CBDFX CBD Vape Kit $33.99 (USA)

CBDFX CBD Oil Vape Kit

Here's a great deal for the CBDFX CBD Vape Kit. Get yours for only $33.99 using the code "GLOWUP". Also, for a limited time only, when you purchase this kit you get a FREE CBD aloe vera face mask. The only color option available is White.

The CBDFX Vape Kit includes the CBDFX Mod and the Vape Kit V2 Cartridge Atomizer. Not only is the mod ultra compact, but lightweight too making it a perfect kit for on the go. The mod utilizes a large internal 1000mAh battery and can be charged using the included USB cable. Charging won't take long, that's for sure!

CBDFX's Vape Mod has a maximum voltage output of 4.2v and drops down to 3.6v when the battery is close to fully depleting. You can easily check the battery level by looking at the indicator light which is located right at the top left corner. Also, on the mod is a large single firing button. Since there's only one button needed, it's simple to use.

Like mentioned earlier, you'll also get the CBDFX V2 Cartridge Atomizer. This tank is primarily constructed out of stainless steel and glass material. Furthermore, this designed for CBD oils rather than CBD vape juice. This cartridge holds a maximum oil capacity of 1ml and sports a simple top filling system.

Included, you'll also get a single ceramic coil head. Lastly, the V2 Oil Cartridge by CBDFX has a top airflow design, which can be adjusted by turning the ring.

All in all, if you are in the market for a new CBD Kit that's not only easy to use, features a large battery, then definitely check out the CBDFX CBD Oil Vape Kit.

CBDFX CBD Oil Vape Kit Features:

  • CBDFX Vape Mod
    • Internal 1000mAh battery
    • Maximum voltage output: 4.2v
    • Single button design
    • Lightweight and compact
    • LED battery indicator light
  • CBDFX V2 Cartridge Tank Atomizer
    • Maximum oil capacity: 1ml
    • Top fill design
    • Adjustable top airflow
    • Stainless Steel and Glass construction
    • Comes with a ceramic coil head

What's Included:

  • CBDFX Vape Mod
  • V2 Cartridge Atomizer
  • Single Ceramic Coil Head
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

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