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To save as much money as possible when shopping at The Vape Mall make sure to use one of the coupon codes listed on this page. Right now Vaping Cheap has a special coupon code for The Vape Mall that will save you 10% on any vape gear or ejuice purchase.

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The Vape Mall Coupon Code

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About The Vape Mall:

The Vape Mall is an online retailer specializing in premium USA made ejuice at very affordable prices. They also offer a nice selection of authentic vaping supplies and hardware from companies like Aspire, Innokin, Kanger, SMOK, and Vision. But don’t worry, even though they sell authentic vape gear from top brands you won’t have to pay a premium when shopping at The Vape mall.

The house brand of ejuice sold at the The Vape Mall is all hand-made and mixed to exact measurements and each ingredient is 100% USA made USP certified. They offer over 250 different flavors so your sure to find a number of new flavors to fall in love with. Just make sure to use one of The Vape Mall coupons listed above to get a 17ml bottle of vape juice for as little as $5.39 each.

The Vape Mall Online StoreReasons to Shop at The Vape Mall:

  • 100% USA Made eJuice
  • Over 250 different flavors
  • Free Shipping on orders over $65 or just $2.99
  • Phone and email Customer Service

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Last Updated:

  • December 2015
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I am a vape hobbyist currently living in the central Florida area. I have been vaping for over two years now, and constantly keep up to date with the newest vape gear. I recently started working in the vape industry, and my goal is to inform as many people as I can of the benefits of vaping, and how to go about getting the best deals possible.

Review overview
  • Anthony 12/19/2015

    The vape mall e-liquid is made with great care. It is shipped when ready, they make it fresh. I bought a lot of e-juice from top companies with a lot of fancy boxes and prices. I tried the vape mall and the flavors and nicotine they use is very good. It says on the site 7 to 14 days steeping. I never use hot water or bathing to steep, it degrades the product. Just shake very well and keep in a dark cool place. Every other day give a shake, around the 5th day take the cap off and let it breath for one hour and that’s it. Never place your e-liquid in hot water no matter where you buy it. The trick is to let it age on it’s own. If your not sure what to do. Let it sit for 7 days on the 8th day take the top off and let it sit for one hour then put top back on and let it sit in the dark for the other 7 days. Never expose e-liquid to light.

  • Anthony 12/19/2015

    Thanks Nathan for creating this site. It has helped me vape away from the death grip that cigarettes have on a human. I have been vaping and not smoking for around a year and experimenting with different coil builds and devices. Having fun watching videos on “how to” and “how not to” Thanks again. If you see this message have a great holiday and a safe new year.

  • Anthony 05/01/2017

    Needless to say I will be looking for a new vape company, business is business. I have been ordering from The Vape Mall for a long time, I guess since my last post here. I had a pretty bad experience that I would like to share. Every order that I place comes weeks later. The waiting time for my order to arrive is 16 days to long on priority mail. On the discounted items where you buy 5 or more I ordered a double pack and only received 8 bottles out of 10.
    Sometimes e-liquids smells like raid. Being honest here. Countless e-mails upon e-mails. The owners response was “we received a bad batch from one of the vendors” I as a consumer am steering far away from this company as possible. Also, If you sell a clone say its a clone don’t fool people in the description section. Same for the e-liquids if it has more than one flavor base in it say so. Many reviews on the site complain about the perfume smell and watered down products that are very true. Customer service is covered up. If you have a problem your stuck. I just want the vape community to know these facts about The Vape Mall. Thank u and good luck.


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