Juul Submits Application to FDA

Popular e-cigarette manufacturer Juul Labs Inc has submitted an application to the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The application would allow the company to keep selling its e-cigarettes, which have come under scrutiny from government and health officials.

The company has provided scientific data from over 110 studies looking at the product's impact on tobacco users and non-smokers alike, including those who are underage, according to Reuters.

The FDA requires vaping companies to submit a Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) that includes scientific data that supports the product as appropriate for public consumption. Manufacturers have until September 9th to comply or their products will be pulled from shelves.

After the deadline, companies can continue selling their products for another year without official approval if they've submitted an application, or until the FDA gives a nagative ruling on the product.

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  1. Let their lawyers do all the work for everyone else and maybe the FDA will see they’re killing Americans and take it easy on everyone who files after.

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