mouth slowly and slightly push out your lower jaw, making sure to avoid exhaling as you do so; this will allow the vapor to exit your mouth naturally and slowly.

Intermediate Vape Tricks

9. Bane French Inhale

  • This unique spin on the classic French inhale is great for those looking for a vape trick that is slightly more advanced. When executed properly, the bane French inhale makes you look like a character straight out of The Dark Knight Rises!
  • Take a pull of vapor and let it rest in your mouth. Open your lips while keeping your teeth closed, then allow the smoke to naturally ease out of your mouth as you pull it up to your nostrils.

10. Double O’s

  • Start by placing your finger in the middle of your lips. Open your lips so that your mouth forms two evenly-spaced openings – one on each side of your finger. To complete the trick, release the vapor in short, cough-like bursts. For perfect double O’s, keep your bottom lip pulled in slightly more than your top lip as you exhale.

11. Triple O’s

  • Executing triple O’s is quite similar to executing double O’s, but with some minor tweaks. Instead of placing a single finger in between your lips like you did to form the double O’s, you will use two fingers.
  • Start by forming a peace sign with your hand of choice, then placing it over your open mouth so that you form three spaces for openings: two on the sides and one in the center. All that’s left to do is cough, release your vapor, and watch as a parade of triple O’s comes to life!

12. Wobble

  • The wobble is a lesser-known, relatively obscure vape trick that has recently started making waves due to its uniqueness.
  • Start by blowing and pushing an O. Make sure that when you blow your O, it is milky and thick. Flip your hands so that your palms are facing inwards, and pull them down along the sides of your O. This will make your O begin to wobble in the air.

13. Bend O’s

  • Learning how to bend an O is a critical component to becoming a vape trick expert.
  • Start by blowing an O that is milky, dense, and thick. Before your O begins to travel away from you, take your dominant hand and let it follow behind your O. Allow your hand to gently guide the O in the direction you want it to travel.

14. Bull Ring

  • The bull ring is one of the most aesthetically pleasing tricks. The tutorial shown here will teach you how to create one that is precise and authentic.
  • Take a pull of vapor and blow a milky O. Before the O begins to travel, lean your head forward and inhale to suck the O’s vapor up into your nose.

15. Sharp Shoot O’s

  • Whether you vaporize tasty e-juice or dry herb, sharp shooting O’s is a vape trick that is relatively easy to master and will surely impress your friends.
  • Blow a single O that is dense, milky, and slow-moving (if you’re having trouble getting the O to move slowly, try blowing it using your tongue instead of coughing it out). Next, quickly cough out another O targeted in the direction of your first O. It will catch up with the slow-moving O and shoot right through it.

16. Helix Tornado

  • The helix tornado is formed when two individual tornados braid together to create an elegant strand.
  • Just like you do with the classic tornado, start by taking a pull of vapor and evenly expelling it onto a flat surface. Stiffen and straighten your hand, then slide it forward along the surface of your pool of vapor and swipe it upwards vertically. Mastering the precision of your hand swipe is the secret to creating the helix tornado, but with hard work and practice, you’ll be creating helixes in no time.

17. Triangle

  • Vaping tricks that rely on severe angles and geometric precision are quite impressive to watch in person, so it’s no wonder that the triangle has quickly become a fan favorite.
  • Blow an O that is dense and thick, then push it. Take your dominant hand and quickly raise it up and down twice along the side of your O. This will bend it into a triangular shape.

Tricks for Vape Wizards

18. Lasso

  • Start by blowing a large, fast-moving O. Take another pull of vapor while pushing the O, and then blow a second, smaller O through the first O you blew. It will wrap around your original O, creating a captivating lasso effect.

19. Shark Bend

  • Begin by blowing an O and pushing it. Allow your head to follow the O as it travels through the air. Using your lips, suck the vapor from your O gently (as if you are sipping water through a straw) while turning your head. This will send your O bouncing in the opposite direction, resulting in a crisp shark bend.

20. O Splits

  • Blow a dense single O. Move your head so that your nose is targeted directly toward the center of your O, then turn your body 180 degrees while allowing your head to follow the O. This momentum will cause your O to split in two.

21. Reverse Shark Split

  • Blow an O. Suck in the O with your lips while twisting your body to either side. After you’re done twisting, cease inhaling and the O will split in reverse.

22. Bowtie Split

  • Blow an O and guide it forward using your hand. Vertically slice your hands through the air on both sides of your O simultaneously, then suck in the center of the O with your lips.

23. Pull Split

  • Blow an O and place your hands together behind the center of your O (as if you were saying a prayer). Sip the top of the O with your lips, then send your hands apart from each other horizontally.

24. Vertical Split

  • Blow a single O. Vertically slice your hands though the air on both sides of your O simultaneously (just like you would for a bowtie split), then suck in the center of the O and push it forward so it splits vertically.

25. Head Bending

  • If you’d like to be a true cloud chaser, try your luck at head bending (also known as body bending). Before trying this, you will want to make sure that you have mastered the art of creating crisp O’s that travel effortlessly and with speed.
  • Start by coughing out a thick, swift-moving O. As the O begins to travel, take your forehead and pop it in the direction of your O before it travels away.

26. Jellyfish

  • Out of all standout tricks, the jellyfish is one of the most difficult in the bunch. You want to make sure you’ve mastered your O’s before taking a stab at this one; forming a great O is the first step to making a truly awesome jellyfish.
  • To try your luck at this trick, begin by blowing a thick, dense O ring. Immediately after blowing your O, take your palm and push a gust of air toward the O so that you push it forward. Next, take a pull of vapor from your pen or mod and gently blow it through the center of your O. The vapor will wrap around it, creating an effect that looks just like a vaporized jellyfish!

27. Invisible Jellyfish

  • This variation on the standard jellyfish is thought of as being significantly more challenging, but once you’re able to master it, the results will undoubtedly be worth the trouble.
  • Take a long pull of vapor. Next, you will need to cough out a single O. The secret to making the jellyfish invisible revolves around making sure your O is very light, almost undetectable to the naked eye. After releasing your O, all you must do is take another pull of vapor and blow it through the center of your O. The vapor will wrap around your O, creating an invisible jellyfish that seems to appear out of thin air.

28. Double Jellyfish

  • Start by blowing an O that is thick, dense, and milky enough to stand still in the air. Next, push your O. After this, you will need to blow and push another O right next to the one you just created. To finish off the trick, exhale out of the sides of your mouth (as if you are doing a dragon without breathing through your nostrils) and send the vapor from each side into one of your O’s.

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