CASAA Fights Back Against the FDA

Casaa fights fda

The vape industry finds its savior in CASAA, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. This non-profit churns out hometown heroes all over the country that stand up for the community’s right to vape.

With the FDA nipping at our heels every chance it gets and anti-smoking groups asserting their first amendment rights against our cause, the vaping community needs something to look to for inspiration, motivation, and solidarity. CASAA is the epitome of all of these traits and works diligently to protect vapers everywhere day in and day out.

Since 2009, CASAA has challenged the powers that be in support for the vaping industry, inciting the community to join in the vaping revolution. As the FDA builds up pressure on the vape industry, CASAA does the same, urging the vaping community to stand up for its rights.

According to the CASAA website, the group initially blossomed from members of an online forum as an advocacy group with the goal to raise awareness and protect the community’s right to access reduced harm alternatives to smoking. The organization is led by a 13-member board of directors, both consumers and retailers. The primary mission of the company is to ensure the availability of effective and affordable alternatives to smoking.

From the outset, CASAA faced opposition on all fronts. Anti-tobacco advocates encroach on one side, while the FDA takes the other. Despite this, CASAA has managed to persevere and remain resolute in its support for the use of vapes and development of flavored e-liquids.

To spur its members to the front lines, CASAA utilizes a call to action system that operates much in the same way as a mailing list. The organization continually delivers calls to action to registered members, tailored to their locations. These letters inform members about local legislature that challenges the vaping community. They also provide routes of communication for the governing parties so that members can directly express their concern for the issue.

In addition to taking action against oppressive parties, CASAA also provides support for the community. Through its website, CASAA offers outlets for vapers to divulge their vaping testimonials. The organization also provides the community with up-to-the-minute news and blog posts concerning the vape industry.

CASAA prides itself in being the number one source for the vape community to receive information regarding the state of the industry. Contact information for the organization and links for donation and to become a member are also available on the website.

As a result of CASAA’s perseverance, vapers across the nation are able to remain motivated to protect their right to pursue healthy alternatives to cigarettes. Prior to its creation in 2009, there was no organization that created the same solidarity that CASAA has. To say the least, CASAA has and will continue to save the vape industry from the oppressive rule of Big Tobacco and anti-vape conservatives across the nation.

Casaa membershipHead over to CASAA’s website to sign up for calls to action, check out the latest vape news, and support the saving grace for the vaping community. Any donations made toward CASAA go directly to fund the organization – not to the individuals in charge of it. As stated by the company’s donation page, CASAA is a truly grassroots company and relies heavily on the support of the community. Without the aid of vapers nationwide, CASAA would not thrive and be able to remain steadfast in its fight against the FDA.

Despite CASAA’s undeniable ability to support the vaping community in its struggle to remain afloat, the vape world cannot be saved by one conglomerate. Since 2009, many organizations have also stepped up to the plate for vapers across the nation and worldwide. Vapor Shark, Space Jam and Five Pawns are all exemplary conglomerates that are active in the community and working towards securing a future for the vape industry.

According to Vapor Shark’s Facebook page, the company and many others recently met up with the infamous Mitch Zeller, the head of the FDA, and his staff. No iron-clad information has been released about this meeting just yet; Vapor Shark stated that vapers should look forward to hearing more about what is going on in the near future.


“We were both honored and proud to be part of that conversation, and we look forward to responsibly working towards securing a future for the vape industry.”

-Vapor Shark

The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) is another major conglomerate that is constantly working towards a brighter future for the vaping industry. SFATA, in addition to continually showing support for the fight against the FDA, also releases press releases daily to provide up-to-date information regarding every aspect of the vape industry.

We here at Vaping Cheap fully support any organization that is standing up for what is right. The vape industry is no longer a small force of cigalike users; we are now one of the largest social groups in the world, and what we say matters. The FDA cannot and will not step all over us and control our every move. The vape industry is already a $3 billion a year industry and is continually growing. Standing together, there is no force that can halt our continual progress toward a healthier future.

CASAA and SFATA may be shining examples of organizations that are fighting in support of the vape industry, but they are not the only ones. Companies like the aforementioned Five Pawns and Space Jam are also fighting back with everything they’ve got, even though they are e-juice manufacturers. It does not matter whether companies are based solely in one facet of the vape industry; there are no limits that determine whether a company can work toward a brighter future in the vape world.

Since electronic cigarettes emerged onto the market, a war has been raging. It will definitely be interesting to see just how the next year or so morphs the industry as we know it. The only certainty is that CASAA, SFATA, and organizations like them will remain at the forefront of the battlefield.

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  1. I’m so thankful that they’re fighting the good fight for us. I’m a member of CASAA and I can tell ya that I’ve written hundreds of emails and have made hundreds of calls to representatives and legislature while living here in Sacramento.

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