Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review – Two Words come to mind: Herbalicious & Pricey!

A ​very good morning to all those dry herb and herb concentrate vapers out there who’re on the hunt for a new device that will offer you the stealth, herb economy and all round functionality that’s so essential to a great dry herb vape!

I’m pleased to announce that this week I’ve had the successor to the notorious (for lack of a better word) Firefly Dry Herb Vaporizer…you got it, I’ve been doing a Firefly 2 review!

So, Firefly is renowned for their original dry herb vaporizer which, while being something of a revolutionary device in the world of dry herbing, certainly wasn’t without its drawbacks. Hefty price, hefty weight and seriously unfortunate battery life put a bit of a damper on the hi-tech device’s otherwise highly functional repertoire and seriously sexy looks.

As with all upgrades, we’ve been anticipating the release of the Firefly 2, in the hope that those original drawbacks will have been addressed and, with this ​vaporizer review, we’ll take a good look at the features and test this baby out firsthand, so we’ll find out soon enough.

On the surface, the Firefly 2 might just be the best looking dry herb vaporizer I’ve ever seen, as sleek as can be: some have hailed it the iPhone of Vaporizers…well, based on looks, listed features, innovations and price, it may be just that. Let’s lift the hood of this thing and take a closer look. Is it worth your hard earned cash? 

Does it address the glaring issues we had with the original? This ​review aims to tell you all that, so let’s get started!

​Our Rating

Firefly 2 Review


Firefly 2 review

Size and Weight

No complaints there, for sure! This version weighs only 140g, effectively half the weight of it’s rather uncomfortable predecessor. Size is absolutely ideal on the hand feel front, cutting back on a third of the original’s bulk. Sure, that does mean a lot of the dry herb capacity is lost but further down in the pros section, you’ll see why that’s not really much of a concern here.

Looks And Construction

Wow, it’s gorgeous, rounded corners, sleek, rectangular, with a raised section down the centre of the upper surface. A round glass viewing window on top allows you to see the heating chamber and openings at the corners of the front side, revealing the glow, give this piece the appearance of some sort of sports car.

The body is constructed of thin magnesium alloy walls, a whole lot lighter than the aluminum body of the original. Heat transfer is minimized so that the device can create a good deal more heat and still feel cool to the touch.

The magnetic face plate is the absolute chips…it just pops in half horizontally so that you can fill up the chamber to the rim with totally negligible fuss levels. It’s nifty, clean, beautiful and indeed, seriously high tech.


By placing your thumb and forefinger on points on either side, you can fire up. So, there’s no firing button…awesome. A LED light will turn green when your herb is heated enough to toke, super convenient.

Convection Vs Conduction

Well, yes indeed: an innovation of note. Your herb will take about five seconds to heat up but it will cool down just as fast, eliminating wastage. This is what I meant about the smaller capacity not mattering, as wastage is eliminated: you’ll be getting far more joy out of your herb. Where the chamber base on the original had six holes to deliver heated air to your weed, this baby has something closer to 60. What this means is that the heat is spread out so that you can afford to apply more heat.

Double The Battery Life

There you go, exactly what we were looking for and with the extended battery life of the new batteries (doubled, actually), it would seem that the Firefly 2 ticks all the boxes. Not only double the battery life but you also get a spare battery, as well as a super nifty iPhone-esque USB docking station for some of the most convenient charging you’ll see on a vaporizer to date. All that you have to do is set the device down to have it charge. Handy when you find yourself well-oiled and in need of a charge break.

Oil Friendly

For use with herb oils, simply insert an SS concentrate pad into the chamber, drop your oil on top and fire up as per usual. To learn how to vape with concentrates: watch this tutorial:  

Adjustable Settings

An app (iPhone or Android) will allow you to alter the capacitative sensors so that you can fire with one instead of two finger touches. You will also be able to alter your heat settings, should you prefer a hotter or cooler ride.

Vape Quality

Nothing wrong there, during my ​review I discovered that the size and ease of fill make it great for a stealth vape while still providing full mouth flavor. Nice cool vapor that delivers an immediate and very real active ingredient punch because of the highly effective convection heating system. Kudos! A very effective dry herb vaporizer.



​It’s hefty, yes…however the convection technology, overall construction and software quality really does justify the price: over $300, ouch!

Special Brand Features

Expect functionality, software, looks and service on par with the best names in tech because that’s exactly where the designers of this technology come from. Co-founder, Mark Williams, the inventor of the Firefly, was design manager for Apple when they released the Mac OS X Interface so expect attention to detail, sleek design and quality, nothing less.


So I promised that this Firefly Vaporizer 2 review would determine whether those issues we had with the original had been addressed…it’s an all round yes!

I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality of construction, the look, the feel, the interface, the vape: the only reason I subtracted half a point here is because I feel the price doesn’t make it very accessible to a lot of dry-herbers who are already forking out large on their actual product.

However, if you’re a medicinal cannabis user, of either an oil or dry product, the discreetness, safety, functionality and overall convenience of this beautiful device should be more than enough reason for you to start saving ASAP. My conclusion to this review is: buy it, it’s definitely worth it.

In the long run you will save on your actual herb because of the minimal waste and smart delivery of active ingredients on the Firefly 2.

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