Hohm Wrecker Review

Hohm wrecker review

Review of the Hohm Wrecker Box Mod

I received the Hohm Wrecker box mod from Benjamin over at Hohm Tech so I could check it out and review it. First things first, this box mod is definitely unique. It may not sport the most power out of any box on the market, but that’s not what Hohm Tech is going for. I’ll discuss this more in the video and article below.

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The Hohm Wrecker box mod is a temperature control device that runs from 10 to 151 watts. This temp control mod can regulate temperature from 200 to 700°F (92-372°C). For dimensions, it weighs in at 8.47oz and has a height, length, and width of 2.28×4.13×0.94in. It utilizes a brand new chip manufactured in China called the Flagship Killer (FSK) chip. Other than that chip, the Hohm Wrecker is 100% designed, engineered, and assembled in America.


The first thing that I noticed when I received the Hohm Wrecker prototype from Hohm Tech was that the box sports a unique aesthetic. Instead of being “Plain Jane” as far as the outside of the box, Hohm Tech opted to place gender symbols all over the sides, top, and bottom.

Though the gender symbols were not the way I would go if I designed the Hohm Wrecker, I did not find them terrible. They even add a bit of grip to the outside of the box. In my opinion, it might have a more pleasing aesthetic if Hohm Tech had placed ohm symbols around the outside of the device.

Prototype Issues

The version of the Hohm Wrecker that I received is a prototype, and because of this, it had flaws. According to Benjamin over at Hohm Tech, these flaws have since been addressed for the retail version,  However, for the purpose of full disclosure, I mentioned them in the video above.

My initial impressions of this temperature control box mod were good despite the obvious flaws from being a prototype. It reminded me of the original Sigelei 100W box mod in its size and general design, which is a good thing.


Up close and personal, the Hohm Wrecker temperature control box mod looks to be fairly clean. There is nothing that stands out negatively on the inside of the box mod. My only real complaint for the internals is that the ribbon should have been placed in the middle of the battery sled for easier access. Otherwise, the magnets are strong, the wires and chip are all covered up, and the contacts are sturdy.

What Hohm Tech has tried to do with the Hohm Wrecker is make a device that does not adhere to the standards set by other devices. One of the main things that Benjamin at Hohm Tech wanted to express to me was that they are not looking for a wattage war; they want efficiency. Hohm Tech wanted to create a box mod that will work the right way every time no matter what.


Overall, it seems that Hohm Tech has done a great job in creating this box mod. They have successfully produced a device that works the way it is supposed to. They have emphasized efficiency, and even a beginner vaper can understand how to use it.

You can pick up your own Hohm Wrecker temperature control box mod right now for $179.99 through VaporCube. If it weren’t so expensive, I would pick up a couple for my friends and myself. If you want a box mod that does what it is supposed to every time and you don’t mind shelling out $180, then you should definitely pick up a Hohm Wrecker. Check out our Best Box Mods guide for info on comparable devices. That is it for this review. I will catch you guys later. Vape on.

Buy the Hohm Wrecker here

12 thoughts on “Hohm Wrecker Review”

  1. Another hohm wrecker review stating how “clean” the box is….who cares!!! I realize there was a period where some devices came out with massive amounts of hot glue and it didn’t look good, but at this price point, clean is a given. My vapor flask is beautiful. It is imo, my best looking device. It is also my least used mod. There are two deal breakers for me on buying this one. 1. No usb port for upgrades or fixes. I Recently saw a video review stating the temp control is off. On the cotton burn test, even at 600 degrees F it was not burning the cotton. Totally expected from a $50 smok m80, but for $180 it shouldn’t ship to consumers knowing this temp control doesn’t work properly. If it had a usb port for fixes, it may have saved the day by simply pushing out the fix online. Massive fail IMO. 2. 90 day warranty. Ready to be a lifetime companion. Really? So why the crappy warranty? Ipv4 has a 6 month warranty. I could buy 3 of those for the price of one of these. Don’t want to buy anything evol not even if they start selling ice cream, and I fukin love ice cream! I’ll wait for the hohm wrecker V2 and see what that brings. In the meantime, when oh when is that vapor flask sx coming out???

    1. You realize it not burning the cotton is a good thing. Even at 600 degrees it should sense the dry coil and not ignite the cotton. The only “complaint” I see here is no USB port but I don’t really see a need for one.

  2. Definitely care about his opinion. Nobody cares for a troll though. Crawl back under your bridge troll shoo shoo.

    1. Glad you said the troll remark. Some.of us actually want to HELP each other! Long live the “community!” The guys input about the hom wrecker has saved me $180.00! I just happened to drop by and see this and had my finger on the trigger. Was going to place my order after I stopped by here! Not now! Thanks guys!

  3. I’ve bought one I will say I agree with his statement about tc not working I’ve had to crank it up to 550 F for it to hit smoothly but i didn’t buy it for tc i bought it for the .o5 ohm limit for kanthal and as for what you said about “oh its 180$ being clean is expected…go buy a pi(2) atty and see if you can still say that those are 180$ and dirty as hell! Imo if ur looking to just do tc then yeah stay with your dna200 and stuff but if your like me and switch between kanthal(nichrone for me) and nickel and you cloud chase then I still feel like this box is a good choice

  4. It’s a good $60.00 which is what I paid mod. SX vaporflask is AWESOME, love mine.
    IPV3li in the 50-75 dollar range and Sig 150 tc make the HOHM WRECKER a mod amazing for those of us who collect ( I have 100’s) but if you ONLY are getting 1 ? Look at IPV and SIG .

  5. I have a hohmwrecker and I love it. Don’t really care about the c but when I donuse it it works with no problems. Only thing I’ve noticed is if you switch coils sometimes it doesn’t read the new one and still has the old resistance displayed. And BTW, vaporbeast.com has them for $83.99…..

  6. Charles Dillman

    The Hohm Wrecker is fair at best. Works ok but says to change batteries at 50% life even running 50watts in watt mode. The same at 60% battery life in temp mode at 550 degrees f. Lucky to vape an hour in temp mode with 2 3000mah batteries! Customer service sucks! Vapor Cube and Hohm Tech dont answer thier phone and no response as of yet. Good Luck. I expect better from a company that charges big money for thier products.

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