CKS Cloud Kicker Cotton $7.20 (USA)

CKS Cloud Kicker Cotton

Here's a discount on the CKS Cloud Kicker Cotton. Get it for only $7.20 when using our code "VC10". Free 2 day flash shipping applies to USA orders over $59.

The CKS Cloud Kicker Vape Cotton comes in a resealable can, allowing you to easily store and carry it pretty much anywhere. Now, what's great about this vape cotton is that it comes with a total of 60 pre-cut cotton pieces. In addition, there's 30 individually wrapped pairs. Another great feature to the CKS Cloud Kicker Cotton is that it has fast absorption, and is clean tasting. It's also 100% additive and bleach free. This ensures that you'll get a clean taste, and great flavor.

If you're looking for some new cotton for vaping to try out for cheap, then you'll definitely want to try out the CKS Cloud Kicker Cotton. It's 100% Australian cotton, pre-cut for ease of use, and comes with a total of 60 pieces. You can't beat that for just over 7 bucks.

CKS Cloud Kicker Vape Cotton Features:

  • Comes In Resealable Can
  • Includes Total of 60 Pre-Cut Cotton Pieces
  • 30 Individually Wrapped Pairs
  • 100% Australian Cotton
  • Quick Absorption
  • Clean Taste
  • 100% Additive & Bleach Free

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