7 Free & Cheap Vaping Supplies at Harbor Freight

Free & cheap vaping suppliesIf you want some cheap DIY vaping supplies then Harbor Freight Tools is the place to go. You can get some very cheap, sometimes free, vaping supplies from Harbor Freight Tools.

This article lists 7 great items I found there that you can use for vaping. Plus I’ll show you how to get them supper cheap (or even free).

Before you go to Harbor Freight you need to make sure you have coupons. You can find there coupons in magazines and newspapers or through the links below. You should be able to find 20% and 25% off coupons but the best is for a free 7 function digital multimeter, I’m embarrassed to say how many free multimeter’s I’ve got using this coupon but it’s more than 5.

Links to Coupons:

Harbor Freight Coupon Page

The 7 Best Cheap Vaping Supplies

at Harbor Freight Tools

#1 – 7 Function Digital Multimeter $5.49/Free

MultimeterThis is a useful tool for atomizer rebuilding but it’s also very useful to have around the house. You can get one of these for free with a coupon, i’ll link to one blow. If the coupon below expired then just use a 20/25% off coupon to get it for $4.11.

Item#: 98025

Online coupon code: 59072941


#2 – 15 Bin Portable Parts Storage Case $3.99

Storage containerI love this thing. I use it to store my drip tips, o-rings, coil-heads, and pretty much anything else that’s small and used for vaping. I used to use the kind sold at craft stores for beads but this one is way better. It has a great handle, 2 secure clasps, and the best part: you can remove each individual yellow tray from the container, very useful. I bought mine with a 25% off coupon for $2.99.

Item #93929


#3 – Micro Torch $8.99

Micro torchA touch is a must if you’re rebuilding atomizer coils. This torch lasts quite a while on a single fill and has worked great for me. I used a 25% off coupon to get one for $6.74. Make sure to remember the butane.



#4 – 33 Piece precision Screwdriver Set $6.99/$6.49

33pc screwdriver setThere are 2 similar products like this. One is a 32 piece set with tweezers and the other is a 33 piece set with a bendable extension tool to reach hard to get places. I purchased to latter for my RC cars but the set with tweezers is .50 cents cheaper and would make more sense for rebuilding atomizers. Use a 25% off coupon to get it for $4.86.

Item#93916 or 97517


#5 – 6 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set $3.99

6pc screwdriver setThere are a number of precision screwdriver sets at Harbor freight, this one seems like the best one to me for rebuilding atomizer. I’m not going to list all the screwdriver sets here but you may want to look around and find the best one for you. If you use a 25% off coupon you can get it for $2.99.



#6 – 7 Piece Tweezer Set $3.99

TweezersIf you rebuild atomizers you know that tweezers come in handy. This set pretty much has it all except for the ceramic heat resistant tweezers. A 25% off coupon would drop the price to $2.99.




#7 – Pack Of 3 8 Oz. Storage Bottles $2.99

Dispenser bottleWhen you buy PG or VG in bulk they come in huge bottles. I use “ketchup dispenser” bottles like these to fill up my measurement containers with PG and VG. I find them to be very useful. You can use a 25% off coupon to get the price down to $2.24.



As you can see there is a bunch of cheap DIY vaping supplies at Harbor Freight Tools. These are the vaping supplies I find most useful and everyone can afford them with a big of coupon clipping. Now make a vape supplies shopping list and head to Harbor Freight!

9 thoughts on “7 Free & Cheap Vaping Supplies at Harbor Freight”

  1. There’s another great tool at HF. It’s a welding wire prybar. One end is round and small slit in the end it has a 3mm diameter. The other end is a small forked prybar, perfect for lifting coils on different decks.

        1. Nathan Shaw

          That does look pretty neat. I’ll have to pick one up next time I got there. Thanks for the link.

  2. Being a HF fanatic I to have found many useful items for my massive amounts of vape equipment and I’ll run a few for you.
    One is you need storage and I’ve found that these cases are really awesome,
    This is the largest I’ve got.
    $12.99 AND NEVER BUY anything at HF without first getting a 20 or even a 25% off coupon because with the coupon there is always attached a free item like the free Digital Multimeter, here’s the link to coupons,
    Nice ah… told you I is the HF expert..LOL
    I must have at least 30 multimeters and at least that many tape measure’s, scissors and screw driver sets, if I could I’d give the multimeters away to vapers who are serious about learning how to use them with their coiling as there is a learning curve.
    The case above mentioned is the larger case and what makes it great is that you can standup 30 ml bottles in it and the trays are removable, the specs are, 8 Bins & removable and they are about 4″ deep so when I get a bottle of 30ml juice and put a plastic longer pointed fill tip and cap on is from the standard fill tip it fits in this case perfect,
    Another good case is this one and is good for many items, parts, 15ml bottles with longer plastic fill tips and caps, the page is, http://www.harborfreight.com/abs-storage-organizer-95807.html $3.99
    And I was happy to see the fella above mention the welders tools but being I’ve had those for about two years if I were you I’d get the spring loaded side cutters the cut flush and close, using the twisting motion to break of your wire has caused me problems and I emphasize ME..!
    I use the micro side cutters that are spring loaded, they cut good and flush,
    http://www.harborfreight.com/micro-flush-cutter-90708.html $2.99
    Then of course you always need something to mess with those O rings and HF has a really great set,
    http://www.harborfreight.com/2-piece-o-ring-hook-scribe-set-42159.html $2.99
    This is a nice set also and I find the handiest for O rings and picking out little things in your air holes what ever, http://www.harborfreight.com/5-piece-test-probe-set-1816.html $2.99
    The first set is the strongest and second set pointiest and believe me they are really pointy and sharp.
    I bought this to keep my expensive mods in and some of my hybrids as it comes with padding that can be molded to fit what ever it is your using it for, throw the top lid tool holder away, well if you want, I’ve never found it useful for my purposes but the foam padding in it is awesome, there are two types of this case, get the one with the padding and check them over real good to make sure the lids line up right and no dents and stuff.
    When I build a hybrid and put it on consignment at one of my local B&M stores they always come with everything in one of these hard cases, 11″ x 7″ x 4″ Aluminum Case and I buy the foam padding from another vendor, http://www.harborfreight.com/11-x-7-x-4-aluminum-case-69316.html

    Good luck all

  3. The toolbox arrived on time. The condition is perfect. I have wanted a Kennedy chest for a long time. They are top-of-the-line and made in Us General.

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