Step-by-Step Nemesis Magnetic Switch Upgrade Instructions

Nemesis magnetic Switch Upgrade

Step by Step Nemesis Magnetic Switch Upgrade

Want to know how to upgrade your Nemesis mod to a magnetic switch?

These simple step-by-step instructions with pictures will guide you through the Nemesis magnetic switch upgrade. This upgrade is quick and only costs a few bucks so it’s well worth it.

I purchased my 10 Nemesis Switch Magnets here for $2.40 with free shipping. But you can find the right magnets at number of different online vendors.

If you don’t want to wait for shipping from China you can get a set of 2 Nemesis switch magnets on eBay for $4.95 here. (Free shipping)

Two magnets is all you need but since they are thin and fragile it’s good to buy extra. I broke 2 of mine working on this.

After installing the magnets into my Nemesis mod the button feels quite a bit smoother. This is a big plus, I didn’t like the rough feel with the spring before. Magnets will also keep the same solid feel for longer. Spring loaded switches will wear down and become weaker over time.

Here’s the step-by-step picture guide through the Nemesis magnetic switch upgrade.

That’s it!

I hope it was super easy for you to upgrade tour nemesis switch to a magnetic one.

Let me know what you think of this guide, should I make more tutorials like this?

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  • Richard 04/05/2014

    Can these magnets be used on other mods?



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