The Best TC Mods – Latest Vape Technology On The Market

Until very recently, vapers looking for a reliable temperature control mod had a very limited selection.  Hefty price tags also kept the best TC mods out of reach of the many vaping enthusiasts. It was not uncommon to spend over $200 for the best temp control mod, yet many of the available models did not live up to their marketing hype and high consumer expectations.

As more and more vapers continued to complain of burnt coil wicks, dry hits that produce a nasty aftertaste, and vapes that are too hot to handle, manufacturers began to respond to the vaping community. Today, we have lots of options with different features and price points. 

If you aren't interested in the temperature control you should visit our other list.

Without further a-do, here are the best temperature options to fit almost any budget.

The Best Temperature Controlled Box Mods:

Pioneer4You IPV4S 120w

This temp control box mod is an upgraded model of the popular Pioneer4You IPV4, with a sleeker body that also offers a better grip. The possible wattage output of the IPV4S   has been increased by 20% to a maximum of 120W when using the vaper-friendly temperature controls.

One of the new features is the addition of the innovative YiHi SX330-V3C chip that dramatically improves the temperature control response and efficiency ratings compared to its predecessor.

pioneer4you tc box mod

The IPV4S also has a new magnetized cover that easily slides open for easier replacement of the two 18650 batteries. The OLED display no longer has the extra film tint that often made the viewing of the temperature control settings, wattage, voltage, and battery life so difficult in the previous model.

Another new and important update includes the covering of the previously exposed 9v port on the original version, which led to an onslaught of consumer complaints of e-juice leakage that essentially destroyed the it. The new IPV4S  resolves this problem completely.

IPV4S Features and Specs:

  • Temp Limit Centigrade: 100 – 300 degrees
  • Temp Limit Fahrenheit: 212 – 572 degrees
  • Output Wattage Range: 10w – 120w
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.10 ohm - 3.0 ohm
  • 510 Threaded
  • Magnetic Back Cover (No More Screws)
  • Black Billet Aluminum Body
  • Dimensions:4-1/4"L x 2-1/4"W x 15/16"D
  • Uses Two 18650 Batteries
  • YiHi SX330-V3C Smart Chip
  • Flush-Fit OLED Display Screen
  • Atomizer with Spring-Loaded Contact Pin
  • Low Voltage Battery Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Overheating Protection
  • Supports both Titanium and Nickel Coils

JoyTech eVic VCT Mini

This upgrade offers the temperature control vaping technology of the former eVic VT but in a smaller package.

New features include a magnetized cover like the IPV4S with a single removable 18650 battery. A USB charging port and pass-through USB charging improve user flexibility and decrease downtime. Wattage output ranges from 1 to 60w with a resistance range of 0.1 to 3.0 ohms.

With the "full kit" you also get an included eGo One Mega tank with both Titanium and Ni200 Nickel coils. This makes the eVic VCT Mini one of the best temp control mods on the market for its price.

eVic VCT Mini Features and Specs:

  • Temp Limit Centigrade: 200 – 600 Degrees
  • Temp Limit Fahrenheit: 100 – 315 Degrees
  • Output Wattage Range: 1W – 60W
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.10 Ohm - 3.0 Ohms
  • 510 Threaded
  • Dual Temperature Modes
  • VT-Ti (Titanium) and VT-Ni (Nickel 200)
  • Dimensions: 3-1/4"L x 1-7/8"W x 1"D
  • Resistance Compatibility
  • OLED Display
  • USB Charge Port
  • Uses a Single 18650 (Sold Separately)
  • Comes in Black, White, and Cyan
  • eGo One Mega included
  • JoyTech eVic VCT Mini

    Sigelei 150 TC 150w

    This improvement on the original Sigelei 150w temperature control mod is attracting a great deal of buzz in the vaping community.

    It’s got a rugged appearance with a rubberized finish that many claim makes the device much easier to handle. Others wonder about the placement of the atomizer platform on the top of the unit.

    Love it or hate it, the chip in the latest Sigelei 150 TC really puts out. The Sigelei 150 TC also has a magnetic door for the required dual 18650 batteries that fit somewhat tightly inside. The easily clickable menu display is taking temperature control vaping technology into an entirely new direction.

    Sigelei 150 TC Features and Specs:

  • Temp Limit Centigrade: 100 – 300 Degrees
  • Temp Limit Fahrenheit: 212 – 572 Degrees
  • Output Wattage Range: 10W – 150W
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.10 Ohms - 3.0 Ohms
  • 510 Threaded
  • Quadrant Split-Screen Display
  • Real-time Battery Readout
  • Dimensions: 4” L x 2-1/4” W x 1” D
  • Rubberized Finish
  • Dual Magnetized Sliding Door
  • Spring Loaded Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Low Voltage Battery Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Overheating Protection
  • Sigelei 150 TC 150w

    Asmodus SnowWolf

    One of the best TC mods on the market is this SnowWolf by Asmodus for up to 200W vaping at a very affordable price. The shiny stainless steel design has a brushed finished and sleekly curved edges that provide the user with a classic, high-tech look. The OLED display screen seemingly disappears into the black tinted glass inlays on either side, providing this temperature control mod with an very futuristic feel.

    With three buttons on one side made of matching stainless steel, the SnowWolf is also considered very user-friendly.

    If left unused for 30 minutes, the SnowWolf automatically shuts off for increased safety. Using standard DC, users can vape with up to 150W of power. It kicks into Pulse Width for the higher Wattages, producing a type of on/off firing action.

    Asmodus SnowWolf

    Asmodus SnowWolf 200w Features and Specs:

    • Temp Limit Centigrade: 100 – 350 Degrees
    • Temp Limit Fahrenheit: 212 – 662 Degrees
    • Output Wattage Range: 5W – 200W
    • Atomizer Resistance: 0.05 Ohms – 2.5 Ohms
    • 510 Threaded
    • Uses Two 18650 Batteries (flat tops only)
    • Dimensions: 4” L x 2” W x 1” D
    • Stainless Steel Design w/ Black Tint Glass Side Panels
    • OLED Display with Automatic Dimming Features
    • Highly Secure Battery Door with Three Magnets
    • Low Voltage Battery Protection
    • Low Resistance Protection
    • Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Overheating Protection

    Bonus: Here's a quick second look at the Asmodus SnowWolf for everyone out there looking to add a new cub to their wolf pack...

    SX Mini M Class

    Also on the list is the YIHIEcigar SX Mini M Class, run by YIHI's own SX350J mini chip.

    The main reason for this device making it on this list is the chip specifically. YIHI has upped its game, pumping out quality chips constantly to keep up with the "DNA craze." The M Class provides vapers with many more options than its DNA counterparts. The 350J chip hosts many more options than the DNA40 chip, like four power output modes -- Powerful+, Powerful, Standard, and Soft.

    YIHI did an amazing job of keeping this device portable, powerful and balanced. The M Class is much smaller than the majority of other devices on the market right now, reminiscent of the IPV Mini box mod. 

    SX Mini M Class

    Despite all of these positives, the M Class does have a few negative aspects. The main drawback (for me) is the gravity sensor that this device uses. Users can shift the device left or right to scroll through the menu and raise or lower the wattage/joule/temperature. This may seem pretty cool at first glance, but it can become very cumbersome quickly.

    Another negative that I see with this device is that the scrolling is incredibly slow, but that is yet another subjective con.

    The M Class is a great device and should not be looked over when considering temperature-controlled mods. For its price range, the M Class is one of the top-tier mods and deserves its place on this list.

    SX Mini M Class Features and Specs

  • Wattage: 1W-60W (Regulated)/80W (Mechanical)
  • Temperature: 200-580 Fahrenheit
  • Resistance: 0.05Ω-0.3Ω (Temp Control)/ 0.15Ω-3.0Ω (Wattage)
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Gravity sensor
  • Upgradeable software
  • Multiple protections built in

  • Best DNA200 Temp Control Mods

    The DNA200 by U.S. manufacturer Evolv is a revolutionary new vaping chip-set that is taking the industry by storm.

    It is famous for making temperature control vaping technology much more efficient and increasingly affordable for consumers. The DNA 200 offers Evolv’s patented features of temperature protection, wattage control, preheat capabilities, OLED display screens, and waterproof board buttons.

    The DNA 200 temperature control mod usually runs on 3-cell lithium polymer batteries, or Lipos, while also providing a cell-by-cell monitoring feature. With so many available box mods now including this new technology, we want to offer some of our favorites based on durability, user-friendliness, and price.

    For more information on the DNA 200 chip, CLICK HERE for the complete list of Evolv specifications.

    VTBox 200 by Vapecige

    This Vapecige box mod is a very affordable DNA 200 option with an astounding 1800mAh battery capacity. A magnetized back cover makes for convenient battery replacement, and it comes in either a white/black or red/black spray-painted finish. The VTBox is definitely one of the sportier designs on the market. It also offers all of the standard safety features that we have come to expect in the best temperature control mods, including low voltage, low resistance, reverse polarity, and overheat protection.

    VTBox 200 by Vapecige

    HCigar VT200

    With the impressive battery capacity from the 1300mAh Lipo, the VT 200 by Hcigar offers great value for the price.

    Vape with up to 200W of power in a sleek design of either black, blue, or silver.

    This model offers temperature control vaping technology of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit or 315 degrees Celsius with perfectly located OLED displays on the center side panel.

    Hcigar VT200

    VaporShark DNA 200

    The VaporShark looks similar in appearance to the rDNA40 box mod, with the OLED display located on the bottom of the device. Zip charging provides faster recharging of the 3-cell, 10 Watt-hour Lipo pack when plugged into a 2A power supply.

    What sets this box mod apart from the rest is the included Escribe technology. 

    VaporShark DNA 200

    Escribe is specially designed software for temperature control vaping that offers eight customizable profiles with over 93 different programming combinations, allowing vaping enthusiasts to select the perfect vaping experience with just the click of a button.

    Manufacturers are always working to improveme temperature control or TC box mods, making them safer and more user-friendly.

    Prices are dropping steadily, too. ​

    The ability to control the vaping temperature of your atomizer offers more than just increased personal safety and less dry hits. The latest units allow the users to manipulate the vaping experience to their individual sweet-spot.

    The best temperature control box mods have a built-in memory function that automatically remembers the user’s resistance settings even after the installment of a new atomizer coil. With just the click of a button, the new coil is perfectly programmed to the previous settings.

    Temperature control is here to stay, and they are available in all sizes, shapes, and price points to fit the needs of the individual vaping enthusiast.

    Have you tried or owned any of these TC box mods? Are any of them on your wishlist? If you think there are other TC box mods that should be on the list or if you you think one of our picks shouldn't be on the list, sound it out in the comments! We'd love to hear what you think.

    34 thoughts on “The Best TC Mods – Latest Vape Technology On The Market”

    1. What criteria did you use to determine “best”? After reviewing your post, I’m not sure how you came up with this list, and I’m confused on why you didn’t include some of the hottest selling mods out there right now.

      1. IPV D2
      2. Sigelei 75w TC
      3. IPV 3Li
      4. Smok X Cube II

      *Please note there are many other TC mods out there right now, these just seem to be some of the more popular ones.

      Additionally, you wrote JoyTech eVic VCT (consistently), when in fact it is actually the Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini (per the Joyetech website).

      1. Its important to understand that this is one persons opinion. If you can provide me with a good reason why the mods you listed are better that the ones on our list I will take it into consideration when I update the list next time.

        1. Many mods are better than your listing not just the ones this guy listed.

          Also eVic is 60w NOT 160w (Thats a grave misleading)

        2. Smok X Cube II: Upgradeable firmware, Bluetooth, fancy LEDs if that’s your thing or can be turned off, TC with Ti, Ni & SS (considered the safest of the 3 by many).

          1. Nick Jennings

            You only get nickel tc when you buy the smok x cube 2. You actually have to buy an app to unlock the titinium tc mode? That’s a big rip off considering how much you pay for the mod. For that matter smok x cube 2 is the only one that i know of that does this……hmmmm lets stand behind a misleading product. Never does smoks site state that in order to get Ti mode an additional purchase is needed. I wouldn’t put this gimmicky junk on my top 10 list. The screen placement on top is not good at all considering the fact that should your tank leak and juice get into the screen the screen no longer works. Need i say more?

            1. The upgrade for preset TCRs and SS and Titanium are now free from Smok, also if you previously paid for the update if you contact them you get a voucher or spares to compensate.

        3. Hey Nathan,

          You guys always provide very good information to the vaping community, so it would follow that there would be some kind of evaluation process when writing a “Best of” or “Worst of” type of listing. I realize that this is only one person’s opinion, but it was presented as fact, so the expectation is that some method was used to determine the facts. I am not trying to pick your list apart, rather, I am trying to understand the criteria used to determine how it was decided that these were the best. To that end, I do have some questions.

          Is this a completely opinion driven, arbitrary list?
          Is it based on some set of empirical data?
          Is it determined by number of units sold?
          Are failure rates and longevity taken into account?
          Is it based on overall reliability?
          Is the list based on posted

          There is no right or wrong answer to how this list was created, or to any of the questions I posed. It is, after all, your column and you are free to use whatever method you feel is best to make such determinations.

          Again, I’m not trying to pick a fight, argue, or troll your article, I really just want to understand how the determination was made.

          For the sake of completeness, I listed the mods above as additional candidates that perform at least as well, if not better, than some already on the list. I do think the list, as written, is a good list but it just doesn’t seem complete when you are talking about contenders for the title “Best”.

          I am not trying to say that you should remove anything from the list, instead I would merely point out that there are other mods which could be included based on their specifications and popularity. For example, the IPV D2 is a fantastic mod, and my personal experience (only one person’s opinion), is that it performs better in almost every regard than the eVic-VTC Mini, even if only slightly. As a second example, the X Cube II is one of the very few mods on the market right now that will do temperature control with stainless steel and has a pretty solid following in the community, and is cheaper than the DNA 200 for folks wanting a mod to do TC with SS.

          Also, after re-reading my original comment, I don’t think it was clear on why I pointed out the mis-spelling of Joyetech or VTC. I included that in the comment so that you could go back and edit the original article for the sake of correctness.

          Ultimately, all of my comments were intended to be constructive, yet (based on both of your replies) I get the impression they did not come across that way. My apologies if you felt anything other than what was intended. I hope this comment is taken with the same constructive intent and has helped to add clarity to what was previously posted.

          1. This list is just to help newcomers who want to get into temp control find a good device. Its not based on any set criteria, which is one of the reasons I chose not to number the mods. I wish I had stats on the reliability, failure rates, and longevity of every TC device but I don’t. The list is mainly opinion based on personal experience, other reviewers experiences, and popularity/sales. I also made sure to have different devices at different price points.

            1. Thanks Nathan,

              Knowing that there was no set criteria, other than opinions and reviews, used to create this list does help with understanding it. As a starting point for new vapers, it isn’t a bad list, however (in my opinion only), that point was not clear when reading the article. The title made me think there was a lot more to the selection criteria and that it was more of a comprehensive and objective selection of devices.

              As a suggestion only, perhaps future articles could be started with a brief description of the intent up front. That way it will be a lot more clear what point(s) the article is intending to get across to the reader. Context really does help with understanding.

              Thanks again, can’t wait to read your next article!

        4. Nick Jennings


          I respect your list and as you have stated that this list is the opinion of one person. Seems to me that some people are pffended. I for one am not. Although I don’t agree with some of your opinions on this subject, I do respect your opinion. Your listed devices are good in there own respects and some people have forgotten that. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more of these types of reviews.

      2. I have to agree about the IPV D2 I have been using one since they became available in the UK, I love mine I think the compact size and the way it just fits my hands is a big plus, I have a Reuleaux RX200 now as well and use them equally, with the IPV D2 being the one I use when I am out, The RX200 gets used a lot though as I like TC with SS coils, but both give great flavour, flavour is my main aim and why I only really use TC mods now

    2. Alll of those DNA mods are escribe capable. Furthermore, the vape cige version is also uogradeable, unlike any other DNA model to date. There has been significant mention of possible battery issues with that particular mod. The hcigar version is my favorite. Use it daily, and it is much better TC than all I have. I have the iov4

    3. I tried vaping from a mech mod and it was okay but I didn’t like having to drip everytime the cotton got dry. It was too time consuming but until I switched to a box mod with a sub tank. It’s been lovely. At the moment I own a JoyTech eVic VCT Mini and eleaf 40watt temp control and they are the best mods out there hands down from experience. I got them at for a pretty cheap price because they are always having sales. I would recommend anyone who is interested in any of these to check out that website!

    4. I’ve tried my hand at all of these except for any DNA200 mod (i have a lavabox dna200 on the way). Although they are all pretty great in their own right, in the back of my head i have had an unexpected experience with an unexpected device. I was sent a free device due too me having to wait 4 months for 3 mods that i ordered. A Cloupor GT! I mean i owned a T8 a long time ago and had my run ins with the T6 and they were both mediocre at best. So i was like woo a cheap device. To my delight, i popped the package open, threw in some LG HG2 batteries (holds 2 18650’s) and it came to life. Build quality was surprising, no button rattles, good size screen, excellent magnets holding on the battery door. I popped on my smok TCT tank not expecting too much from this “automatic temp control” setting. And to my complete surprise it was the BEST temp control i have ever utilized in my life thus far. It doesnt use joules or any of that nonsense but automatically detects whats best for the ohm loadout and utilizes its 80 watts accordingly. I was blown away. Entirely, and still to this day. The cheapest ive seen a Cloupor GT is 42.99 and for that price point, mixed in with the battery life, durability, and temp control, i believe this to be one of the best Temp Controlled devices in the market. I even went as far as to emailing the good ol’ folks at cloupor to congratulate them on creating a home run box. Its more of a “sleeper” pick. Nobody thinks about cloupor anymore due to mishaps they have had with other devices but dang. Making a serious comeback as we speak.

    5. Bill Johnson

      For $28 the Evic VTC Mini is a steal, however, just go to the ECF forums as there’s a massive bug when it comes to TC mode. Hopefully it will be corrected with the firmware updates but even with the problems with TC, which people are trying crazy things everyday to try and figure out what’s going and having a little success here and there it’s still a pretty good device for that price point.

      I think I’ll go for that over the Pioneer4You iPV D2 even though I know what I’m getting myself into.

      1. Have you heard of anyone with evic mini’s saying that it worked fine and suddenly won’t turn on? Bc that’s what happened to me right after or about a day after I switched from my NI coil to my Ti coil. Now I’m going crazy, bc I loved my new evic VTC mini and I have to ship it back to the guy I bought it from for him to send it back for the warranty, which could take months I’m thinking. If so I’m going to order the battery case, for 28 bucks online and wait for my whole mod to hopefully be replaced by joytech. And just use my aspire nautilus tank or kanger sub ohm mini wirh my evic battery case once I get that in. Does anyone suggest anything else I should do? I hope that the firmware update will fix the bug or whatever it is that caused mine to just stop working. Bc I never dropped it not a scratch or anything not recommended by joytech that I did for it to just stop working. I vaped all morning yesterday on it and sat it on my dresser for about 15 mins.while I ate i came back and it would not turn on. I tried everything and nothing wil make my baby work again!!!! Please give me some advice

    6. not expecting a change this late, but just for anyone checking this out now. the VTC mini with the latest firmware upgrade now goes up to 75w, which puts it higher than the Sig 75w and IPV D2 since they can only do nickel and they’re non-upgradable. always a chance it’ll get stainless steel TC in the future.

      1. Nick Jennings

        Well, may have Ti mode but doesn’t have quality…sorry to knock you down a few steps. See i wait a while before i post assumptions as all i see now are people giving the evic mini up and going to the better Sigerlei 75w….just saying.

    7. The eVic VT is a great way to get into temperature control. The kit comes with everything you need and I think the whole setup is still selling for $44.00 on Gearbest. The 5000 mah onboard battery has great life and it keeps things very simple. If you’re getting loads of dry hits, try turning down the temperature to 380 or so and work your way up, over two or three puffs. By the third puff, no dry hits at 520 degrees. Best part is, the coils are cheap and so are the tanks. The VTC Mini is nice, but the battery life is half what you get with the full VT. If you’re just starting out, 60 watts is plenty.

      1. Nick Jennings

        I agree 100% with you. Most of my vape friends only have the evic vt or the sigelei 75w because that’s pretty much all thats needed. I myself have the Sigelei 150 Limited Edition Royal Blue and a Sigelei 150TC that i just picked up on 12-2-15 and i am loving it by the way. The reason i have 150W devices? I have some rdas and i like the option to crank it up if i want lol!

    8. Is there a price point taken into consideration with the list? I mean obviously the SX mini, Sigelei 150, Ipv3li, Snow Wolf 1.5 are very accurate, well constructed, and dependable mods. DNA wise the VT200 and Vaporshark along with the Lavabox out of the 8 I have are far better built than the rest of the field. Opinions are one thing, but I’d urge everyone to watch PBusardo, TVC, and look at forums.
      I with 100 plus mods would have to say from a quality and accuracy standpoint
      Yihi SX mini
      Sigelei 150w TC
      IPV take your pick
      DNA wise
      VT 200
      Then you are rolling the dice, but the VT Box is absolutely trash, poor quality I personally have one, and it’s not recommended.
      Opinions vary, JMHO

      1. Nick Jennings

        A nice statement and i respect your opinion. Although, i have the eVic VT and have never had a problem…….i am one of the lucky ones, lol!

    9. I need to purchase a new mod; and seriously considering the new KBox 70W TC AVP (4,000 mah), TC on Ti,Ni, and SS, and looks small easy to maneuver…. Pricing is just under $35 at the well known discount sellers in China.

      Aside from 5 min. intro vid reviews, the product is too new for the evening news…..

      Has anyone purchased this yet? It appears similar to a 50w iStick; but it’s got to be better…..

      1. I would trust the VCT mini over the KBox. I haven’t had any good experiences with mods that have built in batteries and while I love Kanger’s tanks, I don’t know that I would want to trust them with something with a built in battery. I would trust Joyetech over them and I wasn’t terribly pleased with Joyetech’s original VCT. The mini though, looks really solid and doesn’t have the built in battery. It’s a little more once you buy a battery too, but it is likely to last rather longer.

        1. Um…the Kbox uses 2x 18650 batteries and is an awesome stealthy heavy hitter for it’s size and price…this applies to the 120&200 watt devices which are the Kbox models in question I gather. Either way it’s a no brainer win if you buy one. Only problem is the red and white ones have a cheap finish “my red one started fading around the edges within days lol..” The matte black has yet to blemish on my old mini and have had it a good while.

          1. Update to my post before….sorry, I see that the 120-200 watt mods are not the one in question. But forget the 70…puny and doesn’t hold a candle to the 120-200 in any way.

    10. One of the dealers i go too asked me last week: Had any problems with your DNA200? (VT 200)
      -No why?
      – IDK, had a lot of returns (he is mainly selling vaporsharks)

      Well, a week later my box died. Didnt drop it, just went to take a vape and it didint worked. Said something about warranty service.

    11. 3 months later and the list and what we’d recommend has been drastically chsnged, and the prices we said are absolutely so much lower, it’s a great thing vapes are coming out better built, more precise, and cheaper. The RX200 was 89 all over, and 39 at 4 US distributors now, and on and on. New wave of power and precision at a lower price, smaller the better, it’s like cell phones, and evolving so fast. Great time to vape

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