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Are you looking to save big on your next purchase at Fasttech? Well this page is kept updated with the latest Fasttech coupon codes so your in the right place. But I will warn you that Fasttech doesn’t offer coupon codes very often, so you have to take advantage of it when they do. Usually Fasttech discount codes will save you 5-10% off your order.

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Here is the list of the newest FastTech coupon codes. If your looking for direct from the manufacturer prices on e-cigarettes, flashlights, or other electronics you can find them at They offer a huge selection of electronics at the lowest prices because they ship directly from China and cut out the importers and wholesalers. This list will be updated whenever we get a new coupon or discount code for Fasttech.

Fasttech Discount Code:

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Fasttech Review

Fasttech is a Chinese company that sells electronic cigarette’s and other electronics directly from the manufacturers in China. By cutting out the importers and wholesalers they can offer products at lower prices than anyone else. I’s very rare to find a product offered at for a lower price anywhere else especially when you use one of the coupon codes listed above.

They carry a wide range of e-cigarette supplies liker mechanical mods, rebuildable atomizers, clearomizers, drip tips, e-liquid, starter kits, variable wattage mods, batteries, chargers, and more. They also carry a wide variety of other products as you can see below.

Fasttech Vape Shop HomepageSome of the main categories that FastTech are:

  • Android powered devices and accessories
  • Apple devices and Accessories
  • Audio & Video devices
  • Car Accessories
  • Computer & Network
  • General Consumer Electronics
  • E-Cigarettes, chargers, atomizers, pouches, e-Liquids, and other accessories
  • Electronic Components
  • Lasers and Flashlights
  • Toys
  • Home & Garden
  • Photography equipment like batteries, tripods, lens covers, lenses, and lots more
  • Sports & Outdoors accessories like the survival kit, bike lights, cycling gear and clothing, fishing gear, and lots more
  • Video Games controllers, attachments, gaming consoles, hardware and spare parts, and lots more

Fasttech’s main category is the e-cigarette category and they easily have the largest selection of vaping supplies online. The only down side of a huge selection is that it can be a bit overwhelming. To solve this I recommend that you sort products by popularity, this way the most popular products are listed first. We have also made some “top list” articles for Fasttech products here on Vaping Cheap. I’ll list them below:

Fasttech Top Lists:

Plume VeilShipping:

One of the main reasons people by e-cigarettes and electronics at FastTech is because they provide free shipping to anywhere across the world. That means even if you don’t live in the USA you can still get free shipping. You can easily track your orders by logging into your account on their website. They also offer special courier services for large orders.

Usually it takes 2 – 4 weeks for me to get my orders from Fasttech with free shipping. I recommend the “ePacket” option for fastest shipping.


Fasttech offers a 40 days money back guarantee on everything they sell, no questions asked.  They also give a 180 days repair warranty on most of their products and some of the products even come with lifetime repair and services support.

Customer support:Stingray X at Fasttech

Another reason why people love to shop at FastTech is because of the proactive customer service and support they provide. Unlike other online stores, they respond to their emails within 24 hours.

Another way to get help with their website or any of their products is through the FastTech forums. Anyone can register for the forums and begin chatting with other customers. They are also open to receive feedback about current products or even take suggestions on which products they should carry.

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