Best Cotton for Vaping: ‘Cause No Two Wicks Are Essentially the Same

"All cotton wicks are essentially the same..." said no one, ever. For those using mech mods, RDA, and fooling around with custom setups, you know that the wick you choose makes a big difference in the purity of your flavors and how well your vape hits. Here's our best cotton for vaping guide, giving you the top choices available today.

Most agree that cotton is the way to go, but do you which is the best for your vape? Do you know where to buy the best vaping cotton? How about the subtle differences between different varieties that ever-so-slightly change your experience?

Fear not, we're going right in with the crucial details you need to know about the best vape cotton, where to find it, and how to get the most out for your wick building endeavors.

The Best Vape Cotton: Don't Skimp

Best cotton for vaping

The best vaping cotton is a cut above the ones you find in your convenience store. 

Don't get me wrong; it's cool when you're just starting out or need something in a pinch.

You can do plenty with your basic cotton if you know what to do.

You want the good stuff, though, so let's take a look at options that have been fine-tuned for vaping delight.

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Cotton Bacon Prime



in strips

Koh Gen Do Organic Cotton



in pads

Native Wicks Platinum Plus



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Vapefly Firebolt Cotton



in strips

COTN Threads



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Before we proceed, I highly recommend checking this video out …

Cotton For Vaping: Our Top Choices

Cotton Bacon Prime

Best vape cotton 2018

Cotton Bacon Prime is the newest release from Wick ‘N’ Vape, and by far their best yet. This cotton comes packed with 10 strips of cotton. It does come in a resealable package, which is always a good thing! Every piece is 100% organic and bleach free. It’s quite easy to separate and tear from the rest of the strips as well. 

When preparing to thread it through your coil, simply tear a small portion from a strip. Another key factor as to this is one of our preferred choices is the break-in time. There’s very minimal time needed to get full on flavor!

If you’re trying looking for one of the best cotton to use for vaping, then you might want to pick yourself up a bag of Cotton Bacon Prime.. It’s easy to handle, has no cotton taste, and absorbs 33% faster. Lastly, if you enjoy squonking, definitely give this cotton a try, as this is our go to when it comes to this style of vape.

Koh Gen Do Organic Cotton

Best cotton for vaping 2017

This will take a little extra work to prepare, as Koh Gen Do is actually a skin-care cotton, used to wipe the face.

They're incredibly soft, though, and perhaps the best organic cotton for vaping around. They soak liquid very well, have only a small break in period, and keep flavors pure.

You'll have to get ready to do some cutting, though. The pads are big and thick, so you need to shape them to create your ideal wick.

On the bright side, though, this gets you more use out of a standard package.

Native Wicks Platinum Plus+

Best cotton for rda

Native Wicks is another great cotton brand vapers trust, and for good reason! They’re a USA based company, and each of their products are 100% USA made. There's no pesticides, no chemicals, no oils—just pure Pima cotton.

They recently introduced Native Wicks Platinum Plus, and it has completely impressed us. Like Cotton Bacon, it also comes in a resealable package. Platinum Plus Cotton by Native Wicks is made with improved fibers to increase flavor.

It also lasts much longer than its predecessor due to these longer fibers. Like our other favorites, it’s 100% cotton, and contains no bleach or any other chemical.

Here’s another cotton we prefer to use in our RTAs, and has quickly climbed as one of our favorites. It’s 100% USA cotton that’s easy to carry with you with zero cotton taste.

Vapefly Firebolt Cotton

Where to buy organic cotton for vaping

A new type of cotton that’s taking the market by storm is Ageleted cotton. The Vapefly Firebolt Cotton is a form of that cotton, where the end piece is already rolled up and held on by a piece of plastic.

This makes it that much easier to wick and it comes pre-cut in different sizes. Once you’ve got your atomizer wicked, simply slide off the plastic portion, and cut your excess cotton. It's that easy!

What’s even better is that there’s a Sampler Pack, giving you get three different sizes. The sizes included are 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 3.5mm. Each pack available includes 20 pre-made cotton, and each are made from organic Japanese cotton.

Overall, if you’re looking for cotton that allows you to wick your RDA or any other atomizer incredibly fast, then this is a great choice. Since each piece is pre-cut, and feature the plastic strip, it makes the entire process a breeze. 

COTN Threads

Organic cotton for vaping

Here’s another amazing choice if you’re looking for pre-cut angeleted cotton strips. Cotn Threads are made from 100% Organic Pharmaceutical USA cotton.

Each COTN Thread pack contains 20 pieces. Each side has 11mm ageleted pieces, and designed to fit 3mm in diameter coils.

In addition, each side is slim, and easy to slide into your coil build. All of the pieces are contained in a resealable package, keeping your cotton fresh, and maintaining its quality. In addition, this cotton is super absorbent with no cotton taste whatsoever.

Whether if you’re a beginner or advanced vaper, COTN Threads is an excellent choice. It’s incredibly easy to use, and just works well in any rebuildable atomizer we’ve used it with.


Now that you know what to look for wand where to by that organic cotton for your vaping needs, it's time to get to work. All the brands I mentioned are high quality, but for ease-of-use, I like the Native Wicks and Cotton Bacon varieties best.

You just pop open your packaging, snip off what you need, and build your wick. It's the way to go, and I hope more manufacturers will adopt this style as well. If you need some help fashioning your coil, I recommend checking out any of the number of amazing tutorials on YouTube:

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