Don’t Skimp, Get the Best Cotton For Vaping

Best Cotton For Vaping

"All cotton wicks are essentially the same..." said no one, ever. For those using mech mods, RDA, and fooling around with custom setups, you know that the cotton you choose makes a big difference in the purity of your flavors and how well your vape hits.

Most agree that cotton is the way to go, but do you which is the best cotton for your vape? Do you know where to by the best cotton for vaping? How about the subtle differences between different cotton varieties that ever-so-slightly change your experience?

Fear not, we're going right in with the crucial details you need to know about the best cotton for vaping, where to find it, and how to get the most out for your wick building endeavors.

The Best Cotton For Vaping

Best Cotton For Vaping

The best cotton for vaping is a cut above your convenience store cotton balls. Don't get me wrong; it's cool when you're just starting out or need something in a pinch.

You can do plenty with your basic cotton if you know what to do. You want the good stuff, though, so let's take a look at options that have been fine-tuned for vaping delight.​

Product Name





Cotton Bacon

100% cotton

packaged in strips

Koh Gendo Organic Cotton

100% cotton

packaged in pads

Muji Cotton

100% cotton

packaged in pads

Vaper's Choice Cotton

100% cotton

packaged bulk in jar

Native Wicks Cotton

100% cotton

packaged in rolls

Manufactured by Wick 'N' Vape, Cotton Bacon is the "by vapers, for vapers" option that swaths of tinkerers trust. These guys have put in the time doing research, testing samples, and playing around with various blends to achieve the level of specificity that serious vapers demand.

They've removed the extraneous plant matter and eliminated taste-altering compounds. What's left is a 100% cotton, tasteless wick that's easy to use right out the package. Cotton Bacon "strips" cone in 4-inch length with low-resistance compatibility and excellent heat resistance. There are very few problems with dry hits, and the flavor you'll get is faithful.

This will take a little extra work to prepare, as Koh Gen Do is actually a skin-care cotton, used to wipe the face. They're incredibly soft, though, and perhaps the best organic cotton for vaping around. They soak liquid very well, have only a small break in period, and keep flavors pure.

You'll have to get ready to do some cutting, though. The pads are big and thick, so you need to shape them to create your ideal wick. On the bright side, though, this gets you more use out of a standard package.

Another skin-care special turned vaper go-to. Muji makeup cotton is unbleached, 100% cotton that's excellent for vaping. You'll get plenty of pads per package, so feel free to cut, snip, and go wild creating your wick exactly how you want.

This cotton is easy on coils, able to withstand low resistances, and supremely absorbent. E-liquids soak right into the cotton quickly, enabling quick vaping and rich, full-bodied tastes from your vape. They are long lasting to boot, so you'll get plenty of value out of just one 180 sheet pack.

This is a specialty brand, created with the vaper's needs specifically in mind: flavor, absorption, and heat resistance. It scores high marks in all three areas. E-liquids soak up quick; it can withstand the demands of high-power vapes, and the taste from your juice is top-notch.

This is 100% Supima cotton, made in the USA. It comes sealed in a handy glass jar. Just screw off the cap, grab the amount you need, and get started building your wick.

No pesticides, no chemicals, no oils—just pure Pima cotton. Native Wicks created this cotton from the ground up, so to speak, to deliver pure flavor and superior absorption qualities. In my opinion, they've succeeded.

Native Wicks cotton comes packaged in a neat roll with the fibers laid out lengthwise. This makes it easy to create your wicks and keeps you from wasting material. There's no break-in period, so you're good to wick and go.


Now that you know what to look for wand where to by that organic cotton for your vaping needs, it's time to get to work. All the brands I mentioned are high quality, but for ease-of-use, I like the Native Wicks and Cotton Bacon varieties best.

You just pop open your packaging, snip off what you need, and build your wick. It's the way to go, and I hope more manufacturers will adopt this style for their cotton as well. If you need some help fashioning your coil, I recommend checking out any of the number of amazing tutorials on YouTube:

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