3fvape Coupon Code – Incredible Savings With Our Promos

Looking to save even more cash at 3fvape? Then you’ve landed on the right page! This page lists the latest 3Fvape coupons to help vapers like yourself save the most money possible and find the best deals.

We strive to keep this page updated with all of the newest codes and promos available at 3fvape. However, if you know of a different or newer coupon code that isn’t listed, feel free to send us an email and we’ll share it!

3fvape coupon code

Save up to 50% off at 3FVape!

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Up to 50% off
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How To Apply 3fvape Coupons To Your Order

1. Reveal coupon code above and copy it to your clipboard. 

2. Visit 3fvape website.

3. One thing we always recommend when shopping online is to create an account. It’s even more important with this company as they do offer special discounts when you log into your account. In addition, this will make the checkout process much faster and you can always check on your orders when logged into your account. 

4. After you either created a new account or logged into an existing account, it’s time to shop. Browse thousands of different products including box mods, atomizers, accessories, and more. You can easily search for specific products towards the top of the page or choose a category to shop from.

5. Tip - Check out their clearance or sale section for excellent deals on various vape hardware. There’s also a pre-order section which lists all of the new vape gear coming soon. When pre-ordering you can save even more money. Also, you’ll notice when shopping some products will mention "please log in to see lower price", this is where you’ll receive an extra discount by simply being logged into your account!

6. Once you’ve added everything you want to your cart, go to your shopping cart by simply clicking on "My Cart" which is located at the top right corner of the page.

7. On this page you’ll see "Vouchers". The text box underneath is where you’ll want to paste in the coupon code. After you paste the coupon simply click on "Ok" and the discount will apply to your cart!

8. Tip - 3fvape does offer free shipping on orders over $15. We highly recommend taking advantage of this as you will save a decent amount of cash. However, if you want to get your order faster, simply upgrade your shipping method while checking out.

About 3fvape

3Fvape is an online retailer of electronic cigarettes and other vape gear. They are located right in the middle of the largest collection of electronic cigarette manufacturers in Shenzhen, China. This enables them to eliminate the cost of middle men by obtaining products directly from the manufacturer, because of this 3Fvape can offer lower prices and save you money.

Their location next to e-cigarette manufacturers also allows them access to the latest box mods and atomizers before anyone else. If you’re looking for something new and can’t find it anywhere else make sure to check out 3Fvape, they will probably have it.

Why shop at 3fvape

  • Very Low Prices on Everything
  • Free Shipping on orders only over $15
  • Worldwide Shipping Available
  • Even more discounts while being logged into an account
  • Weekly & Holiday Clearance Sales
  •  Carries a wide selection of vape gear including all of the newest brands
  • Cheap clone products (mods, atomizers & more)

3fvape Best Products

Although it is true that 3fvape has a ton of different products available on their website, there are a few that really shine and stick out from the rest. So, if you’re looking for some of their top products, we’ve got you covered.

The Gas Mods Nova RDA is the first to be mentioned. This RDA offers the appearance of a high end atomizer but costs much less. This one of their newest products, and might just be their best yet. It offers a simple single coil build deck allowing you to easily install your coils.

The airflow design ensures that the air is directly passing your coil so you’ll get excellent flavor while producing great clouds. In addition, the wide bore drip tip is comfortable and won’t get hot since it is constructed out of delrin. What’s even better is that it does include a beauty ring which is typically available at an extra cost for most atomizers.

This brings the overall diameter of the RDA from 22mm to 24mm, allowing it to look great on pretty much any device. If you’re into flavor chasing and want a new single coil RDA, then the Nova RDA by Gas Mods is definitely worth a look.

Next product that has impressed us is the Damn Vape Fresia RTA. This is another 22mm atomizer catered to flavor chasing. In addition, the airflow design allows you to get either a mouth to lung or a restricted direct lung vape experience. The build deck is very easy to build on, and it does include a delrin drip tip as well.

Another great feature of this tank is the included bubble glass tank section. The standard glass has a 2ml capacity and the bubble tank brings it up to 3.5ml. Damn Vape is a relatively new brand, but they have exceeded our expectations and continue to impress us every time they release a new product. If you enjoy mouth to lung or restricted direct lung vaping, then the Fresia RTA is highly recommended to check out. 

The last product to be listed here is the Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA. This is a collaboration project between Wotofo and Suck My Mod. Wotofo is known for great performing yet inexpensive products and that can easily be said for the new Elevate RTA. For one, it features a unique top airflow design, so you’ll get zero leaking and solid flavor.

In addition, it feature a postless style build deck with four post holes, so no matter how you wrap your coil, you can easily install it with little issues. The deck is quite spacious too, especially considering its overall size and catered to a single coil. This tank is compatible with 810 drip tips and a bubble tank is included just like the Fresia. If you like top airflow tanks, then the Elevate RTA is one to consider adding to your collection. 

Other Similar Brands & Discounts

If you’re not finding what you need at 3fvape and looking for more shops to check out, then these brands listed below and coupons might just have what you’re after.

First up is Fasttech. This is another company based in China and has literally thousands of different products to shop from and not just vape products! In addition, they offer FREE shipping on most, if not all orders! Like 3fvape, they have a wide variety of new pre-orders, clearance deals and even cheap clones. Our promo code can easily save you up to 50% off!

If you’re located in the United States and need products fast, then we definitely recommend checking out VaporDNA. They’re one of the largest online vape shops located in the US and have tons of new products to shop from. Their prices are pretty competitive and they do have free shipping on US orders over $49. International shipping is available as well if you’re outside of the US. Our exclusive code will save you 10% off the entire store!

Now, if you’re shopping for some e-juice, then Breazy is the online shop to visit. They have over 1,400 different e-liquid brands available on their website, giving you thousands of e-juices to check out. They do have multiple weekly sales giving you discounts as much as 40% off and offer free shipping over $50. The exclusive discount code we have available will save you 10% off anything!

3fvape Discount Code & Ordering FAQs

Does 3fvape Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, they do offer free shipping on orders over $15.

Does 3fvape ship worldwide?

3fvape does ship worldwide and offer various shipping methods.

Can I Track My 3fvape Order?

You can track your 3fvape order. Typically when your order does ship, you will receive an email letting you know the order has shipped and provide you with a tracking number. You can also log into your account on the 3fvape website and check the status of your orders there. 

Does The 3fvape Coupon Reddit Work?

We list all of the latest coupons available at 3fvape. If there’s a coupon code available that we do not have listed, feel free to let us know and we’ll update with page with the new code!

How Often Can I Use My 3fvape Voucher?

Any coupon code will work on multiple orders unless it is limited to one per customer. However, we have not had any issues using coupon codes on multiple occasions. 

How Can I Contact Customer Service?

To contact 3fvape's customer service, you can submit a ticket on their website and can check on this by simply logging into your account. At the bottom of the 3fvape page, click on "Contact Us" and there are instructions on how to submit a ticket to reach their customer service team.

Where Is The 3fvape Location?

They are located in China.

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