DotMod DotStick Revo Kit $26.39 (USA)

Here are cheap deals, discounts, and sales for the Dotmod DotStick Revo Kit. It's now in stock, shipped from a USA warehouse for only $26.39 when using the code "VC12". It's also available from a US shipper for only $27.88. Pick from six different colors such as green, pink, orange, red, and more.


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The DotMod DotStick Revo Kit is quite different and unique when compared to their dotStick Starter Kit. Firstly, instead of a lithium-ion battery, it's powered by a super capacitor. You can quickly recharge the device using a USB charger. In not time at all, you'll get a full battery and back to vaping.

In addition to that, it has a varying wattage output from 5w to 35w. There's a small fire button on the front of the device, which you can use to vape, and turn it off.

Dotmod dotstick revo starter kit dotmod dotstick revo kit $26. 39 (usa)

The DotStick Revo Kit includes the DotStick V2 Tank. It holds a maximum of 3.5mls and has a fill port on the base of the tank. Furthermore, it's compatible with all DotMod Replacement Coils that are 0.3 ohm or higher. Lastly, you get two different coil heads with this kit, the first being a 0.7 ohm coil while the other is a 0.9 ohm. 

Definitely unique and different from other vape kits on the market, the dotStick Revo takes things to the next level with its battery source. It's easy to use too, and delivers an awesome vape with the included tank and coils.

DotMod DotStick Revo 35w Kit Features:

  • DotMod DotStick Revo
    • Super Capacitor Power Source instead of Lithium-ion Battery
    • Maximum wattage output: 35w
    • Small fire button
    • Recharges with a USB charger
  • DotMod DotStick V2 Tank
    • Maximum e-juice capacity: 3.5ml
    • Bottom fill system
    • Compatible with DotMod Coils that are 0.3-ohm or higher
    • Comfortable drip tip

What's Included:

  • DotMod Stick Revo Mod
  • Tank Atomizer
  • 0.9 ohm coil head
  • User Manual
  • 0.7 ohm coil head

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