Innokin Zlide Top Tank $18.89

The Innokin Zlide Top Tank is now on sale. Buy one of these attys from a China-based store for only $18.89 after using the coupon “IZZT“. It’s also available from a USA-based store for $29.95. Multiple color options are available for purchase.

Price Discount Code Notes Purchase
$18.89 IZZT In Stock Get Deal! (China)
$28.99 N/A Pre-Order Get Deal! (China)
$29.95 N/A In Stock Get Deal! (USA)

The Innokin Zlide Top Tank is primarily constructed from stainless steel material, and has a 24.5mm diameter, like many tanks in the market. Additionally, this tank has an e-juice capacity of 3ml or 4.5ml with a bigger tank section, which is included. As indicated by the atty’s name, this one can be quickly filled using its top-fill design.

Innokin zlide top atomizer

The Innokin Zlide Top Tank is compatible with all the Z coils, and you do get two Z coils with the Zlide Top Sub Tank. The first is a 0.6-ohm coil that’s pre-installed, and the second is a 0.3-ohm coil head. You can adjust the airflow using the ring located at the top of the atomizer. Lastly, this atomizer has duo prime coil technology, ensuring an excellent vape experience.

The Innokin Zlide Top Tank is a great option for vapers who enjoy RDL tanks and want top airflow. You’ll also get solid performance with the available coils, which not only has RDL/DL options, but MTL options, too.

Innokin Zlide Top Vape Tank Features:

  • Overall diameter: 24.5mm
  • Maximum e-juice capacity: 3ml or 4.5ml
  • top fill design
  • Adjustable top airflow
  • Compatible with the Innokin Z Coils
  • Duo prime technology

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