CLDMKR Whiteout DNA200 First Look

Whiteout box mod

Whiteout Box Mod

Cloudmaker Technologies, a brand new company that focuses primarily on the creation of modular vaping devices, has finally come out with its fist heavy hitter. Let me tell you, this box mod will definitely give other popular boxes a run for their money, if not just blow them out of the water outright.

The Whiteout box mod from Cloudmaker Technologies is fully customizable box mod that runs off of the new Evolve DNA200 chip. Just the chip alone is worth the investment and attention that this box mod deserves. Evolve has not steered us wrong before, and this chip is sure to be the same.

The main focus for Cloudmaker Technologies is listening to what the consumers want and making sure that they have access to that. Coming directly from them: “We are extremely active with the community and our concepts are often sourced directly from the consumers.”

According to Cloudmaker Technologies, the Whiteout will be fully customizable all the way down to what chip you want in the device, what color you want your box to be, and more. Exactly how these changes will occur is yet to be seen, but the people over at Cloudmaker have assured us that it will be a simple task of just exchanging pieces.

The main aspect that is the biggest draw for consumers is that the Whiteout will be “future safe.” This means that, despite what changes may occur in the industry, this device will remain prevalent. No matter what chip comes out to beat the DNA200, or what other hardware becomes available, the Whiteout would allow the user to exchange the old for the new.

The Whiteout DNA200 is going to be one of the biggest boxes to come out in 2015. Of that, I am sure. Because of the future safe aspect, its prevalence of the Whiteout will remain for years to come, and other box mod companies are sure to follow suit.

Companies like Pioneer4You and Sigelei are going to see what Cloudmaker Technologies is doing with the Whiteout and follow behind them. The people at Cloudmaker have developed a surefire method that will make the majority of consumers ecstatic, and that will definitely make waves in the industry.

Not much has been put up on the Cloudmaker Technologies website in regards to more products being pushed out, but there is sure to be more in the near future as the Whiteout launches. The company states that they “firmly believe in creating rather than just consuming,” and that bodes well for the future.

DIY vapers are going to fall in love with Cloudmaker Technologies and will remain so for the foreseeable future. They cater directly to what the industry desperately needs, and that is what will keep the consumers eating out of its figurative palm. There is no other company like Cloudmaker Technologies, and the Whiteout DNA200 proves that.

Hopefully soon we will learn more about the nitty gritty of the Whiteout DNA200 and Cloudmaker Technologies itself. However, for now, stay tuned and, as always, vape on.



  • Fully customizable- colors, chips, etc.
  • Evolv DNA 200 Chip
  • 200-800°F
  • Spring loaded contacts
  • 1-200 Watts
  • 1.0-9.5 Volts
  • Resistance: 0.08Ω-3.0Ω (standard)
  • Resistance: 0.08Ω-1.0Ω

Maker Talk- Cloudmaker Technologies

66 thoughts on “CLDMKR Whiteout DNA200 First Look”

  1. Cory Thayer

    I like the idea of this but only with the sx chip. U can not say with a straight face “Evolve has never steered us wrong before”. I’ve had 4DNA 40 devices that I’ve bought, need to go back. I also make Hammond box’s n stopped putting them in my boxes since almost every single one had a screen scramble issue. I was one of evolves biggest fans until this issue, then they come out with this DNA200 before ever fixing the DNA40 issue. All 8 versions of the dna40 had n still has issues. Shame on them. Getting new customers before helping the old ones. So in closing, evolve has steered us all wrong before, especially anyone who mods.

    1. I understand the frustration with the issues of Evolv’s DNA40, but every other chip they have made was relatively flawless. In any case, you can get the Whiteout with another chip, like the SX, and then swap to the DNA200 with a build kit if you do decide it interests you after it’s been proven reliable.

    2. As a DNA 20, 30, and 40 owner, and being active in the Vaping community, I’m familiar with the frustrations of the DNA 40, and I also really love a lot of the yihi chips, I’ve got three SX boards in my cup holder while I’m out running errands.

      I’ve been fortunate to run a DNA200 and Evolv’s interaction and customer service during the early testing period has been better than anything I’ve ever seen in manufacturing. I didn’t realize how polished and complete the DNA 200 is by a long shot but after getting one and then experiencing the software and running the chip, I can honestly say that this is the first real game changer I’ve seen in regulated Vaping.

      I’m running a Joe Litt DNA 200 and now that I’ve run it quite a bit and it’s my daily driver, I feel like the CLD Maker and DNA 200 will compliment each other quite nicely.

    3. Evolve is not YIHI, and as much as so many want to be DNA faithfuls, YIHI is not sitting idle, and will hit the market with a 200 watt SX chip, and IT WILL ACTUALLY WORK! Look at anything Evolve has done, look at the SX mini, ANY QUESTIONS?

    4. Thanks for replying to my question about the Sony barriers can you give me your honest thoughts on the snowolf were do you place it at the moment as a normal wattage mod it’s ok but as a temp mod I really don’t know but I’d really like to thank you again for your reply all the way from Australia ? yes I’m cheeky

    5. Hi Corey thanks for your reply on my question about the Sony batts I have can you tell me is the Snowolf 200wTC or the segeli 150w TC better I know they are made by the same company but you know & reply to questions can you please tell me your thoughts on my questions as silly as they are I’ve been gaping for 18 months now & just starting to make coils so hope you e mail me back thank you

      1. richie from Boston

        I cant speak to the snow wolf, but i have the sigelei tc and after a couple weeks the batteery door already loosened up bad. not happy at all and TC is highly overrated, fyi. JMO

        1. Do not buy a snowwolf! I purchased one brand new from a local store, I only had it 2 months and put it on my kitchen table it started continue sly firing itself, the device became that hot I had to get a towel just to take the batterys out. I received a full refund and will never buy a device from that company again.!

    6. I agree totally with you Corey Evolve has steered us wrong in the past I’m in agreement with you the Segeli 150TC is overrated have a friend who bought one & after a while the door was loose as well & wished he had bought Snowolf like me thanks for your replys.

  2. Matt;
    The DNA can handle resistance down to almost a dead short. It is capable of sub 0.01 ohm resistances (not 0.1, but 0.01), but it has a 25A limit. (That is directly from John at Evolv) So 0.08 ohms is really high, even the iPV4 fits down to 0.05 ohms. Maybe you meant 0.008 ohms?

    1. Cory Thayer

      According to the spec sheet Brandon posted the typical resistance for nickel is .1 and it’s .2 for kanthal. Can it go much lower, I’m sure but I doubt anything much lower then a .05. But the suggested use for temp control is .1 the specs don’t show minimum resistance n the “see chart” they talk about, I can’t find.

    2. The DNA200 does indeed have soft-limiting, like the old DNA40. It can push 200W at 0.08, ~100W at 0.04, and ~50W at 0.02 ohms. That’s one of the many nice features Evolv is known for.

  3. Cloudmaker may do anything and everything the consumer wants, but UNLIKE the SX 350J the Evolv Dna in the past and today has things about it not 100%, and the Evolv DNA200 is yet to be tested and all we know is that it obviously is capable of 200 watts or more, but what little things, and TC problems? Great that Evolv is helping us Vapers that like this type of product, but at this juncture, YIHI and the higher end than the SX350J chips and even the variations of the 330 chip have PROVEN to function properly, regulate temperature, and be reliable at a price point Evolv can’t come close to unless it’s outsourcing the production.

    1. Good thing the Whiteout is also capable of swapping to the SX350J or Cloudmaker’s open-source Ares chip, even if you buy it with the DNA, so you’ll be all good even if you want to swap chips. The build kits don’t require soldering or anything either.

  4. Thomas Olson

    Like a lot of people, I biding my time to see what the DNA200 is all about – what features it has that I will actually want/need. I’m excited but with reservations.

  5. SX chip, reasonably priced? No, no, no. The chip alone is more expensive than the DNA chip, and the SX Mini is $50-100 more than most DNA devices! Does China think we are suckers that will pay $200-210 for a effen mass produced, Chinese mod? They [YiHi] have still yet to produce a chip that regulates the wattage to control the temp. They use PWM! Not even close. Of course China is not going to have any problems, they release tech that we develop 6 months later after reverse engineering. Anyone can reverse engineer something. They are not innovating, all they can do is integrate flashlights into mods (A la the Mini VF. Torches for you Britts.), and put of counters on screens. No matter the field of technology, there is going to be problems with it when it is brand new. Period. And good luck getting any help from YiHi if you need it. There is a reason that all the high end mods use Evolv chips. They have replaced everyone’s chip without hassle, for free. Without making you send it to the mod manufacturer for them to fix. Evolv is still US made, cheaper than the SX, and the mass produced DNA devices are cheaper than the sx mini; by a long ways. The PWM ticking nonce those sx chips make is the most aggravating noise in the world. There’s a reason why no one puts them in their devices. They’re around 15-33% more expensive (depending on whether it is a 60 watt sx, 100 watt sx, or the temp control J Chip), there’s no support for them (unless you want to attempt to get YiHi to do something about it. And good lunch with that.), and no one likes PWM (especially when using an rda, and the cotton behind to become less saturated, not dry though. Tick tick tick tick.

    1. The first e-cig came out of China. I find it funny that you say “China” is not innovative, as though “China” is one company. While one American company (Evolv), is the savior to all vapers, and represents ALL of American e-cig innovation.
      You’re just a jingoistic fool. The SX350J is a much loved chip. I ave yet to come across one reviewer who has said otherwise.

    2. My mini vf performs much better than my rdna40 and cost me $34.99 recognizes new coils immediately and puts out more power, I could care less about innovation. The first mod did the same thing they do now, produce vapor by heating a coil with a wick through it. There hasn’t been much of any innovation since that first concept. Now return to your DNA circle jerk

    3. Seriously do you even no anything bout vaping Or have you bumed your head remember the Dna 20 problems Dna30 problems Dna 40 problems So if you have plenty of $$$ to throw away good for you but us in the real world will see the DNA200 works out then Yihi will brings something better at a better price plan& simple call us Billy NOT Silly?

  6. Go to the early adopters forum. John, the board’s designer, stated it can go below 0.01 ohms.

  7. do not order wait at least 1 month there are many payment issue which no body resolved. they not say about the shiping no time, no payment confirmation. many things goes wrong. so everybody wait until u see there product in market. i orderd but i have payment issues the money was taken from my account but i got payment error from their website and no 1 week sending emails no body answers

    1. Cory Thayer

      That’s why I didn’t order, no timetable listed, I don’t do preorders anymore. F dat. But if u paid, u will have bank statement or credit card statement so either way ure protected. I’m 99% positive ur not getting beat. However, not responding to emails is bullshit n shows me it’s not a company I wanna deal with. I sent them 2 emails just questions n heard nothing. That annoyed me n showed me all I needed to know about their customer service. I’m extremely glad I want on the pre order list.

  8. If the yihi chips are so horrible why are they the only other reputable chip option in this device, I’m sick of the DNA fanboys, China does their thing in mass for a reason, if they didn’t us consumers wouldn’t have access to them except at a highly inflated price point. Yihi provides quality chips in mass quantities and still maintains high quality drew del please explain to me why the ipv4 was voted the number one tc device available? Funny that that would happen if no one was using Yihi chips in their mods lol. Why is it that my dna40 is sitting on the shelf and has been for months? I guess me and all the masses who are loving their yihi chipped devices are idiots. China gives us what we want at a reasonable price and is always 6 months ahead and much less expensive that’s why American authentics are a dying breed. Everyone is outsourcing for a reason.

  9. Oh and drew del evolv is a little late, the snowwolf 200 is already available in mass quantities. I guess some vapers are only satisfied when they connect their device to all kinds of monitoring and testing equipment and then have a scope circle jerk. Yihi chips are proven to be 93-97% efficient. What more do you need? 99.99999999999% efficiency?

    1. Watch Rips last two videos where he talks about the snow wolf. He has to change the temp drastically as the battery drains. Plus unless you want toI buy a snow wolf, you’re out of luck on getting a device with that chip. It’s not a modders chip.

      1. Drew there the new Sony dark green 2400mil amp I love this mod but if I’m putting in wrong batteries I’m going do be disappointed with my local Vape shop

        1. I really hope I’m not damaging my snowolf with the Dark Green Sonys I’m at work & have my I stick 30w but pretty sure my batteries are 2400mil amp let me know asap plz

  10. What aren’t people getting. The sx350 chips are ALL mouse expensive than Evolv’s chips! That is highly inflated! They produce them at a quarter the price Evolv makes theirs, and still charged more for them.

  11. What aren’t u getting Drew, the sx chips actually work. Evolve has shit the bed since the DNA30. Yes SX350j chips are $10 more then DNA 40s but they are well worth it, they are 80 watts more with no screen scramble. Then u have the sx300 330, and a bunch of others that are 1/8 the price n better then the DNA 40 as well. They are making the dna200 after saying they would never enter the wattage race, and after still not fixing the dna40 issues. I mean, fix one before moving into the other at least.

    1. I totally agree with Corey I’m So over The DNA200 BS Evolve have a horrible history of simply making crap chips Now the DNA200 out & everyone’s it’s the best thing since sliced bread.With in a Few months YIHi will come out with the Chip which will totally crap all over the DNA200.They will probably get a DNA200 chip at YIHi & the Bosses will say Crush this chip which won’t be hard lol Yes it will cost more but when it comes to reliability Evolve has not fixed the DNA40 yet & say screw everyone will just put out a new chip when they said they weren’t getting into High Wattage Chips LIERS i will never ever drop a single dollar again with Evolve.Be Smart hold on & wait for the YIHi too bring there new chip & all the fools are going to say I should have waited.As they say good things come to those who WAIT SIMPLY WAIT otherwise you will be??

  12. The snow wolf isn’t a Yihi chip and it is a turd of a chip. I honestly would rather have a dna 40 over it. I bought the snowwolf n did it in less than 48hrs. It’s not a good mod, sure it looks nice, but that chip is a turd. Period.

  13. I’ll add in Evolve and the DNA products will only survive if outsourced, Made in the USA means triple for the product, and as much as I would love to buy USA made, if it’s going to be double or more to say DNA 200 good quality vapes are already pricey, and we all for the most part go bang for the buck. Look at Pioneer4U, new IPV D2 Yihi chip, looks and feels like the SX mini, does all the SX does lower quality, but DOES IT at 50.00 instead of 200+, even China is battling amongst themselves for cheaper and better!

  14. What is so hard to understand? YiHi chips are MORE expensive than Evolv chips are! Holy shit, go look at the prices. Evolv has nothing to do with the prices that mod makers are charging. Plus there are a ton of DNA devices that are much cheaper than the sx mini. Hana has 3 or 4 products <$200, so does vapor shark, hcigar, and others. And stay the he'll away from P4Y products. You can't even compare a shitty pioneer 4 u product to a Hana or VS. The only thing out of China that touches those is the sx mini, and China is charging an absolutely ridiculous price for that. You can get a Hana v4 for 25% less, a VS for 35-40% less, and an HCIGAR for 20% less. So don't start saying any thing about prices.

    1. Hi Drew I recently bought a Snowolf over the Segeli 150w TC is just like your thoughts on both mods & be honest if you think the Segeli is a better mod alls ok just wanted to as you cause I’ve read a lot of your comments and you tell it like it is I know the snowolf looks like a Variant. Anyway cause I live in austrailia we pay crazy prices like $160 for the Segeli same with the snowolf just mod no batteries included or a choice of a sub tank or dripper & I seethe prices you guys get I’m stunned for instance even a bottle of SB Cuttwood space jam nicks blissful brews etc etc 30ml $30 yeah $1 per 1ml crazy hay please let me know what you think about it pro & cons I’d like to keep in contact with you if that’s kool if you want my e mail just ask & I’ll send it to you thanks Nitsa.

    2. They are more expensive but they work & work properly unlike other chips sit back & wait to see how much more YIHi chips are reliable can you say the same about Evolve ??

  15. Last February, I bought a DNA 40 vapor flask for over $300. After less than a month, I had to rma the device back due to battery drain issues and that temp control hardly worked with zero support on how to properly build a nickel coil from Evolv. After buying the kanger subtank nickel coil with the coils lasting less than 4 days, I decided to dump this POS. Most expensive paperweight I own. I now have a “shitty pioneer 4 u” ipv4 Bought for around $60 does nickel and titanium and oh so flawless for close to 3 months now. Yes, no problems whatsoever. None, nada, zero, zip, zilch. Has there been problems from other people with this device? Yes! My friend actually had to return his, but with a warranty of 6 months, a week later and he received a brand new device in the mail. My dna 40 had a 3 month warranty. I would never ever buy dna evolv anything! Buyer beware. I’m waiting on reviews on the hohm wrecker. I’ll buy one if its good.

    1. Why are you calling the ipv4s a shitty device & you bought one don’t make sense.Yes I agree with your comment about Flask is so over rated all DNA 40 mods are vapour shark Hana mod all run DNA40 chips as you know why didn’t you buy a Snowolf it’s made well works good reliable solid build for price or if you didn’t like that ipv3 Li VR it’s the up graded mod 200wTC or a Segeli 150TC but there over rated my friend has 1 & wished he’d bought either the snowolf or ipv3li Vr

  16. Hohm Wrecker 151W TC with FSK chip Intellichip integration reviews are beginning to pop up. Search “Hohm Wrecker” on YouTube or google. Thus far, consensus is: it is a DNA ball buster at half the price, twice the functionality, triple the ease of use…with 4x the reliability. **FSK is Flagship Killer. Check it out, it’s more than worth a glance…it’s worthy of being the new “go to” mod to get the job done.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Just finished watching one ramble on and on for 37 minutes!!! Wish there were more real people reviewing this thing as oppose to someone who received theirs from the manufacturer or a review from someone who can analytically break it down from a users point of view as oppose to just showing how clean the box is or how to operate it. Here are two major deal breakers for this device for me 1. No usb port to push software upgrades or fixes. In my experience, most if not all devices have been rushed to the masses and we become beta testers to point out the glitches so somewhere down the line software updates are released or an “S” version is launched to correct the mistakes found on the original. No usb port means if there are fixes to be made, I would have to send this back to Cali. 2. 90 day warranty. Ipv4 has a 6 month warranty. This thing is priced 3x more. I thought this thing is ready to be a lifetime companion? 90 day warranty means no deal for me. I don’t mind paying premium price for a premium device but unfortunately, evolv has taught me that in vaping, sometimes you don’t get what you pay for.

    2. Benjamin, clarify something for me, hohmtech website says 100% engineered in America and instruction manual is written by English vapers. So is this an American/British collaboration? Or did you have Money May proof read the website? Lol

  17. I just want to know is the snowolf a good mod & chip I have had no issues but I watch a lot of people on YouTube knocking it saying it’s not a good mod but they don’t really explain why can you send me a e mail with your thoughts I yous a Maganus tank with Atlantis temp coils give me your thoughts would be much appreciated

    1. Cory Thayer

      MilliAmpHours is Mah n has nothing to do with amp limits of batteries. The Amp limit is what matters n if they are REAL Sony VTC 4s or 5s then they are fine for the snow wolf.

  18. Where did you buy them at, at the local vape shop you referred to in the last message?? I heard that a couple of places got “new Sony vtc” batteries. But last I heard was that Sony stopped making them. I stay away from the light green ones totally, but depending on where you bought them, I wouldn’t know. You should be fine. Next time you want batteries, go to orbtronic or kidney puncher. (Orbtronic is wicked cheap, and very trustworthy). All in all, it depends on where you bought them. Try emailing/calling/visiting the shop you got them at, and ask them to tell you where they bought them from. Hope that helps.

  19. Thanks for orbtronics & kidney puncher but I’m in Austrailia cost like $30 to get them sent to oz but I’m very interested on your option on the segeli 150w TC & the 200w snowolf TC I know there both made by Asmodas or the other way round but which mod do you think is better in Austrailia the both selling for same price $150 yeah I know ooch they dead set rip us off hard any USA juice $30 for 30mil & no Nic in so have to buy nic from usa I get mine from myfreedomsmokes but everything is just so over priced here.

    1. Cory Thayer

      Hi Nitsa, both the Sig150tc and the Snow wolf are decent devices. Personally I’d go with the segelei over the Snowwolf because it’s a tiny bit Cheaper and the Snowwolf is useless over 150watts anyway because at 151-200 watts it is pulse width modulated and doesn’t give u the stay power. The Segelei would also probably hold up longer as there’s more stuff to break on the snowwolf. For.even cheaper then both of them is the Smok XCube 2. It’s decent as well. It’s got a ton of features but most are not practical, it’s a nice device tho. But for the price, u will be happy with whatever u buy.

  20. I’ve never owned one, but they feel solid and well made. And they (from my experience) vape fine. As for temp, from what I hear, there not the best, but still work.

  21. Sorry but when I read “evolve has never steered us wrong” it just made the article pointless to me as if you truly think that how can I take you seriously. Evolve have used people as testers for a longtime and usually instead of resolving problems hype up the next chip they are releasing and just leave the old ones behind with whatever problem still exists. All the information on the dna200 (a chip not so long ago evolve said they wouldn’t make lol) has come from owners\employees of evolve or the beta testers who cannot say anything negative about it if they want to continue as a beta tester so heralding it might not be the best thing to do as with evolves recent history a lot of egg may need to be cleared from many a face.

  22. I don’t believe they’re made by the same company. Asmodus distributes for many different companies. Batteries will never damage a mod, unless they vent. If you’re using bad batteries, they aren’t damaging the mod while you’re using it. Batteries are only as reliable as the place you buy them from, and then they’re only as reliable as the place they buy them from. So just buy from a reputable company, and you’ll be fine.

    1. That isn’t true tho, there’s plenty of reputable companies that make batteries but with lower amp limits. If ur device and build calls for dual 20amp imr batteries, u can easily make a mistake n say buy some Panasonic INRs with 10amp limits. So u need the correct batteries, but also as u said, they should always be bought from a reputable vendor. I use the same one each time. Once u find a Good battery vendor who u trust, I suggest staying with them.

  23. You can stick 10A batteries in a mod and fire it at 200 watts, and it won’t ruin the device. It will sense a low input amperage and not fire. You can use the Pana B and BE batteries and the device won’t fire if the batteries can’t supply the current. All devices made by reputable manufacturers have under current protection.

    1. Cory Thayer

      Ok, but like I said, to get the devices full potential, u need high amp batteries and it doesn’t matter where they came from if they aren’t a high enough amp. I don’t see a purpose in having say a 20amp board n using a 10amp battery, wherever it’s from a reputable vendor or not. Why buy batteries that can pump out half ur devices rating. And all devices made by reputable manufacturers, lol, half the devices we use are built in people’s garages, I won’t leave the safety up to them, I will make sure I use the correct batteries for the device I’m using, as everyone should. Listen to what u just suggested, it’s just not smart. I don’t recommend leaving the safety up to anyone but urself, if u have a 20amp device, I don’t suggest putting in anything lower then 20amp batteries. That would be setting urself up for something bad.

  24. I wasn’t suggesting to buy any specific batteries, I was answering a post asking about VTC batteries. I told him to buy them [the vtc batteries] from a reputable supplier. I never suggested using insufficient batteries either. I was just making a point. He was worried that using vtc batteries was running his mod. I recommend staying away from vtc batteries altogether, and I don’t care if some wipe on the internet says, “they’ve been tested” since everyone on the internet is an expert on batteries of course. Lol. The whole point I was trying to make was, having a battery with a low discharge rate won’t ruin the mod while you’re using it unless it vented, and to buy batteries from a reputable source. And when I referenced “reputable manufacturers,” I was again replying to him about the mods he had been talking about in our dialogue. And mods made in people’s garage are using other people’s boards, so if something happens to you while using a project box mod, blame Evolv, YiHi, General Electric, Murata, etc. I trust a “garage built” mod over a Chinese one any day. The Chinese ones are bound to have issues based on the scale they’re produced in, and the fact that their QC is usually inadequate and they can’t check every single one as well as it should be. (Most manufacturers) And forget about chasing them down for warranty work. They pass you of to the distributor, and they never do shit. People making project boxes are usually much more proud of their work, and will make sure things are right before they’re sent out. It’s a lot easier for them to check the 10-50 boxes a month they might make than it is for Pioneer 4 you to check the 100,000 boxes they make a month. And, usually if you have a problem with a project box, the person/people making the project box usually just says, “shop it back and I’ll fix it” unless the user abused it. (Again, not all of project box mod makers.) That’s been my experience anyways. Speedybuilt Box Mods has awesome customer service. When I contact him with a problem, he just says to send it to him, and I get it back fixed, and it hasn’t cost me a dime (less shopping).

  25. I was answering a question he asked me about using VTC batteries in his mod. I was not suggesting him to buy insufficient batteries, I was telling him to make sure he buys the batteries we were talking about (Sony vtc) at a reputable retailer. I never said anything about the brand, because he was asking about Sony vtc batteries, so it was unnecessary. He asked me about Sony batteries and I told him to buy from a reputable retailer that has a reputable supplier. And I was alluding to the fact that no one knows where the retailer gets their “authentic, dark green wrapper, Sony vtc 5 batteries” from, and to stay away from them because there is too many counterfeit vtc batteries on the market. Just because kidney puncher “tested” them, who is to say that the next batch they got weren’t counterfeit. (All of a sudden everyone on the internet “tests” batteries, and can give their “expert” opinion on a battery’s authenticity and discharge rate. Lol.) LG HG2/HE2/HE4 and Samsung 25R, are fine for a regulated device.

  26. This company is obnoxious…i listened to their sales pitch for their vendo program company is a complete joke…these are currently assembled in shenzen…probably just paid for private label maufacture by hcigar or vapecige. Really they didn’t “reinvent the box mod” snooby yuppy morons…their pricing is garbage. They think they can dictate every aspect of sales…they can shove that unit up their a$$ I’m going to push the vtbox200 for $150…which is more visually appealing. Don’t waste your time with these wannabe apple clowns…lol

  27. Hey guys, look, if you are going to be doing these live type conference podcasts could you set some protocols in order about microphones and vaping while you are broadcasting live?
    I mean, someone’s got to tell you that when one of you is talking, or any of you is talking, then the others SHOULD NOT BE VAPING INTO THE MICROPHONE WHILE YOU ARE TALKING! It’s fucking annoying as hell, not to mention RUDE DOWN TO CRUDE, when you are trying to listen to dude, and then over him talking you hear a loud sucking wet, slurping, LIKE A LONG INHALING OF SNOT SOUND BLASTING OVER HIS VERBIAGE!
    I don’t think it’s just me. And NO I didn’t bother reading all the comments either to see if anyone else was annoyed. I just wanted to give you my own input on how to handle your future podcasts. Either turn off your HEADSET MIC (yeah, it was you dude that sounded like a slurpy through a straw) or pull it out of the way when you partake… that’s all. The other guys didn’t have headsets on and regular mics don’t pick it up as intense unless you’re on top of them…so their vaping was hardly noticeable.
    I’m just sayin’….a little more professionalism and less vaping into mics will carry you farther ….
    Thanks for reading my rant… no offense meant, unless you don’t correct it on your next podcast… I might have to make a bigger stink then… but you guys are smarter than me…who am I, eh?

      1. This was directed to the Cloudmaker guys whose video was on your website about the CLDMKER Whiteout DNA 200 launch.

        My apologies if somehow my comments were misconstrued and wasn’t linked to the video. I was just trying to give them constructive criticism for any future videos that they said they would be doing after their initial launch of their signature product.

        I hope this clarifies things for you and anyone else who might have been confused by my posting.

        Thanks for bringing it to my attention to clear this up for you and everyone else.

        Vape on!

        1. Oh, I was confused since you said podcast. Anyway, there much more likely to see your comment if you click the YouTube link in the video box and comment directly onto their video on Youtube.

  28. PS: If you scroll to the top of this page and come down a little there is a video to click on here that my comments were about. it is the Cloudmaker Technologies video about their company, and the options available for the Whiteout DNA 200 Box Mod …..I knew I wasn’t dreaming that…lol

    Hope that settles things for you Nathan. Next time I’ll make sure that I reference specifically where my comments s/b directed to.

    Cheers & Happy Holidays and New Years to all !

    1. Yes, I know about the video. It’s just that the people who made the video will probably never see the comment on this page. But I now understand you comment.

      1. Yeah, I hear you. That’s why after leaving the first comment I went to their website and put it out to them there. I also emphasized the fact that not all of the vapers out here are in the tech industry with loads of cash falling out of our pockets.
        There seems to be this trend of ever increasing prices for what s/b standard fare of the TC variety.
        Upgradable firmware should not cost any more to have programmed into these chips no matter where they produce them. I mean for crissakes they aren’t a frickin’ smartphone and ain’t going to serve me breakfast in the morning.
        New and Old manufacturers need to realize that not everything needs to be bumped up to 60-70% over cost production. Especially those being directly shipped from China…or I should say Drop Shipped for nothing and eliminating all the middle men.
        I hope it’s topped out, and that ridculous prices for gimmicky chips, while nice to have, prevent large sales to the general public. They’d be better off cutting their wholesale overhead prices by 20-30% and dropping the prices for more customer distribution.
        eh… but whom am I to say anything? Just another vapster with limited income and smart business savvy… I’m available for consultation anytime…
        Live long and Vape on
        Happy New Year fellas….

  29. Hi I’m from Australia & we get everything a few months later then the usa but why is this Mod cloudmaker any better then other DNA200 mods is it cause you can change the panels or is the box made by extremely good quality cause I can’t see why it’s any better then any other DNA200 out there

    1. The main difference is that its more “open source” and fully customizable. However, it’s been in pre-order stage forever. I don’t know whats going on with this device.

  30. I’m %100 with this comment Cloudmaker have had vapers on stand by for so long I’m so over it.There just trying to get ever person out there that vapes to save there money up to buy a pre order.And there other big thing is you can customise everything it will be the only mod you will ever have to buy again. But they don’t tell you when there’s a new chip comes out you have to pay again or you don’t like the colour or the buttons it all equals to more Money for these Greedy people I don’t trust Evovle to start with we all know they have had issues with other DNA chips so there track record is not good by any means I like how “Cloudmaker” give you the option of buying The DNA200 chip or the YiHi 350j chip which I haven’t herd a bad word about so Cloudmaker you are money hungry company.Which if anything making vapers like myself feel it’s getting to gimmicky everyday there’s a new sub tank rta rba new juice mods I wonder why the government are like let’s stop this cause they see how much money it’s producing So stop this crap before the ban us vapers for good there threats are no BS Tabbacco Giants & Government vs Vape companies it will be over with in a few month STOP cloudmaker your just putting fuel on the fire!!

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