Aspire Atlantis vs. Atlantis Clone Review

The Aspire Atlantis has been on the market for several months now and is a fairly well known commodity. Many vapers are delving into sub-ohm tanks for the first time thanks to the Atlantis and its stock 0.5Ω coil head. In this review I’ll cover the basics of the Aspire Atlantis and, along the way, compare it to one of the available clone versions of the Atlantis.

The authentic Aspire Atlantis was supplied to us by Vapor Beast for review. The Atlantis clone was supplied by Cigabuy.

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Where can I buy a Aspire Atlantis?




What is the Aspire Atlantis?

The Atlantis is basically a clearomizer on steroids. The design of the Atlantis is similar to Aspire’s very popular Nautilus series of tanks – but turned up to 11. The Atlantis brings massive airflow, a huge coil head, and sub-ohm resistance to the party. Some of Aspire’s own marketing materials clearly indicate the Atlantis was designed, and is marketed, to cater to the “cloud chasing” contingent. Did they succeed? Let’s find out.

The Aspire Atlantis, and its clone, both come packaged in a clear plastic clamshell box which includes the atomizer with an installed 0.5Ω coil head, a spare 0.5Ω coil head, and a spare glass tank section. As you can see, the back of each box features a scratch-off security code and an oval Aspire sticker. Genuine Atlantis is on the left, clone on the right in the following pictures.


Atlantis_packaging(click to enlarge)

 The clone’s packaging is very convincing with only a few minor differences which give it away as not being a genuine Aspire product. The first difference is the material of which the packaging tray is constructed. The genuine Aspire tray is made from a dark gray paperboard type of material while the clone’s tray is made from black plastic. On the back, the oval Aspire sticker of the genuine Atlantis is holographic, while the clone’s sticker is not. And, what happens when we check the security code of each one? Predictably, the genuine product checks out while the clone does not (genuine above, clone below).


(click to enlarge)

Aspire Atlantis features:

  • Brand: Aspire
  • Adjustable air flow control
  • Glass tank with 2ml liquid capacity
  • Two included 0.5Ω atomizer heads
  • One spare glass tank
  • 510 connection
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel wide bore drip tip

Build Quality and Differences Between Authentic and Clone

Both the authentic Atlantis and the clone appear to be well made. Both are constructed of stainless steel and feature thick glass tanks. The clone is very nearly identical to the authentic Atlantis save for a couple of differences. The finish of the clone has a more polished look while the authentic Atlantis has more a brushed or matte type finish. Both units are free of any finish blemishes or defects. They also appear to be identical in all physical dimensions.  Both feature very nice, stainless steel, wide bore drip tips.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the smoothness, or lack thereof, when turning the airflow control ring. The airflow control ring on the genuine Atlantis is very smooth and moves between the airflow cutouts very easily. The clone, conversely, has an airflow control ring which is difficult to adjust and feels gritty when moved between the airflow cutouts. I’ve also experienced some leaking from the airflow control on the clone while none has been observed from the genuine Atlantis.

The coil heads packaged with each unit are virtually indistinguishable from each other apart from the authentic head having more threading for the atomizer base connection. If any other differences exist, they are very subtle. The pictures below show just how similar the two clearomizers are in appearance and construction. The genuine Atlantis is on the left in the pictures, the clone is on the right.


 (click to enlarge)

Using the Atlantis

Preparing the Atlantis for use is a pretty straightforward affair. Assuming you are starting with a fully assembled Atlantis, simply unscrew the base from the tank section and you are left with the base and coil head assembly in one hand and the tank assembly in the other. Filling the tank requires some care as there isn’t much room between the glass tank and chimney section. I recommend adding of few drops of e-liquid directly into the coil head to prime it.

Also, be aware that the Atlantis doesn’t hold very much ejuice; an advertised 2ml, which may be a generous specification. Be careful not to fill the tank past the low edges of the chimney, as shown below. Filling the Atlantis to full capacity just doesn’t seem possible.

Replacing the coil head assembly is a simple matter of unscrewing the old coil head from the base and screwing in a new one.


 (click to enlarge)

How does it vape? The genuine Atlantis and the clone perform very well – actually, identically. They both deliver great flavor and superb vapor production. I’ve used them both on a mechanical mod and a regulated 50W box mod. Both units provided great performance all the way up to 50W – no dry hits, no popping, no gurgling.  Performance-wise, I could not tell a difference between the authentic Atlantis and the clone unit.

However, I do have cause for concern with both the genuine Atlantis and the clone. There have been numerous discussions recently regarding the wicking material used in the Atlantis coil heads. Quite a few reports have surfaced indicating the wicking material used in the Atlantis coil heads may degrade and subject the user to the inhalation of particles of unknown composition. Aspire has announced they will begin building the coil heads with organic cotton rather than the supposed ceramic wicking currently being used. The composition of the clone coil heads may be an even bigger question mark.

Also, many users may not realize the Atlantis, with its 0.5Ω resistance coil heads, will not be usable with all devices. Many regulated personal vaporizers will not fire an atomizer with such low resistance. Please verify the specifications of your device before committing to the Atlantis to make sure it is compatible with an atomizer resistance of ~0.5Ω.

For users who wish to use the Atlantis on a mechanical mod, please be sure you are using high drain, safe chemistry batteries with minimum continuous drain rating (CDR) of at least 8.4A. Most popular high drain batteries such as the Sony VTC4, Samsung 25R, and LG HE2 offer more than an adequate CDR. Also, please note that more than a few users have experienced short circuited batteries when using the Atlantis on a mechanical mod with a direct atomizer-to-battery connection, also known as a hybrid connection. The 510 pin of the Atlantis may be pushed far enough into the atomizer’s 510 connector (when using a mechanical mod with a hybrid connection) to allow the positive side of the battery to contact the 510 connector, resulting in a potentially dangerous hard short circuit of the battery. I would advise against using the Atlantis on a mod which has a direct atomizer-to-battery connection.

I tested the resistance of one genuine coil head and one clone coil head. The results were remarkably similar. The genuine coil head registered a resistance of  0.578Ω and the clone coil head registered 0.575Ω, as shown below.


 (click to enlarge)


The Atlantis is very well performing clearomizer – it produces vapor and flavor on par with my rebuildable tanks such as the Eleaf Lemo and the Ehpro Billow. It actually may flow more air and deliver better flavor than either of those tanks, which is quite the accomplishment. The Atlantis is also very easy to use and fill. However, the limited tank capacity and questions surrounding the composition of the wicking material of the coil heads make me reluctant to recommend this device, authentic or clone. I’d suggest waiting until Aspire releases their organic cotton coil heads which should be usable in the clone device as well as the authentic Atlantis.

Additionally, Aspire will need to up their game now that Kanger, Joyetech, and Eleaf have introduced sub-ohm clearomizers which also feature available rebuildable atomizer heads. The Atlantis was touted as a game changer… well, the game has changed and in the fast moving world of vaping, the Atlantis is in danger of being left behind.


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  • Good build quality
  • ​Excellent performance
  • Variable airflow configurations


  • ​Limited liquid capacity
  • ​Questionable wicking material
  • Clone quality not on par with authentic unit

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Where can I buy a Aspire Atlantis?




16 thoughts on “Aspire Atlantis vs. Atlantis Clone Review”

  1. You mentioned that there was leaking out of the airholes on the base of the clone. I think the main reason why that occured is because I do not see that the clone coil head has a white plastic oring above the threading. I had the same leaking problem with the real atlantis and I found out this was caused by the oring falling off after I cleaned the head. Make sure you aways have a oring on your coil head to prevent ejuice from leaking down into the air holes and 510 connection.

  2. FireSBurnsmuP

    You note that the thread length on the 2 coils is different – did you happen to notice whether the authentic coils work on the clone, and/or vice versa?
    That would be an important detail for those of us considering buying a clone.

  3. Don’t forget there are also tank upgrades for the atlantic featuring both 5ml and 7ml. Plus now that there is heavy competition in the sub-ohm tank dept that this has become much cheaper than its original $45 price tag.

    1. The wood box is a Svapiamo SX350. It’s actually a bottom feeder but, obviously, will still fire a traditional atomizer. My collection of gear changes rapidly and it happened to be the only regulated device on hand and I didn’t want to use just a mech for the review. I intentionally didn’t take any pics which showed the hole for the juice bottle.

      1. Jay Chappell

        WOW – WEE… what a nice collection… im sure thats only a small portion of it but it just lets me know that I will always want 3 or 4 more ,must have vaping gear, anyway beautiful box…Tanx

        1. Thanks! That was the gear I had at work that particular day… but, I don’t have a crazy collection. I’m actually down to 8 mods from 25+ a couple of months ago.

  4. I have the clone and love it, I boght an original and without looking closely, would not know the difference, the clone coil that came with the tank last three weeks, I was amazed, if I was going to buy another one, I would get the clone, cheaper price tag, just as good quality, also make sure the o ring on the base is flush when screwing either tank down, it could pinch and leak from the tank, experience talking here on both tanks

  5. i just got my clone and i like it but idk if its just the coils that came with it but anything over 20 watts i get a burnt dry hit is it just me? i have tryed differnt vg pg combos no change do the oem do that too?

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