Justfog Minifit S Plus Pod Kit $11.69

Here’s where you’ll find the best deals and discounts for the Justfog Minifit S Plus Pod Kit. Get this vape pod for only $11.69 after using code “JMSPK“. It’s in stock at a USA shipper for only $14.24 after using coupon “VAPOR25“. There are five color options to choose from.


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$14.24 Vapor25 In Stock Get Deal! (USA)
$14.99 N/A In Stock Get Deal! (China)


The Justfog Minifit S Plus Pod Kit is the next addition to the minifit lineup, and takes on a design similar to the Minifit Max Kit. While it shares some similarities, it does offer some pretty major differences too. Firstly, the Minifit S Plus features an internal 650mAh battery and has light indicators. It does offer both a button and draw activation to vape.

Justfog minifit s plus kit justfog minifit s plus pod kit $11. 69

The Justfog Minifit S Plus Pod System Kit is compatible with the Minifit S replacement pods. In this starter kit, it does include a replacement pod cartridge. These pods have a maximum e-juice capacity of 1.9ml and sports a bottom fill system. Lastly, the best part about these cartridges is the 0.8-ohm mesh coil, not only lasting longer than traditional coils, but offer excellent flavor too.

The Justfod Minifit-S Plus is an excellent choice for vapers looking for an ultraslim pod system that’s cheap yet offers good performance. There’s a reason why many vapers enjoy this lineup!

Justfog Minifit-S Plus Pod System Kit Features:

  • Built-in 650 mAh Battery
  • Maximum wattage output: 12w
  • Draw activated firing and button
  • On/Off Switch
  • Compatible with Minifit S
    • Maximum e-juice: 1.9ml
    • Bottom fill design
    • 0.8 ohm coil
    • Mesh Coil

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