Cloupor T6 Box Mod Review

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T6 100 Watt Box Mod Review

The Cloupor T6 is an original variable high wattage box made by Shenzhen Cloupor Technology. Cloupor as a manufacturer is well known for their Hana Modz clone the Cana DNA 30 box mod which had a rough start in the market with their V1 being plagued with “too hot” error messages and unstable resistance readings. The Cana DNA 30 went on to improve with their V2, and then really hit their stride with the V3 which remains a top seller for Cloupor. A few months ago there was the release of the Cloupor T5 which promised a “big surprise” for users on Sept 16, 2014. Well, the big surprise landed with a loud thud as consumers across the nation installed the 75W firmware upgrade which caused overheating issues, and erratic functional behavior, and for some rendered the T5 unusable following the upgrade.

Amidst the firmware upgrade debacle, what saved Cloupor as a company was their willingness to stand behind their product by replacing damaged T5’s for consumers who contacted them regarding their T5 issues. I have the Cloupor Cana V2, and while it could benefit from some improvements, overall I think it is a quality box mod. When new product announcements for the Cloupor T6 26650 100W and T8 150W box mod were released, there was an equal amount of anticipation and skepticism amongst consumers as to whether Cloupor could manufacturer a solid, good working 100W/150W mod, especially one that also promises to be firmware upgradeable. Hopefully this review will answer the questions of potential buyers.

The Cloupor T6 100W box mod featured in this review comes from and retails for $80.43 USD. The Cloupor T6 is well packaged and presented in a large, branded gift box that includes the T5, user manual, retractable USB charging cord, spare parts (including magnets), and a nice screwdriver.

Buy the Cloupor T6 for $74.73

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The Cloupor T6 box also has a scratch off security code box so that the buyer can verify authenticity on The Cloupor T6 that I received from has been verified as authentic.

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  • Brand: Shenzhen Cloupor Technology
  • Type: variable wattage mod (7-100W)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Connection threading: 510 (adjustable)
  • Battery compatibility: 26650 intended (can also work with a 18650 battery)
  • Height: 93mm
  • Width: 48mm
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Weight: 135 grams

Cloupor T6 Features:

  1. Size: 93mm*47.5mm*30mm
  2. Output power: 7W-100W
  3. 26650 battery
  4. Output voltage : 3.6V’9.3V
  5. Charging through USB port
  6. Can build on 0.2-4.0 ohm atomizer
  7. Adjustable 510 Pin
  8. IC board comes with self-heat dissipation system
  9. Reverse battery protection , no worry about installing battery improperly
  10. CPU temperature control system
  11. Magnet back cover,no need to use screwdriver,more convenient
  12. Instead of screen lock, It can be turned off
  13. Colors: Black,blue,red,silver
  14. Complete disconnect and installation box mod
  15. Pass Through
  16. Overcharge protection: Stop charging while it is over 4.2V.


Out of the box I was rather surprised by the lightweight, hollow feeling of the Cloupor T6 box mod. While Cloupor claims to have made the T6 from the same 6061 Billet aluminum as their Cana box mods, they do not feel like the same quality, or grade of aluminum to me. The Cloupor Cana has a very solid feeling to it in spite of being billet aluminum, while the T6 feels very “toy-ish”, like it could break easily. Holding the T6 definitely does not invoke a feeling of quality, at least not for me.

The T6 has a rectangular display window, and round, flat metals buttons for the fire button and up/down buttons which are also positioned on the right side of the body, unlike the left side button arrangement on the Cana. The buttons have a nice tactile feel to them however, they do rattle. The rattling is not bothersome really because they only rattle when you shake the box to check for rattle. The rattle is not felt or heard during normal use.

There are battery vent holes on the lower left side of the box and the magnetic back cover has a dimpled design that is rather quizzical to me .. not sure if it has a purpose? The magnets that hold the back cover in place are very strong, albeit a bit fragile (I will elaborate later). Looking at the box, it is not bad at all even as the overall design is a bit basic. The anodized finish is very even, and the back cover holds nicely to the body with magnets.

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Many, including myself were disappointed to realize that the T6 box has its back cover seam across the top of the box, which is a concern for some. To have the seam run across the top of box will mean that there is the potential for e-liquid to leak through the seam and into the internals. While using the T6 with a 454 Big block RDA, e-liquid did in fact accumulate insde of the back cover. However, I was able to catch it before the juice made its way into the internal board.

I am very shocked by this design choice, most especially considering the near outrage expressed by consumers when the early Hana Modz clones appeared with the same seam across the top of the box. Why do this again? Most especially when the concern is a legitimate one.

The atomizer well is smaller than the Cloupor Cana at what looks to be approx 18mm in diameter. It is clear that Cloupor had no choice but to resize the atomizer well since they placed the back cover seam across the top of the device. The USB charging port has also been moved to the bottom of the box, which is another head scratching design move. It makes me wonder who Cloupor was thinking about when they designed this box because a few of their design choices run contrary to demand.

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In spite of the small atomizer well, and the slightly raised 510 connection, the adjustable pin should help most atomizer screw on with a nearly flush mount. There is a micro gap between the atomizer and the mod however, it is not unsightly or glaring. The 510 fire pin is adjusted with a phillips head screwdriver that is included in the kit.

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When compared to the Cloupor Cana DNA 30, the T6 is not that much bigger in size. The Cloupor T6 is also about 40 grams lighter in weight than the Cana DNA 30. For me, the welcomed design changes are the flat metal buttons, the 510 adjustable pin, the magnetic back cover, and the battery life of a 26650. Aside from these features, the fit and overall finish of the Cana DNA 30 makes it by far the better quality box in my opinion.

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The internals of the Cloupor T6 are neat and clean, and it has new chip board cover that is held on by two phillips head screws. There a few changes to the internals from the Cloupor Cana, like the negative contact/battery spring, and the positive contact. As previously mentioned, the back cover has four very strong magnets installed for easier battery changes. After a day or so of use one of my magnets did come from the bottom of the main body, and eventually broke. The good news, there are four replacement magnets included in the kit.

If you should have to change and replace your magnets, it is important to remember to keep the correct pole facing out to the magnet in back cover. The best way to remove the back cover is to push and slide the top of the cover down.

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While the Cloupor T6 is made for 26650 battery compatibility, it can also be powered by a single 18650 battery. When the battery is first installed the device will not be powered on. You will need to turn it on by clicking the fire button 5x within 3secs, and you repeat the same to power off the device. Then you will see the Cloupor T6 boot up screen, followed by the main display screen.

On the display screen you will see the battery life displayed in percentages at the top left, the wattage setting in a larger font at the center of the screen. The atomizer resistance and voltage output meter is displayed in a tiny font beneath the wattage display, and beneath that you have the CPU temperature, and the puff counter.

A few things to note are the fact that when you change batteries, the last wattage setting and puff count will remain, so the T6 does have flash memory. This is true even when you powered off the device before changing your batteries. You will need to use the function features in order to clear and reset the puff counter.

Function features (all operate from power on, no locking required):

  • Puff counter: hold the fire and wattage up button simultaneously to reset the puff counter to zero
  • Stealth mode: hold the fire and wattage down button simultaneously for 5 sec. Stealth mode is part of the internal flash memory, so when the battery is changed the device will power on in stealth mode. Repeat the same to return to normal mode
  • Power lock: To lock in your desired wattage setting hold both wattage up/down buttons simultaneously for 5 secs. Repeat the same to remove power lock.

The T6 also has check atomizer, low power, and too low power setting error messages. The auto power sleep mode occurs within the same time frame as the Cana Mod, after 2 minutes without firing. The Cloupor T6 does fire straight out of sleep mode without delay. The T6 can also be used as a passthrough while charging via USB. I am not sure what happened to the wireless charging feature that was to come with the T6, but there is no wireless charging with the T6.

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Well, let me start off by confirming that all of the talk about Cloupor’s T6 firing inaccurately, being underpowered, and not an actual 100W mod is absolutely the TRUTH.

Below you will see the results of voltage drop tests that I performed using a 510 inline voltage meter, with an atomizer resistance of .48ohms. From 10 watts up to 100W the actual voltage output was consistently firing .5 ‘ 2.5 volts below the display setting .. a whopping 2.5 volts below the display voltage output!

With the Mephisto atomizer built to .48ohm firing at 100W on the display, in reality I am only getting 40.7 watts which is not even half of the T6’s advertised capacity. To say that the Cloupor T6 is “inaccurate” is being kind.

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I put together the voltage output chart below. I tested three resistance levels from low, middle, to high resistance, and you can see that at every resistance and wattage setting that the Cloupor T6 is firing inaccurately across the board. The T6 can barely reach 50W, let alone 100W which is a gross overstatement of this devices true capacity. You can’t even get the 75 watts that was promised with the T5 upgrade.

On a brighter note, the Cloupor T6 fires every time I hit the fire button, and the adjustable 510 works well, lol. :D

Cloupor wattage chart


Like so many other vapers, I was very much looking forward to the release of the Cloupor T6, most especially for the longer battery life. On that front I was not disappointed however, even more so than the inaccuracy of the voltage/wattage output, I was disappointed by the overall build quality. On one hand the T6 is fairly well constructed (even finish, clean seams and internals), but I cannot get past how cheap and hollow this box mod “feels” in hand .. at least to me. This mod was not a pleasure to handle and use. I may be in the minority with regards to my feelings about the overall box quality of the T6 as I have heard many users comment that they thought that this is a nice looking, and feeling enclosure. “Budget box” is all I get when I hold the T6.

All that being said, and in spite of the undeniable inaccuracy of the voltage output, the Cloupor T6 does offer have some value. First off, there are many vapers, including myself who have no need for 100W of power, and for whom the max output of about 46 watts would be more than enough. There is also the long battery life that you will get with a 26650 battery. So with these things considered, I do think that the Cloupor T6 may make for the perfect workday beater mod for some.

As far as Cloupor the company and their recent track record in manufacturing, I am not sure what to say really. I hope that the Cloupor T8 is not more of the same ‘ stay tuned for that review.

T6 final photo


  • ​Battery life
  • check​Adjustable 510
  • check Magnetic back cover


  • ​Doesn’t feel high quality
  • ​Does not have a 100 watt output capacity
  • Exclamation Triangle Voltage output is very inaccurate
  • Exclamation Triangle Bottom charging port

Where to Buy a Cloupor T6 Mod

Buy for $74.73 – (Use coupon code: T6OFF) Ships from China

Buy for $81.38 – Free Shipping from China

Buy on eBay – As low as $95.99 with free shipping

11 thoughts on “Cloupor T6 Box Mod Review”

  1. Paul (Nailz)

    Wow don’t know what went on with this, but I don’t think it does Clouper any good at all, I know if I bought one without reading your review, I would be very disappointed and would never risk my money on them again.

    Thankful we have people like you reviewing these mods, so we are not wasting our money on junk :)

    1. Hi Paul :) .. Yeah, this T6 is errr, shocking to me. I would have never thought that Cloupor would get this so wrong. There is no way that they didn’t know about the accuracy before they shipped these out, and its not like its one or two in a batch that are off. Every piece is off .. like I said, it still has some value because it does fire over 30W and it offers very long battery life. Beater mod :p

  2. thank you Nicole for your thorough and well written review. I always look to your reviews when deciding on a purchase.

  3. My DNA 30’s are one of my favorite mods and I use them daily. I was looking forward to purchasing another and have been waiting for the 26650 version to drop. I like you have no real use for 50 watts let alone the advertised 100. I can count on one hand the times I have vaped over 25w so power is not the driving factor but longer battery life is.

    Once again your perfect timed review has saved me from aggravation and disappointment. Cloupors lack of understanding this market is amazing. They clearly need to hire a vaper to give them feedback before they ship.

    1. Hello my friend, how are you? All of these Chinese manufacturers would benefit from consulting real vapers during the R&D process. I think its rather funny that China is responsible for 90% of the products in the ecig market, yet almost none of them are actual vapers.

  4. Sean (Fictitious Character)

    Thank you Nicole for a well thought out and through review. I have been hearing about these problems for weeks myself and I must say it is a bit of a bummer, as I had high hopes for this one based on the 26650 batt. Shame that Cloupor did not take a learning lesson from the Cana, but maybe by v3 this one will be a solid performer, but it leaves little hope for the T8 at the moment.

    1. Hey you! Thank you for stopping by to view and comment. :) .. Agreed, total bummer. I am also one who was waiting for a sweet box with long battery life, and I was disappointed. I will be reviewing the T8 also, but as you said I have but a slither of hope for that one. Someone has got to nail a 26650 regulated box .. at least I hope :p

  5. Hey have any of you ever thought about the fact that your running your attys at to low of ohms to reach the designed 100 watts try building a .6 ohm build and firing this particular device again and watch the mountains of improvements you get I have a t6 and it’s kinda easy to figure out that you will have power issues below .55 ohms just based off ohms law this device has a 15 amp output but it can run over 9 volts so of you go in the specific power zones that this device can actually make 100 watts at you would be surprised it says it can fire from .3 ohms to 3 ohms no it can’t make 100 watts though it’s whole ohm range but pretty much no high power i.e. 50 watts or more box on the Market can to date yes they need to be more specific about what it takes to make it run 100 watts but it can in fact do it I’ve done tests too.

  6. thanks so much for the great review. will not be buying a clouper!!! what is a very good box mod 50 watts or more that you would suggest for me to buy???

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