Vaping on a Budget – Top 10 £1 E-Liquid Flavours
from LiQuid

Let’s face it, the cost-of-living crisis in the UK isn’t going away any time soon, and we are all having to think outside the box to scrimp and save as much as possible. In times like these, we often sacrifice plenty before we consider cutting back our nicotine consumption. Being a smoker in 2022 is a very expensive choice, more so than it has ever been in history!

Saving money is one of the biggest reasons people decide to swap smoking for vaping, as despite initial device costs, generally it is a much more cost-effective way to satisfy our cravings. Even so, with energy bills rising and everything costing more and more, there will be many vapers wondering if there’s a way they can enjoy their favourite flavours for a little less - without sacrificing quality, of course!

At LiQuid, we specialise in producing and selling premium quality vaping products that don’t break the bank - in fact, all our 10ml e-liquids are £1. We’ve learned a lot about what vapers want since we launched in 2014, and have built a community that loves our quality and affordability. We work with our suppliers to control our costs and pass those savings on to you! Don’t worry, we still only use the very finest ingredients - it’s all about our process!

We’d love to share our top 10 LiQuid fan favourites that you can try for just £1 - you never know, you might just find a new favourite amongst our massive range of vape flavours.

1. Double Menthol

Our all-time best seller combines a double shot of our cooling ice menthol flavouring with a twist of peppermint that our customers love. Available in our full range of nicotine strengths, this simple-yet-effective flavour surprised us all when it shot to the top of our best-seller list, but we must admit, it’s a very nice vape for fans of all things minty and fresh!

2. British Tobacco

Flying the flag for our UK made e-liquid, British Tobacco is one of our longest-standing flavours and has been in our top 10 for almost as long! Our customers love the combination of light and dark tobacco flavours that create a rich but well-balanced profile tobacco fans will definitely enjoy - it’s a great option for new vapers too, and can make the transition from smoking a little easier.

3. Menthol

Simple, yet effective. A good menthol will always be a staple of any good vaping range. Much like the now banned menthol cigarettes, there are some of us who just like things  fresh! Our menthol keeps it clean and simple, with a good dose of our ice cool menthol flavouring to deliver a crisp refreshing vaping experience.

4. Heizen

Anyone familiar with vaping’s history will have heard of the famous “Heisenberg” vape flavour - ours is called Heizen, and unlike some others, we don’t use blue food colouring in our recipe as it rots your vape coils! It does, however, pack a punch, with tangy blue raspberry, smooth white grape, cooling menthol and a hint of aniseed, which might sound a bit odd, but trust us (and half of the vaping world), this one works!

5. Blackcurrant 

Another classic flavour proving you really don’t have to complicate things to create a fan-favourite! A simple, bright and tart blackcurrant flavour packed with natural sweetness. 

Perfect for fans of fruit-flavoured vape juice, or those who just like something a little sweet and tangy.

6. Virginia Tobacco 

Any fans of rolling tobacco in the house? Well we certainly have a few in our LiQuid community, and since making the switch to vaping, they can’t get enough of our Virginia Tobacco flavoured vape juice. It’s a dark toasted tobacco profile with rich flavour and a smooth inhale and exhale - another great place to start if you are a new vaper looking for something a little more familiar than “wonderberry punch fizz”!

7. Triple Menthol

Considering our single and double menthol flavours are in our top 10, it’s no surprise that our triple menthol e-liquid is here too! One of our more recent additions to the range, this triple shot of ice cool menthol flavour has quickly become one of our most popular sellers and is loved by our fresh vape fans.

8. Raspberry

Sweet, smooth and delightfully subtle, our LiQuid Raspberry vape juice is a fantastic all-day-vape. It’s not too full on, but delivers a sweet and tangy natural tasting raspberry flavour that means it doesn’t bog down your taste buds and makes for a great little pick-me-up any time of the day. If you like fruity vape juices but find some are a little harsh or artificial tasting - look no further than our raspberry e-liquid, you won’t regret it (especially for £1!).

9. Flavourless

No, we aren’t kidding - flavourless e-liquid is officially in our top 10 best-seller list. Of course, there isn’t much to say about flavour here, but there is a slight background sweetness that comes from the VG (vegetable glycerol), which is in all e-liquids to help make them thick and produce clouds when vaped. Some of our community enjoy it by itself as a rest from all those weird and wonderful flavours vapers enjoy, others use it as a dilutant. What this means is that, if they like our Heizen but think it’s a bit strong tasting, they can dilute it with our flavourless to soften the taste. By picking a flavourless e-liquid in the same strength, they can do this without affecting the all-important nicotine level.

10. Mint Blast

Our community really do like there fresh and minty vapes. Taking the number 10 spot in our best selling e-liquid list is mint blast, a winning blend of different mint flavours and just a touch of menthol this time to create something a little different. The complex flavours delivered by the mint varieties complement each other very well, and offer a refreshing experience with a little more excitement than standard menthol! 

If you are looking to save some money on your vaping habit, or if you want to make the switch from smoking to vaping - give LiQuid a try, our quality will never drop, and our prices will never increase. Join our community today and start vaping better for less!

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