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Kangertech Subtank

New RDA+Clearomizer

Who’s ready to spend some money! Get ready because Kanger and Aspire both want you to buy their new tanks. Kangertech just announced their new Subtank and not too long ago Aspire announced there new Atlantis tank. Both have sub-ohm coils but which tank will be more popular?

I honestly haven’t been a big fan of Kangertech tanks since the Protank 2, which was a great tank, but when the Aspire Nautilus hit the market it was way better than anything Kanger had. The new Kanger Subtank looks like it could be a winner though.

The new Kanger Subtank which is a clearomizer that support’s pre-build sub-ohm coil heads as well as a new rebuildable or RDA coil head. People have been rebuilding replaceable coil heads for a long time now, I actually started rebuilding on Protank coils-heads, but these are the first clearomizer coil heads designed to be rebuilt like an RDA.

It also comes with new pre-built Bottom Plane Dual-Coil (BPDC) head’s which look really interesting. They have a square outer casing and are said to last longer, provide purer taste, have a larger heating section, and come built as low as 0.5ohms with organic cotton wicking.

The Kanger Subtank itself will have a new adjustable airflow control for superior airflow, a spring loaded 510 connection, and a new stronger Pyrex glass tank. In it you can use either the pre-built kanger BPDC coils or the brand new Kanger RBA coil head for building your own coils. This clearomizer combined the ease of replaceable coils with the performance of rebuildiable atomizers and sub-ohm coils. If they did it right this could become the new “go to” clearomizer.

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Kanger Subtank

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  • FrackenVape... 11/09/2014

    I dont get why people dont like the aerotank series from Kanger. Ive tasted it side by side with a nautilus and honestly there wasnt much of a difference, if any. If this tank coming out from Kanger is close to comparable as Aspire’s Atlantis tank, the Kanger will have the upper edge with the rebuildable coils. I mean who wants to keep spending $20 plus on disposable coil heads?

    • AJ Penn 12/17/2014

      Bought this tank yesterday, after coming from the Aspire’s line both the Nautilus and Atlantis….this tank blows them away.

  • Randy Barlow 11/09/2014

    Will depend on tank size. 5 or 6 ml should be a winner. 2 – 3ml will not.

  • mav1 11/10/2014

    hope it has better air flow than the nauti does

  • Jimbo 11/10/2014

    having the aerotank, and aerotank 2 as well as a Nautilus mini I have to say that the Nautilus is better than the first aerotank, and that I would put version 2 slightly above the mini. This should blow all of them away. The only competition I see is from the new atlantis, and the aerotak turbo which I also have and love.

  • Melissa D Norman 11/12/2014

    I’m in the Kanger camp, always have been. I’ve tasted them side by side and have prefered Kangers for taste, durability, looks, the only thing I’ll give Aspire the edge on is vapor production, which a lot of people equate with “better”. This looks like it will not only still be heads and tails above Aspire’s own sub ohm tank but it will blow it out of the water. It’s like Kanger actually learned and listened to what it’s customers want and need and addressed it. I felt like a few of Kanger’s tanks fell flat like the Unitank, the Aero mega, (IMO) but this will put them back up on top of the moutain! Now I just wish we could get some answers as to if vaping on lower ohms is more of a risk or not.

    • Jason 11/30/2014

      More vapor doesn’t mean better. The Aspire line has a much better wick system than Kanger. Kanger wicks are horrible, they don’t last very long, they constantly overflow leaving me with juice in my mouth… with the Aspire Nautilus and the mini wicks, I’ve never had that problem. Plus the wicks last about a week or two longer. That, at least in my book, is what makes Aspire better.

  • Petey 11/16/2014

    Kanger is the winner HANDS DOWN, Kanger is using organic cotton. Aspire is committed to using their mystery ceramic fiber wick… nobody wants to inhale that stuff.

  • Wynne 11/17/2014

    I’m sure you’ll let us know right away when this is available, Nathan….he he, I can’t wait, so excited to see this new sub-ohm tank! I was thinking of getting the new Atlantis, but those extra coils were so pricey @ $20.00 a five-pack. I think I’ll try to wait for the Subtank. Giving us the option to rebuild, or just buy your coil heads was a brilliant move by Kangertech

  • anthonyngibbs 11/30/2014

    I just purchased the aspire atlantis it’s a higher quality tank great vapor production and I will put it at the top of the list unlike the aero tank turbo pro tank or mega you have no leakage no gurgling,another great product by aspire

    • Josh 12/04/2014

      There is one problem with the Atlantis, the chimney is not stainless steel, it is chrome plated brass. Chrome plating is toxic and I don’t know how it reacts with juice.

  • Justin 12/05/2014

    I use to exclusively use kranger products until I decided to give the aspire mini a chance, kranger will have to seriously improve for me to buy another

  • Jack Blaisdell 12/13/2014

    Blows the Aspire Atlantis out of the water!!! You can get one here thanks to VAPOLOCITY:

  • Mark T. 01/27/2015

    I have a first gen Aerotank mega the AFC was decent, I had good air flow,etc. bought the aerotank the AFC on it sucks, it’s usable, but am Loki g to put the new ver 3 base on it. I did get the ver 3 base for my mega Aerotank it is absolutely fantastic. I also have The Aspire Nautilus it is good all the way around, no issues with it what so ever.
    I just got in over the weekend my new Kanger subtank mini…holy shit! This is an incredible tank, I usually build my coils from .5-.7 for my drippers, for my Russian 91% I have built the coil from .5-1.5 ohm, e en my Kayfun mini and the Ivogo Kayfun midi, not full size Kayfun, nor is it a mini, I build those to go on my iTaste ver. 3.0 so around 1.2 ohms. I like a little variety, but having used most of Kanger’s tanks at least from the Pro II on my money is on Kanger to blow Aspire out of the water.

  • Jope 05/19/2015

    I have the large Kanger Subtank on a iStick 50 watt and absolutely love it. The choice to go for pre built coils to Kayfun style re builds is awesome. The flavor is great too and it puts out some clouds. blows away my Russian 91% at 1/3 of the cost. I actually use this more than my RDAs now. Hopefully it stays like this a few months from now

    As far as Aspire goes…over priced over rated garbage. Their BDC clearos sucked and the Nautilus was lacking in the flavor department. I see no reason to waste more money on that brand


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