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As much as innovative ideas in the vaping world are to be applauded and encouraged, not all of them are executed in the form of a viable product. The Tritank by Xedis introduces a truly novel feature to the otherwise pedestrian clearomizer landscape. Three flavors? One tank? That’s what the Tritank brings to the table. Should it be allowed to stay at the table? Let’s find out.

The Tritank used for this review was provided by VaporDNA for review.

The Tritank triple threat

The Xedis Tritank is certainly a unique product. With three separate reservoirs in the tank, users can load up three of their favorite e-liquids in the Tritank and change flavors on the fly. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

The Tritank is constructed of stainless steel (mostly) and features a 3 chambered plastic e-liquid tank. Each chamber holds up to 1.5ml of juice for a total capacity of 4.5ml. The rotating base is used to select the active chamber. The 22mm Tritank has a stainless steel, adjustable 510 pin which should allow it to sit flush on the device of your choosing.

The Packaging and Included Stuff

The Tritank shows up in a sturdy, professionally presented cardboard tube featuring all the relevant product information and a scratch off security code. Contents are the Tritank with three pre-installed 1.8Ω coil heads, an eGo cone adapter, a coil head tool, and a user manual. Well, I guess that’s what the contents are supposed to include. My review unit arrived minus the user manual and eGo cone adapter. Not a huge deal, but worth mentioning, I suppose. It also included a mystery tool – the purpose of which I have been unable to ascertain.


Tritank_collage1(click to enlarge)

Xedis Tritank features:

  • Three isolated tanks utilizing three independent coils
  • Patented rotating system designed in the UK
  • 3 Dual Coil 1.8 ohm BDC Coils
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 22mm in diameter
  • Each tank holds 1.5ml for 4.5ml total capacity
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tip

Build Quality

And here’s where the wheels start coming off. What’s the expression? If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all? If I held to that standard, this would be a pretty short review.

The Tritank just feels cheap.  The materials used don’t give me a sense of quality. I’m not sure of the exact composition of the plastic tank but I’m guessing the threads on the bottom of the tank won’t live a long, healthy life. The stainless steel bits are fairly well machined but do show some tool marks. The plastic tank and base fit together nicely but the threading is anything but smooth. As far as I can tell, the top cap of the tank is not removable which may make a thorough cleaning reasonably difficult unless you have an ultrasonic cleaner. I tried several times to remove the top cap but felt like I was going to break the plastic, so I gave up.

The base is engraved with “TRITANK XEDIS”  and is nicely done. A very small (1mm?) single non-adjustable air hole with chamber indicator are also found on the base. Inside the base are two nylon stops/seals. These seal the unused chambers in the tank. I’m not sure how well these will hold up to repeated rotations. I suspect the material will wear down over time, causing leakage. I will say that in my short time with the Tritank, it hasn’t leaked a drop of liquid from anywhere. The 510 pin is easy to adjust and seems pretty stable.

The coil deck appears to be made of something other than stainless steel – it looks to be chrome plated. Not my first choice of materials for a part which is in constant contact with my juice. Why this bit couldn’t have been machined from stainless steel is beyond me.

I will say that the Tritank is not a bad looking atomizer. It’s not a show stopper but it is far from being aesthetically displeasing.


 (click to enlarge)

Using the Tritank

This is where things turn ugly. To be frank, using the Tritank is a pretty miserable experience.

Preparing the device for use is a straightforward affair. Simply unscrew the base from the tank, remove the coil base, invert the tank, and fill each liquid chamber. You’ll likely want to use a needle tip bottle to avoid putting juice into the chimneys. Be sure not to fill the chambers past the edge of the chimneys or a mess will ensue. Once the tanks are full, insert the coil base and screw the tank base back on. Pretty simple stuff. You’ll probably want to either prime the coil heads with a bit juice or let them sit in the full tank for a while to absorb some liquid before using the Tritank.

The coil heads are removed and installed using one of the included tools. I’m not entirely sure of the purpose of each tool but they will both work for manipulating the coil heads. The fact a tool is required isn’t a positive attribute. Fortunately, it’s not particularly specialized so when you eventually lose it a suitable replacement should be easy to source.


 (click to enlarge)

Now we get to actually vaping with the Tritank. Before I expound further, I’d like to draw your attention to the claims made by Xedis on the Tritank packaging:


 Folks, nothing could be further from the truth. Vapor production is anemic, at best. I used the Tritank at 10W – things began getting a little toasty north of 10W – and it produces very little vapor. It’s been quite some time since I’ve used a non-subohm clearomizer but I’m willing to bet one of my old iClear 16 clearos would produce more vapor. The problem is clearly the tiny airflow hole and diminutive coil heads. You simply can’t make “huge vapor” with the Tritank’s super constricted airflow.

So, you say, I’m not into making “huge vapor”, I’m a flavor chaser!. It makes great flavor then, right? Um, no… it certainly does not. I put three very different juices in the Tritank – and I mean very different. All three are juices I vape regularly and often use to compare the flavor delivery of various devices. I can barely tell them apart in the Tritank when switching between the juice chambers. The flavor delivery from the Tritank is incredibly weak. I’m not sure I’ve used an atomizer which delivers so little flavor (other than strong burnt coil head flavor from trying to run this thing at 13W).

The coil heads are very small and, subsequently, have tiny juice openings and almost non-existent airflow. If you do opt to buy a Tritank, you’ll want to use very thin juice. I’d guess any juice having a VG content of higher than 50% will present severe wicking issues and result in burnt hits.

The base is marked with an indicator located directly above the air hole which is used to line up the air hole with the chimney of your selected chamber. The base doesn’t exactly turn smoothly but there is a slight “click” feeling as the each chamber is selected. You’ll want to be sure to rotate the Tritank clockwise to select the different chambers once it is on your device. Otherwise, you’ll just unscrew the atomizer… or worse, unscrew the tank from the base.

The box mod I used for testing (which will be the subject of my next review) steps down the voltage so I wasn’t unintentionally overpowering the Tritank. It just doesn’t work very well.

And, as you can see in the picture below, that’s what the Tritank looks like at full liquid capacity. So, for those that are OCD about a tank looking full after filling, the Tritank isn’t your huckleberry.


(click to enlarge)


Well, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone having read this far – I’m not a fan of the Tritank. I feel like the build quality and materials used are sub-par and the performance is abysmal. I do applaud Xedis for introducing a truly unique atomizer design. However, the theory is solid, the execution is not. The minuscule amount of airflow combined with the tiny coil heads result in an atomizer which delivers neither vapor quantity nor flavor.

I’m not sure if Xedis really thinks this thing is a performer or if they are simply trying to cash in on the Tritank’s novelty. Which brings us to the price – $58.99. FIFTY EIGHT NINETY NINE, people! This leads me to believe Xedis is out for nothing more than a quick buck. I hope I’m wrong – I’d love to see them, or someone else, take the design back to the drawing board and put something on the market with the quality and performance to match the great design. As is stands, I simply can’t recommend the Tritank at the $58.99 price point… or, well, at any price point, really. It’s just not a good atomizer.


  • ​ Truly innovative design
  • check
    ​It doesn't look too bad


  • ​Sub-par quality
  • ​Terrible performance
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Ridiculous price

7 thoughts on “XEDIS Tritank Review”

  1. Great review,Nicole! I hope whoever is thinking about this buying this tank gets to read this.

    Vapor DNA is pretty good at picking good quality and reasonably priced vape gear and they are one of my go-to vape stores…but I honestly don’t why they would sell a tank like this. Not only does it not vape well and is gimmicky its also ridiculously over-priced.
    I mean you can get a Atlantis or Sub-Tank for cheaper or if still want the ability to store different juices on the go you could get two Aspire Nautilus or two Kanger Aerotanks and put different juices in each tank. It would work a lot better and probably cost you a lot less money and aggravation.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the review… but, Nicole isn’t the author. :)

      Bottom line: I really do think this tank is a gimmick and inexcusably overprice. I also love Vapor DNA and find it hard to believe they would carry this thing.

      1. Don’t lie Nathan, you are really Nicole! LOL … A very good review of a very bad tank. I hate to say it but I knew this would suck when Acesmok tried to sell me on it back when I was reviewing the ACE50. The interesting part is that Acesmok told me that it was their original design, and maybe it was and they sold it?

        Doesn’t matter, the tank is no bueno, but your review is muy fantastico!

  2. It’s 3 Ns doing all the reviews on this site! Maybe it’s a giant vaping tricylops!

    Yes great recview on a crap product! It was a bad idea when I first heard about it, and it’s still something to scoff at now!

    P.S. Edit. Maybe the 3 Ns are actually all 1 person with multiple personalities?

  3. So glad I saw this saw somewhere I could get it cheaper after seeing a UK reviewer. Guess I will have to keep looking I am one of those that like to be the first one in the area (not to hard in OK) to have something. I even have one B&B that if I have something they don’t carry will ask how I like it etc before buying.

  4. The TriTank is not even innovative. My local tobacco shop was selling a cheap two-chamber/flavor atomizer two years ago. It was a gimmick then and it is now … but on the other hand, some people might really like such a thing if it was done well.

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