Sony 18650 VTC5 Reviewed: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

I knew that the counterfeiting problem was big when it comes to Sony batteries in general. However, when I did this Sony VTC5 review I actually realized that the problem is a lot bigger. 

This particular battery is one of the most counterfeited ones. The reason for this is that it has proved to be the greatest in the market when it comes to high performance and extraordinary discharge. For this reason, I will advise that you be careful when dealing with this battery.

The most important component of a vaping machine is probably its battery. Without reliable energy, the vaping machine is a good as useless. This time around I am doing a Sony battery VTC5 18650 2600mah review.

This is simply because the Sony VTC5 often comes close to the top of the list of any batteries for vaping machines. I decided to see what all the hype is about and boy, was I blown off with the amazing features.

Sony VTC5 Ratings

Sony 18650 30a batteries

The one thing you will notice on any review of a VTC 5 is that the rating is usually a 5. We certainly agree that this is the place where the battery should be finding itself.

But what makes Sony VTC5 such a great product? The reason that this is a battery imitated, a lot, by fraudsters is an indication that it is good.

The other reason why the Sony VTC5 is in our good books is that it provides great capacity at a regular temperature.

Brand Service Offering/Top Product Features

Ask anyone who has used this battery and then done a Sony VTC5 Vape review and they will tell you that the VTC 18650 is easily an outstanding battery cell. This is especially the case where both a high current and high discharge is of the essence. Below, I have listed some of the cell battery specifications below. This should assist you decide for yourself if it is a great product.

    • Designed to be used in power battery packs
    • Equipped with a nominal capacity of 2600 mAh and a rated capacity of 2500 mAh
    • Japan is the manufacturer of the authentic product
    • Identify the battery by its cylindrical shape
    • It has a maximum continuous discharge current of 20A
    • Weighs about 44g, the length of the battery is about 65.2 mm, and the diameter is about 18 mm
    • Expect normal voltage ranging between 3.6 and 3.7 volts
    • 4.2 volts is the full charge voltage you can expect from this battery

The positive terminal is a flat top

While the features I have noted above will not necessarily help you identify a fake from an original, they can give you somewhere to start from.


This Sony battery VTC5 18650 2600mah review would not be complete if I do not look at some of the things that make this battery the leading choice of the discerning and discriminating vaper.

Great Performance & Power. The vaping elite will tell you that any battery that manages thirty amps of continuous drain is a great product. This makes it one of the leading products in the vape battery market. Add 2600mAh capacity and you know that the battery capacity and power of the VTC 5 18650 will be hard to rival.

Good Reputation. If you request anyone who needs both a high drain capability and high mAh to give you a Sony 18650 VTC5 review you will soon learn that this battery has a great reputation.

Does Not Warm Up. As a testimony to the organization that makes these batteries, Sony, the battery performed according to my expectations. The battery is durable. It will not unduly warm even under continuous sub ohm treatment.


Like any other product human beings design and manufacture, the battery has its own flaws which I list below.

Massively Counterfeited. The most difficult thing about the Sony VTC5 is that there are so many counterfeits in the market. You have to be so careful when you buy one. This takes away the peace of mind you want when you are buying a great product. While this is not a Sony problem, unfortunately, it affects anyone who uses the product. Check out any Sony 18650 VTC5 review, and you will see this is what everybody has a problem with.

Misinformation Confuses Everyone. I have noticed that when you read any Sony 18650 VTC5 review, you will come to the same conclusion as I did. There is a lot of misinformation. For example, you will learn that Sony has stopped making these batteries. In other reports, you will be told that it has not. This misinformation confuses a lot of us most of the times. Check out what Sony says about this confusion here. We know however that Sony is producing this battery again.


I can safely conclude this review by stating that this battery is one I can recommend without any fear of contradicting myself. Who would not recommend a product that the elite of the vaping community endorse time after time? Add to this, great performance and power without undue heating and you know what the hype we are making is all about. Check out some more information about this battery and frequent questions here.

I find it very unfortunate that a great product such as the Sony Battery VTC5 18650 2600mah, I review here, is shrouded in issues that have to do with counterfeiting. I know for most avid vapers, this takes away the peace of mind which is supposed to come with a great product such as this one.

While doing my homework on how I could easily make sure that the battery that I was buying is authentic, I found this video on YouTube. Take some time to look at it (it’s rather long and time-consuming to watch, but you will be glad you did).

I hope that by the time you finish, you will be better at identifying the fakes from the real deal.

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