EHPRO Billow V2 Review

It didn’t seem that long ago when the first authentic, high performance Chinese produced rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA) hit the market – but, in terms of vape technology progression, it’s been forever. Perhaps the two biggest entrants to the market were the Eleaf Lemo and EHPRO Billow. I previously owned and used both extensively. Both have undergone subsequent revisions in an effort to refine the devices and keep pace with the exploding sub-tank clearomizer market.

The Billow V2, like the original Billow, is a collaboration between EHPRO and Eciggity. The first iteration of the Billow was a fantastic performer, flowing lots of air and able to withstand a lot of power. I regularly ran my Billow V1 at 60W with nary an issue. So, have the folks at EHPRO and Eciggity produced a winner in the Billow V2? That’s what I intend to discover.

The Billow V2 used for this review was provided by EHPRO.

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Where to buy the EHPRO Billow V2:


The Packaging and Included Stuff

The Billow V2 arrives in packaging reminiscent of its older sibling.  On the back of the box you’ll find a security code which you may use to verify the device’s authenticity here. Successful authentication, assuming you can actually read the security code, results in this message:


The included goodies: the atomizer itself, a user manual, some spare o-rings, a keychain screwdriver, a pair of pre-built coils, and some organic cotton. You’ll notice in the pictures below, there is an empty baggy. It previously contained the cotton and coils. This marks the first time I’ve used the supplied wicking material or coils/wire included in a Chinese produced atomizer. Also absent is the screwdriver, which I promptly misplaced after opening the Billow V2. Typically I take all of my packaging photos prior to using a review device but I was anxious to get the Billow V2 in to the action – my apologies.


EHPRO Billow V2 Details:

  • Stainless steel body
  • Two-piece chimney
  • Dual coil design
  • Rebuildable without emptying liquid from the tank
  • No more airflow screws
  • Adjustable AFC ring with cyclops air holes
  • Peek insulator
  • Wide bore delrin base drip tip
  • 5ml capacity
  • Adjustable copper 510 pin
  • Pyrex tank
  • 22mm base diameter, 23mm tank diameter

What Has Changed/Build Quality

The original Billow was very nicely made and the Billow V2 continues the lineage of very good quality. Additionally, the Billow V2 is sporting some much needed enhancements. The biggest revision, in my opinion, is the AFC ring which replaces the less than convenient bottom airflow screws of the original. I had constant leaking from those screws with my Billow V1. Another new feature is the ability to access the build deck without dumping your liquid. The Billow V2 remains a bottom fill tank but the liquid ports in the base of the chimney are much larger in the V2 and allow for much easier filling. The V2 also now has a two piece chimney versus the single piece unit of the V1. A welcome change, indeed.

The stainless steel body of the Billow V2 has a nice matte/lightly brushed finish and the review unit shows no finish blemishes of any sort. The threading all the way through the Billow V2 is silky smooth, o-ring fitment is excellent (save for the AFC ring), and the double o-ringed delrin based drip tip fitment is great. The AFC ring moves effortlessly – perhaps too effortlessly. I found myself often having to readjust the airflow after inadvertently closing it off through handling of the Billow V2. Also, the Pyrex tank will spin on the o-rings even when the top cap is tightened all the way down. This presents no problems, I just found it a little disconcerting.

The machining of the build deck is very nice – the juice channels are uniformly cut and the deck threading very clean. No burrs, defects, or other anomalies are present. Perhaps my only gripe with the deck are the tiny post screws. I imagine it wouldn’t take much to strip them.


Performance and Usage

As noted previously, for the initial build of the Billow V2, I opted to use the included Kanthal coils and organic cotton. This marks the first time I’ve used included wire or wicking material. Since both the Kanthal and cotton looked pretty good I figured they would lend to a complete review of the package as a whole.

The coils are 24AWG Kanthal with a 3mm inner diameter. Note the resistance reads right at 0.3Ω. If you plan to use the included coils and intend to run the Billow V2 on a mechanical mod, please make sure your batteries are capable of at least a 15A continuous drain rate. Also, some regulated devices may be unable to fire an atomizer with a 0.3Ω resistance value. Please be aware that these coils are fairly large and require some careful positioning to avoid making contact with the lower chimney section. Always meter your build after installing the lower chimney section to verify no short circuits are present.

Wicking the Billow V2 is a fairly straightforward affair. You’ll want to trim the wick tails so that they just lay on the deck surface above the juice channels, as illustrated in the pictures .


After building and placing the coils, insert and prime your wicks with some e-liquid, and screw on the lower chimney section. You’ll then need to put the Pyrex tank on the upper chimney section and then screw on the top cap. With that accomplished, you can now fill the tank from the bottom. The large juice openings make filling a breeze, even with glass dropper. Once full, keep the tank inverted and thread in the deck/lower chimney. I experienced no leaking with the Billow V2.


The Billow V2, like its predecessor, is certainly a performer, capable of running with a fair amount of power pushing it. I was able to run the Billow V2 up to 70W before things started tasting toasty. It will run at 60W all day long if that is your jam. Be aware, even with having a delrin base, the supplied drip tip will get pretty warm after repeated pulls at high power levels. I ran the Kanthal equipped Billow V2 on both my IPV4 and a Coolfire IV. At 40W on the Coolfire IV, I found the vape to be just about perfect (care to guess what my next review will be?).

Also be aware that at higher power levels, the Billow V2 absolutely crushes juice. I could practically see the juice level decreasing as I was vaping. As a result, you’ll have no problem changing the atmosphere in the room with a quickness. With the airflow wide open, the Billow V2 makes a substantial volume of fog. There’s nothing stealthy about this RTA. Even with the airflow practically closed all the way, it still flows a good amount of air. This is not the RTA for mouth-to-lung vapers – lung hitters, this is your device.

I would consider the flavor to be very good for a rebuildable tank atomizer. I haven’t used any kind of tank on a regular basis for quite some time and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor delivery of the  Billow V2. While I don’t consider the flavor delivery on par with most of my drippers, it is definitely no slouch. I most recently used a Squape Reloaded and Aqua V2 and the Billow V2 goes toe-to-toe with both of them flavor-wise, at a fraction of the cost.

Since temperature control devices are storming onto the vaping market, I figured I had better attempt a Ni200 build in the Billow V2 for use on my IPV4. You’ll need to keep in the mind the space constraints as nickel builds can often require fairly large coils. Since the Billow V2 is a dual coil only device, you’ll need to plan your nickel build accordingly lest you end up with a resistance too low for you device to fire. I used 30AWG tempered Ni200 wire around a 2.5mm mandrel for my build. I was shooting for 0.10Ω and, as you see can see, got pretty close. This build was a tight fit but, with some careful coil positioning, it fit in the lower chimney section just fine. Be careful tightening your post screws so as not to clip your coil legs. Nickel is very soft and zealous post screw tightening may lead to some colorful language if you clip a leg (not that I would know anything about that).


I ran this build at 35J-40J on the IPV4 through several tanks of juice. As with the Kanthal build, the Billow V2 is a thirsty little monster with nickel builds at higher power. The quality of the vape, however, was outstanding and worth every drop of consumed liquid.


If RTAs are your atomizer style of choice, you can certainly do a lot worse than the Billow V2. How much better can you do? I’m not sure – but I do know that the Billow V2 is an outstanding atomizer. The build quality is great, flavor and cloud production are fantastic, and it’s an aesthetically pleasing device. Additionally, it works very well with Kanthal or Ni200 temperature control builds. The only real issues of note are the very loose AFC (which could likely be fixed with a beefier o-ring), occasional drip tip heat, and the fact the Billow V2 is rampant juice guzzler. I consider these issues minor and they don’t significantly detract from using the Billow V2. I’m not a big tank user these days but the Billow V2 is definitely a welcome addition to my collection.



  • ​Excellent flavor and performance
  • check
    Easy to fill
  • check
    Very good build quality
  • check
    Great value
  • check
    Two piece chimney


  • ​Loose AFC ring
  • ​Glass tank spins on o-rings
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Copious juice consumption
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Drip tip can get pretty warm

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Where to buy the EHPRO Billow V2


10 thoughts on “EHPRO Billow V2 Review”

  1. Awesome review!! I really enjoy your reviews,they are informative,extensive,and just a joy to read! I can’t wait for the next review even though the CF4 isn’t up my alley,I want read what you gotta say about it! Till next time,Keep on vapin!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you have been enjoying my reviews! I’ll try to continue to contribute useful information!

    2. I’m very interested in purchasing this for my boyfriends late birthday, also have a few connections with vape shops in town. Would definitely recommend them to this site.

  2. I have two Billow V2’s and you are spot on with this review. My two goblins sit unused now. They are the very best RTA’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to vape!

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Jim. I was a big fan of the Billow V1 and the Billow V2 is a huge improvement over that tank.

  3. Paul (Nailz)

    Awesome review :)

    Thought about the billow v2, did have the billow v1, but didn’t get used very long, loved the look and vape of it, but as you said, got sick of the constant leaking from them airflow screws on the bottom, I am mostly a MTL hitter, so maybe the billow v2 won’t be so good for me.

    BTW I got the CF4 yesterday, awesome mod for what they are charging for it, very solid good looking mod, will keep a eye out for your review on it ;)

  4. The loose air flow control ring problem can be solved by taking it off and it upside down. Hope that helps :)

    1. James Toscano

      Actually, the air flow control ring is adjustable. When you pull the airflow ring off of the tank, you’ll reveal another screw. This screw is used to adjust the resistance for the AFC ring. Try loosening that screw just a hair and the resistance will be perfect!!

  5. I have been using the Bollow v2 for a few weeks and have SS316 coils fitted I think the flavour is fantastic and have been using it more than any onther RTA, I have a Bellus as well and they are even for flavour, but the builld is easier on the Billow v2 as the deck is a bit bigger and the split chimney makes wicking very easy indeed. I have no isue with the airflow control, i just wish it had top fill.

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