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The Mutation X V3 is a high air flow style rebuildable dripping atomizer which is designed by Indulgence and manufactured by Shenzhen Unicig. The Mutation X RDA first entered the scene in July 2014, and immediately appealed to sub ohm style vapers with its 18 hole air flow design. While the basic design principles behind the Mutation X RDA has remained the same from versions 1 to 3, the post design, and the post screw style has been the most significant difference the between versions.

The Mutation X V3 RDA featured in this review was provided by Vapor Authority for the purpose of this product review. The Mutation X V3 is packaged in a simple branded box with a foam insert that holds the atomizer, drip tip adapter, and spare parts.

The Mutation X V3 retails for $24.99usd at If you use coupon code “NOTACLONE” at checkout it brings the price down to $20.99.

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  • Brand: Indulgence
  • Type: rebuildable dripping atomizer
  • Materials: 304 grade stainless steel
  • Connection threading: 510
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 34.9mm
  • Features:

  • 4 post design
  • Deep juice well
  • 18 air holes (adjustable)


The Mutation X V3 RDA is entirely milled from 304 grade stainless steel. The body of the atomizer is lightly laser etched with the brand logo and name Mutation X V3. The top cap has a finned heat sink design for heat dissipation, and there are 9 diagonally arranged air holes on either side of the atomizer for a total of 18 air holes. The top cap is set up for large high flow style drip tips. The Mutation X is also serialized on the bottom of the atomizer.

The overall feeling of the atomizer is solid, and it is what I would consider good quality for its price point.

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The Mutation X V3 breaks down into 3 parts which are the build deck, the deck/body sleeve with air holes, and the top cap which also acts as the adjuster for the air flow. This kit does comes with a black plastic high flow drip tip, which is the only aspect of this atomizer that I would rate as cheap and flimsy. So I would highly recommend getting a new high flow drip tip if you plan to use one.

One of the included accessories with this atomizer is the black delrin 510 drip tip adapter which allows you to use the 510 drip tip of your choice. The spare parts package includes extra screws, o rings, and a mini screwdriver. All 3 parts of this atomizer fit together perfectly, and there aren’t any loose or ill fitting pieces, so the construction of this RDA is solid.

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The 4 post design of the Mutation X V3 makes it an ideal atomizer for dual coil builds, even as this atomizer can be run in a single coil configuration which is a plus for this atomizer. The V3 version of the Mutation X features larger phillips head screws which I much prefer over grub style screws. The negative posts are milled into the deck itself, and the post holes appear to be approximately 3mm in size which is large enough to fit lower gauge wire.

The deck well is nice and deep and appears to be around 4-5mm deep although it would be nice if the designer/manufacturer would specify exactly how deep the well is so that I don’t have to guesstimate about the size/depth.

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As I mentioned earlier, the fitment between the deck sleeve and top cap is very good. The top cap fits snugly enough that it will stay in place, but is loose enough to remove without struggling. However, the air flow cuts out on the top cap are very sharp.

Even as super wide bore style drip tip holes are not my favorite, one of the benefits I can see to them is that you can direct drip without having to remove the entire top cap.

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As I got down to building the Mutation X, I had expected it to be a straight forward and easy dual coil build, and for the most part it was. However, once I got my dual coil build installed (26 gauge 9/10 wrap on 2.5mm rod) and began test firing the build, sparks started to fly out of one of the positive post holes. So I removed the build and tried my best to inspect the positive post holes to see if there was a shard of metal or something in there, but I couldn’t find anything.

I ended up rebuilding this RDA 3 times in row, and each time the resistance kept fluctuating from .72 to 2.51 ohms which is not normal. It was interesting that the resistance of the build fluctuated a lot more with my Yihi SXmini, than with the Hcigar HB 40 box for some reason. With the Hcigar HB 40 the resistance goes from .73-.82 ohms.

In spite of the fluctuating resistance I really wanted to see how this RDA vaped, so I kept the Mutation X V3 on the HB 40 because it is a short circuit protected device. Before wicking the coils I positioned the coil diagonally to match to the air flow hole arrangement of the atomizer.

The difference in flavor production with the air 90% closed and max open is literally night and day. With the air flow closed way down the flavor produced was good, and at 30W it is a nice vape. With the air flow opened up the flavor was considerably diminished for me.

A cloud chaser would probably rate the flavor produced as good because it is what they are used to being a regular user of high flow style atties. Of course there isn’t any shortage of vapor production with the air flow capacity of this atomizer.

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The Mutation X V3 by Indulgence is a cloud chasers atomizer, and if cloud chasing suits your style of vaping then I believe you will be happy with this RDA. As for the issues that I experienced with the positive post, I am sure that this is a “one off” type situation since the Mutation X is a well-regarded RDA, so I wouldn’t be put off by that if this style atomizer appeals to you.

For those who are more into the flavor chasing, then there are other RDAs out there that would better satisfy that end.

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  • ​Original and affordable
  • check
    ​4 post design
  • check
    Deep juice well
  • check
    Adjustable air flow
  • check
    Single and dual coil compatible


  • ​Very sharp air flow cut out on the top cap

7 thoughts on “Mutation X V3 RDA Review”

    1. Hi Shawn .. Ok, would you like to elaborate on that? Did you have a similar experience or know of someone else who did?

  1. Could you list the better RDAs for cloud chasing that can satisfy me more?
    I have a mutation x v3 and its just not satisfying as you mentioned.

    1. Hi AB .. could you tell me what is it specifically that you would like more of from your RDA’s? It would be easier to make a suggestion that would appropriately suit your personal vaping needs. :)

      1. I would really love an RDA that produces good clouds and good flavor with no juice leaking. My everyday RDA these days is the derringer, but I don’t like the leak every time I remove the cap and put it back, and the post holes are too small for some wires.

        1. Ok you need something with a deeper drip well which the Derringer cannot provide, that is most users complaint about it. I love the look of the Derringer, but I don’t have one for that reason. The Mephisto V2 would be a solid choice, as would the Royal Hunter that I just reviewed. I had an issue with a stuck screw, but other than that I thought it was a good RDA.

          My personal favorites are the Mephisto, Quasar, and OverOne RDA’s .. all have great flavor and deep juice wells. You might also want to look into to some bottom fed devices, which eliminates the need to drip altogether.

          1. I will try the Mephisto v2. I just knew about bottom feds last week and it might break the bank getting a regulated bottom fed for $200+ and then some atomizers. So I will do the upgrade later when there are more options.

            Thanks a lot

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