E-Cigarette App’s That Monitor and Power Your Vape

Smart E-Cigarette App
Smart E-Cigarette App

Smart E-Cigarette App’s

I guess it was inevitable for them to make an app that monitors your e-cigarette usage, they already have apps to monitor your sleep and pulse rate.

Right now there are a number of app/e-cigarette combos being developed, some are even available for purchase like the new Bluetooth e-cigarette phone recently released for sale at My Freedom Smokes.

These “Smart e-cigarettes” communicate with smartphone apps via Bluetooth and can track your e-cig’s usage trends, power level, power output, and more.

Other manufacturers have sent me e-mails about smart e-cigarettes and apps in development.

Here are some of the features they promise:

  • Connects over Bluetooth 4.0
  • Adjust e-cigarette output voltage 3-5 Volts with App
  • Weekly Vape Plan
  • Real Time Vape statistics
  • See the atomizer’s resistance & Power level
  • App displays Battery Level
  • 510/eGo Threading
  • App available for Free Download

Check out the video below to see the Smokia electronic cigarette App in action.

It looks like this is the future of vaping…

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  • Denis Plantlle 04/16/2014

    It’s a great news that an app for e-cigarette has been relesed. It’s rather charming. Thanks for sharing such good news.


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