Common Vaping Problems and How To Fix Them

Many people switch from regular cigarettes to vaping because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness, as well as the variety of vape flavours that they can choose from. Unfortunately, this change does not go smoothly for everyone as there are several common vaping problems you might experience. This can lead to undesirable malfunctions of your vape.

If you are thinking about starting to vape or becoming a novice owner of a vape kit, it is worth educating yourself on the subject before pressing the power button. Below, you will find a list of the most common vaping problems alongside ways to solve and prevent them. So read on and enjoy vaping!

1. Vaping Battery Problems

In an e-cigarette, the button that turns on the battery is equipped with an indicator that, for various reasons, can report error codes by the number of blinks. As a rule, you can decipher most error signals by looking for their descriptions in the manufacturer’s manual for your particular device. Here are some of the most common battery issues:

Vape Is Blinking But Not Working

If your device blinks but does not vape, the first thing that you need to do is to check for connection issues. Most frequently, it means that you should clean the terminal between the battery and the tank. You can do this by removing gunked vape liquid and dust with a cotton bud.

Weak Battery

Some vape models are equipped with battery packs - the so-called “mods.” As a rule, the mod has a lot of settings and an electronic display. The display message "weak battery" indicates that a battery must be charged or, if it fails, replaced. In most cases, malfunctions of the battery are caused by improper use and maintenance, leading to the following issues:

  • the battery is not charging
  • the battery discharges very quickly
  • the battery is fully charged, but the current does not flow to the evaporator, and as a result, there is no smoke

These issues mean that the battery has lost its capacity, or the controller built into the battery has died. It can be caused by many things, such as frequent use of the device out in the cold. Also, completely discharging the battery reduces its capacity. The best solution is to buy a new battery if the device’s design allows for its replacement.

However, if you want to avoid battery problems altogether, you may consider switching to disposable e-cigarettes, such as Beco Bar. They remove the need for recharging as well as refilling and avoid one of these common vaping problems. 

2. Gurgling or Spitting Sounds

Another one of the common vaping problems occurs when you can hear weird sounds coming from the device while using it. The vape hisses, slurps, gurgles, or even spits. Several things can cause strange sounds to appear, including:

Liquid in the Airflow

Disassemble the device and thoroughly blow through the vape and the atomiser to check if there is any remaining e-liquid and remove it. It is worth mentioning that the accumulation of liquid on the walls of the airflow often causes the device to leak out - if the device is lying on a table, for example.

Too Much Liquid in the Tank

To prevent the device from gurgling and spitting, reduce the amount of liquid filled in, and try not to fill the tank to the brim in the future. Also, an overfilled tank can cause the vape to leak out.

Other reasons for weird sounds coming from your vape may include too little cotton in the vape coil, inhaling too hard for your tank to handle, or a cracked cartridge or evaporator. In order to deal with them, you may consider getting a more suitable tank for your vaping style as well as finding a professional service to replace the cotton wick.

3. Vape Gets Very Hot

If you have noticed that your vaping device gets too hot while using it, here are several factors that may cause it:

  1. Improper use. Most likely, you press the power button even when you do not take a puff, which leads to an overheating of the coil.
  2. Making long and intense puffs. This mistake is typical for beginners used to smoking regular cigarettes.
  3. Irregular vape care. Carbon build-up on the coil may make it heat up excessively. You can solve this issue by replacing the coil, cleaning it, or dry burning it.
  4. The wick is not sufficiently moistened. It may be because there is not enough liquid in the cartridge, or it is more dense than necessary. You can refill the tank or add a few drops of distilled water to it in case you are using a high-density e-liquid.

Still Have Vaping Problems?

As you can see, most of the malfunctions result from improper use or a lack of regular maintenance of your vape. Thus, it is essential to get in the habit of using and cleaning it in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It will allow you to prevent the battery from losing its capacity too quickly, extending your e-cigarette’s service life.

However, if your electronic cigarette has stopped working correctly, and none of the above options are suitable for your case, make sure to contact a professional vape store. They should be able to help you out in no time.

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